Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

“What is the metaverse?” Who is complicating this question?

In 2014, the author had the honor to visit the Panjiayuan, which was in the “prosperous age” twice. So far, I feel that the old man has seen it.

A small “betting on green skin” stalls (in fact, betting on walnuts). Unpeeled walnuts can be sold at a price of tens of thousands, and people are still rushing to buy them; , Bodhi, Venus red sandalwood were finally dragged home in the grocery cart; in the knife-cut noodle shop, the old man with white beard and hair looked like an immortal, giving two young “science” a bunch. But after listening to his preaching, do you know that this is recorded in “The Songs of Chu”? Do you know that the universe can be seen here? you know……

The reason why I think of that period of time is because some friends have always asked me recently, do you know what meta universe is?

I wonder if you have not faced this problem recently. Logically, we should say “I know, I have watched a lot of popular science, text videos are available”. But you know that the other person’s next sentence is definitely not “Oh, you know, goodbye.” But he will definitely say a bunch of things you don’t know yet, a bunch of wonderful concepts, a bunch of inside information, and a bunch of testimonies from bigwigs. The final purpose is generally two: one is that he wants to invest and wants your support, and two He wants you to spend money.

This scene seems to be the same as when the blockchain first became popular, and it may even be the same group of people who come to ask you. If you think about it further, it seems the same with Wenwan, but most likely it is not the same group of people. Of course, there is no rule that you can’t stir up the meta universe, right?

Facebook’s renaming of Meta seems to have brought this round of enthusiasm for the meta universe to a whole new level, and it has also caused all kinds of strange remarks and gossips to flow wildly. At first it felt like something very simple, but everyone turned into an attitude of “The meta universe is so high and deep, I’m still a little farther away”. What is even more puzzling is that we have experienced the ups and downs of the blockchain, and as a result, many people are still addicted to it today.

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

This article hopes to change the angle and talk about the logic behind the hype meta-universe and blockchain.

It is stated in advance that there is no intention to discuss the concept of meta-universe itself, because there is already a lot of science popularization. I don’t want to sing badly or support Yuan Universe. I just want to discuss how these scientific and technological concepts changed from wooden beads to the myth of Panjiayuan.

Discourse barrier, that is, discourse power

I once chatted with a senior semiconductor practitioner, and he lamented that the technology of blockchain is actually well understood. But he didn’t understand what these people in the society were talking about, so he felt very lively.

One type of technology is characterized by the fact that the technology is not complicated, or it is relatively simple for the time being, the PPT is finished in ten pages; but in the end, the PPT can produce 300 pages. What are the extra 290 pages? They are called “discourse barriers”.

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

Generally speaking, these discourse barriers include, but are not limited to, the incomparably grand prospect of reaching the universe; logic more complex than dolls; mind maps containing thousands of elements; and endorsements from corporate bosses to traffic stars. And it is these discourse barriers that allow many unrelated persons of technology to obtain the privilege derived from this technology-the power of discourse.

Discourse is power, which is one of Foucault’s most classic theories. He believes that the owner of the right to speak can finally satisfy his own desires by defining and interpreting many phenomena and individuals. Foucault flange Western discussed example of such a speech hospital in. In the eighteenth century, France began to practice a new judicial system. Although this system is rudimentary, it is very complicated. For example, evidence includes judicial evidence, statutory evidence, deeds evidence, auxiliary evidence, etc. Various types of evidence can also be weighted to become complete evidence and incomplete evidence, sufficient evidence and semi-sufficient evidence. And these evidences, after complex calculations and jury discussions, can finally draw very absurd conclusions. For example, the suspect is half guilty, three-quarters guilty, and so on.

Listening to the same judicial process as playing around, it has become a wealth-gathering weapon for lawyers, juries, and courts. Because no one knows what kind of evidence this matter is, it creates room for high defense fees and money to reduce sentences. To make the original simple judicial logic complex, profound, and full of sophistry is to create artificial discourse barriers. These discourse barriers happen to be the source of discourse power and derived benefits.

How similar is the sense of complexity that the meta universe gives to people today? Originally, this is a bit complicated. Roblox, which makes games, Meta does social networking and VR, and NVIDIA, does graphics calculations, are all mixed in it. Although the goals are generally the same, the benefits and products are different. This can extend a large number of discourse barriers. Meta universe is the next Internet? Is it the next generation game? Is VR the best medicine to bring it back to life? Or is it the new home of mankind, the inevitable end of civilization?

I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter. But thinking about it makes me very excited.

