Metaverse layout of Samsung Group

The Metaverse is getting a lot of attention in 2021. Many big corporations are vying to be the first to eat the cake. Meta, Nvidia, Google, Apple, Microsoft and other companies have different levels of layout. In China, there are players such as Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance, and Alibaba. So what layouts does Samsung Group in South Korea have in the Metaverse? Let us understand today.

About Samsung

Samsung Group (or simply Samsung, SAMSUNG) is a South Korean multinational manufacturing group headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. It consists of numerous affiliated enterprises, most of which are united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest business group in South Korea. As of 2020, Samsung ranks eighth in global brand value.

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company. Over the next 30 years, Samsung Group ventured into food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail. Samsung’s entry into the electronics industry in the late 1960s and construction and shipbuilding in the mid-1970s drove Samsung’s subsequent growth. After Lee Byung-chul’s death in 1987, Samsung was divided into five business groups – Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, Han Song Group, and Central Group.

Notable Samsung Industrial affiliates include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung C&T Corporation. Other notable subsidiaries include Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Everland.

Samsung actively laying out the Metaverse

On January 10, 2022, Samsung Electronics has partnered with Decentraland, an Ethereum-based Metaverse platform, to open a virtual flagship store on Decentraland. The flagship store is called Samsung 837X and will be open for a limited time in Decentraland. Samsung says this is one of the largest branded land acquisitions in the history of the Decentraland event.

Metaverse layout of Samsung Group

Samsung 837X concept map

Source: Samsung official website

The Samsung 837X store will provide users with a virtual experience through the Connectivity Theater and Sustainability Forest, where the Connectivity Theater loops Samsung Electronics’ promotional videos during CES 2022.

Michelle Crossan-Matos, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics, said: “The Metaverse enables us to transcend physical and spatial boundaries to create unique virtual experiences that we would not have been able to do without the Metaverse. Innovation is in our DNA, and Samsung can’t wait for people to discover it.” this thriving virtual world.Samsung said that while the Samsung 837X store will only be open in Decentraland for a limited time, Samsung intends to bring a longer experience in the future.

Decentraland is a browser-based 3D virtual world platform. Users can purchase virtual land in the platform as an NFT by using the MANA cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. Opened to the public in February 2020, Decentraland is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and belongs entirely to its users. Decentraland has three native tokens: LAND (an ERC-721 token representing digital land), Estate (an ERC-721 token representing merged digital land), and MANA (an ERC-20 token, used as the currency of Decentraland). Unlike most other digital worlds, in Decentraland, players have ultimate control over the game. No company sets the rules, and no centralized agency enforces them.

On February 9, 2022, Samsung is hosting the Unpacked 2022 event on the Samsung 837X. At the Unpacked 2022 event, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S22 series of flagship phones as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 series of tablets.

Metaverse layout of Samsung Group

Samsung Unpacked 2022 event

There is a Metaverse event at this Unpacked 2022 event. Participating spectators can go on a scavenger hunt in the Samsung 837X. There are characters (NPCs, automated characters) that help users understand the basics of quests and guide users through scavenger hunts. Participating players can find up to ten boxes of returnable products. These boxes can be upgraded, and upon completing the quest, a seed is rewarded, which the player can then plant and earn a special NFT badge. There are also several surprises and Easter egg events in the quest to earn super exclusive NFT badges. The Unpacked 2022 event in Samsung 837X includes quest hunts, NFT rewards, product showcases, and live performances.

Partnering with Metaverse Platform Zepeto to Create a Virtual Mansion

On January 6, 2022, at the CES 2022 conference, Samsung announced that it will cooperate with Zepeto, the largest Metaverse platform in Asia, to create a virtual mansion experience “My House”, allowing the public to play the Metaverse and open the door to the Metaverse experience. Samsung said it is committed to enriching consumers’ digital experience and exploration.

