Metaverse: Algorithmic Social Network

My understanding of Bitcoin : The essence of Bitcoin is “algorithmic trust”. It is the first time that humans have upgraded group trust in the empirical sense (centralized rules or long-established empirical trust) to “algorithmic trust” under a logical symbol system. trust”. In order to achieve the purpose of rapid expansion, Satoshi Nakamoto uses scarcity and reward mechanisms, so he has strong speculative financial characteristics.

The evolution of human society is the evolution from empiricalization to logical symbolization. Furthermore, it is the evolution from gene-based evolution to symbolic system-based evolution. The reason why humans become humans is that they no longer only take genetic mutations and the survival mode of adapting to the environment as the direction of evolution, but break away from the evolution of genes and become the evolution of a logical symbol system.

This trend is not only cognitive, but can also evolve into a true separation from the human body. Cognitively, human beings must be the same to the external world as other animals. The core is the genetic level of adaptation to the earth environment after tens of millions of years of evolutionary selection, and then to the information that is seen and felt, and the experience is formed. On a level, human beings form “abstract thinking” in this process, which can produce non-existent existence in the mind, that is, pure abstraction. Pure abstraction forms associations through logic, mirrors the real world, and one-to-one correspondence. This external symbolization of correspondence forms a symbol system.

The era when mankind formed the symbol system was the era when human civilization was born.

The symbol system was originally a tool for humans to understand nature. In the future, the symbol system can be completely independent of humans and become the “thought gene” that drives super-intelligent machines. This trend is now becoming more and more obvious.

Not only machines, but the future world, the entire human network will also be algorithmic. This world exists independently of the network of interpersonal relationships and the body. The emergence of Bitcoin is the beginning of the Big Bang in this virtual world of the future.

The meta-universe is the algorithmic time and space.

In the meta-universe, time and space can be discontinuous, not just the “single moment” as Shaan Puri said. The time and space in the meta-universe are not bound by Einstein’s theory of relativity, and are truly abstract existences. The meta universe must be global in the end, and those without capital flow will become “impact depressions” of strong capital flows, that is, a “colony” of the virtual world.

The meta-universe infrastructure should include the three directions of identity, economy, and immersive experience. Among them, the economic system is the most important foundation of the meta-universe. Most of the projects now appear as a result of collecting money, and many of them may become colonies in the meta-universe in the future.

The high-dimensional world, for the low-dimensional world, can be attacked by dimensionality reduction, because even a thing that is accustomed to is unattainable in the low-dimensional world. For example, today’s heavy machine guns can easily kill the strongest in the world in the era of Genghis Khan. Of the army. And now is a turning point for human society to upgrade to a higher dimension.


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