Metaverse real estate ups and downs

“2000 (yuan) to take over the island.”

“7,000 (yuan) to close the island.”

“Acquisition of roundabouts, all kinds of houses.”

“200 (yuan out of the mountain village hut.”

“How much is a sea view villa worth?”

This is not a real estate consultation in the real world, but a conversation with a large group of nearly 200 netizens. The group name is “Metaverse XX Exchange Group”. What they were discussing was a virtual real estate in an app called Honnverse, a listed company called Tianxiaxiu.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

rainbow universe planet

The high-profile involvement of some celebrities and well-known companies has made the Metaverse even more eye-catching.

On November 23, 2021, singer Lin Junjie posted that he spent $123,000 (about 780,000 yuan) on Decentraland to buy 3 pieces of land.

A few days later, on December 9, Hong Kong real estate giant and New World Development Group CEO Zheng Zhigang announced to invest in the metaverse virtual world game “The Sandbox”, purchasing one of the largest digital plots in The Sandbox. The investment amount is rumored to be about 500 yuan. million US dollars (about 32 million yuan).

At the end of December, Shenzhen-based real estate company Greater China International Group held the Metaverse Trend IP Art Exhibition; the 2021 Baidu AI Developer Conference was held in the Metaverse product “Xiyang” APP developed by it. This is the first conference held in the Metaverse in China.

Just after New Year’s Day this year, singer Jay Chou’s entry into the Metaverse has once again become a hot topic. Metaverse platform Ezek said that 10,000 copies of Jay Chou’s brand PHANTACi co-branded phantom bears were sold, and 3,000 copies were sold within 5 minutes, and sold out within 40 minutes, with a sales amount of up to 62 million yuan.

The reality and the metaverse are originally two parallel worlds, but stars and bigwigs have attracted the flow of money, and people seem to have found a way to link reality and the metaverse—real estate speculation and other virtual items.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Rainbow Universe virtual house price

Metaverse first year sparks hype?

Metaverse has become a special concept in the A-share market. Up to now, there are 94 concept stocks in the Metaverse sector of flush flush. In addition, some platforms and virtual items about the metaverse have also begun to receive huge traffic blessings.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Source: Straight Flush 

Regarding the aforementioned investment, New World Development stated in response to the interview that this was just the personal investment behavior of CEO Zheng Zhigang, and was not planned or invested by New World Group.

It is reported that Zheng Zhigang will showcase 10 featured companies on the virtual land, including diagnostic and genetic testing developer Prenetics, logistics unicorn Lalamove, and technology accessories brand Casetify.

A person close to New World Development told reporters that Zheng Zhigang himself is a person with ideas and extensive research, and is a trend-setter. In addition to the advertising effect of purchasing digital land, he can also explore his business model on virtual land.

Song Ding, deputy director of the China Urban Economic Expert Committee, said in an interview with reporters that New World Development took the express train of the Metaverse and entered first, and may take a leading position in this market in the future. However, it does not rule out that more and more brands in real life in the future will choose to find a display space in the Metaverse.

However, despite the popularity of the Rainbow Universe APP in the first year of the Metaverse, Tianxiaxiu seems to have avoided associating this product with the Metaverse. In the face of the sudden traffic and public opinion, Tianxiaxiu was not happy. The first sentence of the explanation in the interview with the “Daily Economic News” reporter was “We are just a 3D virtual social network based on blockchain technology. product”.

The reason why the Hongyu APP came out of the circle is largely because of its online limited edition virtual real estate reservation and number grabbing activity that opened at the end of last year. The reporter registered and experienced this product. Except for the occasional freeze and disconnection, the virtual community from scene design, social mode to the development of virtual characters is a bit rough, and it does not involve the current popular VR, AR scenes or Experience, on the contrary, it is not uncommon for various types of virtual houses.

However, the players in Rainbow Universe don’t care about this, they have established various communication groups. In one of the groups, the reporter not only found players who had seized 100 suites after registering IP with several mobile phone numbers, but also found players who spent tens of thousands of yuan to stock up dozens of suites waiting for an opportunity to raise prices and resell them. Almost no one in the group communicated about the immersive social product experience of Rainbow Universe, and all the topics were related to the virtual house sales information that Rainbow Universe provided users with free or low-cost quantitative distribution in the early days.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Players discuss virtual house prices in the group

“Missed Bitcoin in the early years, can’t miss the Metaverse now”

“How do you play this thing? What’s the use?”

“Have fun.”

