Metaverse continues to heat up local governments “preparing” Metaverse

2021 is known as the first year of the Metaverse. Internet giants at home and abroad are accelerating the layout of the Metaverse track, and the battle for the Metaverse is in full swing. As the first Metaverse Conference was held in Beijing in October, the wrestling and rivalry between the cities on the Metaverse unfolded quietly, and the actions of local governments began to be decisive.

On November 11th, the China Mobile Communications Federation Metaverse Industry Committee was inaugurated. This is the first domestically approved Metaverse Industry Association, dedicated to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the Metaverse industry.

On November 12, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of “Metaverse”, grasp the future trend of “Metaverse”, seize opportunities, advance layout, and promote Zhejiang enterprises to seize the commanding heights of “Metaverse” technology and industrial development, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology Organized a symposium on the development of the “Metaverse” industry. The participating representatives discussed and exchanged the concept understanding, application scenarios and industrial development of “Metaverse” based on their own industry fields.

On November 18th, the Zhangjiajie Metaverse Research Fusion Development Seminar and the opening ceremony of the Zhangjiajie Metaverse Research Center were held at the Wujiayu Ticket Station of the Big Data Center in Wulingyuan District. Zhangjiajie has since become the country’s first scenic spot to establish a Metaverse Research Center. According to reports, the original intention of establishing the Zhangjiajie Metaverse Research Center was to empower the tourism industry with digital technology, cultivate emerging tourism industries, and lay the foundation for the digital transformation of the tourism industry.

From November 20th to 23rd, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology, the first science fiction week in the country initiated by the Science and Fantasy Growth Fund and the Metaverse Innovation Laboratory was officially launched in Shenzhen. It aims to cultivate the local science fiction and science innovation atmosphere in Shenzhen, enhance the popular recognition of science fiction culture, promote the upgrading of science fiction culture industry, and promote the internationalization of Chinese science fiction.

On November 26, the Guiyang Science and Technology Bureau held the “Metaverse: Next Generation Internet” series of innovation salons (Lecture 1), in order to help technology companies understand the development trend of Metaverse and promote the in-depth integration of Metaverse and various industries.

On December 23, the Guiyang Big Data Bureau organized a Metaverse learning seminar to study Metaverse related knowledge. Participants discussed how to promote the construction of smart cities and the development of digital economy around the “Metaverse” technology.

On December 23, the Metaverse Professional Working Committee of the Sichuan Network Culture Association was established. At the inauguration ceremony, the guests introduced that Sichuan has already been the first to adopt the “Metaverse” in culture, tourism, liquor, fast-moving consumer goods, games, medical care, cultural museums and other industries. In the near future, people will see more Sichuan The version of Metaverse products and scenes are available.

On December 30, the Fujian Blockchain Association announced the formal establishment of the Metaverse Special Committee. It aims to provide a better platform for communication, sharing, learning and cooperation for the blockchain technology to help the construction of the digital virtual world of the Metaverse, and to provide consultation and assistance for the research, application and promotion of the Metaverse.

On December 30th, Hangzhou announced the establishment of the Metaverse Special Committee. The sponsor, Hangzhou Normal University, is a subsidiary company, and appointed Professor Pan Zhigeng, Dean of the VR and Intelligent System Research Institute of Hangzhou Normal University, as the chairman. It is necessary to improve relevant organization construction as soon as possible and actively carry out various beneficial activities.

Metaverse continues to heat up local governments "preparing" Metaverse

The feasibility of the Metaverse as the next era is worth preparing for.

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