Metaverse and Walkman

Metaverse and Walkman

I dedicate this article to a certain investor friend of mine who says he is now twitching and crying when he hears the words Metaverse, probably a form of PTSD.

One day last week, I asked my roommate from college to meet me at a classy bar for the purpose of introducing her to someone. The roommate is a beautiful sister, engaged in the art industry, all exuding a fashionable and sexy glow; this glow makes the man a little nervous, he is nervous, the scene is cold; I shook a cocktail glass to observe a while, and then determined to have to do something, or I’m afraid this thing will blow.

So, I talked to the lady about her work. She talked about some of her company’s developments, but the man still couldn’t pick up the conversation; I thought how I had to stretch her out and talk a little longer to create enough time for the man; at this point, the lady casually said –

“Besides, you know, everyone’s talking about NFT now, and we’re doing it too.”

NFT? NFT has been one of the two hottest keywords in my circle of friends lately, but I’ve never understood exactly what it is, and it’s clearly not something that can be explained in just a few words!

“What exactly does NFT mean,” I said, trying to stare at the innocent eyes, “can you tell me about it? It’s a rare opportunity!”

I read in her eyes a look of horror similar to that of an ambassador to Russia on his 374th invitation to see Swan Lake. But she was a strong woman after all, and she shook herself up and really started talking about the digitization of the artwork. Our conversation lasted at least half an hour, the first ten minutes was a complete attempt to drag out the time, the middle ten minutes was her own speaking also a little bit of excitement, the last ten minutes was completely my own curiosity, I also know that this is not good, we are not gathered in this bar on this night for some popular Internet concept to shake a small glass of wine together, she this perfect makeup and well-matched dress is also obviously not for The most important thing is that the man seems to have found a way to talk, desperately making eyes at me …… but this NFT it is cloudy and full of mystery, every answer to a question will bring out three other questions, this is more fun than accompanying people on a blind date na!

After half an hour, I felt like I understood what NFT was all about. And just when I was content to let them both talk alone for a while, Missy struck a heavy counterattack: “That recent meta-game in your game industry.

“That metaverse concept in your game industry has been hot lately, can you tell me about it?”

……Metaverse is the other of the two keywords that have been the hottest in my circle of friends lately. Hearing this word, no kidding, I was feeling like being disliked so much with a 10kg sandbag in the face.

“This definition is indeed the game circle everyone is talking about …… but you two first chat well, we both turn back -“

“It’s okay, it’s okay, we both add weibo chat later, you tell me about Metaverse.”


So, for the next half hour, I spoke from the concepts in science fiction, and then to cloud rendering technology and so on, and also to open world and co-creation games; I spoke until my back burst into a sweat, my husband shook his whiskey glass looked at me with a confused face, like looking at a fool, I completely understand the kind of mood of the young lady half an hour ago.

“The Metaverse is a digital revolution of existing lifestyles,” I said, “It’s mostly about bridging the gap between online and offline, as well as also making people’s entertainment experience very coherent.”

“When I just said that NFT is a digital innovation for art collection,” Missy pointed out with a smile, “you asked me how exactly this is an innovation and if there is a specific case study.”

“…… You want a case study?”

“Yes, yes, you describe to me exactly how the Metaverse changed lives, right?”

“It’s time for us both to go actually ……”

“Tell me more after this.”

At that moment, under the anxious gaze of the man I was seeing, I suddenly understood two very important truths: one, that present rewards come quickly; and two, that I didn’t seem to know much about the Metaverse. I was racking my brain to figure out how to get out of it, and this was one of those times when I needed to come up with something that was hard to understand and sounded reasonable – yes, there it was!

“Actually, Metaverse is a lot like a Walkman for life upgrades.”

“…… Walkman?”

“Yes. We couldn’t imagine the concept of ‘music through all of life’s actions’ before the Walkman became popular, but once it did, once it was experienced, there was no way for people to go back; it was very clearly an upgrade.”

“Well ……”

“And,” I hurriedly continued while she seemed dazed by my analogy, “think about it, the Metaverse relies on device upgrades, the same logic as the Walkman; and the Metaverse also needs to be on a delivery medium and delivery content The Metaverse also requires a unified standard for transmission media and content, which corresponds to the iteration of tapes and CDs; if we think about it further, NFT is the digitization of artworks, right? “

She and I stared at each other for a moment, probably calculating how much weight our classmates’ friendship had, and whether we should pretend to understand it. I looked back at her honestly, and wrote “I’m sorry I’ll never mention the word NFT again” as clearly as possible in my eyes.

