Metaverse and cryptocurrency

It’s almost over in July, and I almost forgot that I still have to do something like writing an article. This should be the least month I have written an article since I joined the circle. Today, it just happened to be free, so I have a good chat with you, from pie to industry to game to meta universe. The article is very long, there is no topic, just chat.

Let’s talk about our pancake brother first.

Bitcoin performed well this month, as everyone can see. Although it has not really turned around as we thought, compared to the overall global capital market environment and there is no good news, Bitcoin can stabilize to around 4W. I think the market outlook can be expected.

At least market sentiment has returned a lot, and everyone will not feel hopeless in the second half of the year.

In addition, the forecasts we said about July are relatively accurate, that is, the market in July is indeed a complete “window period”, and there is indeed no substantial negative. Regarding the issue that everyone cares about most about “cracking trading”, many people even worry that HB and OK will be closed.

But what we currently see is that HB has restarted the Prime series (similar to IEO), and the OK chain has also been launched and started to send projects. I am worried that they may be a little bit “the emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuch is in a hurry”, and people feel that there is nothing wrong. , What are you doing for people?

There are also rumors about OTC, and after a few months, everyone found it meaningless.

Actually, I think, is it a bad idea to turn off OTC? I don’t think it is. In the same way, closing HB and OK is not bad. It may be scary in the short term, but it will completely get rid of the domestic market in the long term. I think it’s acceptable to use a wave of cuts in exchange for long-term peace . What’s more, there may be a lot of funds waiting for the bad news to rush. You have to wait for a long time if the bad news doesn’t come. You will not be dizzy when it comes and it will rise.

Again, don’t scare yourself.

And the Fed also summarized the frequent meetings and news in the first half of the year at the end of June. It basically stopped for a whole month in July, and finally “worked” again last night. There was a meeting. The main content of the meeting was as follows:

Metaverse and cryptocurrency

Let’s talk about the pie first. Actually, there is nothing to talk about. I believe it has been boring for the coin hoarding party in recent months, especially when we watched the 30,000-plus ups and downs at the cost of several thousand. .

It’s not a big problem, please continue to cheer everyone in the second half of the year.

In addition to the stagnation of writing articles, DeFi mining has basically stopped. Oh no, it’s not stopped, it’s basically lying flat, enjoying not high but safe income in the largest mine, lying down.

Because of the fact that the mine was run off the ground, I was a little bit imaginary about all the new DeFi mines, so I basically gave up prospecting and only stayed in the most reliable mines. The frequency of harvesting vegetables almost once a week, basically Too lazy to move. (Fortunately, this one who was run off seems to be looking for it soon)

In addition, I also advise everyone here that DeFi has basically taken shape as a whole. Unless there is any big innovation, the new projects that come out will imitate this and that, everyone is also aesthetically tired. If there is not much new idea, most of the earth and mines are Dirt pit is of little significance, so you don’t have to toss about it.

DeFi’s new “inward-rolling direction” is how to better improve capital efficiency and reduce transaction losses under mature business models such as UNI’s V3 , and how to do more through Layer 2 before Ethereum 2.0 requires low fees and high fees Some new attempts at TPS.

In short, it can be said that the era of DeFi’s “land reclamation” is over, but it is still far from the vision of the entire ecology, and there is still a long, long way to go in the middle. If you have not experienced DeFi, I highly recommend you to experience it, at least for the head project.

Even if you are a BTC player, it is recommended to embrace the biggest changes in the DeFi industry in recent years, while this field is relatively cold.

So DeFi is not popular, where is the market now? Game, NFT, meta universe.

Many foresighted people in this market make a lot of money from playing encrypted games. Not only coins are making money, but games are still producing coins and making money. But I really realized it later that I didn’t make any money in this round of games and the NFT market, and I couldn’t understand it at all. But no way, the market turns here

Yesterday I rushed to a “late episode” and played an encrypted game, but it has nothing to do with currency. However, U1S1 allows me to play a game that I don’t earn a penny for a day. At least it has explained the playability and gameplay. The degree of refinement is acceptable.

Metaverse and cryptocurrency

In the past, we liked to talk about “chain games”, that is, blockchain games. We think this is a very good landing scenario for blockchain. But I think everyone has now discovered that it is not games that make the blockchain more grounded, but that cryptocurrency can gain a greater imagination when entering the game field.

This must be a major trend in the future.

A big part of the future of games must be the “play to earn” model. For many people, their “work” in the future is to play games. In the past, it was labor that was valuable to people, but in the future, it is time/energy/attention that people are valuable.

Just as many people in the Internet age don’t understand why WeChat and Douyin are all free services. When someone asks me similar questions, I will say ” If you understand how much money their free services make from you, You will in turn ask them to pay”.

Similarly, I think the game industry will also complete the transition from “player paid games” to “free games” and then “market paid games”. At the same time, this is also a process step by step towards another virtual world.

Your coins in the game are “chain assets”, your equipment in the game is “NFT”, and your identity in the game is also “chain information”. All of this is in line with your “chain assets”. On the same chain, if you are an “indigenous person” on the chain, then for you, is the game a real world or a virtual world?