Taking Rainbow Universe as an example, the platform will issue a total of 350,000 virtual houses, with 13 types of houses, each with different circulation and scarcity. The grades of houses are divided into SSS, SS, S, A from high to low. , B, C level, the higher the level, the rarer it is.

Zhou Lan can be regarded as a leader in Rainbow Universe’s “Hoarding Room Game”. As for why he entered the game, he said that he also watched Metaverse Fire, so he went to Baidu to check the information, and found this software in the comparison.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

 The Hong Kong Universe Newcomer Carnival event page

In fact, in the early days of Xianyu, in addition to the houses that gamers sold for free, there were also transactions similar to “the login software needs to provide a boost code”, with prices ranging from a few yuan to a hundred yuan. Some sellers take advantage of poor information. When new players come to consult and say they are newbies, they will offer them a “1000 deposit to teach you” service.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

 Early Xianyu activity page

Compared with the players on Xianyu who earn this money through various aspects of the game, Yiyi Lan is more about sharing the latest information and booster codes that could have been used for trading with other players for free. At the peak, one day More than 30 players came to him for consultation.

Xie Chen was one of the many players who were guided by Zhou Yilan to choose a room. Xie Chen’s way of entering the game is very similar to that of Zhou Yilan. After seeing the news about the real estate transaction in the Metaverse, he judged that this might be an opportunity to make quick money in a hype atmosphere.

Xie Chen joked that although he came with the mentality of getting rich, he also set a bottom line. He didn’t invest too much money, time, and energy. It mainly depends on luck.

“I missed bitcoin in the early years, but now I can’t miss the metaverse anymore. I can’t understand it, so let’s go.” Xie Chen had been in contact with bitcoin in the early years but did not continue to pay attention, which has always made Xie Chen feel that he missed the opportunity, which is a pity.

Xie Chen met Zhou Yilan on the Internet. Under the guidance of the latter, Xie Chen participated in the internal test game of the Rainbow Universe APP. He completed the newcomer carnival task for three consecutive days, and got a house with an upper-middle scarcity level. This made Xie Chen very happy.

After getting the house and writing down the serial number, Xie Chen stopped logging into the APP for a long time. For him, the software experience is not important, what is important is the future appreciation of the digital property in his hands.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Some stuck pages sometimes reported by the Rainbow Universe APP

However, according to Zhou Yilan’s observation, compared with the hotness of more than a month ago, with Xianyu’s removal of keywords such as Yuanyuyu real estate and Hongyuyu real estate, the market is now a little quiet, and the different exchanges he is in There are also fewer topics in the group. Most players who come for short-term speculation have little interest in the “digital collections that can be gifted and transferred after a long period of six months, two years, etc.” launched by platforms such as Alipay.

Among the many players that Zhou Yilan has contacted, the general mentality of the junior players is that although the Rainbow Universe closed beta experience is full of slots, it is worth a little to earn a little. During the peak period, in the exchange group, some people will send out the opening and closing prices of the daily real estate transactions, and there are also special virtual real estate transaction intermediaries on Xianyu. At that time, the prices of these houses were higher than one day.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Compared with junior players, Zhao Xinxin, who has a higher risk appetite, is more likely to have some gambling mentality.

Zhao Xinxin spent nearly 10,000 yuan in three days to acquire more than 30 virtual houses from a large intermediary in Xianyu. “He is a person with poor information. Many intermediaries enter the house from him. I don’t have a guarantee, so I directly transfer the money to him.”

The scarcity of the houses purchased is not high. Zhao Xinxin’s strategy is to win by quantity, but he is not too sure about the future price trend. “I plan to hoard it first and see how much luck can sell. No matter how much I make or lose, it’s a one-time thing.” Zhao Xinxin teased herself and said that before all bitcoins, stocks, etc. lost money.

Li Daxiao, director of Yingda Securities Research Institute, said that the Metaverse is a new field and new thing. It is recommended that you do not buy it when you see others buying it without knowing anything about it. You must be aware of and learn from new things. The process, don’t be impulsive, and don’t follow blindly without knowing it.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Players share their thoughts in the group

Sell ​​IP? Sell ​​services? Sell ​​property?

Regarding the swarming traffic and public opinion of Rainbow Universe, relevant people from Tianxia Show explained in an interview with a reporter from “Daily Economic News” that Rainbow Universe is a 3D virtual social product, not a game product of Metaverse + Real Estate.

Regarding the question of why there is “Hong Universe real estate speculation”, Tianxiaxiu replied that it is more that the public mistakenly compares us with some foreign metaverse game products.

