Metaverse, down in the App store

2021 Metaverse, a “Song of Ice and Fire”

The time has come to 2022, and the noisy “First Year of the Metaverse” has finally passed.

Looking back at the past year, some people are arguing about the concept of the Metaverse, some people are “frying” it, and some people are doing it at the same time. More or less, several products have been launched (or iterated), such as domestic Xiyang and Hongyu Universe. , TheSandbox, Horizon Worlds, Roblox, etc. abroad have also attracted a lot of traffic.

A glimpse of the Metaverse from these early products is unavoidable: the prelude to the opening of the curtain of the times is actually a “Song of Ice and Fire”.

2021 Metaverse, hot and cold

The Metaverse has been very hot over the past year.

How hot is it?

Whether it is the “Hot Words of 2021” published by “Collins Dictionary” or the “Top Ten Hot Words of 2021” published by “China News Weekly”, the Metaverse has been selected one after another and has become a phenomenon-level concept.

Metaverse, down in the App store

On the topic of the Internet, the Metaverse is also frequently out of the circle, detonating traffic.

A “real estate speculative fever” has swept across the major Metaverse platforms, from investment companies to Internet celebrities, all of which continue to warm up the topic of the Metaverse.

On foreign platforms, Republic Realm bought a piece of land in The Sandbox for about US$4.3 million (about 27.42 million yuan), setting a new record for the world’s most expensive virtual land transaction. Later, JJ Lin spent about US$123,000 (about 784,000 RMB) to buy three pieces of virtual land on the Decentraland platform.

Metaverse, down in the App store

On domestic platforms, the Metaverse app “Hong Universe” developed by Tianxiaxiu also triggered a wave of virtual real estate speculation during the testing phase. On Xianyu and QQ groups, the virtual houses and islands in “Rainbow Universe” were fired for several hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan, prompting People’s Daily to end up criticizing them.

Metaverse, down in the App store

In addition, the Metaverse never seems to be short of topics. Once there is a new trend, it can always bring a wave of traffic and push the current Metaverse products that are not very good into the spotlight.

Yes, the current Metaverse products are not very good.

Objectively speaking, compared with lively online topics, the product performance of the major Metaverse platforms is embarrassingly “cold”.

At present, the two Metaverse products that have been launched in China have received average feedback on the Apple App Store. Baidu’s “Xi Rong” score is 2.3 points, and Tianxiaxiu’s “Rainbow Universe” score is 2.6 points, which did not meet user expectations.

Metaverse, down in the App store

Taking “Rainbow Universe” as an example, there are many complaints about poor gameplay, poor optimization, and low completion. There are even many users who bluntly say “not as good as Moore Manor” and “like the QQ show more than ten years ago”. The target products can be said to be back and forth, and even have to go back to the starting point of the Internet.

Metaverse, down in the App store

In fact, even Horizon Worlds, known as the first Metaverse product launched by Meta (formerly Facebook), which has successfully brought the Metaverse topic on fire, still has poor product performance.

Although the game caused a wave in North America on Christmas Day, and also caused Meta’s stock price to jump about 3% after the holiday, as some users pointed out: “The Metaverse world built by Horizon Worlds Just like the characters in it, they are only ‘half body’ and very immature.”

Metaverse, down in the App store

Looking at the products related to the “Metaverse” on the market today, most of the feedback is like this – while people are caring about these products, they can’t avoid waves of complaints. And the performance of these products is indeed different from the Metaverse in the minds of users or the “oasis” presented by “Ready Player One”, more like a swaddling baby.

From 0 to 1? No, it’s from -1 to 1

Although technology giants such as Meta and Baidu have strong technical capabilities, the presentation of the Metaverse is still unsatisfactory.

So, how difficult is the realization of the Metaverse?

It is worth mentioning that the currently online Baidu “Xi Rong” is version -6.0, which requires at least 6 leap-forward updates from the official version. If Baidu can maintain the annual update process, then we will have to see a real Metaverse product in 6 years.

The release of the negative version also just shows how difficult the realization of the Metaverse is.

Rather than saying that the Metaverse is a technical presentation from 0 to 1, it is better to say that it is a twin replica from -1 to 1. The difference is not only to create a virtual space, but also to build a similar coordinate axis -1 A twin system opposite to 1, using technology to create rules equivalent to the real world.