“OK ……;” she said, and waved her hand, “Metaverse is like a Walkman.”

Hooray for friendship! I grabbed my bag and my husband and fled the scene as quickly as I could.

After that night, whenever I wanted to ask Missy how things were going with her blind date, I thought with trepidation that she would probably go on to mention something about the Metaverse, and the tapes, and the Walkman …… To round this off, and to satisfy my curiosity as soon as possible, I thought carefully I was thinking about why I suddenly came up with the strange analogy of the Walkman.

By the way, when I was in elementary school, there was a fashionable girl in my class who had access to foreign television stations; she once excitedly told us that she had seen something in a foreign commercial, “A tape was first played on the recorder at home, then played in the car while driving, and then stuffed into the Walkman when getting out of the car, and it could be played while running! There is no interruption in listening to the song at all!” This image has been hovering in the back of my memory for a long time, and it’s likely that in recent months it’s been rolling over every time I see the word Metaverse in my circle of friends, which is why it suddenly comes to mind when I’m desperate. Everyone is stressing how the metaverse will change lives, how it will revolutionize entertainment, how it will connect humans to the digital, the virtual, the unattainable; the promise seems to me to be the same as “listening to music while you walk”, a way of life born out of familiar entertainment and made possible by technology. But the big difference between the metaverse and the Walkman commercials is that everyone seems to want a completely different Metaverse.

As a middle-aged woman who likes to introduce people to each other, a gamer who has been doing this for more than a decade, a veteran science fiction reader, and an Internet user who has learned what NFT is and has been bombarded by the metaverse, I was determined to sort out my own idea of the metaverse. After all, it seems that it’s hard to move forward with industry conversations and cross-industry matchmaking without understanding the metaverse, given the current trend.

Talking about the metaverse inevitably brings up science fiction. Science fiction has created many “half a step ahead to one step ahead” concepts, such as Arthur C. Clarke’s Stairway to Heaven, and Ted Kang’s description of animal software bodies with souls that can be downloaded into mechanical bodies. If you want to strictly define, the metaverse in “Snow Crash” can not be considered a very positive “future”, I have a little doubt about how many of the various heroes talking about the Metaverse really read “Snow Crash”, and then sincerely want to move that future into reality. Or maybe this Metaverse stuff is not according to “Snow Crash”, it’s the virtual space in “Real Name”? The oasis in “Player One”? Is it hard to be “Rainbow’s End” or “Copy”? What equipment is needed to realize it? What kind of experience is it going to extend from? When will it arrive, what will be good about it, and when it comes to fruition, will people have as much fun as they did when they got their first Walkman as a kid?

First, I think the Metaverse should break down the barriers between existing gaming and Internet entertainment experiences. To use an analogy, it’s hard to imagine a parallel competitor to the Oasis in Top Gun. The Oasis should be all-encompassing, and the experience you need can be found immediately in some angle of the world; once a content creator in any corner of the world has a good idea, he or she will immediately think of enriching the metaverse with those ideas so that hundreds of millions of users can quickly and low cost, and the original author can still hold the rights. In this sense, roblox may be the starting point for the Metaverse to take shape, but it is by no means the whole of this universe.

Hooked up with reality, this should be the second label of the Metaverse. Let’s ignore all the labels, including Age of Z and New Humanity. As human beings, we like to have a coherent and immersive experience, listening to songs on our Walkman, playing games, visiting galleries, not to mention the fact that we want the things we focus on to be spread out in front of us, without having to leave the “dream world” we are in even for a very short time. The Metaverse should erase part of the gap between reality and fiction, whether it’s the connection between online and offline activities, props, or the application of AR and VR technologies, there should be many ways to play that we haven’t touched yet.

Third, in the matter of “soul”, I look forward to more convincing and worthy of communication AI; remember the “life cycle of the software body”? Remember “The Life Cycle of a Software Body”? To be able to make humans want to be responsible for it and to accompany it is an artificially created soul, and it is one of the closest things to God that humans can reach. I was expecting something more, something harder, something bigger, not a plot written by one of the world’s great writers, but a glimpse into the real “thinking” being done by machines. According to Hyperion, all the AIs live in a free space where they don’t really expect to interact with “humans”, because they essentially consider themselves to be equal souls to humans; the Metaverse without the presence of real AIs is like an empty dance floor, no matter how beautiful it is. The Metaverse without the presence of real AI is like an empty dance floor, no matter how beautiful it is decorated, it only adds to the sadness it embodies. Replika has already made several interesting attempts in this area.

