Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Who is building ghost towns in the Metaverse?

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Last week, the Metaverse social product jelly topped the App Store list and was subsequently removed. This week, Tencent launched a new business XR (Extended Reality). The Metaverse is getting more and more popular! But is it really hot?

The editors of the IQ Tax Research Center found that behind the current popular concept of the Metaverse, there are ghost towns full of fake users. Just open the Metaverse social software in a VR device and you will find that there are users flying around. , are NPCs who will never pay attention to you.

Poor user experience, lack of content, and lack of playability are the common situation faced by almost all Metaverse business formats at present. Without ecology, it has become a common problem in the industry.

What is behind this is the equipment problem of the hardware company, or the service problem of the software company, or the problem that the user does not pay the bill, which deserves our deep consideration.

After a giant like Tencent enters the Metaverse, will the ghost town be overcrowded?

Single-player Metaverse?

With the fire of the Metaverse concept, there are so many applications of the Metaverse today, but many people play it as a stand-alone version.

Whether it is Roblox, The Sandbox, Decentraland that existed before, or Horizon Worlds launched by Meta, Xiyang of Baidu, Pixsoul of ByteDance, or even No. 0 Community, Bud, Chong Ya, these applications have been marked by people The label of the Metaverse, becoming a member of the Metaverse.

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Today, there are many Metaverse applications that can be used on VR products such as Pico and Oculus. However, most of these VR products use the Android platform as their underlying architecture, and the software in the platform is also developed based on Android. Therefore, these so-called Metaverse apps are just apps running on the Android platform.

In terms of current experience, the application in the Metaverse can be said to be a gathering of talents or a meeting of radishes.

In order to find out what these Metaverse Apps are and uncover their mysteries, Xiaoyu, the editor of the IQ Tax Research Center, shouted “Metaverse, Let’s go!” and entered Baidu Xiyang.

After entering the community, Xiaoyu first came to the observation deck on the 300th floor. There are not many players here and the scenery is good. But, why is there a big brother not far away, who has mastered the martial arts and is suspended in mid-air?

Afterwards, Xiaoyu went to the Feng Tang Art Museum on the 99th floor. The postmodern art paintings in it were more abstract than Picasso and more fragmented than Dali, making people unable to understand what they wanted to express.

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

After leaving the art gallery, Xiaoyu came to the Baidu World Congress on the 188th floor. After watching TV for a few minutes, he walked around again, but he didn’t find anything new or anyone willing to chat, so he left here.

Through this wandering in Xiyang, Xiaoyu found that one of the biggest problems in the current Metaverse community is that there are no users.

In the current Metaverse community, the number of users is sparse, and there are only a few users walking around in such a large space. And after everyone met each other, they could only repeat the same conversation: “How are you?” “How old are you?”

Since then, Xiaoyu has tested some Metaverse products in Pico, such as Pico Home and multi-player theaters. Most of them focus on watching movies to attract users. The online real users who can really interact are in single digits; Afterwards, Xiaoyu joined Pico’s official WeChat user group, and found that most users buy VR equipment to play games and socialize, and very few users.

In the Metaverse community, these poor users, just like the characters in “Waiting for Godot”, are waiting for new users to join in, eager to see through, through the autumn waters, and sigh. If Prime Minister Zhuge during the Three Kingdoms period was reborn and saw the Metaverse community that was empty, empty, and had its own name, I am afraid that it would also be touched by the scene, and I would think of the “Empty City Plan” that year.

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Perhaps because of the scarcity of real users, there are also some fake users similar to NPCs in many Metaverse communities. These smart merchants, in order to increase the popularity of the community, learned the marketing strategy of attracting people from the sales office, which made many small partners couldn’t help but praise: “It’s still a familiar formula, and a familiar taste.”

In addition to fake users, some users of the Metaverse community can even choose the “tourist mode”. And these users without worries have become irresponsible scumbags. Sexual harassment is rampant in the Metaverse community these days. To that end, Meta recently had to roll out a tool called Personal Boundaries, which would allow Metaverse avatars to keep a distance of 4 feet from each other in Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues.

A closed world has become a ghost town

Today’s Metaverse products have few users and full of slots, mainly for the following five reasons:

First of all, as a new concept, many application scenarios of the Metaverse have not yet been implemented. The current Metaverse products are actually not very playable. Therefore, many people who thought the Metaverse was cool before, after entering it, often felt that the Metaverse was very dirty.

Nowadays, people in the Metaverse community, in addition to gags each other, watching a movie together, is “eat and travel alone, stop and go everywhere”. And more interesting scenes and rich experiences are still on the way in the future.

Secondly, the cost of entering the Metaverse is too high, and it also discourages many people. Take Horizon Worlds, for example, to enter the platform, you need to have Oculus VR products, which are priced at around 4,000 yuan. This price not only discouraged many young people who were not wealthy, but also caused many people to “eat soil” because of this, which made families who were not wealthy even worse.