How to understand? Let’s first look at the solutions released by the two companies.

The first is the game/VR voice solution released by NetEase Yunxin in China. It pioneered a 720-degree spatial voice effect, which can simulate the location of the source of the sound and how far it is from the user (or player) through an algorithm.

Compared with the 360-degree sound effect (horizontal surround), this solution enriches the audio experience in the vertical direction, making the sound simulation of the virtual world closer to the sense of space in the real world.

In this way, the “space rules” in the Metaverse have been further improved, and they are more in line with the real world.

Although the Metaverse is not a space that is exactly the same as the real world, the basic rules in the space must be universal, just like in the real world, if you throw a gun on my head, there will be a sound. Then in the Metaverse, if you cast a “fireball” on top of my head, there will also be a sound, and the “space rules” expressed by sound are universal and necessary.

Metaverse, down in the App store

The realization and improvement of such basic rules is a major difficulty in the realization of the Metaverse, and it must be supported by technology.

This is also because the content presented by many games seems to be rich, but it is far from being called “Metaverse”, because it is trapped in technical limitations, and the basic rules are not complete and reasonable.

The second is a haptic glove that Meta is developing, which simulates a range of haptic sensations, such as texture, pressure and vibration, in a virtual world.

Simply put, this also belongs to the realization and improvement of the basic rules. When we touch a flame in the real world, it is hot, so in the Metaverse, we also need to ensure the transmission of this tactile sensation, thereby improving the user’s mixed reality experience and increasing the sense of immersion.

Metaverse, down in the App store

However, this glove is still in the early stages of development, and it is still a long way from going out of the laboratory to the market. So far, Meta has been in development for 7 years before the prototype of today’s product.

To create a true Metaverse product, there are still too many basic technologies that need to be broken through, and there are still more basic rules that need to be realized and improved through technology.

The first generation of Metaverse, you can’t just look at the ratings

The Metaverse is difficult, and every technology company must know that it is almost impossible to create a Metaverse product that meets user expectations.

But there are still companies that have opened up (or launched) their own Metaverse products under the pressure of being scolded, complained about, and badly reviewed.


Brush presence? You don’t have to.

Or “staking”? For such an advanced concept, “speaking” may be better than “doing”.

If none of these, do Horizon Worlds, Hiron, Rainbow Universe, etc., the first generation Metaverse products make sense?Where is the value?

Is it to verify the value of technology?

As we all know, the Metaverse is based on six supporting technologies, so among these six supporting technologies, which one has the most market value? We can see from the feedback from the market.

Metaverse, down in the App store

Previously, “real estate speculation” swept across major Metaverse platforms such as TheSandbox, Decentraland, Rainbow Universe, etc., and behind these Metaverse platforms, there is a technology application that is particularly eye-catching – “blockchain”. The reason why such a large amount of traffic and topics can be triggered depends on the confirmation of data rights brought by blockchain technology.

Based on the decentralization, non-tampering, traceability and other characteristics of blockchain technology, the data rights of the virtual world can be realized at the technical level, and will not disappear due to the pressure of the operating company or the damage of the main server. This data confirmation further stabilizes the basic system of the Metaverse.

Therefore, we can fully see the value and significance of the future blockchain technology to the Metaverse from the enthusiastic feedback caused by these early products, so as to establish the focus of future technology research and development and the direction of operation.

Or to verify new scenarios?

At the beginning of its birth, the Metaverse was endowed with many scene functions, such as study, work, shopping, games, creation and so on. However, most of these are still at the theoretical level, and how they will be implemented in practical applications will inevitably require a specific platform (or product) verification.

As a result, Baidu moved the Baidu Create conference of 100,000 people into “Xiyang”, and the world show let all employees work in “Hong Universe” for a day. Similar large-scale verification may be a good start for the development of Metaverse. .

Metaverse, down in the App store

It is said that the Metaverse can support office meetings, so in the actual application process, how much computing power is required to support the entire office scene, how to ensure low network latency, and a series of subdivided technical issues need to be repeatedly verified.

If these are not verified with actual products, then the office scene of the Metaverse may only stay at the theoretical level forever.

Now, looking at the ratings on the App Store, it doesn’t mean much for the first-generation Metaverse products.

Fire to explosion and cold to embarrassment, the two states still surround the Metaverse in the next short time.

This “Song of Ice and Fire” will continue to be played.

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