Metaverse “recruitment fever”: gimmick or “real demand”?

The big factory “started” the competition for talents in the Metaverse

This year’s “Golden Three Silver Four” recruitment season is a bit lonely, and the news of Internet layoffs is buzzing, including Baidu, Tencent, and other big companies. “Business optimization and adjustment” has also become a common explanation. The peaking of Internet dividends, anti-monopoly regulation, and the slowdown in economic growth brought about by the epidemic have also forced Internet companies to work hard to “reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

However, in sharp contrast to the layoffs of traditional Internet businesses, Metaverse has become a new hot spot for Internet recruitment, and can be called a “retrograde” in the cold winter of recruitment. 

Shan Gong, a senior researcher at BOSS Direct Hiring, told DoNews: “Since 2021, BOSS Direct Hiring related companies and positions with the keyword ‘Metaverse’ have grown significantly.” The invisible competition for talent among companies has also made related companies Salaries for jobs have gone up. Judging from the open recruitment information on BOSS Direct Employment, except for some positions with low technical content such as interns and operations, the salary is low. Most of the positions of game planning, modeling, product manager and other positions have a monthly salary of 10K-30K, and there is also an annual salary. million jobs. 

Metaverse "recruitment fever": gimmick or "real demand"?

Metaverse-related job recruitment picture source: Screenshot of BOSS Recruitment APP 

Similar situations not only occur in China, it can even be said that the popularity of “Metaverse recruitment” abroad is far higher than that in China. 

According to LinkedIn platform information, more than 70 former Microsoft HoloLens team employees will leave Microsoft in 2021, and more than 40 of them will join Meta (the original social platform Facebook), including several executives who have worked for Microsoft for many years. Former Microsoft employees said that competitors have been poaching employees with experience in developing Microsoft’s Hololens AR headset, and even offered double salaries, while Meta and Apple have also “competed” for AR and AI talents. 

Mark Zuckerberg said when Facebook changed its name to Meta that within the next decade, the Metaverse will have 1 billion users, hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce, and jobs for millions of creators and developers . This also shows that the Metaverse will generate more job gaps in the next few years, bringing higher economic benefits. 

Why is the Metaverse so “fire”? 

There are a thousand Metaverses in the eyes of a thousand people. When it comes to the “Metaverse”, the American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) cannot be bypassed. In his novel “Avalanche” published in 1992, he created a three-dimensional digital space that is closely related to society, parallel to the real world, where people who are geographically isolated from each other can communicate and entertain through their respective “avatars” . This virtual reality, which has surpassed the existing Internet form, is now the “Metaverse” that people talk about. 

Metaverse "recruitment fever": gimmick or "real demand"?

“Avalanche” novel cover image source: Internet 

In other words, the “Metaverse” can be understood as a virtual space that is parallel to and independent of the real world, an online virtual world that mirrors the real world. As a product of the post-Internet era, with the continuous iteration of AR/VR wearable devices, CPU/GPU hardware, 5G/AI/NFT/digital twin and other technologies, the Metaverse has the material basis to illuminate reality. Fascinated by its bright prospects, Metaverse-related companies such as games, AR/VR, and social APPs have begun to “recruit” and lay out their own tracks. 

However, because the Metaverse is still in the early stage of exploration, the positioning of talents in the Metaverse is not clear for technology companies. 

Who needs the Metaverse? Who does the Metaverse need? 

In the recruitment of Metaverse talents, Internet companies are the absolute main force. Whether it is foreign Internet technology giants such as Roblox, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, or domestic technology companies such as BAT and ByteDance, or major operators, they are all based on their own technical advantages. . 

Among them, Roblox, known as the “first stock of the Metaverse”, fired the starting gun for the Metaverse to grab people.As the world’s largest multiplayer online creation game, Roblox has built a unique tool platform for both developers and users, as well as more powerful editing functions and a richer material library, encouraging players to actively create digital content. At present, Roblox There are already more than 8 million developers and content creators from 170 countries around the world on the platform. 

Facebook changed its name to “Meta” at the Connect conference last year, indicating its determination to embrace the Metaverse. At present, Meta has both software and hardware in the layout of the Metaverse. It has Creator content creation community, VR/AR Oculus Quest, digital currency diem and business, and the Workplace virtual office. 

