“Metaverse” is coming Is “Meta Universe Bank” still far away?

Recently, Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg said that in about five years, Facebook will be transformed from a social media company to a Metaverse company, 29 years ago. The existing science fiction concept instantly became popular. Known as the yuan universe stocks Roblox high stocks hit new, while Ethernet Square on the project AXS token price in nearly a month rose more than 10 times …… “meta-universe” is becoming the next Internet a “vent.”

“Meta Universe” has absorbed the fruits of the information revolution (5G/6G), the Internet revolution (web3.0), the artificial intelligence revolution, and the virtual reality technology revolution including VR, AR, MR, especially game engines. It shows mankind the possibility of building a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world; it triggers the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life sciences, or will change the scientific paradigm; integrates digital including blockchain Technology, as well as digital financial achievements such as DeFi, IPFS, and NFT, have enriched the digital economy transformation model. The emergence of “Meta Universe” provides an ecological picture of the future society, which is considered to be the territory of digital economy innovation and industrial chain expansion, and the mass of young people under the concept of Meta Universe will also become the future of commercial banking financial services. As a source of growth, perhaps “Meta Universe Bank” as a new concept will become the next high ground for competition in the financial industry in the near future.

1. Deconstruction of meta-universe

 Timeline of the evolution of the meta-universe concept

As early as 1981, in the science fiction novel “Real Name and Real Surname”, American computer professor Flovinch conceived a virtual world that could be entered through a brain-computer interface and had sensory experiences.

In 1992, the famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson described an online world parallel to the real world in his novel “Snow Crash” and named it “Metaverse.” All people in the real world have a “network clone” in Metaverse. This “metaverse” is called “Metaverse” in the original English book, where Meta means “beyond” and “yuan”, and verse means “universe”. Metaverse is what we call the “metaverse” today. Therefore, Neil Stephenson is recognized as the official proponent of the metaverse . It is worth mentioning that the English word “avatar” in Snow Crash is called Avatar, which is also “Avatar”.

In 2009, the famous American director James Cameron’s epoch-making classic movie was named after “Avatar”. The original meaning of Avatar is “incarnation.” In Hinduism and Buddhism, it specifically refers to a god transformed into a human or animal form. Nowadays, the virtual identity used by players in computer games or chat rooms is also called Avatar. The movie “Avatar” is about a disabled veteran who uses his mind to control the body of a cloned avatar man. Finally, with the help of the sacred tree, the veteran’s spiritual mind matches the body of the cloned avatar man. Two for one. The body of the disabled veteran died in a box in the control room, and his soul was transferred to the body of this newly cloned Avatar man to survive.

In 2018, Spielberg filmed “The Number One Player”. The film tells the story of the real world in 2045 becoming a chaotic purgatory on the verge of collapse. People pin their hopes on the “oasis”-a free global coverage. In the virtual world (that is, a meta-universe) in a super online game, a group of young people use physical manipulation and mental control to play and engage in adventure game competitions in the digital world, and meet a bunch of friends (including The four-member group comes from Ashiu who knows how to ninjutsu in Japan). But because of the fight for ownership of the virtual world, the fight extends from the digital world back to the real world.

In 2021, against the background of the global epidemic crisis, Zuckerberg, a hacker who is afraid of real social networking, who created the world’s largest virtual world social network, released his latest strategy: Meta universe.

Speaking of this, yes, the meta-universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world, but infinitely close to reality: in this world, immersive spatial experience, reality and virtuality will seamlessly merge, coexist in the same time and space, and interact with each other. , Influencing each other, changing social styles, and subverting life experience. The core of Meta Universe is to carry virtual assets and virtual identities, and provide users with rich consumption content, fair creation platform, reliable economic system, and immersive interactive experience. Unlike traditional games, users can experience different content in the meta universe, make different friends, create their own works, and perform a series of virtual activities. 

 The eight elements that Yuanzhou should possess

In summary, the characteristics of Meta universe include: reliable economic system, virtual identity and assets, strong sociality, immersive experience, open content creation, etc. Now the main carrier is games, and the leader is Roblx, a sandbox game platform. March 10, 2021 Roblox is the first to write the concept of “Meta Universe” into its prospectus. According to the company, a true Meta Universe product should have eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, and diversification. , Anywhere, Economic System, Civilization.

