“Metaverse” in Huang Renxun’s mouth, business experience in NVIDIA’s heart

Although Huang Renxun kept shouting the idea of ​​”Metaverse”, his heart was full of NVIDIA’s business.

A few days ago, NVIDIA officially released the RTX 40 series GPU with Ada Lovelace architecture at the GTC conference. The first models include three versions of RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16G and RTX 4080 12G. The suggested retail prices are 12999 yuan, 9499 yuan and 7199 yuan respectively. Yuan.

It is reported that Nvidia claims that the RTX 4090 consists of 76 billion transistors, 16,384 CUDA cores and 24GB of high-speed GDDR6X memory. Compared with the previous generation, the performance improvement of the RTX 4090 in ray tracing games is up to 4 times that of the RTX 3090 Ti. In raster games, the RTX 4090 is also up to 2x faster while maintaining the same 450W power consumption. The 16GB and 12GB versions of the RTX 4080 have 9728 CUDA cores and 7680 CUDA cores respectively, and the performance is also stronger than the previous generation RTX 3090 Ti flagship graphics card.

It can be said that both in terms of performance and price, the RTX 40 series GPUs have been significantly improved compared to the RTX 30 series, providing hardware support for the construction and operation of Metaverse applications. In addition to the game chip, Nvidia has also released the autonomous driving Thor chip, which has a performance of 2000TFLOPS, which is 8 times that of the current Orin chip. This chip will replace the previously released Altan chip and will be launched in 2025. First listed in China.

Nvidia’s “Metaverse” and the business in mind

As a well-known artificial intelligence computing company in the world that designs display chips and motherboard chips, NVIDIA’s reason for joining the “Metaverse” is both pure and natural. Nvidia founder and CEO Huang Renxun has repeatedly stated publicly: “The combination of artificial intelligence and computer graphics will power the Metaverse, the next evolution of the Internet.”

Whether it is to construct a virtual-real combination scene of the Metaverse, or to maintain the autonomous operation of the Metaverse through artificial intelligence technology, it requires the support of 3D graphics processing pipelines, AI computing and other capabilities. In the industry, NVIDIA’s GPU and AI chips are always important. hardware manufacturer. Not only that, NVIDIA also has rich accumulation in algorithms, computing power, graphics, etc.

As one of the six underlying technologies of the Metaverse, the Speedway Metaverse Research Institute pointed out in the “2022 Metaverse Industry Trend Report” that computing power is not only the carrier of the Metaverse in the physical world, but also the key to promoting other core technology fields. link. Today, companies from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla and other companies involved in AI product business are using NVIDIA chips.

It is generally believed in the industry that in order to realize the Metaverse scene depicted in “Avalanche”, at least a 1,000-fold increase in computing power is required. Facing the huge demand for computing power, it means that as long as the concept of “Metaverse” rises, the computing power will be greatly reduced. With the exponential increase in demand, the growth space of NVIDIA’s performance will also be full of imagination. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to regard Nvidia as the “biggest beneficiary of the Metaverse.”

It seems to have tasted the “sweetness” of computing power hardware. In November last year, NVIDIA announced at GTC 2021 that the “three-core” strategy of upgrading the product line to “GPU+CPU+DPU”, and at the same time, its newly released The Omniverse platform is positioned as the “Metaverse of Engineers” to comprehensively advance the development of Metaverse solutions.

With everything going well for Nvidia’s “Metaverse” road, EVGA’s “parting ways” with Nvidia on September 17 shattered the serene picture. In a statement, EVGA blamed NVIDIA’s “disrespect” and will not continue to cooperate in the future, nor will it follow up the production and sales of RTX 40 series graphics cards.

Some industry insiders pointed out that the reason for EVGA’s “breakup” with Nvidia on September 17 was not because of “respect”, but “interest”. When the NVIDIA RTX 40 series is about to be launched, NVIDIA requires EVGA and other partners to limit the price of the RTX 30 series graphics cards, which leads to the FE version sold by NVIDIA on the market, the price is lower than that of EVGA or all other non-public partners. The price of the version graphics card affects the partners to clear the inventory.

Sutu Metaverse Research Institute also found that the behavior of “NVIDIA clearing inventory, but allowing downstream manufacturers to take risks by limiting prices” not only became the fuse of the “break” between EVGA and NVIDIA, but also vaguely revealed that NVIDIA may be in a major crisis. in the midst of an inventory crisis.

On September 15, Ethereum officially completed the merger of the main network and the beacon chain, marking the transition of Ethereum from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS), making the era of “mining” a thing of the past. It also caused a price collapse in the GPU market as a “mining tool”.