Apple, Qualcomm and Nvidia are particularly keen on the XR (extended reality) track. According to media reports, Apple’s smart head display device is expected to be released this year, or equipped with the realityOS operating system, which is likely to be the operating system of Apple’s AR/VR devices. Qualcomm has made a long-term and substantial investment in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the XR field. In November 2021, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform, a head-mounted AR development kit. In January this year, Qualcomm announced at CES that it will cooperate with Microsoft to expand And accelerate the application of AR in consumer and enterprise markets. What NVIDIA provides is the “Engineer’s Metaverse”, hoping to put everything in the real universe into the Omniverse, a virtual space collaboration platform. At last year’s GTC conference, Nvidia founder and CEO Huang Renxun showed off robots based on Omniverse: Project Tokkio, a restaurant waiter who can talk to customers to help order food, a car virtual assistant, and Huang Renxun’s own AI image, Yoy-Me. 

Looking back at China, Tencent can be said to be the company with the most tickets for the “Metaverse”. It is not only a shareholder of Roblox, but also holds a 40% stake in Epic, and has invested in Code Qiankun’s competing product “Mini Play” in the early days. At the same time, Tencent also has the largest social platform in China and the PGC content platform with the largest domestic user base. As early as the end of 2020, Ma Huateng proposed a concept that is close to the Metaverse based on Tencent’s own business line – the true Internet. Ma Huateng believes that the next generation of digital world will be realistic, immersive, intelligent and open, and will break the constraints of traditional content interaction such as text, pictures and videos. 

In addition, there are ByteDance, which has attracted attention from the outside world due to its investment in Code Qiankun and the acquisition of Pico, a domestic VR equipment manufacturer; Baidu and other major companies that held the Create AI Developer Conference in the “Xilong APP” can be seen on their official websites. Job postings for needed talent gaps. 

Metaverse "recruitment fever": gimmick or "real demand"?

Tencent, Baidu, NetEase and other recruitment websites 

Specific to the position, Shan Gong said that compared with the practical group, people who can tell stories are more popular in the early stage. At present, the five positions with the greatest demand for Metaverse recruitment by BOSS are: Metaverse Architect, Metaverse Scene Renderer, Metaverse 3D Character Modeler, Metaverse Community Operation, and Metaverse Algorithm Engineer. At present, the number of job postings for “Algorithm Engineer”, “Metaverse Blockchain Product Manager”, and “Industry Analyst” is still growing. 

Recently, Dr. Peng released the recruitment information for “Metaverse Product Director/Manager” on BOSS Zhipin. Dr. Peng’s research director and group deputy chief engineer Hou Xingze said that the Metaverse product director/manager must first have a deep understanding of Metaverse, not only Understand the present of the Metaverse, and at the same time have your own judgment on the future development of the Metaverse. “In the early stage of specific product development, product managers are required to carry out product planning and design for these initial projects, to grasp the order and rhythm between products, and to predict the market, etc. When it really enters the stage of research and development, it is necessary to have related technical layer.” 

Metaverse "recruitment fever": gimmick or "real demand"?

Recruitment of Dr. Peng Group Source: Screenshot of BOSS Recruitment APP 

His requirement for this position is not only to have an understanding of digital twins, but also to have a sufficient understanding of XR, NFT, cloud, ECN, 5G, NLP, AI, cloud games, etc., or at least be proficient in one aspect. “It’s not easy to recruit the people I like. I read a lot of resumes and only selected a few.” 

Judging from the fact that the two parties reached a double chat on BOSS direct recruitment and job hunting, art, planning, operation, and production personnel with industry backgrounds such as games, communities, and live broadcasts are the most popular among recruiters, which also reflects that the current enterprises are more virtual. People, games, and interactive applications are the entry points to the Metaverse. 

It is worth mentioning that after the Spring Festival in 2022, the growth rate of related companies and jobs with the keyword “Metaverse” has slowed down. In Shan Gong’s view, this trend of change is also a normal phenomenon. The demand for jobs related to new industries will generally experience strong growth on the platform, slow growth, and then equilibrium, and finally form a relatively stable scale. Changes in recruitment demand indicate that The industry is moving towards a new stage of development, and the demand for talent has also changed. 

The eight attributes defined by Roblox for the Metaverse are “identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization”. Games and social interaction are only one of the scenarios with more elements. In the future, the Metaverse can be used as a productive force. Tools play an auxiliary role in production, life and manufacturing. The industry is also reflecting that AR/VR may not be the only entrance to immersive entry into the Metaverse, and games are not the final form of the Metaverse. A senior industry insider from the domestic AR company Liangfengtai once told DoNews, “Although there is a good concept like the Metaverse, our basic product rhythm and research and development rhythm will still follow the established direction.” 

