Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

In the post-epidemic era, the scale of the global game market continues to expand, and the industry is in good shape.According to the “2021 Global Game Market Report” released by Newzoo, the game market in 2021 will generate a total revenue of US$180.3 billion, an increase of 1.4% over 2020. Newzoo predicts that in 2024, the global gaming market will generate $218.8 billion in revenue, of which mobile games alone will generate $116.4 billion through consumer spending.

The Metaverse is one of the hottest topics in 2021. The Metaverse has built a grand framework for us to combine virtual and real, and scenarios such as commercial industries, social entertainment, and lifestyles can be reconstructed under the new framework. At present, the industrial form of combining virtual and real has not yet been popularized, but the form of combining games and Metaverse has been “running” at the forefront. Games that exist in virtual form provide great expandable space and superior experimental scenarios for the development of the Metaverse. At present, games have also become the most important form of presentation of the Metaverse.

At the same time, the Metaverse is also one of the hottest topics in the game field in 2021. Under the wave of the Metaverse, a number of game platforms combined with the Metaverse have been born, and more possibility experiments have been made on games in terms of building virtual space, making game content, and building social platforms. The combination of the Metaverse and the game industry has already begun to scale, and a new development path will emerge from the combination of the two.

This article will start from the actual case of the combination of the Metaverse and the game industry, and initially explore the combination path of the Metaverse and the game industry. At the same time, Zero One Think Tank, 01 Blockchain, “Lujiazui” magazine, and Hengqin Digital Finance Research Institute will jointly launch the “Metaverse Scenario Application Exploration Report”. Released at the first China Digital Technology Investment and Financing Summit, all kinds of exploration enterprises are welcome to actively participate.

Metaverse + Game Industry Case Study

Case 1: Roblox

Background: In March 2021, Roblox went public on the New York Stock Exchange, igniting the concept of the Metaverse with the title of “First Share in the Metaverse.” Released in 2006, Roblox, a massively multiplayer online sandbox game creation platform, has 226 million monthly active users as of October 2021, according to RTrack estimates. Roblox is dominated by young users, 67% of users are under 16 years old, and only 14% of Roblox users are over 25 years old.

Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

User Generated Content

In the traditional game mode, the background is responsible for generating content, and players explore in the constructed game story. Roblox is not engaged in the production of game content, but provides players with a rich material library and powerful editing functions to support players in digital content creation. At present, Roblox has more than 40 million games, covering various types of games such as shooting, fighting, survival, racing, etc., and has become the world’s largest multiplayer online creative game platform.

own economic system

Roblox creates a complete economy. Robux is the token that circulates on the platform, and players can use tokens to buy equipment and items for their avatars. Game creators and developers can also earn Robux by building games and converting them back into real-world currency. According to Roblox, over 960,000 developers and creators earned Robux on the platform during the past 12 months ended September 30, 2020. Of these, nearly 250 developers and creators made $100,000 and more in Robux.

Immersive experience and community interaction

An immersive experience requires a full player sensory dimension. In this regard, Roblox has optimized the camera specifically for VR, adding the option to switch between first and third person views. In addition, interactivity and instant feedback are also important sources of immersive experiences. Roblox supports multi-platform compatibility. Players can play games and create games with players or friends through computers, mobile devices, Xbox One and VR devices. In Roblox, you can also use chat, private messages, groups and other functions to communicate with friends at any time.

Case 2: Axie Infinity

Background: Released in March 2018, Axie Infinity is an online video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is set as a trading and fighting game where players collect, breed, raise, fight and trade known as “” Axies” creatures and earn rewards for performing personal and community tasks. According to Axie Infinity’s official disclosure, the platform’s monthly revenue increased from $103,000 in January 2021 to $364 million in August of that year, and achieved 1 million daily active users, with a cumulative revenue of more than $600 million.

Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

NFT-based game assets

The “Axies” creatures in the Axie Infinity platform exist as NFTs. The advantage of NFT is that the assets are not controlled by the company behind the game. Players truly enjoy the ownership of game assets and have the opportunity to make profits through resale and trading. The platform also supports the purchase of virtual land in the form of NFT in the game.

In February 2022, CryptoSlam data showed that the NFT series of the crypto Metaverse game Axie Infinity was the first product to reach $4 billion in sales, which is twice as many as the second-ranked CryptoPunks. The highest price to date for a single “Axies” is 300 ether, worth nearly $800,000, according to CoinMarketCap.

