Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Metaverse, translated from the English word Metaverse. The term appeared in 1992 in the book “Avalanche” by American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson. In the book, Neil Stephenson creates a three-dimensional digital space that parallels the real world, where people communicate and entertain themselves through “avatars”.

“The sky and the earth in the Chaoyuan Domain are pitch black, like a computer screen without any image display. It is always night here, and the streets are always gorgeous and dazzling, as if they are beyond the laws of physics and money. Las Vegas.”

— “Avalanche” Digest

“Avalanche” not only created the concept of the Metaverse, but readers can also glimpse the whole model of the Metaverse from the book. For a long time thereafter, the Metaverse existed in science fiction and science fiction movies.

In the movie “Ready Player One”, the Metaverse has its own economic and social systems. Wearing VR equipment, people can change from a loser who is struggling on the edge of society in reality to a superhero in the virtual world.

At the same time, in the concept of the Metaverse in the early years, games provided people with an experience channel.

The “popularity” of the Metaverse began on March 10, 2021. Roblox, a concept stock of the Metaverse, was listed in the United States. Therefore, Roblox also has the title of “the first stock of the Metaverse”. Immediately, the Metaverse began to enter people’s field of vision.

In October 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would be renamed Meta, and announced that it would invest $15 billion to support the creation of Metaverse content, which completely detonated the Metaverse.

So far, the concept of Metaverse has swept the world. Whether it is the battle for the registered trademark of “Metaverse” or the acquisition of Metaverse-related companies, the competition on the track has begun to heat up.

At present, the entire Metaverse industry is in the initial stage, and various technologies need to be broken through. How to integrate existing industries also needs to be tested.

Metaverse Ecological Genealogy

The Metaverse is the “integrator” of existing information technologies, which is reflected in its broad range of basic underlying technologies. The immersion and realism required by the Metaverse requires advanced human-computer interaction systems, and terminal portals and interactive generation systems that connect virtual worlds are also being actively deployed. At the application layer, various industries have also begun to seek channels to integrate with the Metaverse. From downstream to upstream, the Metaverse industry chain has been initially formed.

The Metaverse can be roughly divided into basic underlying technology, terminal entry, interactive generation, and scene application. At present, from the perspective of industrial chain layout, an ecosystem has been initially established in China.

The following will take stock of the enterprises and companies in the domestic Metaverse industry chain, and sort out the ecological appearance of the Metaverse.

Table: Ecological Map of Metaverse Industry Chain

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Source: 01 Blockchain Zero One Think Tank

Metaverse and social

The social mode under the Metaverse is not only a continuation of Internet socialization, but also will regain the figurative sense of traditional socialization.

The scope of discussion of Metaverse social in this paper is broad, including the replication or extension of the real social scene in the Metaverse. People’s life experience in the physical world will be re-interpreted in a binary way in the Metaverse, and the creation of a mirror world or twin world will become a scene for social activities.

The development path of Metaverse and social integration

  • social role
  • social space
  • social scene

Case: Meta “Horizon Worlds”

On December 10, 2021, Meta opened its virtual reality platform “Horizon Worlds” to the public in North America. Oculus VR headset users can create an avatar without legs, navigate virtual worlds, or interact with other users’ avatars.

In February 2022, Meta CPO Chris Cox announced during a virtual conference that its virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds reached 300,000 monthly active users for the first time, a tenfold increase in three months.

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Metaverse and Games

In the post-epidemic era, the scale of the global game market continues to expand, and the industry is in good shape. According to the “2021 Global Game Market Report” released by Newzoo, the game market in 2021 will generate a total revenue of US$180.3 billion, an increase of 1.4% over 2020.

The Metaverse has built a grand framework for the combination of virtual and real, but the industrial form of the combination of virtual and real has not yet been popularized, and the combination of games and the Metaverse has already “runned” at the forefront. At present, games have also become the most important form of presentation of the Metaverse.

The development path of the combination of game and Metaverse

  • Create an immersive gaming experience
  • From Games as a Service to Games as a Platform
  • Enhance non-gaming experience

Case: Roblox

In March 2021, Roblox went public on the New York Stock Exchange, igniting the concept of the Metaverse with the title of “The First Share of the Metaverse.” Released in 2006, Roblox, a massively multiplayer online sandbox game creation platform, has 226 million monthly active users as of October 2021, according to RTrack estimates. Roblox is dominated by young users, 67% of users are under 16 years old, and only 14% of Roblox users are over 25 years old.

