Metaverse Recruitment Starts: 5 million high-paying technical talents are the most scarce

The emerging Metaverse industry has quietly started a recruitment boom. 

Recently, the surging news reporter learned from a number of Internet and game companies that they plan to expand the scale of Metaverse talent recruitment in the near future. “Now the company has 300 employees in China, and it will recruit 1500 in the next few years, and it needs to recruit a large number of engine engineers and computer software engineering graduates from colleges and universities this year and next.” The head of a leading game engine company in Shanghai The manager told reporters. 

“Take engine engineers as an example, the overall demand in the industry is very strong. The loss of employees is very serious, and many companies pay two or three times the salary for poaching people.” The general manager revealed.Under the current situation that large factories have repeatedly “wintered”, reduced costs, increased efficiency and laid off employees, the demand for talents in Metaverse is still very high, and the competition among enterprises is fierce.

In terms of salary, industry insiders told reporters that generally fresh students can reach about 400,000-500,000 yuan, and senior engineers with 10 years of experience are paid about 1 million-2 million yuan. For particularly outstanding talents, 4 million-5 million yuan is offered Yuan’s high salary is not uncommon.
Domestic first-tier investment institutions including Sequoia China and Hillhouse Ventures also revealed to reporters that they have deployed a number of start-ups in the Metaverse field. “It’s still a very early stage of the Metaverse. We must first solve the problem of ‘how to build’ a highway, and then solve the problem of ‘what kind of car is running on the road’. We look forward to more outstanding entrepreneurs and enterprises to make this industry even better. Mature and perfect.” said one investor.

Face pinching, virtual architect… What positions are there in the Metaverse?

When it comes to talents in the Metaverse, the first thing people think of is the face pinching division.

Image source: Screenshot of the surging news video

Image source: Screenshot of the surging news video

“Pinching your face is the most basic item in the ‘Metaverse’ system. In the future, when people live, work, and play in the virtual world, the first step is to customize their appearance. A face-pinching artist is like a cosmetic doctor in the electronic world. Everyone must have their own image, and the finer the dimensions of pinching the face, the more special the image will be.” Netease Fuxi artificial intelligence algorithm engineer Wan Feng (pseudonym) told The Paper. 

After graduating from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a master’s degree in automation, he participated in the implementation of face pinching functions in games such as “Reverse Water Cold”, “Heavenly Mandate”, and “Eternal Calamity” under NetEase. Taking “Eternal Calamity” as an example, the face pinching function is currently called hundreds of thousands of times a day. He told reporters that the recruitment threshold in the Metaverse field is not low. His project in graduate school was related to visual recognition, training robots to recognize and grasp objects. 

The job requires him to learn basic AI algorithms, development tools, deep learning frameworks, as well as a little art and psychology. Usually, he also buys face-related books and learns about three courts and five eyes. 
The mysterious pinching of the face to outsiders seems to be more of a mathematical problem in his eyes. “The position of each facial feature is represented by a parameter, and we will use the parameters to randomly form different faces, tell the AI ​​what image this parameter corresponds to, and continuously train the AI ​​to learn. When the user uploads photos and uses the AI ​​model, we can do as much as possible. Restore the real image.” 

Jiang Dongdong (pseudonym), after graduating from the automotive major, switched to 3D art by self-study, and now works as a “virtual architect”. His work is to build real-life scenes in the immersive event platform NetEase Yaotai, such as auditoriums, conference rooms, auctions, art gallery scenes, etc., and strive to make them lifelike. 

“For example, the layout structure of the art gallery scene and the walking route of the players need to consider the real experience of visiting the exhibition, so it is necessary to discuss the layout of the scene while verifying the results of the discussion, and complete the scene step by step.” Jiang Dongdong said. In his opinion, the construction of the Metaverse will be open to more people in the future, allowing more people to participate in the construction of the Metaverse. In the future, everyone may create in the Metaverse world, and everyone will become the “architect” of the Metaverse.

“At present, there is a greater demand for talents in the Metaverse in the fields of games, communities, and live broadcasts. Small and medium-sized enterprises provide most of the jobs, many of which are start-ups or just transformed.” Shan Gong, an analyst directly hired by Boss, told The Paper. 

Investment companies have long targeted the Metaverse track. Wang Bei, a partner of Hillhouse Ventures, introduced to The Paper that Hillhouse Ventures has invested in 7-8 companies in the Metaverse field. “From a conceptual and logical point of view, we believe that it is still in the early stage of the virtual reality track, and investment is still based on technology-driven premise. Later, with the gradual improvement of infrastructure, the entire ecosystem will have more opportunities. So this is a track where technology comes first and then business.”    

Wang Bei believes that, as investors, they not only value the technical understanding of start-ups, but also product management and landing capabilities. “There are still many very real problems to be solved, so we still pay attention to the ability of technology to be applied to reality.” 

