Metaverse “handled” the film industry?

The Metaverse is “far”, is the movie Metaverse “close”?

In 2021, Metaverse successfully ranks among the “Top Ten Hot Words of the Year”, and according to statistics from Tonglian, since October 28, the Metaverse plate index has risen from 961.49 points to 1468.42 points on December 31, an increase of 52.72. %, but even so, the Metaverse is still far away from industrialization.

Tsinghua University’s New Media Research Center released the “Metaverse Development Research Report 2020-2021” during the year, and pointed out that the current large-scale “Metaverse” productization is still very far away. Science fiction writer Chen Chufan also believes that there is no single company or technology that can cover all the things that the “Metaverse” needs to achieve, because it involves a large amount of infrastructure, not a single platform, or a single application.

Metaverse "handled" the film industry?

However, although Metaverse has not really landed, it is closely related to some industries, such as social networking, games, and movies. Among them, the movie was originally just a medium for people to understand the concrete metaverse, such as “Number One Player” and “Out of Control Player”, but with the gradual maturity of metaverse technology, it began to empower the entire film industry from all aspects.

Content, experience, and publicity are limited, and the film industry needs a Metaverse

As the impact of the epidemic gradually diminishes, the Chinese film market in 2021 is showing signs of “a hundred flowers blooming” again.

According to the data of the film industry white paper released by the “Daily Economic News”, as of December 22, the total box office of Chinese movies reached 46 billion yuan in 2021, and the box office of the Spring Festival alone created 7.84 billion yuan. With a box office score of over 5.7 billion yuan, it officially surpassed “Wolf Warrior 2” and became the total box office champion of Chinese film history more than 50 days after its release.

Metaverse "handled" the film industry?

However, although the Chinese film industry in 2021 is on a trajectory of recovery, there is still a certain gap between the box office numbers in 2021 and 2018 and 2019, which means that the development of China’s offline film market has entered a “bottleneck period.”

First of all, from the perspective of the general environment, the repeated epidemics and the reduction in the frequency of public travel have a direct impact on public places such as theaters where crowds gather. When offline passenger flow is limited, how to achieve revenue conversion online has become a problem for the entire film industry.

Secondly, under the impact of foreign Hollywood films, how to improve the technical capabilities and production levels of domestic films and broaden and enrich film content also poses a challenge to the industry.

We must know that the reason why Hollywood films can gain a group of loyal fans in the Chinese market is inseparable from their advanced film production technology. Only by allowing audiences to enjoy the film in a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory way can we balance word-of-mouth, volume and box office. However, compared with foreign major productions and high-tech films, domestic original films still have certain shortcomings in the use of scientific and technological means at this stage. For example, the visual experience of films such as “The Great Wall” and “Shanghai Fortress” in the previous two years It is not satisfactory, so in the coming time, the domestic film industry still needs to continue to incorporate new technologies to improve the technological content of films.

Finally, regardless of the content and experience of the movie, the publicity of the movie as a “Market Pathfinder” is also extremely important. However, most of the current movie announcements still stay in traditional movie theaters. The traditional announcements can only reach users in a limited way, and a large number of users who are interested in this subject may not receive effective information at all.

In addition, KT boards and roll-up banners are confined to simple text and pictures, and the beginning of the movie is extremely short. The audience may not even remember the name of the movie, and the promo is over, so the traditional form of publicity is three-dimensional. And the lack of interest makes it difficult to attract a new generation of young users.

The dilemma is obvious, but there are also opportunities. With the emergence of “Metaverse” movies such as “Top Player” and “Out of Control Player”, Roblox successfully listed “Metaverse” in the prospectus, and domestic leading companies such as China Mobile Migu, Baidu, Tencent, etc. The development of “Metaverse”, and “Metaverse” also began to enter the film market with technology and content, bringing new imagination to the film industry in different fields such as experience, content, and publicity.

More immersive and more interesting, can Metaverse make up for the lack of experience and content in the film industry?

The first change Metaverse made to the film industry was in content and experience.

Interaction technology is one of the six underlying supporting technologies of the Metaverse. Zhao Guodong, secretary general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, explained in the “Metaverse”: Metaverse has immersive experience, free creation, social network, economic system, and civilization. Five characteristics, and VR equipment is an important support tool to ensure an immersive experience and make users feel that “others are by my side”.

Isn’t the effect of “immersion” and “others by my side” exactly what the current film industry is pursuing? Now that the epidemic has repeated, travel is restricted, and traditional offline theaters have been affected, making digital theaters the best choice for many users.

However, the digital cinema also has its own shortcomings. The audience who has watched “Avengers 4” knows that when the audience of the entire theater is immersed in the film, cheering or sighing for it, it seems like they really “get” this. The core of the film, this kind of atmosphere is difficult to provide by digital cinemas. In addition, watching 3D movies through digital cinemas outside the cinema may encounter lag caused by caching, or the lack of professional equipment in the cinema may cause the immersion of the movie. Feeling lacking and other issues.