Many foreign game products can be traded, and even issued coins through their own platforms, but domestic and foreign policies and regulations are different, especially the transaction part. Therefore, we are now strictly following compliance requirements, and we do not issue coins and do not support transactions.

“You can think of these virtual houses as a digital collection. So far, every user owns these digital collections for free. We have not benefited from them, and there is no way to directly trade them on the system platform. gift.”

Regarding the product positioning and planning of Hongyu Universe, Tianxiaxiu said that we want to be an open content creation platform, because our underlying technology is blockchain, distributed storage, and distributed computing, and its value is actually determined by the entire It is jointly built by players of the ecological chain. In the future, any creators will have their own avatars and can access our platform by themselves.

Regarding the future profit model of the Rainbow Universe APP that everyone is more concerned about, Tianxia Xiu said that in the future, the creators will no longer be limited by the production of content in the Rainbow Universe 3D virtual social space, such as a set of actions, a digital illustration, an original music, etc. It is only realized by selling advertisements, but selling its own intellectual property rights. In this process, because our servers are needed, we will charge data technology service fees in the future, which may be one of our profit models.

In addition to the new world, some well-known real estate companies have also begun to explore the metaverse and extend their tentacles to offline.

At the end of December 2021, Great China International Group held the “Metaverse Trend IP Art Exhibition” on the G floor of Shenzhen Great China International Exhibition Plaza.

The reporter of “Daily Economic News” visited the site and found that the main exhibition hall facing the subway exit of the Convention and Exhibition Center was divided into three areas by two elevators. At the exhibition site, IP decorations such as the popular Shenzhen Devil Cat and Pikachu were displayed, and the virtual host of Yuan Qiqi was displayed on the digital screen. The scale of the venue is relatively small, and it does not take much time to visit the exhibition.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Every time the IP of the offline Metaverse Exhibition is photographed by reporter Zhen Sujing

At the exhibition site, the organizer’s chief operating officer Yin Hai introduced to reporters that in addition to the main exhibition venue, popular online celebrity check-in points were also arranged on the G floor of the Greater China International Exhibition Plaza, and the overall decoration was more inclined to sci-fi and future feel. At the same time, the Mytrol digital cultural and creative space trading platform was launched at the same time.

Regarding why this exhibition is the “Metaverse Trend IP Art Exhibition” and the suspicion of being a hot topic in the market, Li Zhuo, chairman of Great China Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., said frankly in an interview with a reporter from “Daily Economic News” , Although the Greater China Group is a real estate-based enterprise, it has been trying to diversify its layout and has never given up its attention to various outlets. We are exploring the new business form of the Metaverse and real estate.

Regarding the market impact of the Mytrol platform after the launch, Li Zhuo said that Mytrol is based on the entity and looks forward to the metaverse. After the launch, it will focus on the increase of offline business revenue, empower commerce and real estate, with one main line and multiple tentacles. For market strategy, explore a new model of mutual benefit and win-win symbiosis between commercial real estate and digital art.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Every time the IP of the offline Metaverse Exhibition is photographed by reporter Zhen Sujing

Li Zhuo has not yet given a clear explanation for the platform’s revenue expectations and contribution to the group in the next few years.

Regarding the exploration of the metaverse and blockchain by the Greater China Group, Li Zhuo believes that, compared with pure technology interconnection companies, real estate companies with real estate and commercial sectors have more advantages.

She analyzed that, for example, in the first stage, we will use cultural and creative products for market development, and then we will graft many virtual products, and then combine the group’s existing real estate sector, commercial sector, including a series of peripherals, etc., through grafting and cutting into Empower the physical plate, and at the same time, the carrier or mapping body of the virtual world can be found in the real world.

Kerui Kechuang also expressed the same view.

In their opinion, discussing the link between the metaverse and real estate should not completely separate the “metaverse” from the “original universe”. The metaverse can completely become a “testing ground” for the real world.

Kerui Kechuang believes that real estate in reality carries the basic “food, clothing, housing and transportation” of human beings. Perhaps the real estate in the metaverse is the best destination for human beings’ “seven emotions and six desires”. Some interactive experiences and services with high costs in the real world are all It can be tried in the metaverse, and even services in the real world can be extended into the metaverse and become a new business model.

Is it an investment outlet or a hype risk?

Metaverse real estate is not cheap. On Decentraland, a digital plot was sold for a high price of $2.43 million (about 15.52 million yuan), or about 27,000 yuan per square meter.

Although the wind of the metaverse concept has blown to real estate, people in the industry have different attitudes towards this very new thing. Some people think that this is a new thing that is still in its infancy and needs to be treated with caution; some people are full of expectations for its development and believe that it will set off a revolution in the real estate industry; some netizens said that they have not seen such a pure bubble for a long time.