“play-to-earn” mode

Axie Infinity pioneered the concept of “play-to-earn” in the game. The Axie Infinity platform has two tokens: Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Players can earn rewards in the form of AXS tokens and SLP tokens by winning battles and tournaments on the platform. SLP is a utility token that supports the breeding of digital pets “Axies”, and AXS is a governance token that supports players to vote to participate in platform governance. According to the project schedule, Axie Infinity will become a fully decentralized organization based on AXS in 2023.

Interestingly, during the Covid-19 pandemic, some Filipinos are using gaming as their main source of income. In a Youtube micro-documentary titled “Play to Eran” in May 2021, players in the video revealed that the average monthly income from Axie Infinity exceeds $300, which is already higher than the local average income .

Case 3: Zhongqingbao’s “Master of Brewing”

Background: On January 3, 2022, Li Ruijie, chairman of Zhongqingbao, shared a demonstration video of the H5 version of his Metaverse concept game “Brewer Master” on his Weibo, and said that the game had gone through 5 times before this version. overturned, but has “started to get close” to his demands. Brewmaster is a development game with the core of operating a winery. Players can “travel” back to China 100 years ago and participate in the production game by simulating the real winemaking process.

Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

Connecting offline wineries

Zhongqingbao took the lead in proposing the concept of “online brewing and offline wine extraction, opening virtual reality dream linkage”, and launched an immersive and interactive virtual brewing experience with “digitalization + wine culture”. This game will open up the closed loop of information between wineries, liquor, games and players.Zhongqingbao will cooperate with real-life wineries. Players can not only experience the fun of winemaking games, but also turn the wine brewed in the game into real objects.

The baijiu that is finally brewed in the game will be sent to the “brewing hall” for sale, so as to obtain actual income, or you can directly take away the wine brewed and designed by yourself offline. In addition, the winery brands created by the players will also be certified as digital collections, which can not only be earned through auctions within the circle, but also can be mapped to the chain for auction transactions on larger platforms.

Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

Zhongqingbao Cooperative Winery——Guizhou Jinsha County Jinsha Ancient Wine Co., Ltd.

social play

The gaming platform also provides social features for players. For example, players can click on a character to apply to join a guild, or initiate a marriage proposal to a friend in the “Marriage Registry”, and invite friends to build a team. In addition, some extra-game elements appeared in the demo, such as property management, stall trading, liquor lab, office building, etc. The game may become a platform that accommodates multiple application scenarios.

Case 4: Code Universe “Restarts the World”

Background: Similar to Roblox’s vision of building a Metaverse, Code Universe also hopes to “restart the world” and create a Metaverse. “Restarting the World” is developed based on the interactive physics engine technology system independently developed by Beijing Code Universe. It consists of a creative platform with a high degree of freedom and a social platform for young people with a high degree of participation.

Metaverse + Games: Typical Cases and Development Paths

A creative platform with a high degree of freedom

Similar to Roblox, Reboot is also a platform for players to create games. The platform provides an editor for developing games, which lowers the game production threshold for individual developers. According to the official introduction, it takes only 6 hours for a single individual developer to master the use of the platform, and the time to develop a simple game is only 2 days.

Physics Engine Helps Simulate Reality

At present, the physics engine technology of “Restart the World” has obtained dozens of technical patents. With the help of the platform’s physics engine technology, the platform can simulate the laws of mechanics in the real world, such as collision, gravity, high-altitude acceleration and falling, vehicle impact, etc. Users can realize the production needs of different creative content without editing the code, such as feeling the real collision effect. The platform can even be applied to simulation, construction, computer and other fields.

In addition to the companies listed above, the domestic Metaverse + game track has begun to take shape. The projects that have been implemented are as follows:

  • Baidu Leitz Dog
  • Ali Ant Chain “Xianjian Metaverse” (under research)
  • Baotong Technology “Final Front”
  • Huawei “Star Tower”,
  • Century Huatong “Live Topia”
  • Mini-play technology “mini-world”


In addition, game companies such as Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Mihayou, NetEase Fuxi, Perfect World, Lilith Games, and Caiji Cloud Games have also revealed their determination to develop Metaverse strategies, and more Metaverse games will emerge in the future.

