Metaverse or immigrating to Mars, which future would you choose?

Metaverse, a term that we are familiar with now, Facebook’s renamed “Meta” (Metaverse Metaverse) once again detonated this round of hot spots, and Metaverse seems to have become a new continent where giants compete overnight. It has attracted a high degree of attention from the technology circle and the capital circle, and some domestic and foreign technology giants and capital have run into the market. Technology giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia have not stopped. Microsoft announced that it will add 3D virtual images and immersive meetings to its own conference and video calling software to create an “enterprise version of the meta-universe.” Apple has also been exposed, the new VR equipment has entered the testing phase, is expected to be released in 2022.

These giants used dazzling technology to unfold a wonderful picture to the general public. It seems that the paradise flowing with milk and honey is close at hand, but is this really the case?

The future of mankind is entering a bifurcation point under the guidance of countless pioneers in modern times:

  • One is immigration to Mars;
  • One is the meta universe.

And these two fields also have their own concrete representatives,

The leader of immigration to Mars is undoubtedly Elon Musk ;

And now Metaverse has also found its own representative, Mark Zuckerberg.

And they are not incompatible. Bezos of another giant Amazon is a representative of “adults do not do multiple-choice questions”. He wants Blue Origin to sail to the sea of ​​stars, and he will not let go of ruling Twitch in the universe. Residents’ rights.

The only export under the involute ecology

The era we are in may be the best, because the technological dividends based on the Internet revolution have provided modern people with an incredible and convenient life, and many expensive things that may not be accessible to ordinary people have become usable every day. s things.

And this era may be the worst of times. The dividends are coming to an end, but the next generation of technological revolution seems to be far away. Although Xspace and Blue Origin have brought space travel to the commercial stage, the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars is still ordinary people. The unattainable cloud. In addition, capital-driven technology has begun to counteract society. Individuals have never become so small. All eating and drinking are completely controlled by the data giants. They seem to live freely, and it is not a marionette. game?

In the past few decades, the technical bonus train on which countless people were riding suddenly stopped, and the speed of basic science exploration has entered an unprecedented slow stage, but this is also an inevitable stage in which the field has entered refinement after the last round of outbreaks.

The word “inward-rolling” came into being. When the cake is formed, the rest is a fight for life and death. Dividends and blue oceans have become a cloud of smoke, and only the law of the jungle for the survival of the fittest is left. When scrolling into despair, humans will use games, drugs, religion, etc. to paralyze themselves and seek spiritual support. Of course, there are still some brave men who have chosen to set foot in the distance, looking for uncultivated virgin land.

This is also the background of Musk’s recent tweets, quoting Cao Zhi’s “Seven Steps”:

Metaverse or immigrating to Mars, which future would you choose?

It was born from the same root, but the resources are limited, and “people cannibalism” does not only exist in novels. In order to avoid internal friction, Musk chose to emigrate to Mars. It is easy to understand that this is the great voyage of the new era, discovering new virgin land, and exploring outer space. It is also what Musk has been saying that he must emigrate to Mars when he die.

Musk believes that if humans are limited to one planet, it is very dangerous. He believes that sooner or later, humans will be destroyed by a catastrophe, which may be caused by an asteroid hitting the earth, or a super volcanic eruption, or a nuclear war, or It was a great plague.

This coincides with the idea of ​​Da Liu (the author of “Three-Body” Liu Cixin). In a short story “Festivals That Cannot Coexist”, he called the day when the first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 was launched. For the “Birth Day”, the fictitious 2050 Beijing first human-machine docking experiment was successfully positioned as the “Abortion Festival”. It seems that in their eyes, the only way out for human beings is to colonize space.

Meta universe-a way out for ordinary people

In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche” as follows: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the computer simulation and real world in the form of a virtual clone. Parallel virtual space.” Stephenson’s definition of the meta-universe in the book is as follows: It is a meta-space with a technology (computer) basis, and it must have an economic purpose (to use native currency to generate transactions and profits). Participants have an interactive avatar (transmitting emotions), which must be able to represent a real number of individuals to reinforce the similarity with the physical world (the crowd is composed of several people, not “200 people in the waiting room”. Information composition). Now it usually means that people access the same virtual world through different devices, and communicate in the virtual space through different devices.

In the virtual world, the process of playing the game is the production process of the traditional world. Game currency can be consumed, and it is not just the consumption of purchasing game props. It will be able to purchase all the goods in real life. Of course, the premise is that at that time Of people are still interested in real life.

In addition to eating and drinking Lhasa, it is possible that the meta universe can meet all other human needs (provided that AI is sufficiently developed, the machine will provide sufficient production capacity for the world). Human beings who complete the human-machine docking may only need very little nutrient supply to maintain basic physical skills. This is the culmination of involution. It really only needs to be alive. Virtual fantasy and painful reality, perhaps more people are willing to believe that virtual reality is reality.

Big Liu has become a truth

In 2018, Liu Cixin was awarded the Clark Imagination Service Society Award in Washington, USA. At the award ceremony, he said, “At the same time, information technology is developing at an unimaginable speed, and the network covers the entire world. Created by IT People are gradually losing interest in space in the more and more comfortable comfort zone. They are more willing to experience virtual space in VR than the real space exploration, which is full of dangers. This is like a saying: “Say good stars The sea, but you only gave me Facebook. “

Today, three years later, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and began to try to drag humans into the shackles of “desire” again, so that they will never turn over. What it needs is nothing but more. People consume endless attention and time on its platform. If Zuckerberg’s plan is successful, people’s sea of ​​stars will really become “Facebook” in the future, oh no, it will be “Meta”.