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

The Metaverse and Digital Virtual Humans

Virtual human technology is one of the basic technologies of the Metaverse. On the one hand, people socialize, work and play in the virtual world of the Metaverse through their respective virtual avatars. On the other hand, virtual people can replace human workers and serve as virtual customer service, virtual tour guides and other roles, integrating into the application scenarios of offline industries, promoting Metaverse and industry are combined.

At present, the virtual human industry has begun to take shape. According to the qubit “Digital Virtual Human Depth Industry Report”, in 2030, the overall market size of my country’s digital virtual human will reach 270 billion.

The fusion path of virtual digital human and Metaverse

  • Create a virtual avatar of the user to the Metaverse
  • Create a virtual idol
  • Virtual employees reshaping business models

Case: Luo Tianyi

Luo Tianyi, a female virtual singer in Mainland China, is a virtual artist under Shanghai Henian Information Technology Co., Ltd. Luo Tianyi is a “girl” with gray hair, green eyes, and a natural cuteness. She is also a singer, idol and entertainer with a strong fan base.

In China, the virtual digital human race is hot. In addition to Luo Tianyi, there are also a group of virtual idols and virtual employees:

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Source: 01 Blockchain Zero One Think Tank

Note: The above is a partial list of companies. The full version can be viewed by purchasing the full report.

Metaverse and Finance

Technology has become one of the key factors affecting financial development. Especially after the introduction of the Internet, the operation, marketing and management models of the financial industry have been fundamentally changed. From a technical perspective, Metaverse is the “integrator” of the development of Internet, blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies to the current stage, and its influence will far exceed the Internet.

Today, there is a serious homogeneity of services and products among financial institutions. As institutions seek to develop their own advantages, Metaverse will become a “sharp weapon” for enterprises to stand out.From scene, interaction to consumption, the narrative ability of the Metaverse on scene will come into play.

The financial industry essentially provides services for capital circulation, and the new asset content and circulation form brought by the Metaverse will bring new growth points to it.

The development path of the integration of the Metaverse and the financial industry

  • “Financial Building” in the Metaverse
  • Virtual staff at your service
  • Undertake digital assets


Case: Baixin Bank

Domestically, the model of the integration of the Metaverse and finance has also been explored, among which Baixin Bank is at the forefront. At present, Baixin Bank has begun to deploy digital collections and digital assets, and has launched AIYA, a virtual brand officer, to create a new way of interaction.

Zheng Gang, the chief strategic supervisor of Baixin Bank, once said, “The rise of the Metaverse will once again promote the rapid development of the digital economy and the digital transformation of the industry.” He also pointed out that the three core connotations of the Metaverse are people, fields, and things. The first is virtual digital people. , the second is the scene of immersive experience, and the third is digital assets.

1. Digital Collections and Digital Assets

On November 18, 2021, Baixin Bank released the digital collection commemorating the fourth anniversary of “4 in love”, and simultaneously launched the two-dimensional image of the AI ​​virtual brand officer. The collection is issued on the Baidu Super Chain, which is unique and cannot be tampered with. This is the first digital collection in the banking industry, and it is also an attempt by Baixin Bank to welcome the Metaverse.

On December 30, 2021, Baixin Bank released the WeChat applet of the first digital asset management platform in the banking industry, “Baixin Bank Xiao Jingxi”. Xiaojingxi is a value circulation platform based on cloud platform and blockchain technology, which will provide financial institutions with services such as asset issuance and circulation. In addition, Baixin Bank also launched the “Xiao Jing Xi Welfare Card”, which for the first time combines digital bank cards with digital collections, blockchain and other technologies to provide financial institutions and users with the issuance, collection, purchase, storage, storage and distribution of digital assets. Transfer and confirmation of rights and other services.

2. AIYA, virtual brand officer

On December 30, 2021, Baixin Bank welcomed its first virtual digital employee AIYA. AIYA has excellent financial quotient, and its powerful AI computing power supports its financial management and external interaction.