Identity: You can have a virtual identity, which has nothing to do with your real identity. You can be a president or a beggar.

Friends: You can have real people or AI friends, and you can socialize, whether you know them in reality or not.

Immersion: You can be immersed in the experience of the meta-universe, ignoring everything else.

Low latency: Everything in the meta-universe happens synchronously, there is no asynchrony or delay, and the experience is perfect.

Diversity: Metaverse can provide rich and differentiated content, including gameplay, props, etc.

Anywhere: You can log in to the meta universe anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by space.

Economic system: Like any complex large-scale game, Metaverse should have its own economic system.

Civilization: People gather together to create a unique virtual civilization and digital civilization.

All in all, the game can be regarded as the primary form of the meta-universe. In terms of technology, there is still a big gap between the two. In terms of philosophy and ideology, the meta universe has just started.

2. The technical basis and typical examples of Metaverse

 The technical basis of the meta universe

From the perspective of technology, the “meta universe” of technical meaning includes content systems, blockchain systems, display systems, and operating systems, and finally displayed as a 3D interface beyond the screen limit, which represents the next generation after the PC era and the mobile era. The era of holographic platforms. The technologies that support the “meta universe” mainly include the following six areas:

1. It is network communication and cloud computing : With the advancement and popularization of 5G and cloud computing and other underlying technologies, when all participants in the network can break through access restrictions and realize real-time sharing, the era of meta-universe will truly come.

2. Algorithms and computing power : To support the operation of the huge meta-universe, we must first have extremely powerful computing power and algorithms. In order to upgrade the driving rendering mode and improve the accessibility of the game, it is necessary to focus on the breakthroughs in algorithms, computing power, and the continuous progress of the semiconductor and other infrastructure industries.

3. It is artificial intelligence: with the development of computers, artificial intelligence began to appear. It provided the chips needed to build the meta-universe to programmers in the form of generated codes, which played a role in better serving the public. After the improvement of machine-passing artificial intelligence technology, on the one hand, it can read people’s gestures, predict people’s actions, recognize emotions, and even stimulate people’s neurons; on the other hand, it can be connected to LCAP (low code development). Platform) application platform as part of the service architecture.

4. It is visual technology : In recent years, almost all 3D images are used to simulate the appearance of images through the principle of light reflection on the surface of different materials. Ray tracing can create more beautiful and realistic images, and it has also been widely used in movies.

5. It is virtual reality technology : enhance the immersion of the game through interactive technologies such as AR and VR. Looking back at the development of the game, the improvement of immersion has always been the main direction of its technological breakthrough. In the future, based on the development of human-computer interaction technology represented by VR and AR, virtual open-world games carried by more realistic and high-frequency human-computer interaction methods are expected to greatly increase their immersion, thereby reducing the size and maturity of the meta-universe The gap between the forms.

6. Blockchain technology : Blockchain is a recording system that can record various transaction information and the ownership information of any asset in a reliable and safe way. This is like a database that stores information in the form of blocks. When they are decentralized, the blockchain supports the participation of unauthorized persons, or governance through a decentralized form. Through smart contracts, a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer mechanism, the ownership and circulation of value are guaranteed, and the operation of the economic system is stable, efficient, transparent and certain. In addition, the blockchain has opened up the bridge between the virtual world and the real world. It turns the “virtual world” into a “parallel universe”. With the integration of blockchain technology, the carrier of the meta-universe will not be limited to games, but will expand in the future. In social, consumer, real estate, tourism, architecture, engineering and design, learning and education, immersive physical world.

In short, the development of Metaverse should be based on the above-mentioned “hard technology”, and its operation also needs the physical energy support of the real universe. Therefore, the metaverse boom is bound to promote micro-nano processing, high-end manufacturing, high-precision maps, optical manufacturing, etc. , Such as the scale development of diffractive waveguide lenses, micro-display and chip manufacturing, and related software industries.

 How Facebook realizes the meta-universe

One is immersive smart hardware : Facebook releases Oculus, a VR device that allows people to immerse themselves in the world of the meta-universe.

The second is AI cloud services : Facebook’s PyTorch platform has become one of the world’s two most popular AI platforms (the other is Google’s Tensorflow). In the past online games, a drawn armor or a drawn sword is equipment; in the current live broadcast, a real-time beauty function is equipment; in the future meta-universe, various voice vision AI cloud services are equipment.