This is the same as blockchain. The logic of Bitcoin’s operation is actually not difficult to understand. But if you give a bunch of inexplicable discourse barriers, what everything is on the chain, incarnate into a chain, bit time and space. That’s complicated, and there are obstacles. There are some who seem to have internal affairs and mysterious ways. Everyone has heard of these things, but can’t tell them clearly, so you have to save a meal and inquire about it.

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

Some people say that the most direct economic format promoted by blockchain in Beijing in 2017 is the catering industry, and it seems to be the same now.

The subtlety of these discourse barriers is precisely that they are difficult to falsify. You said that the meta universe is not good, but you are smarter than Xiaozha? You said that the blockchain is not good, why did the country develop the blockchain? However, to develop Metaverse, big companies can acquire VR hardware manufacturers, can you? I don’t care about this. Anyway, there is a lot of hidden and indirect evidence that can prove that this matter is reasonable no matter how unreasonable it is.

Generally speaking, such discourse barriers surrounding the concept of science and technology have three general characteristics:

1. It’s not easy to understand, but you can understand it.

Often there will be a wise person who speaks for a long time, and we will have a sense of enlightenment. At this time, I felt that other people who didn’t understand the metaverse were not very smart, and they had grasped an opportunity. I don’t know if the slicing noodles next to Pan’s homeland, the buddies who listen to the master’s talk about watching the universe from the bracelets feel the same.

2. There are insiders, niche channels and mysterious circles .

When Panjiayuan was very popular, in fact, most of the transactions did not take place in Panjiayuan, but there were several antique cities and small markets nearby. Grandpa and aunt know that Panjiayuan is a lie, and where to go if you miss it. This is like the blockchain meta-universe always has some small groups, small dinners, and small circles. The person who pulls you in is usually mysterious and arrogant.

3. Have ambitious but specious goals.

This kind of discourse space is always indispensable for the graceful and distant description of the future. For example, billions of people will go to Metaverse to live their lives in the future, currency will be cancelled in the future, and everyone will use the blockchain to buy food. In order to prove this future, big brothers blessed, the country is good, data analysis, philosophical deduction can give you the whole thing. But it is still difficult to answer two questions: Can it be sold next year? Will it be legal next year?

The layer upon layer of these discourse barriers finally allowed technology to embark on an unimagined path: to be able to speculate.

Capitalization of non-assets

After the 2018 Spring Festival holiday, I returned to Beijing. The landlord told me that I wanted to find someone to decorate, but I couldn’t find it. Because all the decoration teams in Beijing have gone to decorate the office of the blockchain company.

I don’t know the true or false of this urban legend. But at that time, the blockchain did come to the final madness. They all seemed to think that the magnificent office with a sense of science and technology was the ultimate means to make Beijing Auntie the last man. In the end it did not succeed and will not be cicada .

I can’t help thinking, what is the “excuse” these blockchain companies want to let the common people help take over? Are you talking about the time and universe of the blockchain? Obviously not. The logic behind their rhetoric seems to be the only one: these technologies can help you convert depreciable money into safe and appreciation assets.

The later story is probably that cryptocurrency was hit hard. However, it is not difficult to find recently that the capitalization of personal data in Metaverse, which everyone has started to discuss, is actually treating game currency as a general equivalent. The logical remnants of the blockchain era seem to have circled back again.

Looking back, Roblox’s listing can quickly detonate the market, which seems to be related to its promotion of the permanent and tradable assets in the game platform.

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

Whether it is Metaverse or Blockchain, it is the general psychology of people hoping to solidify assets, improve wealth security, and expect value-added. With this expectation, some people use complex sophistication logic to sell things that are invisible and intangible, and have no asset attributes at all. Most of the time, they will disguise these technological concepts as three asset characteristics:

1. Assets can be solidified.

What are the unforgeable and traceable characteristics of the blockchain? Metaverse is the data assetization of the virtual world and so on. They preach that these assets are forever perpetuated by technology and are always safe, but they do not say that the basis of existence of these things can be denied.

2. Assets can appreciate.

When a market is hot, blindly following demand will always push the price of certain things up, and the media will transmit all kinds of good news. The speculators can package these as “iron proof” that Meta universe assets will appreciate, and confuse what they hope to sell with the hottest things.

3. Assets can be circulated in a variety of ways.

From blockchain to meta-universe, a variety of investment and exchange meetings can often be generated. From project investment to the purchase of virtual currency, to speculation in concept stocks, there have even been real estate speculation in the universe. On the one hand, the masters exchange money through these channels, and on the other hand, they also fictitiously constitute a general circulation method.