At that time, maybe the burgers in your lunch pool are bought by the gold coins dropped by the boss in the morning. Isn’t this a more “silent experience”?

But at the same time it must be stated that all the current encrypted games are far away from these, so this does not constitute any investment advice. If you insist on investing, it is recommended to buy the inevitable hard currency of the future world-BTC.

Although this change is still far away, if the game field can be so smooth, people will be one step closer to the meta universe. This is also the reason why the meta-universe concepts that everyone has heard recently are closely integrated with the game.

Many people ask me to talk about what metaverse is, in fact, this is a very vague and clear concept. Why is it so contradictory? One is that “everyone knows that this future world”, and the other is that “everyone does not know when or how to reach that world.” I believe everyone has seen a movie “The Number One Player”, right? Spielberg basically showed people’s imagination for that future:

Many articles I read, whether in chat articles or research reports, almost always mention this movie. It can be said that Spielberg really opened up people’s imagination, or that they projected everyone’s imagination on the movie screen.

I believe that many people will not doubt that the “oasis” inside is what the future large-scale game will look like. Putting on VR and entering another world, a completely immersive experience, this must be the future of the game.

But what many people suspect may be, will games really go so deep into life in the future? Is there really such a high percentage of people addicted to games? I think the answer is yes. After all, in the future world, most people’s jobs may be games. Strictly speaking, it should be a certain world in the meta-universe.

The current meta-universe is too nihilistic, and a lot of attempts are needed to seek breakthroughs from all directions. And the most strenuous part of this is that the whole concept “behind the scenes” is Facebook. In many reports, it even directly stated that “Facebook all in the Metaverse, betting on the next ten years.”

In addition to their old line of social interaction, their most strenuous direction at the moment is VR. Their Oculus Quest2 is indeed a good product. I bought it and tried it myself. The games in it are indeed quite interesting. Oh yes, they also started from games. At present, VR applications are basically games, which is indeed the best development direction.

On the eve of the beginning of this new era, you must first correct your concept: Don’t think of games, it’s just games. Just like don’t think that Bitcoin is just a string of codes, this requires a radical conceptual innovation.

So what is the role of cryptocurrency in this new game field? To put it simply, if you want to make the assets and tokens in the game valuable, then chaining is the best way.

If the token economy system in the game is going to run, it is not feasible to rely on unlimited recycling by the manufacturer, then it is a good way to open the tokens to the market, so that people inside and outside the game can use money to buy tokens, and let the market Pricing. Similarly, if a piece of core equipment is NFT, then its value must be higher, because the guarantee of scarcity is the first prerequisite for appreciation.

The prerequisite for all this is that people know the circulation of tokens and assets, which requires these conditions to be on the chain, and at the same time restrict manufacturers from printing money and making equipment indiscriminately and can only rely on the blockchain. ( You think you have only one super weapon in the whole district, but the story of NetEase directly issuing 100 more weapons will not repeat itself)

Virtual assets and real assets can be connected, you can use game currency to buy spicy food, the nature of the game is more than just a game.

In short, if you want to feel what meta universe is, I suggest you spend more time and play more games. From Roblox mini-games, to VR productions (such as half-life), to the currently popular encrypted games, etc., you can experience more and play more without losing money. Now, what you think of as “non-doing” recreational entertainment, maybe it is the “vocational training” for you five years from now?

In the near future, people’s food and clothing will be easily solved (in fact, it’s easy to solve now), but the “high-quality jobs” that can be created in the real world will become increasingly scarce. No one is willing to do low-quality jobs. It will be handed over to the robot, so most of the time and energy that most people have spared will be invested in the game. Of course, short videos are also possible. In the future, it should be possible to watch videos and watch your meals a day.

But obviously games are more likely to become “work”.

Don’t forget, the world’s largest company in “Ready Player One” is the “golden studio” of Oasis Games. (Thinking about it this way, it’s not that difficult to understand that a crypto game gold studio coin went online recently with a market value of one billion U.S. dollars.)

Finally, if you still don’t understand what metaverse is, it’s normal, because no one really understands it now. If I have to sum it up in one sentence, it is another world you will enter when you wear glasses in the future, where you can solve your social, entertainment and study, and even solve your work, food and clothing.

This is a new world you like more. You can earn money, entertain and consume in the most comfortable way. You can live a very diverse life. You can explore a wider world, even if you live in a rental forever in reality. Eat instant noodles in the house.

Oh, by the way, the paragraph just mentioned: your coins in the game are “chain assets”, your equipment in the game is “NFT”, and your identity in the game is also “chain information”, all of this Both are on the same chain as your “chain assets”, so if you are an “indigenous person” on the chain, then for you, is the game a real world or a virtual world?

Here is another sentence: If you spend more than ten hours a day playing games (making money), and spend a few hours sleeping, and there are only two or three hours left in the real world every day, then you think you are Which “universe” person?

Maybe you can try to think about it.

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