"Metaverse" in Huang Renxun's mouth, business experience in NVIDIA's heart

However, some netizens also complained that Nvidia also has “catties” in the data of the RTX 40 series: for example, the poster of the RTX 4090 advertises that it is 2-4 times faster than the RTX 3090 Ti, which is limited to high-level ray tracing and DLSS3.0. It can only be reproduced in the game.

What’s more, the 12G version of the RTX 4080 not only has less 4G video memory than the 12G version, but in terms of GPU cores, the 16G version has 9728 CUDA cores, while the 12G version has only 7680 CUDA cores, which has shrunk by nearly 21%. From the previous positioning, the RTX 4080 12G is closer to the level of 4070 or 4060 Ti, and Nvidia’s modification of the naming method not only brings about the positioning of the graphics card, but also brings an increase of more than 2,000 yuan in price.

Through the increase in selling price, Nvidia can obtain higher profits through hardware sales, but it also undoubtedly raises the cost threshold of the Metaverse. It can be seen that in Huang Renxun’s eyes, the priority of business is still slightly higher than the Metaverse itself.

Omniverse Cloud opens up the B-end market with software definition

Nvidia has gained attention in recent years for its booming data center business. At this GTC conference, NVIDIA also showcased the “Portal RTX” game based on its Metaverse creation platform Omniverse, which led to the Omniverse Cloud service for building and running industrial Metaverse applications, marking NVIDIA’s development in software services. Go one step further. 

"Metaverse" in Huang Renxun's mouth, business experience in NVIDIA's heart

As we all know, Omniverse is a simulation and virtual cooperation platform launched by NVIDIA in 2019. It helps users to work collaboratively in the virtual world and build a digital twin world, such as the design and manufacture of automobiles, manufacturing, buildings, etc., to further increase the value of USD. Free yourself from media and entertainment applications and move into industries like construction, manufacturing, and more.

Previously, Omniverse has begun to be adopted by some B-end users, especially to provide 3D simulation, digital twin, artificial intelligence and other solutions for enterprises related to the automotive industry chain. For example, BMW has standardized Nvidia’s Omniverse as a centralized platform, with large-scale Integrate various back-end and front-end systems and expand its technology stack to support data analytics and artificial intelligence to simulate every aspect of the automotive manufacturing business.

Omniverse marks that Nvidia has expanded a software-defined road to B market nuggets beyond hardware chips. Huang Renxun once said: “The Metaverse, also known as the 3D Internet, will be connected through a virtual 3D world described by USD (Universal Scene Description) and viewed through a simulation engine. Through the Omniverse in the cloud, we It is possible to connect teams around the world to co-design, build and operate virtual worlds and digital twins.”

With the coming of the Metaverse era, the combination of “Metaverse + Omniverse” has made Yingweida an important part of the industrial chain of “industrial Metaverse”.

By launching the Omniverse Cloud cloud service, individuals and teams can use it to experience the design and collaboration capabilities of 3D workflows with one click without requiring any local computing power.

As one of the first users of Omniverse Cloud, RIMAC uses Omniverse Cloud to build end-to-end automotive pipelines from design to marketing. “Omniverse Cloud will provide similar efficiency and flexibility, reducing the time engineering teams spend on complex 3D design pipelines, allowing them to focus on vehicle model design,” said Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of RIMAC. The 3D car configurator experience eliminates the need to manually render layer-by-layer, saving time and money and opening up endless possibilities for customization.” 

"Metaverse" in Huang Renxun's mouth, business experience in NVIDIA's heart

If we say that the emergence of Omniverse marks that NVIDIA has allowed more B-end users and businesses to stay in its software-hardware ecosystem through its software platform.

Then, the emergence of Omniverse Cloud is to further strengthen the concept of software definition. With the help of the first software plus infrastructure as a service product, more users can achieve cloud collaboration. At the same time, because the business aspect is more based on cloud architecture, NVIDIA It can have greater autonomy in the construction of its own cloud platform hardware specifications – while increasing the proportion of independent hardware, it can consolidate the market and developer advantages of its own architecture.

In the view of the Speedway Metaverse Research Institute, for NVIDIA, the “Metaverse” is obviously a wealth code to open up the market and increase revenue, but behind the business, we should see how to combine hardware computing power with Algorithms, graphics and other technologies are integrated to produce strong productivity. 

“Metaverse”, as a synonym for advanced technology, how to lead the progress of social productivity is a common topic of the industry. It is believed that the relevant layout of NVIDIA will definitely become an important reference for the industry in the development of the “Industrial Metaverse”.

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