“Metaverse” becomes more and more “true”

The more and more popular meta universe is also becoming more and more “true”.

On October 13, four ETFs with the theme of Metaverse were listed in South Korea, betting on the growing interest of investors in this new platform.

The 4 ETFs are from KB Asset Management, NH Amundi Asset Management, Mirae Asset Management and Samsung Asset Management. Samsung Assets’ ETF products are actively managed funds, and the other three products are passively managed funds, which follow certain Metaverse related indexes.

The Korea Herald said that through the list of targets provided by these asset management companies, a large amount of exposure to the entertainment and gaming industries can be seen, including South Korea’s top portal site Naver.

Coincidentally, the recent global hot Korean drama “Squid Game” has also become popular in the meta universe.

In Roblox , the largest meta-universe game at present , there are more than one hundred games related to “Squid Game”.

All of the above indicate that the interaction between the meta-universe and the real world is becoming more frequent.

JPM research points out that Metaverse has two core characteristics:

  • Connect the virtual world and the real world;
  • Allow people to conduct social and economic activities in it.

“Squid Game” in the Metaverse

Although “Squid Game” cannot be staged in reality, Metaverse can meet your needs.

Roblox is known as the “Meta Universe First Unit”, which is a sandbox game that seems to have a strong “Lego style”. The so-called sandbox game is where players can play their individuality and use the elements provided by the sandbox to create freely.

Roblox provides players with game development tools, virtual currency and virtual goods. Players who develop their own games on the game can get virtual currency, which can be exchanged for virtual goods. Player developers can also get a share of the real income of the game.

Wall Street has previously introduced this company that first included “Meta Universe” in its prospectus:

Roblox will become the reality version of “Oasis” in “Ready Player One”. Although the current Roblox is far from being as realistic as the “oasis”, and even a bit rudimentary, some basic elements that constitute the “meta universe”, such as virtual scenes, reality clones, social networks, and economic systems, already exist. The development of the “virtual playground” has been established.

In this context, with the fire of “Squid Game”, a large number of games with a high degree of reproduction have appeared on the Roblox platform.


"Metaverse" becomes more and more "true"
Source: Silicon Star


Meta Universe’s “Squid Game” is very similar to the show. Starting from the dormitory, players also need to go through the links of “Wooden Man”, “Tug of War”, and “Glass Bridge”. In the end, only one player is left to win the prize.


"Metaverse" becomes more and more "true"
Source: Silicon Star


As a result, players projected the themes of film and television into the meta-universe, and with the help of the meta-universe, people can also “enjoy” in the game.

Meta universe ETF: capital first

Capital has the most acute sense of smell.

Last month, Zhongqingbao revealed in its official micro-blog that it was developing the meta-universe game “Master of Brew”, which instantly ignited public opinion and made the “meta-universe concept stock” a solid fire.

The listing of four ETFs with the theme of “Meta Universe” in South Korea shows that capital is enthusiastic about this concept.

If you pay attention to the trends of technology companies, you can see that many giants have recently begun to bet on this concept.

In April of this year, ByteDance invested in the game developer code Qiankun known as the “Chinese version of Roblox”. In August, ByteDance acquired Pico, a domestic VR manufacturer.

In April this year, NVIDIA launched the virtual work platform “Omniverse”, users can build models in the virtual world, real-time collaboration.

In 2020, Roblox complete G round of financing, investors appeared in the list of Tencent figure, and Tencent in 2019 on the Roblox established a strategic partnership.

Among the giants, Zuckerberg is the most direct and bold. He did not restrain his optimism and expectations for Metaverse. In July of this year, Facebook established a new team to develop Metaverse, and Andrew Bosworth, the head of AR and VR who formed the “Metaverse” team, was recently promoted to CTO.

This is not enough. Zuckerberg wants to “All in” Metaverse, and it will take five years to build Facebook into a metaverse company. And Facebook will no longer be called Facebook, but as a parent company with a new name, Facebook is just one of its products.

The rain is about to come and the wind is all over the building. At the moment when the giants continue to show new actions, capital has already responded. “Meta universe ETF” is just a pioneer.

What does the meta universe mean?

All articles about the origin of the “meta universe” will mention that the “meta universe” originated from a science fiction novel called “Avalanche”. Sometimes people use the “oasis” in “Ready Player One” as an analogy.

The technology website The Verge pointed out that there is no universally accepted definition of the true “meta universe”. Many people like to define it as “a successor that is more imaginative than the Internet.”

Game designer Raph Koster divides the metaverse into “online world”, “multiple world” and “metaworld”:

The online world is a digital space—from rich 3D environments to text-based environments—focusing on one subject.

Diverse worlds are “multiple different worlds connected in a network without a shared theme or rule set”, including the oasis in “Ready Player One”.

And Metaworld is ” a multiverse that interacts more with the real world “, including augmented reality coverage, VR try-on in real stores, and even apps like Google Maps.

Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic, the publisher of “Fortnite”), Zuckerberg and others say that they are just building a part of a larger interconnected meta-universe, similar to individuals on the Internet today. Social network.

“Meta Universe is not a product that a company can independently develop. Just like the Internet, Meta Universe exists regardless of whether Facebook exists or not.”

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