On April 20, 2022, the first Metaverse press conference in the banking industry was held in the Metaverse Release Hall of Baixin Bank, and AIYA served as the host of the conference. In addition, AIYA is also active in various activities of Baixin Bank, including popularizing financial knowledge, recommending financial products, and interpreting financial reports in virtual news studios.

In addition to the above-mentioned Baixin Bank, many domestic financial institutions have revealed their determination to enter the Metaverse, and some institutions have also initially created relevant Metaverse scenarios.

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Source: 01 Blockchain Zero One Think Tank

Note: The above is a partial list of institutions. The full version can be viewed by purchasing the full report.

The Metaverse and Tourism

Beginning in 2020, the new crown epidemic has swept the world, causing a serious impact on the economy in various fields around the world, especially for offline economies such as tourism. At the turning point where the tourism industry is in need of revitalization and urgent transformation, Metaverse will provide it with a new development path.

Metaverse and Tourism Combination Path

  • Augmented reality creates digital attractions
  • “Parallel World” Travel Experience


There are other institutions in China that are exploring the integration model of tourism and the Metaverse:

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Source: 01 Blockchain Zero One Think Tank

Metaverse and Education

The Edu-Metaverse can be understood as the integration of cloud-based smart education, where teachers and students participate in classrooms as digital identities and interact in virtual teaching places. In the Metaverse classroom, the introduction of VR equipment can fully reshape the presentation form of teaching content, allowing students to “immerse” in knowledge.

The Development Path of the Combination of Education and Metaverse

  • VR Panoramic Classroom
  • Reinvent the learning experience with game mode
  • Educational Certification Mechanism Transformation

A group of domestic companies are actively exploring the development path of Metaverse + Education :

Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

Source: 01 Blockchain Zero One Think Tank

Status and Trends

1. Four characteristics of the current state of industrial application of the Metaverse

  • Concept first, industrial application lagging behind
  • “Half-old and half-new” Metaverse landing scene
  • Two landing modes: “Metaverse+”, “+Metaverse”
  • There are different paths for different industries to integrate into the Metaverse


2. Metaverse Industry Application Trend

1. The integration of various technologies will support the development of the industry

From the technical point of view, one of the reasons for the Metaverse explosion in 2021 is that the related technologies involving the Metaverse are approaching the technological singularity. At present, the development of network and computing technology, virtual-real space interaction and fusion technology has ushered in a new turning point, and the new industrial development direction brought by Metaverse will also provide more practical space for the development and integration of these technologies.

It has become a new trend to integrate various technologies to support the development of the industry. For example, to create an “avatar” of the Metaverse, it is required to integrate technologies such as cloud computing, 5G, blockchain, modeling and rendering, somatosensory devices, and VR/AR.

2. The importance of the user body is more prominent

In the process of the application of Metaverse-related industries, we can see that the subject of “human” is being paid more and more attention. For example, users’ immersive experience has become the focus of attention, and they are more autonomous in content creation and scene construction, and they can even participate in the distribution of relevant benefits by “making suggestions” for the platform. In the future, this trend will become more prominent, and the future Internet will truly belong to every participant.

3. Digital collections become an important monetization method

Achieving the Metaverse has been a long process, and it is just beginning. How to discover applications with monetization ability in the early Metaverse is also not to be ignored. At present, from the perspective of the landing scene, digital collections already have the ability to monetize. Digital collections have become a new cultural and creative carrier, and various cultural resources, such as IP value, historical relics, and public welfare spirit, can reappear in the public eye in the form of digital collections.

4. Development paths at home and abroad will be different

Due to the differences in technological development level, population and national conditions, and policies and regulations, there are also differences in the path and extent of the application of the Metaverse to the industry at home and abroad.

From a technical point of view, the domestic hardware and software related to the Metaverse lag behind the international first-class level. From the perspective of population and national conditions, China has a huge user group and high content consumption capacity, which will help to cultivate industries related to the Metaverse and become the biggest advantage of Chinese enterprises in the Metaverse track. From the perspective of policies and regulations, both the central and local governments in my country support the development of new technologies and new formats related to the digital economy, which is good for the introduction of the Metaverse concept in various industries.

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