Then again, the Metaverse should also take over the need for socialization and communication in general, in which it is perhaps more like IMVU or Second life, and no one should be more eager than those in the gaming industry to promote the integration of the world as a whole, which inevitably leads to communication, which itself can be the fun of this universe for its users; whether it is confrontation, cooperation, exhibition, or simply companionship. display, or simply companionship, and whether this feeling is provided by another human being or the dog sitting behind the Internet, in short, this huge universe should be able to provide us with enough emotions since it claims to change the way we live and immerse us in it.

Finally, in all the articles about the Metaverse, one point has been disturbingly overlooked; the Metaverse should not be mandatory, people still, and should from time to time, choose not to participate in online entertainment, they still have a full life, both the brilliant sunlight achieved by light-chasing technology and the ultraviolet rays from that big fireball outside the window. What we seek should be the experience of enriching ourselves as much as possible in our limited lives, not a simple substitution of A or B. If the idea is to make some kind of experience that transcends human emotions, replaces primitive desires, and leaves us completely isolated from the real, first of all, I don’t agree with it, and secondly, I don’t think it can really be done.

Then, if we look back at this long list of requirements, we will soon see that they focus on completely different areas, and the technologies needed (both soft and hard) are very different from each other. I think if Metaverse is to be realized, it will be difficult for a single company to do it independently, and it will be built by multiple parties. The most important mission of the core company or companies is to provide a unified standard, including material specifications, system language, transmission methods, and so on. After the foundation is determined, the core people also need to draw a beautiful and attractive cover for this universe, which can be a game that connects multiple experiences or some kind of social software that combines online and offline, in short, people have to accept this universe for this experience, and only after that more people will join it and build it, just like the history of human beings in reality. After all these things, the concept of the core is actually blurred, because the core must want to control the experience users get, but because it is uncontrollable, because it is full of new things to explore, so the Metaverse is fun; decentralization also means that all experiences should be equal in this huge world, and anyone should be able to easily find the right The Metaverse is also decentralized, meaning that all experiences should be equal in this huge world, and anyone should be able to easily find their own little space.

In the end, what we crave is to be able to isolate ourselves in a small, solitary room, but to be mentally integrated into a huge world. I got my first Walkman when I was a junior in high school; I still remember its sleek, thin appearance and the joy I felt just looking at it from the inside out. As soon as I put it on, I could pretend that everything around me didn’t exist, and that my whole soul was only related to the songs coming out of the headphones with the rustle of my mouthpiece; this little machine gave me an almost sacred experience at some point, and it meant escape, sanctuary, and “the future” for me at that time. It meant escape, refuge, and “the future” for me.

At this moment, there must be many of my peers who are working on their own Metaverse, some of which are very exciting, others which, in my opinion, are just taking a copy of a traditional MMO and beating it up to force it to admit that it is indeed a Metaverse. The impact of these PPTs on the industry may be mainly to give nightmares to business colleagues in charge of PPTs in various companies every night, as well as to make investors forget to take extra classes for fear of missing a huge windfall. This industry-wide commitment reminds me of the time many years ago when everyone wanted to do the Marvel Universe – and there were even people who wanted to train Stan Lee in bulk – and the time when a random restaurant in Shenzhen could run into the next table talking about live-action immersive interactive dramas — “Invest at least fifty million dollars beyond the hidden guard quality!” — time. Only this time what we’re chasing is bigger, more extreme, more real; it’s the future that’s bound to come.

Yes, as a gamer, and a content creator, I firmly believe that the metaverse will come eventually; but the coming of age doesn’t come with trumpet-blowing angels and banners with big words, it comes with a sweep, as it always does, and its giant waves will sweep away those who haven’t thought it through and their hastily put-together boats in one wave.

As for those other few projects that are really taking off, those of you who frankly admit it’s going to take five years or more to explore one side of the Metaverse, those of you who are putting a lot of effort into improving your technical prowess rather than your BP prowess, those explorers who are holding onto experiences they’re good at that aren’t particularly lucrative and won’t let go, I think the keys to the Metaverse should be in their hands. Like all of you, I’m a gamer who’s become progressively more critical as I’ve gotten older, but I have a firm feeling that the next truly lifestyle-disrupting gaming experience that will engross me – which may or may not be Metaverse – -should come from fellow dedicated frontline producers. It takes a lot of effort in packaging, in technology, and behind all that effort is a lot of, mostly wasted, painful, human labor. What we want to create is a new era of Walkman and tape, which is a life experience that once experienced, people will never go back.

This is my understanding of the Metaverse, and I’m going to ask the two people I’m seeing how they feel about each other.

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