Metaverse ‘s End: Ape Universe

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Countless teams and companies have bet on the Metaverse field, including Facebook (renamed Meta), and the Metaverse is not a new concept. People have long been longing for this immersive virtual world.

However, none of the works launched today under the banner of “Metaverse” are successful, they are all single, independent entities, without any connection to each other. This is not what Web3 is after, the real “Metaverse” must be a common world where everyone can be closely united.

We have seen some successful examples in the gaming space:

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

In these games, people fight monsters, level up, have fun together, and build lasting friendships.

Therefore, the slogan of YugaLabs is not to build a Metaverse, but to build an interconnected game Metaverse – a MetaRGP.

The Boring Ape is just the beginning, YugaLabs hopes to expand their brand, break down the barriers of the Metaverse, develop more products and empower, including but not limited to games, street culture, large-scale events, etc.

Some people may wonder, why do you think YugaLabs, a small workshop, will succeed when even a big company like Facebook can’t handle it? In this article, I’ll go through my reasons: why I think the YugaLabs team will have a head start in the current “Metaverse” fight.

Expanded team

Unlike most Web3 entrepreneurial teams (most of whom are from the cryptocurrency field), Yogalabs has completed the perfect integration of itself and Web2, forming a top-level team. In addition to the original four founders from the Web3 space, the newly introduced executives include:

Guy Oseary(@guyoseary,13.6w)Minority Partner:

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Senior music energy, manager of music heavyweights U2 and Madonna, one of the founders of Maverick Records. Under Osery’s direction, Maverick has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and has ensured its status as one of the industry’s leading boutique labels. Top Manager at the Billboard Touring Awards in 2006 and 2009

Nicole Muniz(V Strange) CEO,Minority Partner:

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

10+ years of experience in brand expansion (helping brands grow from seed rounds to mainstream media), clients include Google/Facebook/Oscar/Nike/HBO and other internationally renowned brand companies

Jasmin Shoemaker (Soda) COO:

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

15+ years of experience, good at using various data/strategies to help startups grow/expand

Patrick Ehrlund(Pez) Chief Creative Officer:

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

With 15+ years of experience, he is good at perfecting the background of the brand and vividly conveying the outline/vision of the brand to consumers. Clients include Kanye West/Google/Square/HBO and other internationally renowned brand companies.

These four senior executives from traditional fields have been deployed across Silicon Valley Internet giants, the American fashion industry, and the American entertainment industry. They are very good at marketing and brand expansion. This can understand why so many top foreign stars, singers, and movie stars have a soft spot for the boring monkey. The operational strength behind this is really terrible. And with the addition of these four executives, it will definitely help YugaLabs attract more traffic from Web2, which is necessary for the Metaverse to break the circle and move towards higher development.

Looking at the entire team of YugaLabs, there are currently a total of 46 employees from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds. Most of the employees are from large companies. The most important point is that all community managers come from the community (to ensure the core interests of community members and BAYC holders).

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

capital behind

Andreessen Horowitz, also known as “a16z”, is a venture capital firm founded by well-known investor Marc Andreessen and his partners. Since its establishment, the company has successfully supported many technology giants such as IG and GitHub, and is also one of the most influential venture capitalists in Silicon Valley today. Not only that, under the leadership of Marc Andreessen, a16z has become a dominant player in the Web3 space, has launched 3 cryptocurrency funds, raised a total of more than 3 billion US dollars, and also holds shares in several valuable crypto companies, For example, OpenSea, which controls most of the transaction volume in the NFT market, and Yuga Labs, the company behind the “boring ape” BAYC.

In July 2021, a16z led a $100 million Series B round in OpenSea, a NFT marketplace, and a16z general partner Kathryn Haun joined OpenSea’s board of directors. After a16z joined OpenSea, the platform saw a significant increase in transaction volume and exceeded the $20 billion mark in February 2022. The “blood-sucking effect” of OpenSea in the NFT market is very obvious, and the data will not lie – compared to OpenSea with a current transaction volume of about 23.5 billion, the transaction volume of other NFT markets is very poor. For example, the NFT market Magic Eden transaction volume on the Solana chain has just More than $700 million, the transaction volume of Rarible, which was founded at almost the same time as OpenSea, is less than $300 million, and the transaction volume of SuperRare is just over 200 million. From the current situation, it is no exaggeration to say that OpenSea monopolizes the NFT trading market. The a16z behind the platform is clearly the biggest winner.

In early February 2022, it was reported that Yuga Labs, the founding team of “Boring Ape” BAYC, was negotiating financing with a16z, seeking to complete a new round of financing at a valuation of $5 billion. Although the two parties have not officially announced the specific financing results, a month later Yuga Labs announced the acquisition of the “brand, artistic copyright and other intellectual property rights” of the two NFT projects held by Larva Labs, which has aroused great attention in the encryption industry. These are CryptoPunks (an explosive pixelated avatar NFT that brings NFTs into the public eye) and Meebit (a 3D character launched by Larva Labs). Before acquiring CryptoPunks and Meebits, Yuga Labs was a little-known company. Until last month, the real identities of Yuga Labs’ core founders, who had been using pseudonyms, were not revealed by BuzzFeed News until last month. A discerning person can almost see that without the backing of a16z, it would be difficult for Yuga Labs to complete the acquisition of two leading NFT projects at the same time.

The stories and brands output by the entire team are accepted by the mainstream culture

The success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club:

The first blue chip of NFT, the current floor price exceeds 100eth, and the independent holder is 6.3K

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Numerous celebrities/Crypto KOL platforms, solid fan base

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

The holders of the boring ape have a complete commercial authorization under their NFT, and each avatar is a membership ticket of the boring ape club. This ticket allows you to participate in various large-scale events and get airdrops for various other projects.

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Since 2022, the daily NFT transaction volume on OpenSea has exceeded $150m, and more than 1m of active wallets are trading. The Boring Ape contributed 10% of that. In the near future, YugaLabs will definitely build a trading platform within the system, and a large amount of UGC content generated in the Ape universe will be traded in it, and the wealth effect generated by this is immeasurable.

Complete decentralization with strong community push

All current Boring Monkey holders have basically achieved “financial freedom”. Money is no longer their primary driving force. These smart and rich people have a lot of time, energy and ability to promote the development of the community. On the basis of community development, greater returns will be obtained, thus forming a positive cycle.

Inclusive of most other blue chip NFTs

The brand, art copyright and other intellectual property rights of two NFTs, CryptoPunks and Meebits, have been acquired from Larva Labs. In view of the strong ability of the monkey series to attract money, it will definitely continue to acquire various potential NFTs in the future.

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

Open source SDK allows all art creators

Developers are involved in the construction.

At present, the YugaLabs team has carried out in-depth cooperation with various game companies:

A racing game with Animoca @animocabrands

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

A PVP game with NWay

Cooperate with the manufacturer of the well-known small game Wordscapes

The successful launch of the native token ApeCoin

 In order to build a grand Metaverse, a unified token is necessary. This was how ApeCoin was born.

 The issuer entity of ApeCoin is and is operated by the ApeCoin DAO, and each token holder can vote on the governance and use of the ecosystem fund. ApeCoinDAO’s council members include Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, FTX Ventures and Gaming Head Amy Wu, Sound Ventures head Maaria Bajwa, Animoca co-founder YatSiu and Horizen Labs president Dean Steinbeck.

Metaverse 's End: Ape Universe

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