Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

1. The rain is coming: when the ideal virtual world shines into reality

1.1. What is the meta universe?

The concept of meta universe was put forward: it only existed in literature and film and television works for a long time. Metaverse is composed of two roots: Meta and Verse. Meta means “transcendence” and “meta”, and verse means “universe”. The term Metaverse originated from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche.” The novel depicts people competing with each other in the virtual reality world by controlling their digital avatars to enhance their social status. In the following 30 years, the concept of metaverse was presented in film and television works such as “The Matrix”, “Number One Player”, “Western World”, and games such as “The Sims”. At this stage, the concept of meta-universe is relatively vague, and it is more understood as a parallel virtual world.

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

1.2. The development of meta universe: game catalysis-the realization of immersion + social interaction

With the evolution of technology, more and more games have integrated some social functions, which has catalyzed the partial implementation of the meta-universe concept in the game: In December 2019, the exclusive trailer for the new movie “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” It premiered in the open-air cinema in the game “Fortnite”; in April 2020, Epic Games’ shooting game “Fortnite” hosted an online virtual concert in the game for American hip-hop singer Travis Scott, which attracted More than 12 million players participated, setting a record for the highest number of simultaneous online viewers in the history of the game; in June 2020, Fortnite players can watch a Nolan movie in the game for free. The content of the movie is between different regions. The film lineup is different, including “Inception”, “Batman: The Mystery of the Shadow” and “Fatal Magic”.

1.3. Epoch-making significance: Roblox, the first stock of the meta universe concept, was listed

On March 10, 2021, Roblox adopts a direct listing model (DPO) to list on the New York Stock Exchange. On the same day, the opening price of Roblox stock was $64.5, which was a 43.33% increase from the company’s $45 per share in the company’s offline financing transaction in January. As of the close, Roblox’s stock price rose to $69.6. In the company’s prospectus, Roblox mentioned that the company’s business area is called Meta Universe by some people. Roblox believes that the meta-universe is used to describe the concept of persistent, shared, three-dimensional virtual space in the virtual universe. Although it was proposed 30 years ago, with the emergence of more and more powerful technologies such as chips, clouds, and communications, the meta-universe The concept is becoming a reality.

At present, the standards of the meta-universe mostly refer to Roblox’s definition. According to the definition of Roblox, a listed company of Metaverse Concept, Metaverse should have eight elements including identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, and civilization. Most of the manifestations of the meta universe start from games, and gradually integrate functions such as the Internet, digital entertainment, and social networks. In the long run, it can even integrate social economic and commercial activities.

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

2. Meta-universe split: the key lies in the carrier and content

We believe that the most critical part of the meta-universe development lies in the carrier and content of the meta-universe, that is, “how do we construct the meta-universe?” and “what is in the meta-universe”. Nevertheless, the two concepts of the carrier and content of the meta universe are still very broad.

2.1. The carrier of the meta universe: multi-technology symbiosis, cutting-edge applications continue to evolve

According to the description of American game creator Jon Radoff, the 7-layer elements of the meta-universe are experience, discovery, creator economy, spatial computing, decentralization, human-computer interaction, and infrastructure in order from the outside to the inside (from shallow to deep).

We believe that the main carrier of the meta universe (infrastructure includes the following parts):


As a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology with high speed, low latency and large connection characteristics, 5G is a network infrastructure that realizes the interconnection of humans, machines and things. Metaverse requires extremely high data transmission capabilities, which is reflected in the magnitude, speed, and stability of data transmission. Communication technology is an important infrastructure for the development of Metaverse. 5G/next-generation communication technology enhances the experience of virtual reality devices. The Qualcomm XR team has developed dedicated technologies and chipsets for virtual reality wearable devices, and provided downstream companies with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 and XR2 platforms and related reference designs. In China, Qualcomm has cooperated with many companies such as HTC, Pico, 3Glasses, Yingchuang Technology, Quli Technology, Nreal, and iQiyi Intelligence to bring unprecedented AR and VR experiences to consumer and enterprise users.

Chip (computing power)

Metaverse’s content, network, blockchain, graphic display and other functions require more powerful computing power.

In terms of cloud computing power, the DPU chip (data processing chip) provides a secure acceleration infrastructure for various workloads in the cloud, data center, or edge environment by shunting, accelerating, and isolating various advanced network, storage, and security services. Nvidia DPU BlueField-3 is the first chip that achieves 400Gb/s performance, supports software definition and hardware acceleration, and can realize the basic functions of the data center.

