Metaverse is skimming the “bubble”

The Metaverse is not only the “Liu Yexis”

Liu Yexi, who carries the label of Metaverse and virtual idol, has gained more than 5 million followers after only two short videos. Due to an open letter about Metaverse social products, the share price of Tianxia Show has soared by 5 billion yuan in 4 minutes. Even many companies that have not yet launched products or services related to Metaverse, but whose businesses are only on the sidelines of Metaverse, have also been sought after by some investors.

Metaverse is skimming the "bubble"

This overly fanatical and impetuous market sentiment was quickly noticed. At least 10 companies, including Tianxiaxiu , Zhongqingbao , and Shengtian Network, received some regulatory letters or letters of concern. At this point, some investors began to return to rationality. On November 18, 60 of the 69 stocks in the universe concept board fell, of which, 29 fell by more than 5%.

Of course, “Science and Technology Xiangling Shuo” does not deny the future potential of Metaverse. On the contrary, I agree that Metaverse will become a revolutionary interactive form of the next generation of the Internet. So, in an environment where market sentiment is gradually returning to rationality, which companies can benefit from it?

Real estate speculation, face speculation, land speculation, it is imperative for Metaverse to “de-bubble”

The Metaverse is “de-bubbling.”

In fact, in this less than a year, many companies have taken advantage of Metaverse to “exhibit their positions.” For example, on May 18 this year, the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency united 25 institutions and companies to establish the “Metaverse Alliance”; on October 28, Eastern Time, Facebook announced that the company name would be changed to “Meta”, which is the word Metaverse (yuan Universe), the old social media company began to transform into a “Metaverse” company.

Another example is the recent hot discussion of “Metaverse Buying a House”. In the past, a real estate agent announced that in the Metaverse virtual world game “The Sandbox”, they purchased one of the largest digital plots with an investment of up to 5 million U.S. dollars. Later, there was Decentraland. In the above, a certain digital land was sold for USD 2.43 million in cryptocurrency, and the price was even slightly higher than the average price of a single house in Manhattan, the “wealthy area”. What’s more, there are also rumors on social networks such as “a part-time game face maker earns more than 10,000 monthly income” and “Shanghai face maker earns 45,000 monthly income”.

It should be noted that behind this “carnival” is the Metaverse that has not yet landed.

Tsinghua University’s New Media Research Center released the “Metaverse Development Research Report 2020-2021” during the year, and pointed out that the current large-scale “Metaverse” productization is still very far away. Science fiction writer Chen Chufan also believes that there is no single company or technology that can cover all the things that the “Metaverse” needs to achieve , because it involves a large amount of infrastructure, not a single platform, or a single application.

Metaverse is skimming the "bubble"

Putting aside the companies or products in the bubble that only use concepts to gain attention, in fact, there are still some concepts in the market that do not, but the companies whose technology and business are closely related to the Metaverse era are worthy of attention, such as three-dimensional digital application solutions. plan.

Roblox, as the “first unit of the Metaverse concept,” believes that the Metaverse is a lasting, shared three-dimensional virtual space with key features such as identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anywhere, economy, and civilization.

In the “science and technology to make said” It seems that if yuan to give the universe marked one of the most typical label, it is bound to bear the brunt of immersion, 3D VR technology as the upstream industry, the building blocks easy to ride technically complete beauty fit yuan universe It uses WebGL 3D development technology to maintain high-fidelity and high restoration of objects and space scenes through digital compression and texture mapping of models , and realizes 720-degree browsing and interaction on multiple platforms.

Secondly, in terms of model, Metaverse, as the next generation Internet, requires a large number of “infrastructure” projects in the cyber world. As the 3D technology field of the Metaverse content ecological infrastructure track, Easy Building Blocks also has huge application growth space.

To give a very simple example, in a perfect Metaverse world, virtual digital humans are indispensable. The building is easy to take the hand-held series of 3D white light scanner that can scan using its modeling in real basis, through independent research and development of real-time rendering software coding mode Ruler3D, texture mapping, restoration reached the characters facial features of high-fidelity, high reduction, to build Corresponding virtual digital humans are produced, which perfectly solves the human digital model problems required by VR, AR and other technologies in the future Metaverse.

Finally, Metaverse has never been a purely virtual world, but used virtual means to activate the real world, so it can combine entertainment, education, government affairs, economy, technology and other major fields to provide services and technical applications like Building Blocks Easy to Build. On the contrary, companies with solutions will have a larger Metaverse imagination than companies focusing on pure virtual worlds.

Looking at the background, the technology, and the track, what are the investors of Metaverse still paying attention to?

Three-dimensional digital application solutions can be regarded as an indispensable part of the future when the Metaverse is launched from the perspective of technology, model, and business. At the same time, the investment potential behind the industry has also been recognized by the market.

On the one hand, because they are not “born for the Metaverse”, even without the popularity of the Metaverse, such enterprises still have a sufficient business foundation.