Metaverse "handled" the film industry?

However, when digital cinemas became an important channel for people to watch movies in the post-epidemic era, many companies also began to notice its shortcomings and began to work hard on the viewing experience, trying to create a viewing environment comparable to theaters. In the context of the current situation, technology has become an important breakthrough.

If an enterprise has a layout in multiple fields such as computing power network, AR, VR, the movie-watching experience it brings will inevitably be different from traditional digital cinemas in terms of immersion. At this level, Chinese companies have long established a layout. For example, the on-demand paid movie platform “China Mobile 5G FUN Theater” built on the basis of China Mobile Mobai and 170 million users, through exclusive online distribution, online and offline complementary distribution , Multi-platform joint distribution in three modes, provides a number of brilliant movies, and integrates 5G+XR, panoramic large pixels and other technologies to create an ideal home digital theater.

This is because it not only reduces unnecessary crowd gatherings, but also allows users to enjoy a super cinematic movie-watching experience without leaving home through 5G+XR technology. In addition, 5G technology can store movie images in the cloud and broadcast them directly to the theater through the 5G computing power network, providing a high-quality network environment for “distribution on the cloud.”

The underlying technology of Metaverse has improved the viewing experience, and the content has also undergone some changes.

For example, in the restoration of old movies, current movie viewers, especially some young audiences, have begun to have a sense of “burnout” in some movies, but have become interested in some of the previous “classics”.

Although the content of these classic movies and animations is beyond criticism, it has to be admitted that they are indeed inferior to the movies of the new era in terms of picture quality, color and resolution. Want to achieve the original film grain without losing the original film, but also can effectively remove the picture noise, sharpen the edge, improve the color saturation, while improving the picture clarity, while retaining the original film texture to the greatest extent, this requires The film restoration technology has the ability . For example, some time ago, the 4K full-color remake of “The Radio Waves That Never Elapsed” landed on the national theaters, becoming the first domestic black and white to color 4K restoration feature film, and China Mobile Migu participated this year. The restored “Tale of Heaven” and “Women’s Basketball No. 5” both achieved good results.

Metaverse is able to “transform” the film industry in terms of experience and content, and is closely related to its underlying supporting technologies. At the same time, they seem to have a further impact on the film industry’s publicity model.

With triple resonance, can Metaverse reshape the announcement of the film industry?

From the listing of Roblox, the first stock of Metaverse, to the change of Facebook’s name to Meta, Microsoft’s launch of Metaverse, Baidu’s launch of Metaverse platform, China Mobile Migu’s embrace of Metaverse, and the establishment of Metaverse Association, the popularity of this new thing this year is obvious to all. .

“Number One Player” and “Out of Control Player” are the most representative “Metaverse” movies in recent years. Among them, “Number One Player” was released on the mainland in March 2018 and earned nearly 1.4 billion at the box office, which is well-deserved Phenomenal work, “Out of Control Players” received 150 million box office in the first week, which also caused a big sensation on major social media platforms. At the same time, these two films are also important windows for people to understand the metaverse. Many people discuss metaverse. They are all in the article.

So in fact, Metaverse can be regarded as a “top stream” with its own heat. Therefore, if the cutting-edge technology concept of Metaverse can be successfully introduced into the film market and film festivals , they can also get more attention and expand their influence. Strength, warmth to the industry in the “cold winter”.

On the other hand, Metaverse has a more three-dimensional presentation of movie content. Taking the 2021 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival as an example, China Mobile Migu integrates various advantageous resources based on 5G+AR technology, and combines ultra-high-definition video, video ring back tones, cloud VR, cloud AR and other business forms to create a “live broadcast” There are five major sections: “Planet”, “Technology Planet”, “Good Things Planet”, “Tide Fun Planet” and “Guofeng Planet”.

Taken apart, the five planets have not only the demonstration of technologies such as live streaming and video ring back tones, but also the trendy play and national customs that young people like, which are intimate and comprehensive, and more three-dimensional and more interesting.

In addition, the promotion under the power of Metaverse can also solve the pain points of the traditional promotion mode in the scene, effect and form of expression. For example, the video ring back tone of China Mobile, based on the fact that more than 800 million users can see the video ring back tone every month. , The influence of it is self-evident, coupled with the wonderful previews and highlights of early movies, as well as the replays of the wonderful content in the long-tail period, can be more effectively promoted, allowing the movie to “out of” the cinema.

Concluding remarks

Ren Zhonglun, vice chairman of the Chinese Film Association, said that as long as new technologies are produced in each era, it will bring Chinese and world films into a new era.

Dialectically, Metaverse is just such a technology, but between its short-term conceptualization and long-term realization, there is still a lot of uncertainty. However, it is undeniable that Metaverse is currently influential in games, social networking and even It is the film industry that has had an impact that cannot be ignored.

In the future, as Metaverse enters its mature stage, whether it can carry forward the films that carry the imprint of history, the pulse of culture, the ingenuity of art, and the charm that transcends time, let us wait and see.

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