In terms of terminal computing power, heterogeneous chips allow the CPU, GPU, FPGA, DPU, ASIC and other chips in the SoC to work together to continuously improve computing power to enhance user experience.

CPU: General purpose chip with strong programmability. The CPU only completes the data calculation through a separate ALU module (logical operation unit), and other modules guarantee the orderly execution of instructions, so the CPU has a weak ability to process massive amounts of data.

GPU: The computing speed of GPU is much higher than that of CPU; at the same time, GPU has more powerful floating-point computing capabilities, which can alleviate the training problems of deep learning algorithms and release the potential of artificial intelligence.

FPGA: FPGA has both hardware pipeline parallel and data parallel processing capabilities. It is suitable for processing a piece of data in hardware pipeline mode, and has higher integer arithmetic performance, so it is often used in the inference stage of deep learning algorithms. FPGA is faster and consumes less power, but FPGA is expensive and programming complexity is high.

ASIC: Dedicated custom chip. Customized features help improve the performance-to-power ratio of the ASIC. The disadvantage of ASIC is that the circuit design needs to be customized, the development cycle is relatively long, and the function is difficult to expand. For example, Google’s TPU is a type of ASIC. The TPU simplifies the control circuit, thus reducing the chip area and power consumption.

From CPUs and GPUs to FPGAs and ASICs, the performance of their chips has gradually improved, and the programmability has gradually decreased. Now terminal chip applications are gradually turning to SoC (system on chip). Take autonomous driving as an example. With the increasing demand for computing power for autonomous driving, the car’s main control chip gradually introduces AI chips such as GPU, FPGA, and ASIC on the basis of the CPU, and the car’s main control chip will complete the change to an SoC chip. GPU is currently the mainstream of SoC chips due to its superior ability to handle parallel computing. FPGAs, as a supplement to AI inference operations, enhance the AI ​​computing capabilities of automotive SoCs. In the future, as the autonomous driving technology matures and finalizes, more ASIC chips will be introduced into the car’s main control chip. ASIC is the trend of growth in autonomous driving applications.

Cloud and edge computing

Cloud computing and edge computing provide users with required computing resources, lowering the threshold for users to reach the meta universe. At the same time, the cloud and the edge complement each other. Cloud resources mainly include IDC and computing clusters. The resources at the edge of the network mainly include user terminals such as mobile phones and personal computers, WiFi access points, cellular network base stations and routers and other infrastructure.


AI is widely used in the meta-universe. AI can help create meta-universe assets, artwork, and other content, and can improve the software and processes we use to build all of these content.

In addition, the carrier of the meta universe still requires a number of complex technologies. For example, in order to enhance the real experience of Metaverse, GPU-based image processing technology needs to be continuously optimized; relying on the penetration of the Internet of Things, in the future, IoT terminals such as automobiles and home appliances can also become Metaverse interfaces.

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

In this regard, we can know that the birth of the metaverse needs to rely on the construction and improvement of a number of underlying technologies, including but not limited to chips, communications, VR/AR, AI, blockchain, etc. On this basis, Metaverse still needs to give users autonomy on the basis of providing games, social networking, application stores and other functions, build a UGC platform, and provide advertising networks, content distribution, and intermediary systems for user-created content to provide users with Provide multiple virtual experiences such as games, social interaction, e-sports, theater, shopping, etc.

The meta universe is an extremely complex concept that incorporates almost all high-tech. This is good and bad for the development of the meta-universe. The advantage is that the meta-universe can integrate a variety of top technologies at the same time to create products that condense the crystallization of human wisdom; the disadvantage is that the ultimate value of the meta-universe lies in experience. If a technology fails to meet the expectations of experience, it will have a devastating effect on the realization of the meta-universe.

There is a wooden barrel effect among the various technologies of Metaverse: 5G and other communication technologies can basically meet the requirements of Metaverse; UGC content, 3D engine and computing power and other supporting technologies and content can achieve the short-term requirements of Metaverse, and can follow the requirements of Metaverse. The development of the universe continues to evolve; VR, AR and other virtual reality technologies still need to be optimized to meet the basic requirements of the meta-universe. We believe that this gap between product technology supply and user experience requirements is currently mainly concentrated in the communication and virtual reality links. The communication link can sacrifice the bit rate of some games to find a suitable solution (some popular VR games do not have high realism), and the “realistic” experience brought by virtual reality equipment requires complete reliance on top technology .

