Metaverse Circuit “grabs people” with a million annual salary, the next five categories of talents are the most in demand

Heng Zhexian, a headhunter in the technology industry for many years, has recently been overwhelmed. The meta-universe has not yet arrived, but the needs of enterprises have already come.

Although everyone doesn’t know if the meta-universe ecology will come or when it will come, if there is a slight disturbance, it is like knowing the wealth code, and it is “crazy”.

Shanghai Dezhu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on “hunting” business elites. Its partner Xuan Zhexian told the reporter of “Securities Daily” about the recent status that there are currently many new projects or startups related to Metaverse, and There is a large demand for talents. “But strictly speaking, there is no real meta-universe talent.”

In the eyes of headhunters, the status quo of the industry is that Internet companies, game companies, and financial institutions all need talents, but there are very few talents with metaverse experience, and most high-end technology talents will not easily change jobs. In Xuan Zhexian’s view, ” The talents Metaverse currently needs are actually in other mature fields, such as cloud computing, AI, games, finance, etc. “

Games, social circuits

Take the lead in opening one million annual salaries to grab people

Recently, many job advertisements with an annual salary of one million have entered the field of view of “Securities Daily” reporters. The reporter found on some recruitment software that many companies have released Yuan Universe-related talent recruitment, with salaries ranging from 20,000 yuan a month to one million yuan a year. The benefits are also relatively good, such as stock options, extremely high year-end bonuses, employee travel, etc.

Taking a certain recruitment platform as an example, reporters searched with “Meta Universe” as a keyword, and there were more than 150 related positions in Meta Universe. From the perspective of the types of companies that recruit talents, there are not only game companies such as Tencent and Perfect World, but also state-owned financial technology subsidiaries, and companies that are not related to game business such as Sunshine Ya Research Institute and Beijing Aibo Sports Technology; From the perspective of specific positions, most of them are related to Metaverse game projects, and there are recruitments for development, scene, operation, planning, back-end, etc.; in addition, there are positions such as Metaverse Financial Engineer and Metaverse VR Engineer.

Games are one of the vehicles that allow users to feel the meta-universe most intuitively. The reporter found that game companies such as Tencent and Perfect World are stepping up the layout of game subdivision tracks, and recruiting relevant talents is also the most “hard-working”.

Specifically, Tencent has recruited 10 positions, most of which are game art designers, including the design direction of 3D scenes, character original paintings, scene original paintings, 3D characters, etc., responsible for cooperating with other art positions, optimizing and perfecting the final game. The performance effect, the monthly salary ranges from 12,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. Perfect World recruits more diverse positions, including UE planning, engine development, numerical planning, technical art (TA), etc. The monthly salary of technical art (TA) positions is up to 65,000 yuan, and the requirements for job seekers are also higher.

It is worth noting that the banking financial technology subsidiary is also involved. For example, CCB Jinke, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank Corporation engaged in the financial technology industry, is hiring Yuanyu Financial Engineers with a monthly salary ranging from 25,000 to 45,000 yuan. 10 welfare benefits require responsibility The whole bank explores the financial scenarios and key technologies of Metaverse and applies them for innovative topics.

Judging from the actual contacts of Xuan Zhexian, currently, in the meta-universe project, a large number of talents are generally required in the field of game social and equipment, such as Tencent and major game companies. The demand for talents in the financial field is mainly to do cutting-edge research to prepare for the establishment of the social financial system on the metaverse, so high-level theoretical talents are needed.

The reporter further investigated and found that there are also high-paying companies that are looking for technical meta-cosmic talents. For example, an Internet company recruits Unity/Unreal senior engineers, with a monthly salary ranging from 30,000 to 60,000 yuan, with a salary of 18, stock options, and other benefits. Position requirements are proficient in C++ language, familiar with UE4 engine; or proficient in C# language, familiar with Unity engine; a person with more than two years of experience in virtual reality (VR/AR) product development. Another company’s VR meta-universal person in charge is given a monthly salary of 50,000-80,000 yuan, which is also a promise of 18 salaries, but the requirements are higher, and more than 5 years of the head game project leader and team management experience are required; He has rich experience in VR, Metaverse, and the full life cycle of game projects. At the same time, he has rich experience in project establishment, team building, quality control, etc. The combined annual salary of these two companies is over one million yuan.

