Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

An epidemic has made countless people experience working from home for a long time for the first time.

With the great popularity of the Metaverse, the workplace will once again face a new “evolution”. Compared with traditional remote work, the biggest change of Metaverse technology to the office is to increase its sense of presence and immersion.

From now on, working from home is no longer a lonely work, but more like a game.

01 Metaverse office, the ultimate dream of migrant workers?

South Korean startup Zigbang has launched a virtual office product “Soma World”. In this virtual world, there are 30-storey office buildings, conference centers that can accommodate 3,000 people, network centers and other office facilities similar to the real world.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Employees are meeting in a virtual conference room

At present, 20 companies around the world have settled in “Soma World”, and employees can log in from anywhere in the world, work with colleagues in the virtual office, or communicate with other companies in the shared lounge, and can also walk in the virtual campus.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Employees communicate in the virtual campus

Zigbang said that this virtual office space can not only provide users with an immersive office environment, but also greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by employee commuting and paper and pen work.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Employees working in shared areas

In Korea, Metaverse Office has another well-known product. Com2uS claims to be the first company to realize “Metaverse work”. Relying on the “Com2Verse” platform released by Com2uS at the end of last year, company employees can check in, hold meetings, and give speeches in the Metaverse.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Com2Verse

After logging in to the account, employees can enter the Metaverse office building and experience the worker mode from the first perspective. The building’s internal environment and workstations are readily available.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Immersive experience punching the gate

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Com2Verse

Among them, Office World provides a Metaverse working environment that is not affected by physical distance, with functions such as daily meetings, schedule management, and file processing. It can also achieve smooth and fast communication through video.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Use the schedule to manage your itinerary in Office World

02 Leading consulting companies have joined Metaverse Office

At present, the Metaverse office application is still in its infancy, but the market has seen infinite possibilities in it.

According to the data of YouGov, a market research organization, nearly half of employees (44%) are willing to work in the “Metaverse”, and believe that “Metaverse” can bring many advantages such as improving work efficiency. The research objects include people from China, the United States, More than 7,500 active employees in the UK, Brazil, Singapore and Japan.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Some top international consulting companies have already participated in the Metaverse office, from the observers of the Metaverse to the entrants of the Metaverse.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Virtual land and activities

Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (Hong Kong) purchased a virtual piece of land in The Sandbox to try out new ways to connect with clients in the Metaverse. William Gee, its partner, said: “The Metaverse offers businesses new possibilities to create value through innovative business models and introduces new ways to engage with customers and communities.”

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Well-known companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers can play an important role in the development of an open Metaverse. Especially helping to build an ecosystem so that companies and brands who may not be familiar with the Metaverse can get the advice they need.

Of course, PwC’s layout in the Metaverse goes far beyond that. Previously, they also held a large virtual event for internal employees in VR social platform VRChat.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | PwC Virtual Conference

The company has prepared more than 3,000 VR headsets for its employees, with the aim of “verifying the feasibility of the Metaverse concept”. Almost everyone from management to employees participated, with a total of 8,800 visits in three days.

“The focus on the Metaverse is because the face-to-face reality is affected, and the Metaverse keeps employees highly engaged,” PwC said.

Accenture: From training to work, in the Metaverse

In fact, PwC is not the first to provide VR equipment for employees to participate in virtual activities.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Global market consulting giant Accenture said it would hire 150,000 new employees for Metaverse positions. These new hires will be using VR headsets from their first day at work (won’t they get dizzy at the end of the day?), and Accenture has even created a virtual venue called the “Nth floor” for employees to Social and immersion training, etc. Accenture is currently deploying 60,000 VR headsets in multiple countries, the first consulting firm in the world to do so. This also makes Accenture at the forefront in the field of “Metaverse office”.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | Accenture’s virtual office space Nth Floor

In March, Accenture released the “Metaverse Continuum” Metaverse Services solution to reshape the way people work and interact, and established the Metaverse Continuum business group.

It is reported that the Metaverse Continuum platform hosts various virtual worlds and experience content, and the application scenarios include virtual office, team building, training, interaction, social interaction, etc.

KPMG: Building a Metaverse Collaboration Hub

Following that, consulting giant KPMG also launched Metaverse Office.

In June, KPMG launched a Collaboration Center at Metaverse, which aims to help clients develop strategies in the Metaverse field, provide Metaverse services, and explore growth opportunities in the global industry.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

And, KPMG also announced that it will invest $30 million over the next year to focus on the Metaverse, including the Collaboration Center.This Metaverse Collaboration Center is primarily a venue for virtual team meetings for its employees, partners, and customers.

There they will also conduct training sessions, job interviews and employee assessments, as well as sessions showcasing KPMG services and capabilities.

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | KPMG Virtual Conference

In this regard, Laura Newinski, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of KPMG US, said: “The Metaverse is a market opportunity, a way to re-engage talent, and a way to connect people across the globe through new collaborative experiences. Our collaboration The unique experiences offered by the center will inspire creativity and passion in our employees and customers, accelerating innovation.”

Metaverse office and office, how do you choose?

Figure | KPMG Metaverse Office Scene

Armughan Ahmad, president and managing partner of KPMG Digital, also said: “Our Metaverse experience imagines it as a world without borders, which has the potential to improve our lives by providing new opportunities for work, study and play.”

03 Combination of virtual and real is the new form of office in the future?

Although many large factories have begun to try Metaverse Office, the industry generally believes that Metaverse Office cannot completely replace physical office at this stage. In addition to technical limitations, the mental health of employees in virtual office for a long time, the relationship between people The connections and community building are unknown and difficult to measure.

At the same time, no matter how strong the development of technology and the ability to work online, it cannot erase the willingness of people to communicate offline. Perhaps in the near future, the physical office will be replaced by a world in which people have the right to choose where they want to work: the office, the Metaverse, or a whole new form of office that combines virtual and physical.

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