Metaverse Concept Two Days

Recently, the Axie not only in popular areas such as encryption currency such as dollars Gamefi and NFT universe (Metaverse) to the Concept, also spill over into the A-share market capital.

The recent acquisition of the VR startup Pico by ByteDance 5 billion, the release of “Out of Control Player” in Mainland China on August 27, and the upcoming release of the fourth film of The Matrix have aroused the intense interest of funds on VR and other meta-universe concept stocks.

Different from the September 7 yen universe concept cryptocurrency plummeting, a number of A-share market meta universe concept stocks recorded daily limit.

On September 8th, the “first online game stock” Zhongqingbao opened its one-character board’s daily limit, and many virtual reality and meta universe stocks followed the rise. This is the second consecutive daily daily limit of Zhongqingbao. As of the close, the company’s stock price was reported at 11.81 yuan per share, with a total market value of 3.11 billion yuan.

As of the close of the day, Zhongqingbao, Tomcat, Digital Video, Baotong Technology, Danghong Technology, and Goertek had their daily limit, Jiachuang Video rose more than 18%, Wanxing Technology and Kunlun Wanwei rose more than 15%, and Silk Road Vision Up 14.44%, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Perfect World, Leyard, etc. followed up.

China Merchants Securities Research Paper pointed out that the term meta universe originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” by writer Neil Stephenson. According to its description, the meta-universe refers to people in the future communicating with each other in the form of virtual avatars in an immersive digital world. The meta universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world and highly interoperable.

With the continuous development of AR/VR, cloud computing, AI, 5G and other technologies, and the listing of the first ROBLOX stock of Metaverse, Metaverse is changing from a concept to a reality.

Meta Universe is considered to be the revolution of the next generation of Internet interaction, so the major Internet giants have entered the game in order to seize the industry’s first opportunity.

Nvidia, Facebook, Google, and Tencent have marched towards Metaverse. According to IDC forecasts, the average annual growth rate of the global virtual reality industry will reach 54% from 2020 to 2024. With the continuous development of new technologies, virtual reality meta-universe related industries may usher in an explosion.


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