“Metaverse” is booming: the giants are adding more

For a period of time, the “Metaverse” only stayed at the conceptual stage. In March of this year, Roblox was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, not only becoming a “upstart” with a market value of more than US$40 billion, it also sparked the “Meta Universe”, known as the “Meta Universe’s first share.”

In June, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) introduced an ambitious new plan to employees. According to this plan, Facebook will create a collection of all-encompassing and interconnected science fiction experiences. Simply put, Facebook will create a world called “meta universe”.

On July 27th, Facebook announced that it would set up a meta universe product group led by Instagram vice president Vishal Shah. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview that “Meta Universe” is the successor of the mobile Internet and promised to transform Facebook from a social media company into a Meta Universe company.

For a time, news about the “meta universe” became very eye-catching, and it quickly spread to the Internet and investment circles, and a “meta universe” wind blew up. Not long ago, Zhu Jiaming, chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said in a speech that the metaverse is a block of information created by humans that spans the integrated system of life and non-life. It is a human consciousness realized through the scientific and technological achievements of the 21st century. gather. This concept will trigger the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics, and declarative science, and change the scientific paradigm by leaps and bounds.

The past and present of “Meta Universe”

It’s somewhat surprising that Facebook, a social media giant, has transformed itself into a “meta universe” company. Therefore, the “meta universe” of the fire is extremely mysterious.

According to the data, “Meta Universe” is called Metaverse in English, which is composed of Meta and Verse. In the computer field, meta is called “Meta”, and verse is the abbreviation of universe universe. Together, it usually represents the next stage of the Internet.

Metaverse is a collection of virtual time and space, a virtual reality network world supported by a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and Internet (Internet) technologies.

As early as 1981, there was a virtual world in the science fiction novel “Real Name and Real Name” written by computer professor Vernovenko: People can log in to the new world through the brain interface and transform them into different images according to their own preferences.

By 1992, the famous American science fiction novelist Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” made the concept of “real name and real name” more concrete. The book described a parallel to The real-world online world-Metaverse, is now called “Metaverse”. All people in the real world have an online identity “Avatar” in Metaverse. The Metaverse described by Stevenson is a new form of the Internet in the next stage after the realization of virtual reality.

On March 10, 2021, Roblox was the first to write the concept of “Meta Universe” in the company’s prospectus and successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange. The market value on the first day of listing exceeded US$40 billion, becoming a landmark event that “Meta Universe” detonated the technology and capital circle.

However, some media pointed out that Roblox is not the creator of the virtual world. In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus for US$2 billion. Zuckerberg posted a related statement, also citing the concept of “Avalanche”, looking forward to the future of the virtual world.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg introduced an ambitious new plan to his employees. The company’s future will go far beyond its current projects to build a set of connected social applications and some hardware to support them. Instead, he stated that Facebook will strive to build a collection of maximal, interconnected experiences of the kind of science fiction-a world called the meta-universe.

In addition, he also said in his remote speech to employees that Facebook’s departments that focus on communities, creators, commerce, and virtual reality products will increasingly strive to realize this vision. He believes that the most interesting thing is how these themes will be combined into a larger idea, Zuckerberg said. Our primary goal in all these initiatives is to help bring the meta-universe to life.

Analysts believe that “meta universe” is a new digital form and a bridge between virtual and reality, which will bring huge economic benefits in the future.

Blockchain becomes a value transfer solution

“Meta Universe is a master of technological innovation.” On July 25, Song Jiaji, Dean of Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech “Meta Universe: The Next Stop of the Internet.” He said that “Meta Universe” has five major characteristics, namely, economic system, virtual identity, strong sociality, open and free creation, and immersive experience. The four pillars of building “Meta Universe” are blockchain and network communication. , Display technology and video games.

“Blockchain technology can provide a solution for the value transmission of Metaverse.” Guosheng Securities believes that blockchain technology provides a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transmission mechanism, which can guarantee the value ownership and circulation of “metaverse” , So as to ensure the stability and efficiency of the economic system, and ensure the transparent and deterministic implementation of the rules. In their view, decentralized virtual assets can be circulated across platforms, separated from the content itself, and become more “real”.