For example, building blocks are easy to build. It already has a self-developed 3D digital platform before the “Wind Up” of the Cloud Universe. It also provides full value chain 3D digital application solutions for users in industries such as pan-home furnishings, cultural museums, ceramic crafts, e-commerce, and industry. Solutions, and its customers who provide 3D digital technology support are many of the major Internet companies such as Alibaba , , Huawei , Inspur ,, and Apple.

Different from those “dodder flowers” that are born on the Metaverse, this type of enterprise that “grabs the vent but not only the vent” can move forward and retreat freely, and has unlimited possibilities to embrace the vent.

Metaverse is skimming the "bubble"

On the other hand, although this type of enterprise still has inextricable connections with Metaverse, they have not “changed”, but have consistently done what they are good at.

Ding Yong, the co-founder and CEO of Jengmu Yijia, once said: We ultimately hope to use common underlying technology to empower the development of 3D data in various industries, transform customized solutions into standardized products, and turn 3D cutting-edge technologies into public enterprise efficiency, enabling the marketing tool , really positive solution must face the high cost of the majority of enterprises in the digital transformation and upgrading process, operation and maintenance difficult, aspects of the problem of low efficiency.

It is also based on such a clear positioning that Easy Build even carried out subtractive deployment in 2019, reducing the customized R&D for vertical industries and focusing on the R&D of the underlying general technology, making the development goals of the entire company more focused and ultimately polished A total solution from hardware equipment to software engine to 3D data editing tools and services is presented.

In addition, because the price of public of, cloud software, technical civilians, lightweight model and other advantages, in the entire industry, the building blocks are easy to take a leading provider of 3D digital solutions, the maturity of the technology, improve Huge breakthroughs have been made in terms of speed, ease of use, humanization, and economy. At present, in the field of 3D modeling, it is almost the only one in the industry that can provide “soft and hard integration” full-stack products and solutions. This also means that EasyBuild has built a barrier to competition that far exceeds that of its peers , and has gained a sustainable competitive advantage.

“Grab the vent but not just the vent”, “do what you do best” and “have done your head on the track”. The 3D digital application solutions represented by the easy-to-build building blocks are also “golden standard” in the Metaverse. “.

Metaverse needs both Meta and Tencent, but also Bolygon and easy building blocks

Professor Hu Yong of Peking University summarized the Metaverse: “It is a large collection of virtual worlds, equipment, services, software, etc. The Internet is a set of extensive protocols, technologies, channels, and languages, plus access to equipment and content, and on top of them. Communication experience. Metaverse will be the same.”

It can be seen that the Metaverse is both comprehensive and complex, but it is precisely based on its comprehensive and complex characteristics that lead players from all walks of life to the vanguard and the main force in the battle.

Currently, the market often divides the Metaverse industry chain into seven levels, namely, the experience layer, the discovery layer, the creator economy layer, the spatial computing layer, the decentralization layer, the human-computer interaction layer, and the infrastructure layer.

Since most giants have huge traffic entrances themselves, they have a very high right to speak in the experience layer, and they have begun to gradually penetrate other levels, such as the acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus and the launch of VR social at a high price of US$2 billion in 2014. The Meta (formerly Facebook) of the platform Horizon has entered the experience layer and the human-computer interaction layer; Tencent , which has invested in Roblox and Epic, and initially built the Metaverse basic ecology, is in the experience layer, creator economy layer, and decentralization layer. To dabble.

The grand battlefield needs “vanguard” and “main force”, but it also needs “reserve” , such as Bolygon for game engines, Party Animal team for games, hyperparameters in virtual AI and Yuanxiang Weisi, social fields The building blocks of Oasis VR and 3D digital solutions are easy to build. Such innovative companies are like “protagonists” in another form.

Incarnate as “Metaverse Reserve”, they not only provide “grain and grass” for the subdivision of the track, but also step by step to do a step by step in the overall layout of the Metaverse. They also form a background of local and periodic overheating due to the influx of capital. We will not be arrogant or impetuous, and we will work steadily, successfully laying the foundation of the industry’s underlying technical framework.

Their small step is a big step for the Metaverse.

For example, in the process of the Metaverse landing, it is an inevitable trend for model output to be lightweight and realize cloud storage. Otherwise, it is difficult to quickly derive terminal models with extremely high adaptability. Based on self-developed software and hardware and WebGL development technology, Easy Build can not only realize the digital twin of the 3D model, but also “slim down” the large model to more than ten megabytes, and realize the HTML website/APP/ WeChat applet/H5/public account. /WEB and other terminals, saving more than 90% of storage space.

All in all, it is precisely because there are more “Metaverse reserve” such as Jengmu Yichang dedicated to “hydropower and coal”, that makes the stubbornly hot Metaverse have the hope of “de-foaming”. They will also be well-deserved protagonists in a new round of subversive “scene revolution” in the future.

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