The third is the financial system : Facebook will officially open source the Libra blockchain digital currency v1.0 in 2020. If you want to make money by doing tasks in the meta universe, you must purchase AI cloud service equipment to participate in the competition in the meta universe, all of which require internet-native digital currency.

3. Three stages of migration from “real universe” to “meta universe”

In the future, with the development of digital technology, mankind will definitely complete the digital migration from the real universe to the meta universe. Looking back at the evolution of technology, the development of CT technology has brought communication networks; the maturity of IT technologies such as computers and the Internet has promoted the development of information networks; now, with the development of digital technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and blockchain, human society Gradually migrate to the digital age, thus forming a digital network. Meta Universe is a new generation of digital networks. Therefore, similarly following the development context from IT network, CT network to DT network, mankind will also realize the digital migration from the real universe to the meta universe in the future. The entire migration process is divided into three stages: digital twin, digital native, and virtual reality. Intergrowth.

The first stage: digital twins . Digital twin is to make full use of physical model, sensor update, operation history and other data, integrate multi-discipline, multi-physical quantity, multi-scale, multi-probability simulation process, complete the mapping in the virtual space, thereby reflecting the full life cycle of the corresponding physical equipment Process. Digital twin is a concept that transcends reality and can be regarded as a digital mapping system of one or more important, interdependent equipment systems. This stage is the digital mapping of the real world and the physical world.

The second stage: digital native . It is not enough to just realize the digital twin. The core thing of the meta universe is not the digital twin, but the digital “native”. Many things native to the digital world have no correspondence with the real world. Digital native is the real meta-universe. Of course, the meta-universe also includes digital twins.

The third stage: the virtual and the real . When digitally native things are big enough and strong enough, they will inevitably affect the real world. Therefore, the third stage is called the intergeneration of reality and reality.

From digital twins, to digital natives, and then to the coexistence of virtual and real, the core of the three stages is digital native. In the meta-universe, you can see many things that are not in the real world, such as “theoretical digital analysis.” The three-stage digital migration will definitely reconstruct a complete set of economic systems, economic models, and financial models, and create new currency markets, capital markets, and commodity markets.

4. How far is “Meta Universe Bank” from us?

At present, in most people’s concepts, Metaverse may only be games, AR/VR applications, etc., and these are just the primary form of Metaverse. In the future, Metaverse is likely to use games as a starting point to develop into an alternative to the Internet, deeply integrating digital entertainment, social networks, and even socio-economic and commercial activities. With the development of technology and the promotion of capital, the outline of Metaverse will become increasingly obvious, and it is likely to grow into a legal workplace and investment tool, provide rich content, and become a vibrant emerging community… to achieve the ultimate goal of human society. The digital transformation of the company provides a new path and will promote the large-scale development of related industrial chains, bringing unlimited imagination to industry competition.

Internet giants such as Microsoft, Tencent , and Bytedance, which have seen the huge development potential of Meta Universe , have launched related industrial chains. For example, Tencent’s concept of “True Internet” and investment in sandbox game company Roblox’s project, Bytedance Investment In addition to the game company code, Microsoft has not only invested in software, but also developed AR/VR hardware devices such as HoloLens 2. So, what business opportunities can financial institutions represented by banks seize in the future Metaverse Digital Network?

According to the Korea Herald, Korean financial institutions are undergoing a major transformation from the physical space to the digital field. The young group under the social concept of Metaverse is regarded as the future growth source of financial business. Financial companies are introducing tailor-made digital financial products and services based on online shopping platforms and subscription service platforms such as Netflix and Melon to this group. South Korea’s DGB Financial Group held an executive meeting on the social platform Zepeto of South Korea’s Yuan Universe on June 22. Its CEO and the CEOs of its five subsidiaries held meetings in the form of virtual avatars and assessed the impact of digital finance on traditional finance. Impact. A spokesperson for DGB Financial Group said: ” DGB is closely following the trend of digital transformation. We plan to open a meta-universal bank in the near future, where people can buy financial goods and services .”

“Ideal + technology + action” will definitely be equal to “dream landing” . Although “Meta Universe Bank” presents us only a vague concept, it is believed that with the gradual opening of the meta universe ecological picture and the increasing scale of its industrial chain Growth, perhaps soon we will be able to hear the news of the opening of the first “Meta Universe Bank” in China.


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