“Metaverse” is still too early, but it is likely to give birth to another behemoth

Global Internet of Things

The Wachowski brothers announced in November this year that they would re-direct the “Matrix 4: Matrix Rebirth”, which created a wave of sci-fi enthusiasm. In the economic situation where inflation was not significant that year, the Matrix trilogy won a global box office of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, and the commercial value behind it can be seen.

In addition to movies, in the near future, there is no more imaginative and substituting concept than the “Metaverse” (Metaverse) in which major Internet companies are vying to join the game.

First, in March of this year, Roblox, the first foreign stock of Meta Universe, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. ByteDance intends to invest about 1.5 billion US dollars to acquire Pico VR (look at the bird), which may be integrated into the UGC business related to ByteDance; Ding Lei of NetEase, a major pig farmer, said that he is ready to deal with yuan in related technologies and rules. The advent of the universe; even Tencent , which has put forward a different concept of “True Internet” , is not far behind in registering the trademarks of “King Yuan Universe” and “Tian Dollar Universe”.

Meta universe-what is it?

Meta universe may break through from the gaming industry

The earliest traceable source of the meta-universe concept was put forward by the third book “Avalanche” published by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. In the book, a three-dimensional digital space is conceived . In the virtual world (ie meta-universe), you can use the “avatar” to do business, entertainment, and social activities. There is no geographical or spatial restriction. All the data generated, such as transaction data, is taken by the real world. recognize.

Combining with today’s touted meta-universe, we can use a scenario hypothesis to understand it: You put on a VR-like terminal device to enter a virtual world, immerse in it and empty your body to achieve functions such as chatting, playing games, buying and selling, etc. More advanced is that you only need to hand everything over to the nervous consciousness to process, and have the experience of touch and smell.

To put it simply, if the meta-universe is realized, it will be another level of the Matrix. It’s just that the intelligent control system that plays the role of “matrix” may become a large Internet company. By then, technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data may have been rushing into the sand, and new terms one after another will get you in the cloud.

According to the current situation, although VR, AR, 3D, blockchain and other technologies are becoming more and more powerful, the industry that is most likely to realize the first step of Metaverse is still the game industry.

According to the slogan of the domestic game manufacturer Mihayou , by 2030, “create a virtual world in which one billion people around the world are willing to live”. Not to mention the ability to achieve the technology and application, once fulfilled, roughly can imagine get , the future will be after a large number of 10, after 15 home losers quit lying, to patronize the virtual world of dating, then about shelf …… She was yelled at by the old mother to unplug the power supply.

In fact, in the more competitive game industry, its advanced technology is going faster than many industries. Some games have realized the real-time transfer of the player’s facial expressions to digital characters (face recognition), and can also use personal voice to execute game commands to control virtual objects (voice recognition). In addition, games such as fighting, racing, etc. The project has already realized gesture control and gradually abandoned the keyboard and handle era.

After breaking through the game industry, how feasible is it to develop Metaverse?

Explore the feasibility of meta-universe technology and ethics

Compared with the problem of information interaction and openness, the technical characteristics of blockchain decentralization have proved the feasibility. However, if the meta universe wants to continue to grow, the biggest technical problem it faces is most likely to still be the real experience of human beings, such as smell, touch, brainwave consciousness control, etc.

Recently, the American giant Meta (in fact, Facebook changed its name) that suddenly emerged, showed for the first time a project that had been secretly developed for seven years: “Pneumatic Tactile Gloves.” According to Meta, this glove can let people experience the real touch of grasping virtual objects through the airbag, and with other wearable technologies, it has the opportunity to make you exhilarating in the world of VR and AR.

As early as 9 years ago, Google released an augmented reality wearable smart glasses called Google Project Glass. Set of intellectual smartphone, GPS, camera in one, the user will be able to achieve wink upload pictures, send and receive text messages, check weather traffic and other functions. You can also control photos, video calls, and direction by voice.

Honda of Japan once developed the “human brain-controlled robot” technology, through intelligent recognition of brain scalp current changes and blood flow information, to realize the control of the robot by the human brain.

Various phenomena show that the use of digital technology to realize the control of smell, touch, and mind in the virtual world will not become an absolute obstacle to the development of the meta-universe. However, in view of the general R&D investment and actual results of domestic Internet companies, and the current status of focusing on “Nipple Music”, I really don’t know the confidence of “preparing for relevant technologies and rules”?

Talking about the ethical issues of the metaverse , one can’t help but think of “A Brief History of the Future” in Yuval Harari’s trilogy. In the process from Homo sapiens to the pursuit of evolving into wisdom gods, the author often guides readers to think about similar questions: whether human beings pursue immortality and scientific qualitative change will break the unbalanced society and make the “Matthew effect” intensified. .