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

2.2. The content of the meta universe: starting from the game, and finally experiencing

The content of Meta Universe will focus on the game side and the art side (NFT Art Collection) in the short term. In the long term, the penetration path of Meta Universe is expected to be “game/art-work-life”.

Game side: represented by Roblox

The content of the meta universe has the characteristics of diversification and decentralization. This depends on the user’s participation in the meta-universe and the creation of content. At present, the application exploration of Metaverse is mainly limited to the game side, and Roblox, the first unit of the metaverse concept, is one of the world’s largest interactive communities and a massively multiplayer game creation platform.

Taking Roblox as an example, meta-universe games are now represented as sandbox-style and UGC-style game platforms. Roblox simplifies the game screen and gameplay. Roblox’s R&D in 2020 will focus on collaborative editing optimization, code tool optimization, search enhancement, multi-level detail efficiency enhancement, dynamic resolution mapping, multiplayer online enhancement, etc. The picture quality is not the main optimization link of Roblox. Roblox will focus on R&D. Focus on simplifying the development of 3D content and improving the quality and user experience of 3D content. Roblox is one of the world’s largest interactive communities and massively multiplayer game creation platform. The Roblox platform is mainly composed of three products:

Roblox Client: An application that allows users to explore the 3D digital world. (For users)

Roblox Studio: A tool cluster that allows developers and creators to build, publish, and manipulate 3D experiences and other content accessed by Roblox clients. (For developers)

Roblox Cloud: The services and infrastructure that power the common experience platform.

As a game UGC platform, Roblox’s main source of revenue is users’ in-game expenditures. Players need to recharge in exchange for the in-game token Robux to obtain various functions of Roblox, which is also the source of Roblox’s revenue.

In the development process, Roblox pays attention to the construction of developer ecology. Roblox provides developers with a quick start tutorial, an introduction to Roblox’s profit system, and provides developers with development resources and Roblox development community. Combining with the characteristics of the younger age of its users, Roblox provides international summer programming summer camp activities and free online programming courses, as well as some paid summer internships. In short, Roblox creates a simple developer environment, reduces the requirements for development equipment, and achieves the goal of lowering the development threshold. ,

At this stage, games are far ahead in the meta-universe ecosystem. In addition to Roblox, applications that conform to the meta-universe concept include Axie Infinity , The Sandbox Game, Decentraland , Cryptovoxel, My Neighbor Alice, etc.

Artistic end: NFT builds the economic foundation of the meta-universe

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has non-fungibility, uniqueness, indivisibility, low compatibility and item attributes. NFT cannot be exchanged with the same kind of NFT. If the NFT is loaned out, the same NFT must be returned. Therefore, each NFT has a difference in scarcity and value, so ownership can be marked.

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

Internet giants are testing the field of NFT: In June 2021, Alibaba launched the Alipay payment code skin NFT, and in August 2021, Tencent made a series of strategic layouts around NFT. So far, the NFT strategies of Alibaba (based on AntChain) and Tencent (based on Zhixin Chain) have tested the water in the field of art collections. NFT product circulation channels are single, and market transparency and price discovery capabilities have high room for improvement.

Work side: the layout of Facebook and Nvidia

Infinite office is an important part of Facebook’s meta-universe strategy. In September 2020, Facebook announced the launch of the VR virtual office application Infinite Office, which supports users to create virtual office spaces and improve work efficiency. On August 19, 2021, Facebook launched the VR conference APP Horizon Workrooms for the Infinite Office series. In Horizon Workrooms, users can express their opinions on content shared by others through gestures used in offline meetings. In addition, Horizon Workrooms has launched a whiteboard application. Users can place a whiteboard on a virtual desktop in a meeting through a VR device, and write through the handle to enhance the experience of participants.

NVIDIA launched NVIDIA Omniverse, an open platform designed for virtual collaboration and accurate real-time simulation of physical properties. According to Nvidia, the working principle of Omniverse can be divided into three parts:

1) Omniverse Nucleus. It is a database engine that connects users and realizes 3D asset exchange and scene description. After connection, designers responsible for modeling, layout, coloring, animation, lighting, special effects or rendering can collaborate to create scenes.