In January 2020, venture capitalist Matthew Ball published an influential article expounding the key characteristics of the “meta universe”. He believes that the “meta universe” includes: First, it must cross the physical world and the virtual world; the second is to include a fully mature economy; the third is to provide “unprecedented interoperability.”

Guosheng Securities believes that the significance of “meta universe” far exceeds that of games and social platforms. Its emergence may change the mainstream perception of “self-existence” in human society. The transition to virtual time and space is an inevitable development of information technology and human civilization. trend.

Tim Sweeney, founder of the game team Epic Games and creator of the online video game “Fortnite”, said that blockchain technology and NFT are the “most reasonable way” to the completely emerging meta-universe (virtual world) , But due to factors such as transaction costs and speculation that constitute cryptocurrencies today, the dream of a “persistent, real-time digital world” may still be out of reach. In the coming decades, the new era of virtual existence will usher in the next great milestone for people as a networked species.

“Although Roblox’s market value continues to break new highs, it shows that the concept of meta universe and Roblox’s business model are widely sought after by the market.” Guosheng Securities believes that the core of the Roblox platform lies in three points: First, a stable economic system guarantees creation and incentives for the Roblox platform. A stable economic system, covering content creation and consumption; second, creators can create in-depth game content and Roblox Studio toolset for creators; third, cloud computing reduces the barriers for users to enter Roblox through cloud gaming. Dadi lowers the barriers to entry for users.

They believe that although there is still a long way to go to realize the vision of Metaverse, the trend has begun, and Metaverse, or the next round of technological innovation, will become the next stop of the Internet.

Giants are running into the arena

“Now, an exciting opportunity is coming. The ten-year development of the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrades, which we call the true Internet. A series of basic technologies from real-time communication to audio and video are ready. The rapid improvement of capabilities has promoted richer changes in the modes of information contact and human-computer interaction.” At the end of last year, Tencent published an annual special issue called “Three Views”, as Ma Huateng said in his preface. Analysts believe that Ma Huateng’s concept of “True Internet” and “Meta Universe” are similar.

At present, “Meta Universe” continues to become popular, and the Internet circles and investment circles have increased their efforts. Careful people find that many giant companies have already laid out the track.

On July 27, Facebook announced that it would set up a new product team to develop “Meta Universe”. Mark Zuckerberg proposed that Facebook will become a “Meta Universe” company within five years.

In fact, as early as 2014, Facebook acquired the virtual reality company Oculus for a high price of $2 billion. From the current point of view, from gaming to social networking, Facebook is carrying out a larger strategic layout with a “meta universe”. In addition, giants such as Google, Amazon, and Disney have also laid out the “meta universe” earlier.

Not only that, the concept of “meta universe” has also received unprecedented attention and favor from the capital market.

On March 10, Roblox, a US gaming platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its first day of listing closed up 54.4%, with a closing price of US$69.50 and a company valuation of more than US$45 billion. This can be seen.

In March of this year, game company MetaApp completed a $100 million Series C financing, becoming the largest single financing in the domestic industry; on April 13, game developer Epic Games announced that it had completed a round of $1 billion financing, setting a record of $1 billion. The highest financing record on the “Universe” track.

From a domestic point of view, Tencent invested in Roblox before it went public and became a shareholder of Roblox, the “Meta Universe First Share”. At the same time, it also exclusively represented Roblox’s product offerings in China. In addition, the Internet giant ByteDance invested in the code Qiankun of the domestic “Meta Universe” concept company this year.

At the same time, ordinary investors are actively embracing the “meta universe”. According to media reports, South Korea has recently set off a “meta universe” investment boom. Two Korean asset management companies have launched a meta universe fund to help investors invest in beneficial stocks such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Roblox, Naver, and Hybe.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the news on July 19, the South China Morning Post and The Sandbox, a decentralized game virtual world under Animoca Brands, announced a cooperation. Its dedicated visual graphics gallery will be used in Sandbox with new interactive games and Experience and display, recreating modern and historical places and cultural relics in Hong Kong and Mainland China, including integrating Hong Kong’s past and present into the “mirror world” of the meta-universe of Sandbox.

From abroad to domestic, “Meta Universe” seems to have become a battleground for giants, and a new “outlet” is quietly forming.


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