Metaverse Cold-Coming New Class

The Metaverse has received a lot of attention in the last two years. As a new thing, the Metaverse brings new opportunities, and naturally also produces some new posts. Previously, 01 Blockchain wrote a “New Profession Brought by the Metaverse”, which includes the Metaverse Research Expert, the Metaverse Event Planner, the Metaverse Ecosystem Developer, the Metaverse Hardware Engineer, the Metaverse Story Teller, the Metaverse World Builder, and the Metaverse Network Security Expert. The above can be said to be a relatively popular occupation. In fact, the Metaverse also has some unpopular professions, including the Metaverse face pincher, the Metaverse land agent, the Metaverse architect, the Metaverse fashion designer and the Metaverse advertising interceptor expert. These unpopular occupations are not well known, but their career opportunities may not be many.

Metaverse Face Pincher

One of the most important elements of the Metaverse is the avatar (Avatar). Each avatar can be the same or unique, depending on the user’s choice. For example, Roblox currently has its own avatar for users to choose freely. However, as more and more people participate in the Metaverse, the demand for avatars will also increase. Naturally, the demand for unique avatars increases.

Everyone wants to be unique in order to receive more attention. This inspires people to pursue unique, good-looking avatars. In this way, the avatar face pincher position was created.

In fact, many game development requires the involvement of game character design positions. Because there is a certain technology in shaping the character image, such as some good-looking character templates, which require professional processing, and users generally cannot operate, the profession of face pincher was born. With the popularity of the Metaverse, face pinching is no longer limited to the game, and began to appear in the Metaverse social and other aspects. Because in the world of the Metaverse, the character image is very important, related to a person’s character and identity. For example, in the Metaverse social platform Soul, there are many professional or part-time Metaverse face-pinchers who do some face-pinching services for the Metaverse social platform.

The difference between the working style of the Metaverse avatar face-pincher and the game face-pincher is not particularly large, in fact, the Metaverse is more of a conceptual endowment, making it more special and trendy. However, it is foreseeable that the follow-up Metaverse avatar face pincher profession will definitely be differentiated, because the Metaverse’s face pinching is more inclined to trendy ideas in the design style (relatively traditional in the game), and there are certain prospects and independent development routes in the future.

Metacosmic land intermediaries

Virtual real estate/virtual land is one of the most important components of the Metaverse. Many platforms are known for their high virtual land auction prices, such as Decentraland and Sandbox. The popularity of virtual land has also prompted many people to rush to enter the market, or hope to become “neighbors” with celebrities (Lin Junjie, Snoopdogg and other stars at home and abroad have purchased valuable land on some Metaverse real estate platforms overseas). Land resources are limited, and if you want to buy land, you can only buy it with the landlord, which creates a meta-cosmic land intermediary position.

The Metaverse Land Intermediary acts as a bridge to help buyers and sellers match. Everyone can participate in the Metaverse, including people of different languages, races, and cultures. For example, if a domestic buyer wants to buy a virtual land and he does not speak English, then the Metaverse land intermediary can play a role. He can negotiate with the seller on behalf of the buyer and get a price he wants, then he can close the deal. Or someone wants to “invest” in virtual real estate, but does not know how to find or find a good target, then the Metaverse land intermediary can also play a role, according to their own experience to recommend the land, help buyers find cost-effective, suitable for investment in the real estate, serving some experienced investors.

Metacosmic architect

When it comes to moving bricks, many people will think that it is a hard work that requires a lot of blood and sweat. But moving bricks in the Metaverse, have you ever thought about it? The Metaverse Architect is probably the least popular of the many jobs in the Metaverse.

Virtual real estate/virtual land is one of the most important components of the Metaverse. Many metacosmic platforms, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, etc., actually do many activities through the land. And many people who buy land will want to build their ideal home on it. However, not everyone has the time to build their own home, and commissioning others to help build their own buildings, this demand led to the birth of the position of Metaverse Architect.

In fact, Metaverse Architect not only provides design solutions, but also provides the layout and design of some virtual props such as furniture, including some furniture, overall design of houses, and interior design.

In fact, there are companies at home and abroad that specialize in providing Metaverse building services. For example, in foreign countries are Voxel Architects; Domestic representatives include MetaEstate.

Cryptovoxels platform (Cryptovoxels is a virtual world/Metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Players can purchase land and build shops and art galleries to showcase NFT) Origin City, the most visited buildings in Origin City, Stoneage, Glassage, and Welcome are all from Voxel Architects. MetaEstate has built a number of exquisite venues such as MetaChi HQ, Creation Fashion Hall, and Haolin Ju Hotel on the Cryptovoxels platform.

Metaverse Cold-Coming New Class

Voxel Architects homepage

The staff of Voxel Architects we can also refer to as the Metacosmic World Builder. They mainly create virtual buildings according to the requirements of customers, which will further accelerate the construction and development of the overall world of the Metaverse.

In addition to architecture, metacosmic architects also extend to other areas, such as digital collection platforms. Some metacosmic architects will design some related 3D real estate digital products for digital collection platforms, etc. This profession is relatively heavily influenced by virtual real estate. If the virtual real estate market is hot, the demand for this profession will naturally be high and usher in a spurt of development.

Metaverse fashion designer

Metaverse fashion designer, as the name suggests, is engaged in the design of some virtual clothes, leather bags and other items. At present, in China, such as some platforms such as Byte’s Boiling Silence and Xiaohongshu, they are recruiting relevant practitioners, and the demand is getting bigger. As a Metaverse fashion designer, we can design some ingenious virtual works in these platforms.

Different from the traditional design industry, the quality requirements of Metaverse fashion design works will be higher, because Metaverse itself represents a fashion and trend. Therefore, in the design of the Metaverse fashion, it is necessary to highlight the elements of fashion and fashion in the design concept, and sometimes it is necessary to add some different elements, which is more difficult than the traditional industry.

Different from the traditional design industry, Metaverse Fashion Design mainly designs 3D virtual fashion objects, and the duration, process and requirements are different from those of traditional industries. In addition, some Metaverse platforms also need to review the products designed by Metaverse fashion designers. At present, some domestic companies have begun to do related fashion digital platforms or activities.

In the Metaverse fashion designer profession, more is needed to be a whimsical idea, which is also different from the traditional fashion design industry.

Metaverse Ad Blocker Expert

Nowadays, most of the Internet manufacturers rely on advertising to make money, such as Meta, Google, etc. And the metacosm may operate in a similar way in the future. Internet companies rely on personalized advertising to increase advertising revenue, in part by violating the privacy of individuals. In the Metaverse, advertisers and media can make fuller use of big data and follow you to the end of the Metaverse (that is, collecting your data all the time to improve the quality of your personalized advertising).

Imagine you’re walking in a virtual space where you’re hungry in the real world, so unconsciously you take a few more look at the cafes and restaurants on both sides of the road. A minute later, ads for various foods start pouring into your view. This may sound interesting, but in the long run it is an invasion of a user’s personal privacy. Some people are very privacy-conscious and would like ad blocking to stop manufacturers from continuing to place ads, which is where ad blockers come into play.

This profession is actually a bit like the AdBlock Plus model, where Metaverse ad blockers will develop plugins that can stop ads from popping up. While not getting paid much, by collecting donations and getting massive amounts of data, metacosmic ad blocker experts may be able to make a living from it.

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