Finance writer Wu Xiaobo once mentioned that most people are useless to society, and the world does not need many people to think about many issues at the same time. But apart from thinking, do other fields really need so many people? The so-called demographic dividend is because the cost of maintaining the survival of these populations is far less than the work output of these populations.

Theoretically speaking, considering the work efficiency and working ability of many laborers and even basic service industry workers in developed countries, they simply do not have the ability to cover the so-called “cradle to grave” welfare expenditure in developed countries. Even though they are working, they are still worms.

Even so, they are still not satisfied, and political parties usually use welfare as a canvassing tool. Human desires have never been satisfied. This is why high-welfare countries usually have periodic collapses.

Thinking about it, the time when Zuckerberg announced that “Facebook” was renamed “Meta” is also intriguing. The United States is facing a huge debt crisis, and the U.S. debt, which has always been strong, even appears to be at risk of default, which is faltering. And behind this is the entire US welfare system and even the financial system sounding the alarm. The world is in a short-term economic recession caused by the epidemic. The polarization of the world is getting worse. The rich keep getting rich and the poor are even poorer. This is not only reflected at the individual level, even at the national level. There are varying degrees of extreme abnormal weather all over the world. The problem of environmental protection is more than just slogans. The living environment of the earth is getting worse.

With so many kinds of things, in the foreseeable future, a large number of people will live in a not so “good” world. When the struggle loses its meaning, “lying flat” will become the mainstream, after all, “there is everything in a dream”. And Zuckerberg’s “Meta” is to be the dream maker. In the future virtual space, material is extremely rich, and everything is possible. People who are struggling to live in reality and have no way out can enter a “paradise full of milk and honey”. Of course, this paradise belongs to Zuckerberg.

In a crazy involved world, perhaps the happiness of the virtual world is the only driving force for people to live.

Not everyone has the opportunity to explore the sea of ​​stars

The above assumptions about the meta-universe are all based on the premise that output is no longer sufficient to cover human consumption. According to the current social development speed, if we want to complete the so-called “unconditional basic income”, the socialist utopian dream, we may still need a fifth Sub-technical revolution, or a new round of sea voyage-space exploration, to open up more resources to satisfy human desires.

The fifth technological revolution is nowhere in sight, at least in the light of current technological development trends.

But is space exploration really close at hand? Not at all. Using the current human technological capabilities to explore space and discover “virgin land” is actually half a catty compared to the absurdity of the meta universe.

The dream of emigrating to Mars is of course very beautiful, but I have to admit that this concept is too crude, and it is just a repetition of the old techniques in the great voyage era. The manpower, financial resources, and the possibility of success required for space migration are almost the ability of all human beings on earth to throw this “dice”. This is an “adventure” with no edge in sight. The huge amount of capital invested cannot be solved by a few of the world’s richest men, and the wool is on the sheep. After all, all these bills are paid by the people at the bottom.

If the meta-universe is called an internal volume, then space exploration is open source, but this open source can only be achieved with considerable resources.

To a certain extent, the meta-universe is also one of the tools for realizing space exploration.

Space exploration requires a huge amount of resources, and human beings consume a lot of resources. The existence of the meta-universe can minimize the consumption of human resources at the bottom. A network cable and a nutrient tube are just like the above. , Just stay alive, or in other words, just keep the brain alive. Such low-level humans are even more unlikely to appear in resistance under the collapse of resources, which makes humans unable to extricate themselves from infinite internal friction. The bottom human being stuffed with pacifiers only needs to do their own tasks in virtual reality.

Maybe it is possible to develop a game like the description in “Three-Body” to allow human beings on the earth and living in the meta-universe to participate in the “survival simulation” game to simulate accidents in outer space. , The crises on the colony’s expedition, select the best solution sample as a reference plan, and optimize it to better deal with the possibilities encountered by the space colony, so that these may not be able to participate in the “new university” for life. People in the “nautical” era do their best.

After all, in front of the ego, the ego always has to pay some price. These sacrifices are also insignificant. Everyone cannot even have the right to choose and know.

Just like another scene described in “Three-Body”, Police Officer Shi Qiang proposed to use a “harp” to cut the entire “Judgment Day” and kill everyone. When Wang Miao asked if he would hurt the innocent, a naval officer responded. “For the survival of human civilization, someone will finally decide to execute an action that is destined to sacrifice an innocent person.”

Meta universe and space exploration are like snake head biting snake tail

Metaverse or immigrating to Mars, which future would you choose?

From a long-term time scale, in these countless possible futures, no matter what prosperity the earth has achieved, those without space navigation will be bleak.

——Liu Cixin

Survival is human instinct, and it can be said that it is also part of the animal nature. Even the most pessimistic people would not want to see the complete destruction of human civilization.

We can look at the future from a more optimistic perspective. Human beings use the meta-universe to confine their desires, lock them in the virtual world, and end meaningless consumption. Provide sufficient resources to the remaining brave men (Tianlong people), from the earth to the sea of ​​stars, you can not simply say whose choice is better, after all, being imprisoned in the meta universe, it seems to many people to be better than The beauty torn apart by a vacuum.

Among the countless possible futures, the most likely thing is that mankind will neither give up using the meta-universe to entrust its spirit to it, nor will it give up using space navigation to seek the first line of life for reproduction. The two of them may have grown from the same root, and both are making efforts for the continuation of human civilization.

Author: Chen Zou

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