Metaverse Burst: These items are worthy of attention

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had changed its name to Meta.

He called it the “metaverse”. Zuckerberg expressed optimistically that it is expected that Metaverse will reach 1 billion people in the next ten years.

The name change is also Facebook, a company that focuses on connecting people’s judgment on the future: “We are at the beginning of the next chapter of the Internet, and this is also the next chapter of our company.”

The Internet turns over, and the meta-universe is on the rise. Along with it, there are various meta-universe concept projects.

Today, take a look at the hot meta-universe projects.

Project: Axie Infinity

Token: AXS

Needless to say how hot Axie Infinity is this summer.

Axie Infinity is a based on Ethernet Square Similar Pokémon game, players can buy a digital pet called Axies, these Axies is in the form NFTs (non-homogeneity tokens), players can raise, breed and trade these Axies, You can also use them to fight other players. Axie has a very bold master plan to reshape economic policy and local governance by showing the possibility of people working in the “Metaverse.” In its white paper, Axie developer Sky Mavis clearly stated: “You can think of Axie as a country with a real economy.” 

Project: Decentraland

Token: MANA

Decentraland, originally created in 2015, was first launched in the beta version in 2017, and gradually became one of the most powerful land trading platforms in the meta universe during the booming wave of NFT in 2020.

Decentraland is a virtual reality world powered by blockchain that enables users to create content and applications, and provides users with multiple digital collectibles such as packages, wearables, names, and heritage. Users can own digital land, including different structures and unique building sets. In addition, users can purchase virtual land in Decentraland, connect to the wallet through a web browser to set an avatar, create a representative of a virtual identity, participate in governance and trade rare digital collectibles.

Project: Illuvium

Token: ILV

Illuvium is an open world GameFi game built on the Ethereum network. The game’s native currency, ILV, is used to reward game players through the game’s game earning function, and serves as the project’s governance token.

Illuvium uses the Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution Immutable X to significantly reduce the gas cost required to trade NFTs. Like other popular GameFi games, gamers fully own their Illuvials and can trade NFTs on the secondary market. Illuvium provides players and investors with a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, fight and obtain rare and valuable assets.

Project: The Sandbox

Token: SAND

Founded in 2011, The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where players can create and own their own game world and profit from virtual real estate created by themselves. In The Sandbox, digital real estate is called LAND. Players can purchase it and add games and assets freely. Multiple LANDs are combined to form ESTATE.

The Sandbox also created SAND, which users can get through playing games, or through purchase and creation.

The Sandbox was originally a traditional blockchain game. Since 2018, the blockchain version has been explored. The team has rich experience in game development and operation marketing, and has been able to deliver the set goals and tasks in the past 2 years.

The Sandbox is currently under development, and the final virtual world/sandbox world has not yet been released. Many gameplays are still written plans, and the actual results will not be known until the official implementation. Players can currently only use Game Maker and VoxEdit to create NFTs and games, and they can also explore the interface in GameMaker. However, the virtual world entrance has not yet been opened. The team announced in October that the entrance point of The Sandbox Alpha will be opened, Mainhub.

Project: Radio Caca

Token: RACA

Radio Caca (RACA) is a meme-like NFT project on the Binance Smart Chain, which has multiple tracks such as Meta Universe and Chain Game. The liquidity pool has been locked for 4 years and has a relatively in-depth cooperation with bakeryswap. Interacted with Musk’s mother many times and held many activities with CZ. It is a celebrity endorsement project.

Project: Yield Guild Games

Token: ASB

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a NFT decentralized autonomous organization that mainly helps investors gather assets and bet on NFT profits, and ultimately share profits with supporters. At present, YGG mainly focuses on the game NFT field. Just like real estate, the virtual economic activities of games will be carried out on virtual land. Due to the scarcity of virtual land, the demand for virtual land in blockchain games will continue to increase.

According to the latest report released by YGG, as of September, the total value of YGG tokens, liquidity tokens, locked DeFi tokens and NFT assets was approximately US$846 million. The team stated that most of the growth was attributed to the price of YGG tokens. growth of. Among them, the value of YGG tokens is approximately US$781 million, and the total number of NFTs of YGG reached 36,700, involving 12 games. As of September, the total value was US$17.6 million.

Project: StarLink

Token: STARL

StarLink is a virtual space based on blockchain technology, which can simulate a real-world space station in the Milky Way. In StarLink, planets and satellites can be purchased and traded like land assets, and users can build their own planets. NFT is an asset inserted into the meta universe. People can buy, sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft and land and explore the solar system.

StarLink digitizes the existing space exploration results, and people can see the launch progress and deployment data. This increases the immersion of the StarLink meta-universe. The two will become parallel spaces that can interact, providing users with a richer interactive experience. At the same time, real-world galaxy data can also provide users with many valuable resources and information, which will become their presence. Reference for planet trading in StarLink.

Project: My Neighbor Alice

Token: ALICE

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer interactive game. The background of the game is set on a large island group located in the Lummelunda archipelago, where animals and humans are good friends and coexist peacefully. Players enter the game to obtain a piece of land and become Alice’s neighbors, they can freely use their creativity to design and decorate this piece of land (decorative elements include buildings, vegetation, furniture, livestock, etc.).

In the course of the game, players can get rewards after completing daily leisure activities (such as fishing, insect catching and beekeeping, etc.) and purchase game props to build their own land.

Project: enjin 

Token: ENJ

Enjin is a digital collectibles trading platform based on blockchain technology, with more than 250,000 game communities and 18.7 million registered players. Through diversified video games, players can create NFT assets (such as tokens issued based on ERC1155) on the platform. Users of the platform include art collection and coupon collection players. Blockchain games allow players to become the real owners of virtual assets and can trade freely.

Although Enjin Coin is a relatively new project, Enjin has been around since 2009, and it has gathered many gamers with many high-quality features. Enjin is to gamers what Shopify is to retailers, WordPress is to blogs, and Douyu is to game anchors. This is a huge ecosystem that allows you to customize a gamer forum and supports digital currency, chat, e-commerce functions, etc.

Concluding remarks

What needs to be clear is that this is only a small part of the meta-universe industry. However, the current meta-universe industry is at an early stage of development, with the characteristics of immature and unstable emerging industries. There are still many uncertainties in the meta universe, and both the industry and the market need to return to rationality. Investors need to keep their eyes open and exercise caution when making arrangements.

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