Metaverse blogger Liu Yexi is on fire, how can the cultural and tourism industry catch up with this new trend?

Metaverse, true trend or false proposition?

2 videos, 80 million views, 5 million fans, and 9 million likes.

This is the result of the 20-day debut of the Douyin beauty artist Liu Yexi, who has unexpectedly become a new generation of “idol ceiling”.

Beauty and other large V very different, Liu Xi night is a virtual human thing. In her short two-minute video, she incorporates various elements such as antiquity, beauty, supernatural, cyberpunk, etc., bringing new visual impact and imagination to short video users.

Virtual idols are no longer an unfamiliar concept.

Ten years ago, Hatsune Miku’s holographic concert has made this novel form initially popular. With the advancement of technology in recent years, Chinese virtual singer Luo Tianyi, “League of Legends” K/DA girl group, “King of Glory ” Unlimited Kings group, South Korea “reality + virtual” girl group aespa, etc., have represented the market’s virtual Further exploration of idols.

Metaverse blogger Liu Yexi is on fire, how can the cultural and tourism industry catch up with this new trend?

Image source: K/DA women’s team official Weibo

Meta Universe, a new concept that has been controversial this year but is still heating up, is also bringing an unprecedented opportunity to the virtual idol industry. Its conceptual model, operating mechanism and even commercial value may usher in disruptive changes.

In March of this year, Roblox, known as “Meta Universe’s first share,” went public in the United States; Roblox was also the first company to include “Meta Universe” in its prospectus.

Roblox proposed eight key features of the meta-universe: Identity, Friends, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety, Anywhere, Economy , Civility (civilization)

In August, Bytedance acquired VR manufacturer Pico for 9 billion yuan;

In October, the social giant Facebook changed its name to Meta;

In November, Microsoft announced its official entry into the meta universe.

Metaverse blogger Liu Yexi is on fire, how can the cultural and tourism industry catch up with this new trend?

Facebook changes its name to Meta

The actions of the technology giants represent the latest developments of Metaverse. What are the possible applications of Metaverse in the cultural tourism industry?

01 Shaping a new virtual IP

Metaverse’s virtual world identity creation provides an excellent testing ground and scene for IP shaping. Metaverse can provide everyone with an “incarnation”. This avatar is actually an IP image, and we can give it a brand-new personality and character. Liu Yexi, Hua Xiaolou, etc. are all examples of IP that can be shaped. The IP creation mechanism will also break through the original industrial mechanism. It will be separated from the actual experience scene and even the industrial foundation. It can be born out of thin air and achieve rapid success. Such IP can break through. The limitation of time and space creates a larger space for imagination.

Metaverse blogger Liu Yexi is on fire, how can the cultural and tourism industry catch up with this new trend?

Metaverse blogger Liu Yexi is on fire, how can the cultural and tourism industry catch up with this new trend?

Screenshot source: Douyin, Weibo

02 Immersive experience

Yuan universe will use artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine characters networking technologies, the actual situation symbiotic overall experience immersion and advance to a higher level of personalization. The future meta-universe world’s escape rooms, theater performances, concerts, cultural tourism performances, script killing, etc., may bring tourists an upgraded experience, combined with the self-IP of the new virtual world, to create a more immersive experience and more interactive The feeling of “to” brings tourists closer to the spiritual core of travel. We all seek or release our true or imaginary selves during travel. Although the identity experience in “Western World” is extreme, it may be the future of immersive experience.

03 A new culture and tourism economy

Disney’s CEO stated that it plans to establish a Disney meta universe platform; the meta universe project “Datang Kaiyuan” under Qujiang Cultural Tourism has also been initiated.

Datang Group and too a joint effort to build the world’s first yuan-based projects cosmic historical and cultural background of the Tang Dynasty -. “Dhyana” is a one-pass to the digital world of virtual tools, no matter where you are in “Datang Evernight City” tour and entertainment.

If this form can be realized, the experience of traveling anytime, anywhere will no longer be a dream. We can enter Disney, Universal Studios, the British Museum, Mars, the moon, and space travel at any time. This mode and experience form even a new economic form of cultural tourism. It is possible to be born.

Of course, although the concept of meta-universe is not new, under the condition that new technology gradually matures, there will be new breakthroughs in its due scope and boundaries. We do not have to accept or deny it in its entirety. It is best to hold an open mind, explore, Innovating and welcoming this new experience, Liu Yexi is just the beginning, let us wait and see and enter the future.

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