2) The composition, rendering and animation engine, that is, the simulation of the virtual world. Omniverse is a new construction platform based on physical properties. Thanks to NVIDIA RTX graphics technology, it can achieve complete path tracking, real-time simulation of the reflection of each beam of light in the virtual world. Simulate the virtual world in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim on Omniverse. Omniverse simulates physical properties through NVIDIA PhysX and materials through NVIDIA MDL (Material Definition Language).

3) NVIDIA CloudXR. NVIDIA CloudXR includes client and server software for streaming extended reality content from the OpenVR application to Android and Windows devices, allowing users to enter and exit Omniverse freely.

BMW is promoting the use of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform internally to coordinate production at 31 factories worldwide. According to the information disclosed on NVIDIA’s official website, NVIDIA Omniverse will increase BMW’s production planning efficiency by 30%.

Life end: for experience scenarios

It will take a long time for the meta-universe to be widely used on the life side. However, from the analysis of the technical characteristics of Metaverse, Metaverse can have the characteristics of both centralized and decentralized applications, and can be widely used in digital identities, user interfaces, financial services, entertainment, and social networking.

We believe that the future of Metaverse lies in exploring the commonality of its application scenarios. These application scenarios all need to consider the user’s experience. The future business model of Metaverse is similar to that of smart phones, that is, to increase the user’s use time through the sense of experience, thereby increasing user stickiness. These times (experiences) become the basis of various services in the meta universe.

2.3. Why do we think that blockchain is the key technology of Metaverse?

Based on its own technical characteristics, the blockchain naturally adapts to the key application scenarios of the meta universe. Blockchain is a traceable chain data structure that combines continuously generated information blocks in a chronological order in a sequential manner. It is a cryptographic method to ensure that the data cannot be tampered with and cannot be forged. Style ledger. With its own characteristics, blockchain can be used for digital assets, content platforms, game platforms, sharing economy and social platform applications.

1. The technical realization of the application of blockchain in digital assets is that each transaction is initiated by peer-to-peer communication, and the accounting method of unspent transaction expenditure is used to store complete transaction records for each participant and maintain a distributed database;

2. The technical realization of the application of the blockchain on the content platform is to record the original information and interactive records of the platform through the blockchain, to ensure that the records cannot be tampered with, and to reward outstanding content creators and third parties who provide services through a transparent algorithm;

3. The technical realization of the application of the blockchain in the game platform is to maintain all transaction records, smart contracts and Consensus mechanism;

4. The technical realization of the application of blockchain in the sharing economy is to encourage both parties in sharing economy transactions to conduct automatic transactions through smart contracts, and to ensure that the security of smart contracts cannot be tampered with through blockchain technology;

5. The technical realization of the application of blockchain on social platforms is to maintain personal information and provide distributed storage services for users on social platforms, and to process specific transaction fragments in parallel through each node.

Metaverse Industry Research: The underlying technology carrier will support the development of Metaverse

Different from other technologies, blockchain technology is a bridge connecting the bottom and upper layers of the meta universe. In the overall structure of Metaverse, above the infrastructure, data and algorithm layer, and below the application layer, a complete, rigorous and mature technical system is required to support the governance and incentives of Metaverse.

The characteristic of the meta-universe governance link is that the meta-universe is jointly constructed by countless centralized institutions and countless individuals, so it should be distributed, decentralized and self-organized;

The feature of the meta-universe incentive link is to ensure that digital assets cannot be copied, so that it can ensure that the economic system in the meta-universe will not generate inflation and ensure the stable operation of the meta-universe community. With blockchain technology, meta-universe participants can receive rewards based on their contribution (time, money, content creation) in the meta-universe. In addition, based on the blockchain, it can provide the exclusive NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as an incentive.

In summary, Metaverse is the product of integrating multiple technologies, and blockchain is indispensable in these technologies, and it is undoubtedly the key technology of Metaverse.

Third, how should the giant manufacturers understand the layout of the meta universe

3.1 Tencent Holdings

Content: Tencent and Roblox launch the Chinese version of “Roblox”

In 2014, Facebook acquired the virtual reality company Oculus for US$2 billion and began to deploy the meta-universe. After Facebook, giants such as Google, Amazon, and Disney also carried out the strategic layout of the meta universe. As the largest game company in China, Tencent has also observed the opportunity of Metaverse. In 2020, it will directly invest in Roblox and obtain Roblox’s agency rights in China. On July 13, 2021, Roblox China version “Roblox” is officially open on all platforms, supporting Android and IOS logins. The functions of the Chinese version of Roblox are similar to those of the overseas version of Roblox: Roblox provides developers with bonus incentives, developer settlement funding support, and developer activities such as work solicitation competitions, as well as online tutorials, developer forums and other modules to provide developers service.