Hou Xingze also said: “With the Winter Olympics as a turning point, the Metaverse has undergone obvious changes from unknown to clear thinking. Inspired by the ‘black technology’ of the Winter Olympics, more and more companies understand what products to make. How products will be better empowered in industrial, manufacturing and other scenarios.” 

Not long ago, UINO Technology, an enterprise in the field of digital twin visualization, launched the first IoT industry Metaverse platform – IoT Senyouhui, which aims to move the entire IoT industry into the digital space, break IoT fragmentation and solve data problems. Divide problem, provide IoT practitioners with full life cycle production tools. 

Ni Xiaojie, a fourth-level researcher at the High-tech Industry and Science and Technology Innovation Division of the Lingang New Area Management Committee of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, also believes that the current status of the development of the Metaverse of Chinese enterprises can be said to be closely following the hot “hundred flowers blooming”, but vertical The future development of the industry is inseparable from the development of the underlying infrastructure and technology as well as the matching professional talents. “Some jobs that are needed now may not be so in short supply in the future. With the changes in the industry, there will be new demands for talents.” UINO CEO and founder Chen Aohan also said that in the industrial chain of building the Metaverse, various layers of technology are necessary for The requirements for talent capabilities are different, which also means that the industry’s demand for Metaverse talents will be more diversified in the future. 

Metaverse "recruitment fever": gimmick or "real demand"?

Metaverse talent needs content provided by UINO Graphics: DoNews 

It is necessary to squeeze the bubble, but also to have expectations

At a time when the dividends of the mobile Internet are fading, the popularity of the Metaverse comes from the anxiety of the Internet and capital for growth to a certain extent, but false fire cannot bring real growth. The development route of the Metaverse will be clear only when the blown bubble of capital is squeezed out. 

“Of course, the development of the industry is still relatively early, and it is far from a period of rapid growth, which cannot be compared with the treatment during the peak period of Internet development. It is still in the trial and error stage, and people with tenacity are needed to persevere. We cannot overestimate the 1-2 years. Changes, we cannot underestimate the evolution of 3 to 5 years, the advanced to the industry to keep up.” Hou Xingze said. 

Compared with the upsurge of applying for the “Metaverse” trademark last year, the “Metaverse” trademark was rejected on a large scale this year. As of February 21 this year, there were more than 16,000 trademark applications related to “Metaverse” and “METAVERSE” in the trademark database, Tencent, ByteDance, NetEase, etc. Metaverse-related trademarks filed by a number of Internet companies were rejected. In addition, the State Intellectual Property Office emphasized that Metaverse is a new technology and cannot be used as a trademark by individuals, otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood. 

In terms of technological breakthroughs, compared with foreign countries, the development of my country’s Metaverse industry is not optimistic. Chen Aohan said that the Metaverse is a collection of various technologies, but at present, my country is also facing the problem of being stuck in these technologies. With the reshuffling of the industrial structure of the Metaverse, there may be a cruel competition situation. 

Taking 3D rendering engines as an example, the vast majority of Chinese visualization companies use foreign game rendering engines such as Unity UE, or application platforms developed based on foreign rendering engines, which undoubtedly brings great benefits to the development of China’s Metaverse industry. big risk factor. 

At present, the Chinese government has also provided great support for the development of the Metaverse in terms of policies. As of early March, the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly proposed to cultivate a group of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Metaverse. The governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and other places are more proactive, and many places have carried out systematic layouts around the industrialization of the Metaverse. A number of policy documents have been issued. 

For example, on April 6 this year, Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone issued the “Measures for Promoting the Innovation and Development of Metaverse”. The policy support covers ten aspects such as technological innovation, application demonstration, intellectual property protection, talent drainage, exchanges and cooperation, and fund support. In the item “Increasing Talent Drainage”, it is pointed out that stratified and classified talents will be awarded up to 5 million yuan , 3 million yuan, and 2 million yuan for housing purchase subsidies, and at the same time, the district’s leading talent project will be covered in Metaverse and other related industries. 

The concept of the Metaverse has exploded to the present, but in just over a year, the outstanding talents needed by the industry cannot appear out of thin air or be created in batches. Regarding the future talent demand trend of the Metaverse, Hou Xingze believes: “Compound talents are more popular. Once (the Metaverse) has a specific breakthrough, it will definitely change the current serious involution ecology.” 

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