A Preliminary Study on the Path of Metaverse + Game Industry

The game is the form closest to the huge concept of the Metaverse, and it is also the most mature field of the Metaverse.Game platforms created with the concept of the Metaverse are sought after by players, which also proves the feasibility of combining games with the Metaverse. The following will take an inventory of the development path of the combination of games and the Metaverse based on actual cases of industry integration.

Create an immersive gaming experience

Immersive experience and interaction are the manifestation of the Metaverse at the sensory level, and it is also an essential feature of the Metaverse. Creating an immersive experience in the game platform is also the consistent direction of game manufacturers and platforms. Augmented reality technologies such as VR/AR can instantly mobilize the five senses of players, giving gamers an immersive sense of substitution. In the future, games will move from flat to three-dimensional.But limited by existing technology, augmented reality technology has not yet generally appeared in games. More common is the physics engine technology. By writing the rules of the physical world into the game platform, the interaction between players and the virtual space will be more realistic.

From Games as a Service to Games as a Platform

One of the shifts in the integration of the Metaverse with games is that the relationship between users and games will change. In traditional games, the production rights and ownership of game content essentially belong to the game developers. Relying on technologies such as blockchain and NFT, as well as the concept of virtual and real symbiosis under the Metaverse, game creators and players will be symbiotic, and games will shift from services to platforms.

On the one hand, the content production rights of the game will be returned to users, and the platform will support players to develop and create games by developing and creating games by setting rules and providing no-code tools. This is similar to the operation mode of YouTube and bilibili. When content production is returned to users, content producers with a level of 100 million will show amazing creativity.

On the other hand, the operation and management of the game is also handed back to the user. The common practice is to issue platform governance tokens to allow users to participate in the construction and planning of the game platform through voting. This decentralized management model will make the game platform belong to every user.

Building a game economy system

In its prospectus, Roblox proposed eight key features of the Metaverse: Identity, Friends, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety, and Anywhere. , Economy (economy), Civility (civilization). Among them, economy and civilization make Metaverse games out of the category of traditional games.

Metaverse games come with an economic system. The assets of Metaverse games can be represented by NFTs or digital collections, and NFTs issued by relying on the blockchain can be used as certificates for digital assets. Pets, equipment, buildings and even plots in the game Metaverse can be represented in the form of NFT or digital collections, and can realize the measurement and circulation of asset value.

The platform token of the game is a medium for measuring and exchanging value in the Metaverse game, and also supports exchange into other cryptocurrencies or legal currency to open up the Metaverse and the outside world. In addition, another important role of platform tokens is to give players more power. Users participate in platform governance through token voting, and the rules and civilizations in the Metaverse can be jointly redefined by players.

Enhance non-gaming experience

The Metaverse concept is not limited to games, but covers all kinds of activities in the physical world. Therefore, in the process of combining the Metaverse with the game, the non-game experience will also be integrated into the game itself.Under this trend, activities such as social networking, virtual concerts, and virtual stores will become more and more common in Metaverse games.

The addition of non-game providers will enrich the form of the game Metaverse, and the combination with industry or commerce will enrich the game ecosystem, which will bring huge business opportunities to the game in the long run. On the other hand, activities such as social carnivals and virtual concerts further activate the social attributes of games, and this non-game experience will also attract a group of non-gamers to join.

Recommendations for the Metaverse of the game industry

Although the feasibility of combining games with the Metaverse has been preliminarily verified, the Metaverseization of the game industry is still in its infancy, and both technology and content need further breakthroughs and improvements.On the other hand, intellectual property and copyright, as well as security and privacy issues will become more prominent in the later stages as the Metaverse of the game industry develops.

  • The “playability” of games is the basis for the metacosmization of the game industry. Whether the game content is team-generated or user-generated, how to formulate or guide the fun of the game is the key to attracting players.
  • Intensify efforts to develop technologies involving the Metaverse. At present, the large-scale development and operation technology of the Metaverse is not yet mature, which directly restricts the depth of the combination of the Metaverse and the game.
  • Strengthen content moderation mechanisms to protect intellectual property and copyright. User-generated content under the “game as a platform” will involve more complex intellectual property and copyright protection issues, such as the abuse of IP.
  • Strengthen the security of the Metaverse game community. The virtual identity of players in the Metaverse game may involve issues such as identity theft and information harassment, and the huge data tracking capabilities of the Metaverse also involve user privacy protection issues.

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