Content side: PCG business group and TME are involved in NFT at the same time

Tencent PCG business group launched NFT trading APP. On August 2, 2021, Tencent’s PCG business group launched the first NFT trading platform “Phantom Core”. The NFT launched by Phantom Core is authorized and officially produced by the IP led by the official website. Third parties are not allowed to publish NFTs on this platform. Phantom Core first releases 300 pieces of limited edition thirteen invitation vinyl record NFT, which is developed based on Zhixin Chain. According to the introduction of Magic Core APP, the NFT forms sold by the platform in the future will be more diversified. “Video, audio, image, 3D model…Any digital product is encrypted by NFT means, and it will have a unique digital certificate. , And based on blockchain technology, this certificate is permanently stored on the chain and cannot be tampered with or copied.”

Tencent Music became China’s first music platform to distribute NFTs for digital collections. On August 10, 2021, Tencent Music opened the first batch of digital collections (Hu Yanbin’s “Monk” 20th Anniversary Vinyl NFT) reservation event. Users can open a lottery appointment for purchasing qualifications on the QQ Music platform, with a limited sale of 2001 copies. The draw time is 10:00 on August 14th, and the official sale time is 10:10 on August 15th.


Carrier: Omniverse, an open platform designed for virtual collaboration and accurate real-time simulation of physical attributes

In June 2021, when Huang Renxun participated in the Computex 2021 online conference, he revealed his views on the combination of NFT, Metaverse, Ethereum and the future virtual reality, and introduced NVIDIA’s Metaverse infrastructure Omniverse. Huang Renxun believes that in the future, the virtual world and the real world will be cross-integrated, and the meta-universe and NFT will play an important role in it.

On August 10th, Nvidia revealed the secret at SIGGRAPH 2021: Nvidia CEO “Huang Renxun” who gave the opening speech at the GTC 2021 technology conference in April was the digital stand-in. The digital doubles of the GTC 2021 GPU Technology Conference were produced by 34 3D artists and 15 software researchers, and a total of 21 versions of the digital doubles were completed.

The construction process of the digital avatar includes: 1) Nvidia takes pictures of Huang Renxun and his iconic leather clothing from various angles, and the total number of photos is several thousand; 2) After that, Nvidia performs 3D modeling on the data collected in these photos; 3) After the modeling is completed, AI (Audio2Face model, which can automatically adjust the facial motion expression of the model with the voice playback content) makes the model show the motion expression that naturally matches the voice content, and uses the AI ​​model to refine the skin material to be realistic; 4) Finally, Nvidia simulates the real world in real time through the Omniverse RTX renderer (3D simulation and collaboration platform).

Carrier: the computing power provider in the meta-universe era

Nvidia produces graphics and video processing chips for high-end computing servers, supercomputers, and artificial intelligence and VR applications. Metaverse definitely needs a lot of processing power, and Nvidia chips will play a key role.

The chip-side advantage also helps Nvidia’s other businesses gain advantages: Omniverse also takes advantage of Nvidia’s GPU technology. Omniverse is a cloud native platform that can scale across multiple GPUs, run on any RTX platform, and remotely stream content to any device.

3.3、 Facebook

Carrier & Content: Taking VR as the entry point, the carrier content is advancing

Facebook’s series of strategies around VR: In 2014, Facebook acquired VR equipment company Oculus for US$2 billion; on November 27, 2019, Facebook announced the acquisition of VR music game developer Beat Games. ; On December 21, 2019, Facebook developed its own operating system for Oculus and other VR headsets or AR glasses; in 2020, Facebook acquired Facebook to acquire Ready at Dawn, Sanzaru Games, Beat Games and other VR game companies; April 2021 In December, Facebook acquired VR game developer Downpour Interactive.

As mentioned earlier, in September 2020, Facebook announced the launch of the VR virtual office application “Infinite Office”, which supports users to create virtual office spaces and improve work efficiency. On August 19, 2021, Facebook launched the VR conference APP Horizon Workrooms for the Infinite Office series.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated at the end of June 2021 that Facebook’s future plan is to build a meta-universe. Zach Burke declared that he hopes to build Facebook into a meta-universe company in the next five years or so, and will continue to invest in the development and construction of meta-universe at an annual scale of about 5 billion U.S. dollars. Facebook’s meta-universe strategy is currently based on the form of VR, evolving together on the carrier side (VR equipment) and content side (VR games).

