Metaverse explosion: the rise of virtual land detonates NFT investment boom

The history of virtual real estate comparable to real real estate

In the past two days, PANEWS (author Nancy) published an article on various blockchain media entitled “Prices are more expensive than the real world, why would anyone rush to do this business of virtual land?” “, the article summarizes a lot of facts and data about the recent hype of virtual land prices in the meta-universe. A very interesting article. Here is a summary of some of the data and facts in the article. It is hard to imagine that in a few cases, the price of a piece of land in the virtual world is already comparable to the first-tier cities-the history of virtual real estate comparable to real real estate seems to be open The process.

The World of Coins-Meta Universe Burst: The Rise of Virtual Land Detonates NFT Investment Boom
1. In June, Decentraland (token DCL)/1 piece of virtual land NFT was sold at a price of more than US$913,000.

2. In June, 9 virtual lands in Axie Infinity were sold at a high price of 888.25 ETH (about 1.5 million US dollars).

3. In July, the virtual land with an area of ​​more than 5.3 million square meters (24*24) on The Sandbox was auctioned for nearly US$880,000.

4. Barry Silbert, the founder of Grayscale Fund, became a “virtual landlord”. In 2019, he spent 81,000 US dollars to purchase 64 virtual land on Decentraland.

5. The well-known NFT collector WhaleShark is the second largest virtual landowner after Binance on The Sandbox. Note that Binance is its number one landlord.

6. Republic Realm digital real estate NFT investment fund, through the purchase of land to carry out large-scale development, construction of blocks and investment promotion. We are familiar with Cao Yin Da V is one of the investors.

7. A piece of land in Decentraland was resold 6 times, with an initial price of only US$176.8. The current price is as high as US$7300.1, an increase of more than 40 times.

8. A piece of land called “9 Robotis Route” on CryptoVoxels has an initial price of US$101.2, and its current price is US$9570.8, an increase of 93 times.
The above-mentioned data and facts can clearly reveal the initial rise of this new trend. What are these virtual lands used for? Online virtual gallery (Sotheby’s), Dogecoin enthusiast headquarters (Fishpool co-founder Wang Chun), virtual mall (blockchain protocol Boson), Las Vegas on the chain (Atari), NFT art Exhibition and music performance (British artist Philip Colbert), virtual live music festival (TO THE MOON music festival), etc. Obviously, various applications are also beginning to be enriched.
Looking at the wealth of real estate in the real world, according to the experience and experience of the Blues, at least one-third of the wealth of the world’s wealthy people mainly come from real estate. Even if virtual real estate is inferior to reality, it will undoubtedly be one of the main threads of wealth creation in the virtual digital world. How can it be ignored?
The World of Coins-Meta Universe Burst: The Rise of Virtual Land Detonates NFT Investment Boom
In the current field, the blue ocean has just risen, and the risk is relatively high. However, the price of virtual land is relatively low now, and most of them can buy a piece of tens to hundreds of dollars. Of course, most of the land is waste land. Whether it can become gold depends on whether the area to which the land belongs can eventually rise, and more importantly, whether the meta universe (the project itself) can stand. Star projects will inevitably appear in the future, but it is estimated that ordinary people will not be able to buy the land after the “brand name”. Just like real estate in reality, how many people can afford a house in Shanghai?

The bankruptcy of the middle class can only buy Songjiang or Jiading. The appropriate strategy now may be to select projects, select areas, and then invest in spare money, wait for the hype and rise, and see whether the compound interest of time can exert its magic. For ordinary people, this is a kind of “hoarding money” in disguise. What is tested is still personal vision and cognition. This is an eternal truth in investment.
Each project creates a meta universe (it can be understood as starting to build a city in reality). Each city naturally has several blocks, several commercial streets, service facilities, commercial real estate, residential real estate, etc. You choose to invest in the virtual Land depends on what kind of city, what kind of block and what kind of business the future is in. The selected ones are ascended to the sky, and the ones that are not suitable. In the end, they may be the wilderness, annihilated in the desert of history.

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