The radish is about to be washed

Metaverse post portrait copied the template

Xuan Zhexian introduced to the “Securities Daily” reporter that there are indeed many people who are currently learning about the opportunities of Meta Universe, but due to the overheating of the market, the candidates have become more rational, and the main concern is that the “survivability” of most new projects is not high. . There are also some people who choose to “hop over” to join, mostly because they are optimistic about the long-term development of Metaverse and want to join the process as soon as possible. A small number of people are attracted by superior salary conditions.

“Securities Daily” reporters in-depth investigation found that in addition to the above-mentioned talents worrying about the low survival of the companies that are hopping, some of the recruitment websites that provide meta-universe positions and requirements are copied from normal game positions, and some are even templates. . From the perspective of job descriptions, there is no obvious difference between the requirements and job content of Metaverse talents and normal game positions. For example, 3D scene artists are responsible for scene construction and cooperate with other art positions, and the salary is almost the same, at 10,000 There is no significant increase in the range of RMB-40,000.

Sun Yulin, a senior researcher at Ouke Yunchain Research Institute, pointed out to the “Securities Daily” reporter that at present, some job opportunities related to Metaverse on some recruitment websites are almost the same as those related to mobile Internet, except that they are “packaged” under a different name.

Xuan Zhexian also believes that objectively, many talents needed by Metaverse already exist in other mature fields. “The salary of Metaverse talents is indeed not low, but the reason is that these talents themselves are at the forefront of technology, and the original salary is relatively high. For example, in first-line Internet companies, the annual salary of intermediate to senior level engineers can reach 400,000 to 1 million yuan. , Naturally, there will be no shortage of jobs in the meta-universe domain.”

Zhang Wei (pseudonym), an art designer at a game company, told reporters that in the art industry, there is indeed recruitment information related to meta-universe games recently. The concept of meta-universe is relatively hot, and someone may offer a higher salary to dig people. But in fact, such talents have been scarce before, and mature designers with rich experience have always been in short supply.

Potential new opportunities in the industry

There are five types of meta-universe talent needs

As a brand-new industry, Meta Universe has potential for new opportunities. Many companies want to take advantage of the talent highland. This also brings new opportunities and challenges to human resource organizations. In the eyes of many industry insiders, the current real Talents related to Metaverse are very scarce.

Xuan Zhexian said that there are very few talents who have done meta-universe projects. Strictly speaking, they are concentrated in the United States, such as Roblox , TheSandBox, Facebook, and Microsoft. In addition, from the perspective of industry development, more diverse talents will inevitably be needed in the future. Only after Metaverse has truly formed a certain scale, can it better promote the establishment of industrial ecology.

Xuan Zhexian told the “Securities Daily” reporter that there are currently five types of talents in Metaverse. The first is the underlying infrastructure, which requires talents who are familiar with cloud computing and high concurrency in the software field; the second is the equipment, which is mainly concentrated. In the three directions of material science, optics, and hardware design; the third is the content category, including virtual world and virtual content. The form of the virtual world is similar to the game world, mainly game engine technology and technical art, while virtual content refers to virtual humans. , Virtual idols, etc.; the fourth is AI, such as gesture recognition, image technology, anthropomorphic interaction, computing power optimization, etc.; the fifth is other basic technologies to be determined: virtual image creation, financial system, unified identity technology, etc.

Sun Yulin believes that if Metaverse is understood as the next generation of mobile Internet, new occupations (such as web anchors) spawned by mobile Internet can also find a place in Metaverse, and may even derive new forms of employment.

He further elaborated that future meta-universe careers can be divided into three broad categories, namely meta-universe content creation, meta-universe experience operation and meta-universe world construction. “First of all, the biggest difference between the content creation of Metaverse and the content creation in the current mobile Internet era is that it focuses more on real-time. For example, positions such as tour guides, anchors, educators, coaches, etc. may be popular content-related positions in Metaverse; secondly, How does meta-universe experience operation better deliver content to the audience, focusing more on interactive design, and related future positions can be game or scene experience designer, content producer or manager, and course experience consultant; finally, meta-universe experience The construction still requires a large number of technical personnel to contribute. In the future, Metaverse may give birth to new professions such as digital twin experts, metaverse data analysts, and metaverse spatial mapping experts.”

Yu Chen, co-author of “Meta Universe Token” and co-founder of Epay Payment, said in an interview with a reporter from “Securities Daily” that in addition to the professional technical talents in the underlying technology field of Meta Universe, it also takes into account the cross-border type of technology and humanities and arts. Management talents may be needed in the future, because Metaverse is actually like the Internet. It can be integrated with any real industry, such as tourism, cultural creation, education, games, etc. This requires such cross-border talents to understand Technology and art, both rational and emotional.

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