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Third, in terms of interactive experience, Metaverse products are not yet perfect. When users play in the Metaverse community, sometimes their body suddenly loses a part, which makes people feel very scary after watching it; sometimes they suddenly master the skill of levitating in the air, pressing Newton’s law of gravity and rubbing them hard on the ground.

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

Moreover, the current VR equipment is easy to make people feel dizzy, which objectively reduces the user experience.After many users left the Metaverse community, they felt dizzy and swayed in behavior after drinking four taels of white wine.

Fourth, the difficulty in supervision has also made the Metaverse a gathering place for some stinky behaviors, which objectively restricts the participation of users. During the Horizon Worlds test, a female tester reported that a stranger was trying to touch her avatar in the square. “This feeling of discomfort is stronger than being harassed on the Internet,” she said.

Finally, the interoperability between the various products of the Metaverse is too poor, which also reduces the user experience. Today’s major technology companies set up barriers to each other, independently develop their own Metaverse products, and build the Metaverse into closed worlds. Therefore, what is presented to people is no longer a universe, but isolated cities, ghost towns that are not related to each other and do not intersect with each other.

Not just a hype tool

In fact, the reason why there are ghost towns in the Metaverse world today is that many companies only know the concept of the Metaverse, but do not know what to do with the Metaverse.

Due to the influence of various factors, some companies now have weak business growth and need to find new areas to exert their strengths in order to have strong mana.

The concept of the Metaverse is vague and imaginative, so it has been used by many companies to test the waters. If you try it, you will be successful; if you try it, you will forget it. For them, the Metaverse is a weapon that can be used, but not without.

Second, there are companies that use the Metaverse as a vehicle for hype.

Anything today, as long as the three words of the Metaverse are glued, the price will skyrocket. Metaverse has become the finger of Laoshan Taoist priests, which can turn stones into gold; Metaverse has become a good recipe for enterprises to self-medicate, which can cure diseases.

Facing the new concept of the Metaverse, the most intelligent brains in human society lack imagination and have too much motivation to make money. They built cities, speculated land in the Metaverse, and had a cyber-landlord addiction in the virtual world.

In the face of the wave of real estate fever in the Metaverse, even many powerful real estate bosses felt ashamed, gave thumbs up, and praised: “In terms of making money, you are still ruthless.”

Finally, in the Metaverse world, the phenomenon of beggar-thy-neighbor is serious.

The reason why people yearn for the Metaverse is because people need to have a virtual world, where they can hide in Yingyingyanyan and sing infinitely after the toil in reality; like singer Wu Bai, sing a song “Sudden Self” in it .

However, today’s Metaverse products are repeating the old path of the mobile Internet era: each app is independent of each other and cannot communicate with each other, and will do anything to snatch users.

Under the competition of enterprises, people can only reluctantly shuttle between the various Metaverses, constantly exiting one Metaverse and entering another, without getting tired and troubled.

Perhaps, when we face the new concept of the Metaverse, we should abandon our previous prejudices and develop new ideas.

In “The Matrix”, Neo picked up the microphone and said, “I know you can hear it.” In “The Matrix”, Leslie Cheung called Tony Leung: “Why don’t we start over again.”

Metaverse ghost towns behind Tencent

In front of the Metaverse, as long as we are willing to listen to the opinions of all parties, as long as we are no longer keen on hype and truly do a good job of products, as long as we are open and inclusive to each other, the imagination of the Metaverse products will bloom infinitely. Will slowly open again.

Can Tencent Save the Metaverse?

Of course, ghost towns can’t be boring forever. Stimulated by the huge imagination of the Metaverse concept, countless technology giants want to try their hand at it.

Recently, Tencent launched a brand new business, the XR (Extended Reality) business, and started cross-departmental recruitment and recruitment internally, preparing to deploy in the full-link XR ecosystem.

Regarding this move, Tencent claimed that the XR business is a brand-new business that the company has vigorously built in response to the true Internet. The goal is to compete for the next ticket to the era of hard technology.

Although the name of “Quanzhen Internet” sounds a lot like the Quanzhen religion in martial arts novels. However, Tencent’s strength in the technology world seems to be much stronger than the Quanzhen religion in the novel.

As an Internet giant, the XR business launched by Tencent may really save the now inaccessible Metaverse.

First, Tencent has deep pockets. According to the financial report for the third quarter of 2021, Tencent’s current total assets reached 1,567.6 billion, and operating cash flow reached 123.9 billion. This astronomical figure seems to be more than enough to support its development of new businesses.

Secondly, Tencent has many users. As a “Big Mac” type of company, Tencent’s two core apps: WeChat and QQ, have long become national apps and an indispensable presence in people’s daily lives.

At the same time, in terms of social networking, Tencent has unique advantages. From the first product QQ, Tencent has been marked with deep social genes. In the field of Internet social networking, it has always been a well-deserved leader in the Chinese market.

Finally, Tencent has a strong presence in both games and entertainment content such as videos, music, and books. Relying on a massive user base, it has not only become the largest game company in China, but also has made great achievements in content construction.

Therefore, if Tencent joins, the Metaverse world, which is now a pool of stagnant water, may really come to life.

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