“The technical foundation is the first, and the second is to find a good model and angle, and fix the road before the wave arrives, waiting for the influx of capital.” Zheng Qingsheng, a partner of Sequoia China, told The Paper. “In the process of the rise of the industry, there must be small and medium-sized model innovation opportunities. Sequoia China’s layout of Metaverse enterprises is also based on software, hardware, basic science and other considerations.” 

Traditional positions are “experts”, Metaverse is “all-rounders”

What are the business prospects of the Metaverse? “At first, people misunderstood that the Metaverse is a game, but in fact, games are just a segment of the Metaverse.” Zhang Junbo, president and CEO of the game engine company Unity China, told The Paper. 

“In our understanding, the Metaverse is an extensive real-time 3D version of the Internet, which only provides developers, customers and partners with a richer experience through 3D and interactive forms of real products and information.” Zhang Junbo said, Today’s technology has not yet developed to the era of real consumption in the Metaverse, so the first Metaverse applications realized are applications that can bring actual economic benefits, such as visualization when selling houses and cars. 

He believes that in the short term, the concept of the Metaverse can bring direct help, employment and value to everyone, but it is actually the digital twin of real life, the 3Dization of products and information. 

What kind of talents does the Metaverse need right now? The surging news reporter learned that in addition to face pinch engineers and virtual architects, core technical talents such as engine development technicians, excavator robot R&D personnel, and blockchain engineering technicians are more “popular”. And it is mainly these talents that companies compete for with an annual salary of millions.

Shan Gong analyzed that since last year, the growth rate of Metaverse jobs has been fast, but it is obvious that the growth rate has slowed down after the Spring Festival. “On the one hand, it is a normal phenomenon for the concept to become popular and then the overall callback. On the other hand, with the deepening of everyone’s understanding of the industry, companies know what talents they need more, and job seekers know what positions they are more suitable for.” 

She believes that if the rigid needs of traditional positions are “experts”, the rigid needs of Metaverse positions are more like “all-rounders”. For example, a traditional game planner may only need to be familiar with the configuration of systems, values, plots, etc., but planning in the Metaverse field requires not only complete proficiency, but also a considerable understanding of the resource production process of 3D art. learn. 

“Now everyone is discussing the concept of the Metaverse very enthusiastically, but the mature consumption scene has not yet appeared. The reason is that the core technology has not yet broken through.” You Minjian, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Political Consultative Conference, said. In his view, the construction of the Metaverse industry urgently needs to focus on talents in the key technology fields of the Metaverse, so that different technologies can form a synergy. 

You Minjian believes that, based on the actual conditions and considering the long-term development of the Metaverse, the most important thing is the talent, and the talent is the core element. Only by introducing and cultivating top talents and giving full play to the scientific research and innovation ability of the talents, can they not be defeated on the Metaverse track. Technology “stuck neck”. 

Overcome technical problems and nurture the talent soil of “Metaverse”

Talking about the current recruitment boom for talents in the Metaverse, a game industry executive told reporters: “When the emerging industry is emerging, and the technology is not mature, there are some specific industries, and there will be a shortage of talents. But in fact This scarcity is because the tool chain is immature, and if the threshold for using the tool can be lowered, the situation may be completely different.”

“For example, face pinch technicians are still just starting out, because there are not many people who can use these tools, but when the demand reaches a certain amount, the threshold of tools is further lowered, and the scarcity of talents may be reduced. .” 

You Minjian told reporters that the industry believes that the realization of the Metaverse requires the support of six technical systems: interactive technology, Internet of Things technology, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence technology, video game technology, network and computing technology. The “Shanghai Action Plan for Cultivating the “Metaverse” New Track” also proposed that one of the main tasks is to build an industrial highland, including four aspects: key technologies, infrastructure, interactive terminals, and digital tools. 

Some of these key cutting-edge technologies are worldwide problems that are being studied by all countries, but have yet to be broken through. Such as brain-computer interface, human-computer interaction, virtual reality all-in-one machine, etc. Some have been applied in different fields, but still need technological upgrades, such as digital twins, digital people, NFTs, etc. 

According to the survey data, among the 20 global science and technology innovation centers, Shanghai ranks fourth in its attractiveness to young scientists worldwide, ranking first among Chinese cities. In recent years, Shanghai has successively issued policies such as “Several Regulations on Encouraging Overseas Students to Work and Start a Business in Shanghai”, “Implementation Rules for Returned Overseas Students to Apply for Shanghai Permanent Resident Registration”, and “Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program Management Measures”. “Shanghai has a fertile Metaverse soil, coupled with a series of policy support, I believe that Shanghai will gather more outstanding talents in the future.” You Minjian believes. 

“I hope that Shanghai can give Metaverse entrepreneurs a better environment and policies for immersive entrepreneurship, have more incentives, attract outstanding talents, and allow these Metaverse entrepreneurs in Shanghai to devote themselves to the perfection of virtual and reality. In an integrated entrepreneurial atmosphere.” Wang Bei suggested.

“As a multinational company, Unity is very optimistic about China’s Metaverse industry opportunities. It would be a pity to miss it. We have established Unity China, and make China the focus of follow-up investment and development.” Zhang Junbo told The Paper.

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