Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

That is not the other you, that is yourself.

Have you imagined the future of the world?

In the era of such rapid technological development, every day’s technological changes and breakthroughs have brought us closer to the “new world”. I am curious, this “new world” will be the cyber -punk look? Imagine the screens of “Ghost in the Shell” or “Blade Runner”. This kind of “high-tech, low-life” scene is probably not a scene pursued by humans?

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

At that time, how did we seek medical advice? How to operate? Will the pain of illness be reduced? I am more curious.

A concept of the recent fire may give us the answer-Metaverse. The concept of meta-universe first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” in 1992, and in July of this year, because of the remarks of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) Detonated again, Zuckerberg said that Facebook will take five years from a social media company to a meta-universe company.

So, what is the meta universe?

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

Matthew Ball, an investor who pays attention to Metaverse, gave several major characteristics of Metaverse: continuity, real-time, compatibility, economic attributes, connectivity, and creativity.

This is a world that will not be interrupted, and corresponds to our real world in real time. Each of us can become a part of this world; of course, we can also sell labor in exchange for wages, or get returns through investment and financial management; The data and units in this digital world are also interoperable, and there will be no situation where different tokens are used between different platforms; of course, there are also groups such as organizations and companies——

You can think that the “meta universe” has all the forms of the real world. Imagine that it is a “substantial” Internet, where we can not only view content, but also be in it. All people and things in the real world are digitally projected into this cloud world, where you can do anything you can do in the real world. And different from using a computer or mobile phone to surf the Internet, we will have a real sense of body in the meta-universe.

Like the description in “Avalanche”, you will also have an “Avatar” of your own, roaming in the world of the metaverse in the first person. The current more complete interpretation of the metaverse is the movie “Top Player” ( The virtual world “Oasis” in Ready Player One)-but Oasis is not a complete meta-universe.

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

You may be stunned by me, it doesn’t matter, we are not doing science popularization of the meta-universe today, and no one can even accurately describe the true appearance of the meta-universe. Everyone has just reached a consensus. However, the arrival of the epidemic has indeed made the imagination of the metaverse come faster-after all, everyone has no way to travel far, only “wandering”-there is more demand for the immersive experience of the virtual world.

Yes, the indispensable technology of the meta-universe, in addition to the bottom-level infrastructure, XR (Extended Reality, extended reality technology, refers to a combination of real and virtual, human-computer interaction, generated through computer technology and wearable devices The environment, the concept includes AR/VR/MR, etc.) is an indispensable part. Seeing the XR technology, the mirror-like concept of “Meta Universe” finally became clear in my mind, which also solved my confusion at the beginning of the article: What is the medical scene of Meta Universe like?

As early as ten years ago, our country had already used AR technology to perform brain aneurysm surgery for patients. Today, XR has been used in more than 15,000 operations; schools use VR technology to teach students anatomy ; Use VR to help pregnant women alleviate the pain of childbirth-perhaps “Meta Universe Medical” will come earlier than “Meta Universe”.

Building is inseparable from the game, New York-based production company Statespace game has game combines healthcare and say yuan in the universe together , and raised more than $ 98 million in funding. Statespace’s Aim Lab is a program that trains players to shoot and aim. Although CEO Wayne Mackey is a game maker, he is also a doctor of neuroscience at New York University. After Aim Lab’s monthly life on the Steam platform reached 5 million, Mackey has A plan to link games and neuroscience.

Today, Statespace has expanded their digital health business by cooperating and researching with Mount Sinai Hospital on cerebral palsy, cooperating with Indiana University and the University of Delaware to develop concussion applications, and cooperating with neurotechnology startup Kernel. For example, commercial applications for stroke rehabilitation.

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

In addition to studying neuroscience through games, surgery will of course also be an important part of future medical treatment.

In the usual operation, avoiding the intricate human structure to locate the lesion can be said to be a major difficulty in the operation. If there is a realistic simulation teaching before the operation, or precise guidance during the operation, that would be great. NS. Surgical Theatre is here to solve this pain point-different from using 3D printing technology to do pre-operative simulation, but in a lighter way.

Provide patients and surgeons with an immersive, inside-out view of the patient’s anatomy through 360° XR visualization technology, enabling them to see the invisible locations-from patient participation, surgical planning, doctors’ interdisciplinary cooperation to entry The operating room can provide assistance throughout the patient’s outpatient and surgical procedures.

On September 2, during the head separation operation for one-year-old conjoined twins in Israel, the doctor used a 3D model based on MRI, CT and angiography scan images to simulate the connection of the twins’ blood vessels, meninges, skull and skin, and then used Surgical. Theatre’s VR model in order to simulate the operation and plan in the most accurate way.

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

In April of this year, Surgical Theatre announced a collaboration with Medtronic to provide an augmented reality platform for skull surgery.

Medtronic connects its StealthStation S8 surgical navigation system with Surgical Theater’s SyncAR technology to provide neurosurgeons with a real-time and clearer vision during complex skull surgery. This combined technology is expected to improve the accuracy and efficiency of complex skull surgery and make surgery Doctors can see hidden anatomy and vascular structures, pathology and diffusion tensor imaging.

Metaverse medical treatment may come earlier than Metaverse

In such a hot field, the presence of large companies is also essential, and Microsoft is also paying attention to the medical and health field. Holo Lens 2 is a head-mounted hardware device developed by Microsoft. Wearing Holo Lens 2 can achieve similar functions as Surgical Theatre’s 360° XR. Doctors can use it before, during and after surgery to provide patients with faster and higher-quality care at a lower cost.

“Holographic projection during surgery, coupled with the patient’s own data, can reduce operation time, complication rates, and radiation exposure.” “When explaining procedures to patients, XR is a huge benefit for us because we can Use interactive 3D images to explain everything to better eliminate their worries.” said the doctors.

Their own doctor is “life-saving” in the physical world so, XR technology did make people more plus health and longevity, but the universe yuan medical scene it will stop there? The rapid development of technologies such as brain-computer interfaces, AI, IoT, somatosensory devices, and quantum computing will inevitably bring us more room for imagination.

Can the metaverse make us live longer in the physical world? Can we eliminate our pain? Will we have smell and taste in the meta-universe? Will the blind have vision in the meta-universe? Or like “Upload”, after the death of the body, the spiritual will is perpetuated in the digital world? If the meta universe can “change fate against the sky,” then does time still have meaning for us now?

Francis Fukuyama, a political economist, wrote in “Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution”, “Biotechnology will dehumanize humanity… but we are not aware of our loss. What a valuable thing. Maybe we are on the other side of the huge watershed between human and post-human history, but we didn’t realize that the watershed has formed, because we no longer see the most fundamental part of human nature.”

What will it look like in the new world that comes in the meta universe?

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