4. Analysis of key companies

The evolution and improvement of blockchain technology is essential to the development of the metaverse ecology, but the application of blockchain in metaverse is still concentrated in the game and NFT links. The integration of blockchain technology and metaverse needs to wait for the top manufacturers Construct the framework of the meta-universe and perfect the content of the meta-universe.

Digital authentication

The company is a leading provider of information security solutions in China. Its main business is electronic certification services, electronic certification products and manageable information security services. The company provides users with overall solutions covering electronic certification services and electronic certification products, and has established a nationwide electronic certification service network and a relatively complete electronic certification product system. The company’s blockchain right confirmation technology can be used as the underlying module in Metaverse for the government, finance, medical and health, lottery, telecommunications and other markets.

Downstream customer industries are widely distributed: With cryptography as the core, the company has formed a business structure of network trust services, digital asset protection, and network security services, and its applications cover government affairs, medical care, finance, education, transportation, telecommunications and other industries. Among them, the company’s customers include 30+ national ministries and 3,000+ large customers.


Nvidia’s Meta-Universal Strategy: Deeply cultivate the deterministic carrier-side track. Similar to the era of computers, smart phones, and smart cars, Nvidia still plays the role of a hardware supplier in the meta-universe concept. Nvidia’s layout in Metaverse’s strategy hardly involves the content side, but instead focuses on the development and optimization of the carrier side, such as providing better underlying chips (GPU, DPU, etc.) or providing better tools (Omniverse).

Omniverse platform functions: According to the introduction of the Omniverse platform on NVIDIA’s official website, through the Omniverse platform, users can complete real-time virtual collaboration, design of simulated reality, simulated environment, and construction of future factories, etc.:

(1) Real-time virtual collaboration: NVIDIA Omniverse integrates globally dispersed teams in a single interactive environment, allowing them to iterate more efficiently and achieve rich creative results. Running Omniverse on laptops, data centers, or any other devices equipped with RTX significantly reduces the time to production;

(2) Design of simulated reality: By running NVIDIA Isaac Sim (an AI technology for robot applications built on NVIDIA Omniverse) on a single RTX GPU, engineers can complete complex workloads, easily virtualize robots and pass sensors Generate realistic images and realize seamless long-distance transmission (from simulation to deployment on real robots);

(3) Simulation environment: NVIDIA DRIVE Sim is a simulation application built on Omniverse, which can test and verify autonomous vehicles. Omniverse not only has ultra-high fidelity, but also includes simulation functions with accurate physical properties, which can provide extremely strict timing, repeatability and real-time performance required for testing autonomous driving technology;

(4) The factory of the future: The representative case is the factory of the future built by BMW and Nvidia. BMW is coordinating the production of 31 factories worldwide by promoting the use of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA AI can simulate 31 factories in the BMW production network. The simulation process covers all elements in the entire factory model, such as workers, robots, and buildings, as well as the implementation of virtual factory planning, autonomous robots, predictive maintenance and Assembly parts in simulation tasks such as big data analysis.

There are various possibilities on the content side and strong certainty on the carrier side. Compared with the content side, the technology required by the Metaverse carrier side is basically determined. In the future, it needs to be continuously optimized on the existing technology path. However, the content side may undergo major innovations, and the content side operators have a certain degree of uncertainty. . As more users create test scenarios for Nvidia’s Metaverse hardware solutions, NVIDIA’s technology is continuously optimized, and the company’s resources and ecological capabilities will continue to increase. The company will complete the transition from the existing intelligent era to the Metaverse era. The rapid transition.

Five, risk warning

The development of various technologies is not as expected: the development of Metaverse involves a complex technical framework. According to the barrel effect, the bottleneck of a single technology may limit the development of Metaverse;

The establishment of the metaverse ecology is not as expected: the innovation ability and speed of users around the metaverse platform are difficult to predict;

Decrease in user retention rate: The game ecology is uncertain about the construction of user stickiness and the occupation of user time;

Policy risk: There are potential policy and regulatory risks in games, digital currency and other fields;

Business model to be explored: Metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, and the business model is uncertain.

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