People who gain power from discourse barriers must eventually realize these powers. And the channel of realization is people’s excessive imagination of capitalization.

Get rid of greed, blockchain and meta-universe will leave truly beautiful things-the same is true of Panjiayuan.

Metaphysics time is up, let’s make a noise together

I remember that when Kuaibo Wang Xin was released from prison in 2018, he posted a picture about the blockchain on Weibo and said that if anyone can understand it, please contact him. Three years later, Wang Xin’s entrepreneurial direction is not blockchain, but has started part-time online recruitment. I don’t know if it means that no one understands it, or he doesn’t understand it either.

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

I thought of this because every teacher who was doing blockchain in the circle of friends at that time had one or several pictures. It’s all quite complicated, I definitely can’t understand it. Now they have no news, and they don’t know whether it is financial freedom, or go back to their hometown to take a civil service exam. Until some of the teachers, recently released the picture about the meta-universe.

It is said that the end of science is metaphysics, but science can seamlessly switch to metaphysics without going to the end. As long as you are willing to draw a picture that no one can understand.

At the time of the block chain, there is a rumors of various midnight three o’clock groups, saying that there are special masters who come out at midnight to tell you all kinds of strange things, and teach you how to invest and buy coins. I also said that there are entrepreneurs, investors, and celebrities in this group. We don’t know why successful people don’t like to sleep.

Nowadays, it is said that the courses related to the meta universe have sold millions of sets in one hour. So what do the people who buy the course do next ? Do you want to be a VR developer? To develop graphics processors? Isn’t it a high probability? They may just want to learn something, but more people should want to educate others or make their own assets appreciate. Regardless of whether it is speculating on concept stocks or speculating on Yuan universe assets, there must be a lot of people shouting deceived at the end of the story.

There is no intention to deny the development of the meta-universe. Once something reaches the metaphysical level, it is not a problem in itself. It’s the mind of the middleman.

Based on the mode of generating discourse power from discourse barriers and the purpose of inducing audiences to make non-capitalized investments, both the blockchain and the metaverse will inevitably appear “metaphysics” characteristics. At this time, there are often investors, entrepreneurs, or just the big understanding of the group, and they are extremely complicated and use a variety of academic vocabularies, plus a little bit of quack, and two religious phrases to form a particularly grand block. Chain/meta universe expounded. And they formed gangs and flattered each other.

In their mouths, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Kangbo cycle, gradient forest, response body, dharmakaya, impermanence, space, time, value, singularity, and control all come out in one set. Oh, by the way, two more swear words are usually added, and I don’t know who made it. It seems that the discussion is not deep without swearing.

Then what? No friends then. They don’t even bet you are stupid in this game, but bet you are smart, bet you think you understand, bet you think you can go ashore before supervision comes.

Speaking of tongue twisters, it will bet that you want to bet whether or not it is foolish, and it will bet that you want to bet that other people are betting whether it is foolish or not.

This game scene reminds me of playing chess and guessing matchsticks on the street in the early years. That group of people is very lively, with different shapes. There are yelling, helpful, calm analysis, and some who specialize in raising the bar. And once the victim wakes up, or the city management comes. Suddenly someone grabbed the sand and lifted it up.

At that time, were you the one with a dirty face?

Metaverse, blockchain and Panjiayuan

Metaverse is a very good idea. I have heard professionals talk about it a long time ago. I also think it is beneficial to build and invest in it. But like general intelligence and quantum computing, it can never produce any direct value in a short time.

Just as I think the blockchain is still worthy of development nowadays, the antiques are extensive and profound. These are all good things in themselves, but using bubbles to stun people and cut leeks in the name of it is very open to discussion.

From the block chain to the meta-universe noisy phenomenon, there is actually a more vivid analogy, but it does not seem very good-that is, teacher Ma who can practice Tai Chi.

Teacher Ma’s business ideas are actually very similar to those of the speculators of blockchain and Metaverse. Create discourse barriers such as ” pine cone flicking” and come up with something that can be capitalized. For example , the experience teaching on Dianping at that time cost a few hundred yuan, and when his apprentice can join the open martial arts gym. Then it started to make noise, saying that I had played MMA and that you attacked old comrades.

It’s just that he and his apprentices who can share the bonus are the only ones who are not very communicative and shareable. If everyone can play Master Ma for one hour and reap rewards, then maybe Hunyuan Xingyi Taijimen is also on the market now.

When someone asks again: Do you know what a meta universe is?

You can tell him: Do you know what is a lightning five-strike?

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