Metaverse : a coin still flipping in the air

Metaverse, is it an outlet or a “tiger mouth”, an opportunity or a “bubble”? At the 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo held on May 26, a number of industry experts and business representatives conducted in-depth discussions on this. They believe that the Metaverse is like a coin that has been thrown into the air, is still flipping sharply, and has not yet landed.

The wave has come

As for the concept and connotation of the Metaverse, the industry is still inconclusive. The more common formulation is “a virtual world that is linked and created by scientific and technological means, mapped and interacted with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system”.

There is an image metaphor of experts: “The Metaverse can make all human dreams come true in perception” . Just as the male protagonist in the sci-fi movie “Ready Player One” puts on a virtual reality headset, he can instantly enter an “oasis” – a self-designed and realistic virtual game world.

Such scenes are not only found in movies, but also in real life. Through the virtual conference space, scholars can conduct high-end academic discussions in a unique antique scene; fans can “visit” the concert scene by wearing VR glasses, and the virtual avatar’s movements and expressions will change with the changes of the real body.

Tan Jianrong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that the Metaverse is essentially the virtualization and digitization of the real world, which requires a large number of transformations in content production, economic systems, user experience and physical world content, which will promote creation, computing, experience, decision-making, business, etc. aspects of the upgrade.

According to the forecast of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Computer Industry Association, the current output value of my country’s Metaverse upstream and downstream industries is about 30 billion yuan, mainly reflected in game entertainment, VR and AR hardware. In the next five years, it can exceed 200 billion yuan.

“We are ready for the Metaverse, (issue the order) gunshots, we may run faster.” Ruan Liang, vice president of NetEase Group and general manager of NetEase Zhiqi, said that NetEase has been in VR, AR, artificial intelligence, A lot of reserves have been made in Metaverse-related technical fields such as engines, cloud games, and blockchain.

Lots of reefs

Experts believe that the wave of the Metaverse has come, but it is still in the preliminary stage of exploration and preparation, the basic technology support is weak, and there are risks such as inducing economic bubbles, privacy leakage and abuse, and virtual crimes. Become a “dark universe”.

Some experts pointed out that there have been application promotion, stock fund raising and virtual asset speculation in the name of Metaverse, which has driven a large amount of funds to flow into the virtual market and created and stirred virtual economic bubbles. There are also signs of fraud and malicious speculation in the Metaverse real estate under the banner of the Metaverse blockchain game, and the illegal profit-making of the Metaverse virtual currency in disguise.

The development of the Metaverse will bring new challenges to financial supervision. NFT (Non-Fungible Token, non-fungible token), which is the core element of the “Metaverse”, has been warned by the United States, South Korea and other countries that there is a potential money laundering risk.

There are also experts who worry that the Metaverse’s indistinguishable and decentralized features are easy to be exploited to produce and disseminate bad information. Biometrics, transaction information and other data left in the Metaverse may lead to leakage and abuse of personal privacy.

Standard pilot

Experts believe that for the orderly and healthy development of the Metaverse, in addition to tackling key technologies, it is also necessary to strengthen top-level design and institutional norms.

According to Shan Zhiguang, director of the Information Technology and Industrial Development Department of the State Information Center, although the Metaverse is a more advanced form of the Internet, it is not out of the scope of the Internet, and it is not a place outside the law. It should abide by all applicable current laws in China.

“The virtual and the real must coexist, the virtual and the real must be harmonious, and the virtual and the real must be strengthened.” Shen Yang, director of the Metaverse Culture Laboratory, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, believes that China’s development of the Metaverse needs to adhere to “encouraging technology, preventing risks, tolerant concepts, supporting exploration, and eliminating hype.” “Basic logic.

“The industry is still in the stage of blind people touching the elephant. It can also be said that they are crossing the river on a pony, and they need to continue to explore.” Wei Qing, chief technology officer of Microsoft (China), believes that the understanding of the Metaverse must eventually return from virtual space to physical space. , whose real value is to serve the well-being of mankind.

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