Metaverse real estate ups and downs

Xianyu has been removed from the shelves of Rainbow Universe related information

Wang Guobin, CEO of Tubatu, a leading Internet home improvement company, said in an interview with a reporter from “Daily Economic News” that as a field that relies heavily on user aesthetics, user experience and sense of space, the Metaverse actually has a relatively large application space. As the main Internet home improvement platform in China, Tubatu will pay attention to this field, keep an open attitude and learn.

However, compared with attempts to diversify, at this stage, Wang Guobin is more inclined to the concept of specializing in the art industry and strengthening the basic skills, which may also represent the common cognition of some business leaders in the matter of cross-border development.

Li Guobin said, “As a person in charge of a company, you should not be too caught up in this concept. Because the Internet home improvement industry itself still has many contradictions, which can be solved better. Therefore, we keep paying attention on the one hand, and on the other hand, pay attention not to Let yourself be distracted too much in the big direction.”

Li Daxiao believes that the Metaverse is still a new field in the exploratory period, and the recent upsurge of purchasing land and houses will not immediately affect the real land and house prices. The development of things has a process, and at a certain stage, the state will have a clear judgment on it. Maybe it will stay hot, maybe it will be channeled in due course.

Song Ding said that we can’t see too much impact now, but in the long run, it cannot be ruled out that there is a transaction relationship and economic relationship between the real estate industry and the Metaverse, which will gradually have a more profound impact. It may enter the virtual world through this kind of refraction or a special system setting, forming a mode of combining virtual and real. Now, the purchase of houses and land in Metaverse can be regarded as a manifestation of the further deepening and refinement of the network to a certain extent.

In an interview with reporters, a vice president of a listed real estate company said that he did not know much about it, but the hype of Metaverse Real Estate may divert investors’ attention, enthusiasm and funds from the real estate industry, which may have adverse effects.

In Li Zhuo’s view, the Metaverse is a well-deserved outlet, but it is more like an “artificial” concept at present. In fact, virtual land transactions have appeared as early as 2018. It was not until the Metaverse hitchhiking in recent months that the transaction volume repeatedly broke records, and then it suddenly broke out of the circle. Perhaps the value of virtual assets such as virtual land and real estate can only be realized when the concept of the metaverse matures, but it is still unknown when this day will come, at least not now.

A technology company specializing in real estate marketing once wrote that the concept of the Metaverse will be very promising when it comes to real estate, and it will even set off a revolution in the marketing of real estate companies. They believe that nowadays real estate companies generally need to spend a lot of money to build a model room to sell a house. After the house is sold, it will usually be demolished directly, causing great waste. Sales centers, demonstration areas, etc. no longer need to be entities.

Some regional real estate executives said that they did not pay special attention to in-depth research before, but from the perspective of the current presentation model, it is very similar to the popular online parking space grabbing and vegetable growing games more than ten years ago, but it is based on a large number of users in the open space. The free-to-play game of Metaverse does not claim scarcity, real trade, etc. like the current metaverse virtual real estate and real estate.

Regarding the issues that people are more concerned about spending millions of millions to buy virtual land and whether real estate is worth it, he continued that millions of millions are a big number for ordinary people, but for high-net-worth individuals or companies, this amount of money is not worth it. The cost is just like how ordinary people spend dozens or hundreds of game recharges, and it also brings them advertising effects and popularity in the process.

However, some netizens commented sharply that they have not seen such a pure bubble for a long time. Capitalists not only firmly control the real world, but now they have created a virtual world and created concepts at very low cost. The house in the real world harvests life, and the home in the virtual world harvests the soul.

(Zhou Lan, Zhao Xinxin and Xie Chen are pseudonyms in the text)

Reporter’s Notes丨Beware of “Real estate can’t be speculated” in the Metaverse

Since the second half of last year, the term “metaverse” has become popular, but when many people have not figured out what it is, “metaverse real estate speculation” quietly appeared. Low-priced or even free virtual real estate and virtual land have been artificially priced high, and an industrial chain of resale has been derived.

But in fact, the popularization and application of the Metaverse is still in the very early stage, and digital assets, including digital real estate, still have great risks and are not suitable for blind investment by individuals. Many participating players invest with the mentality of taking the opportunity to make a fortune, and they are looking at the so-called “appreciation” space.

The high housing prices in reality have given birth to “housing and not speculating”, and the “unable to speculate” in the Metaverse is also worthy of vigilance.

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