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Metaverse’s People’s Yard

In the past two days, a history-making financing news quietly refreshed the screen. Yuga Labs, the parent company of “Boring Ape” NFT, raised a seed round of $450 million at a valuation of $4 billion. After checking the entire network, this amount is considered to be the highest in the seed round. According to the announced plan, this amount of money It will be used to build usage scenarios for NFTs, such as mobile games and Metaverse “Otherside”.

With 10,000 monkey NFT avatars, the floor price is about 300,000 US dollars, and the total transaction market value has reached 1.4 billion US dollars. Such remarkable data is not unbelievable. When the traditional VC has not recovered, an inexplicable new universe has emerged, and it is carrying massive funds and crazy business models.

This playful and boring monkey looks cute, but with its unique gameplay, it conveys the general path of the Metaverse to us——

First, build a club to sell NFT digital collections to gain membership and income. Currently joining the “Boring Ape Yacht Club” is either rich or expensive, including NBA star Curry, football superstar Neymar, Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban, etc. Chinese stars include Jay Chou, Shawn Yue, Lin Junjie, Chen Bolin, Wu Jianhao, etc.

Second, community tokens are issued based on the club, airdropped to members, and openly circulated in the secondary market. Smart Monkey launched Apecoin as a community token on March 17, and airdropped it to Boring Ape NFT holders, followed by Time Magazine’s announcement of accepting it as a subscription fee, followed by multiple exchanges listing it. Tokens and are in public circulation.

Third, create a circulation scene for assets and let the consensus come to fruition. On March 19, Yuga Labs released the promotional video of “Otherside” on social media, and the visual sense of a Hollywood blockbuster came into view.

It is conceivable that Boring Ape NFT and Apecoin will become digital assets in this Metaverse, fully circulated, and the club will collectively move into the Metaverse and become a true inhabitant of the Metaverse.

This landing path seems to be commonplace, but it actually coincides with the roadmap of the Metaverse landing——

First, through the cultural attributes and wealth effect of NFT, a membership-based community is established . At this moment, NFT plays the role of community membership card and is a typical digital commodity. According to the “Metaverse People and Goods Field Theory”, this step allows the community to have “people” and “goods”, while the cultural attributes of NFT act as a symbol of community values, diluting the community’s fomo mood. People, goods and values ​​together constitute fundamentals of the Metaverse.

Second, issue community tokens based on the fundamentals of the community Metaverse. Due to the fundamental support, the secondary market is willing to list it as a high-quality asset for public circulation. If the community is the inner loop, and the trading platform constitutes the outer loop, this is a typical journey of breaking the circle.

Third, create the scene. The horizontal interaction between the community and the secondary market has completed the top-level design of the asset, and the next step is to create a large number of scenarios for the asset, so that the “horizontal interaction” will continue to emerge at a premium. The charm of digital IP is that it is driven by values, stimulates the imagination of the community, and creates infinite “fields”, including but not limited to movies, games, derivatives, social applications, etc., and is attached to the three-dimensional interactive layer.

And every increase in “field” will trigger the scarcity property of NFT and FT, and bring about a wealth effect that climaxes, which in turn continues to promote the superposition of “field”, and the “Metaverse double helix” is formed.

From this point of view, the Metaverse entrepreneurial logic based on Web3.0 is very different from the previous one. The previous entrepreneurial logic was based on value demand, which gave birth to product supply, and profited by comparing cost and efficiency; while the entrepreneurial logic of Metaverse was based on value demand, and created cultural supply, which was obtained through asset interaction and scene stacking. profit.

In fact, the unique entrepreneurial logic that gave birth to the Metaverse is the necessity of the times. The level of development of the modern manufacturing industry has made functional consumption excessively redundant. Instead, the “spiritual market” has become habitable. The anxiety of the public when faced with uncertainty and the sense of emptiness when faced with self-worth are urgently needed. Values ​​products to fill.

This also gives value to the seemingly vain digital goods. Although there is a strong speculative mood, the “digital literature and art consumption”, which expresses the block in the heart through digital works, has gradually become popular. .

Moreover, this small-scale “digital literature and art consumption” even shows signs of a “digital renaissance”, but this wave of “digital renaissance” is more materialistic than the realism and facsimile of the 14th century, especially With the dual support of finance and technology, the penetration rate of materialization is accelerating.

We have not been able to interpret the style of this wave of Metaverse civilization, but the current entrepreneurial posture of the Metaverse, from the perspective of cultural attributes, is an ingenious mapping of the quality of the times.

In any case, a Metaverse civilization in a broad sense requires a combination of people and goods at the application layer, and they will be presented in a more digital, three-dimensional, online and asset-based way. This boring monkey, with a playful gesture, provides an alternative paradigm to entrepreneurs who follow one after another, just like the apes deduced in the theory of evolution, this may be a signal of a new civilization, who knows!

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