However, on the Internet, many people are also questioning that this is just capital cutting leeks in response to the proposal of the meta-universe concept. Even if the meta-universe is truly realized, the wealthy groups in the real world will only enjoy more real substances, and ordinary people will just sink into the more advanced “nipples”.

This month, a middle school in Jiangsu Province has published an announcement on the “Notice to Parents About the Two Games of “Blue Whale” and “Meta Universe””, warning parents to be alert to the dangers of online games. Such games may induce students to fall. building.

In fact, whether it is the sensational “Blue Whale” game that happened in Russia or the “meta universe” game mentioned in the announcement, technically speaking, it is not the same as the concept of the meta universe mentioned by the Internet giants. . However, the essence of inducing mental addiction is the same. A series of ethical and legal issues cannot be avoided on the way forward of the meta universe.

From 2013 to 2018, the state successively issued the “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks”, “Announcement on Preventing Token Issuance Financing Risks”, and “Regarding Preventing the Use of “Virtual Currency” and “Blockchain”. Three important documents in the Risk Warning of Illegal Fundraising. On the one hand, my country remains curious about virtual technologies such as blockchain and encourages positive development. On the other hand, it cracks down and prevents certain additional products.

This is very consistent with our country’s consistent ambiguous attitude towards emerging things. In short, we should observe for a period of time before talking.

At present, our country does not have any laws and regulations for the concept of meta universe. However, to completely create an immersive virtual world, it will inevitably involve a lot of communication information protection, personal privacy encryption, gray transaction supervision, balancing the real economy and other issues. Building a large and complete meta-universe world is simply a waste of time in the short term. Night talk. Perhaps in the game industry, countless brainstorming meetings can be held for a carnival. As for saying that 1 billion people will be willing to live in a virtual world in 2030, this “willing to live” argument is very interesting!

On the two major levels of technology and ethics, if we have to make a conclusion, it is: the meta-universe only exists in the concept. Today’s Internet giants have no ability and no environment to build a huge and complete meta-universe world. Regardless of the VR and AR industries, or the games and social industries, all that can be done at present is just a supporting upgrade, and the real meta-universe is still too early.

Meta-universe or disguised inspires the global Internet of Things

Although capital is chasing profits, there is no commercial change, and technological innovation can’t be mentioned. Regardless of how long the actual implementation period of Meta Universe is, it can be expected that as long as it continues to open up the market, it will affect the existing technology industries. The implementation of Meta Universe is very likely to inspire the unexpected product of the “Global Internet of Things”.

The expansion of Metaverse requires further innovation in terminal technology for access to the virtual world, ultra-high-speed computing operation, and ultra-low latency network speed, all of which are indispensable.

According to relevant CCID data, the market size of my country’s VR/AR industry will reach 41.35 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 46% year-on-year; as the technology matures, the application of VR/AR in various fields is gradually expanding. It is expected that my country’s VR/AR will be launched in 2023. The market size of the industry will exceed 100 billion.

The rapid growth rate is so great that the existing physical industry is hard to match. The advancement of virtual technology represented by VR/AR will have the opportunity to solve the sensor and sensor input problems that have long plagued the development of the Internet of Things. At present, most of the Internet of Things technologies on the market are only applied to “dead things”, such as smart homes. Even if the system platform is set up, it is necessary to manually manipulate furniture and electrical appliances through tools such as devices and APPs. The sensory breakthrough of virtual technology can abandon the physical equipment controlled by the hand, turning furniture and electrical appliances into another “living thing”, and follow your voice commands, gesture commands, etc. to perform tasks strictly.

On the other hand, the nations Business Machines Corporation IBM recently announced a superconducting quantum computer named “Eagle” will 127 qubits coupled together , except for two states 0 and 1 is calculated, also presented their superposition state . It is very likely to mark the arrival of IBM’s “Quantum Supremacy” (Quantum Supremacy) era, that is, quantum computers completely defeat all classic traditional computers. From another perspective, perhaps everything can be referred to by various data through calculation in the future, and the Internet of Everything is just the intersection and integration of data.

Today, when 5G is in the ascendant, 6G is already on the way of research and development. In November 2019, my country announced the establishment of a national 6G technology research and development promotion working group and an overall expert group, marking the official launch of my country’s 6G technology research and development work. If 5G can reduce the network delay to the millisecond level, 6G can reduce it to the subtle level, that is, the delay is reduced by 1000 times on the basis of 5G, which is not detectable by human senses. The download speed of 6G can reach 1TB per second (this is a key reminder for island movie lovers).

In plain and easy-to-understand terms, the three important indicators of ultra-real experience, ultra-fast computing, and ultra-low latency will become the decisive factors for the advancement of the meta-universe, but the true meta-universe also involves law, humanities, rules, and ethics. For matters other than technology, it is conceivable that, assuming that the development of Metaverse is not interrupted, the first wave of significant gains is the “global Internet of Things”.


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