Metaverse layout of Samsung Group

Samsung My House Metaverse

Zepeto is an entertainment app developed by Naver Z Corporation and launched in 2018. Its services are mainly for making 3D avatars, using AR technology to synthesize photos and virtual backgrounds. Users can “meet” other Zepeto characters on Zepeto Street, play games and take pictures with other Zepeto characters. In 2020, Zepeto launched Zepeto Studio to further strengthen UGC, support creators to model and produce virtual goods, and lower the threshold for user design. Based on VR technology, social networking and UGC features, Zepeto has expanded the diversity of application scenarios and cooperated in company marketing, virtual store cooperation, cultural activities and other directions.

In this virtual “My House” home, users can walk around the fenced yard, and the home is filled with Samsung’s various Q version products, such as projectors, vacuum cleaners and TVs.

“My House” lets users decorate and customize a virtual house with just a few clicks. Users can easily select furniture, electrical appliances and other household products according to their preferences. With this service, building your own house is simple and can turn even the strangest imagination into an unforgettable experience in virtual form.

Samsung says that the Metaverse is no longer just a fad, but a mature future trend. As online communication continues to evolve, the Metaverse will create new industrial, social and cultural values. Millennials are taking advantage of this digital space to experience a different identity from the real world in a new space and create a new world through positive interactions.

There are two Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuums in the “My House” living room. Users can start exploring from the front yard of the house, interact with others, and enter different rooms to visit. In the “My House” virtual world, users can grab a Bespoke Jet vacuum and run around, stand in front of an air purifier and enjoy the breeze, and play games on the TV in the living room or the curved monitor in the office. In addition, users can also hold a vacuum cleaner in the kitchen while cleaning and listening to music. Users can also choose from Samsung’s Sero rotating TV or The Frame TV in the bedroom.

Youngwoong Kwon of Samsung’s global marketing center said that because household appliances tend to be large, it’s difficult to really try to place them in a user’s own space. But now, with My House, users can not only imagine their own unique space, but also freely decorate their dream home.

After the launch of “My House”, Samsung released a report that in less than a month, the number of visitors had exceeded 4 million, setting a new record for Zepero’s partner services. This impressive figure is a milestone for Samsung. More and more products and services are launched that are specifically designed for the younger generation, who value cutting-edge innovation and its integration into products.

Building on the success of “My House”, Samsung hopes to more actively engage with millennials and Gen Z by optimizing customers’ virtual world experience, said Young-hee Lee, head of Samsung’s global marketing center.

It can be seen that Samsung is making relevant changes in line with the times, hoping to win the support of young consumers.

Samsung will release VR/AR related products

On March 3, 2022, Samsung Electronics Vice President Han Jong-hee said at MWC 2022 that Samsung will launch a new device that can run on the Metaverse platform. Han Jong-hee said that Samsung is preparing for the launch, striving for perfection. The exact release time is not disclosed, nor what functions the device will implement on the Metaverse platform. And the current market rumors that the new device may be a gamer’s head-mounted display, smart glasses or other forms of hardware.

Many previous revelations also confirmed Samsung’s layout in AR glasses, such as the news that Samsung and Microsoft cooperated with AR glasses and so on. On March 2, 2022, Korean media ET News reported that Samsung is cooperating with optical solution provider DigiLens (Samsung Electronics led the DigiLens D round of financing) to launch an AR glasses device based on its own Exynos. The glasses device is currently in the prototype design stage.

The two early smartphone giants were Apple and Samsung, and the war could extend to AR glasses. It is currently widely predicted that Apple will release AR glasses in September 2022. Samsung also said that it will release AR glasses equipment, so in the future, Samsung will compete with Apple in the field of AR glasses equipment in addition to the field of smartphones.

In addition to developing its own products, Samsung also intends to cooperate with Microsoft to develop AR headsets and set up a project team. Samsung is planning to enter the Metaverse market through two strategies, namely launching its own brand products, or cooperating with Microsoft development.

There are rumors in the market that Apple has completed the testing of VR wearable devices and is scheduled to launch by the end of this year. Apple VR devices will be equipped with MicroOLED panels, M1 self-developed chips and iOS systems.

In addition to Samsung and Apple, the social giant Meta of the “All In” Metaverse is also developing new Metaverse hardware products, which are also expected to be equipped with MicroOLED panels. Meta’s devices use Qualcomm AP and Google’s Android system.

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