Metaverse 2022 Preview: New Year, Old Track, Poised or Running?

Will it be the second “first year”?

Is the Metaverse still hot in 2022? 

As a new form of science and technology in the era of deep digitalization and intelligence, “Metaverse”, a technological concept born more than 30 years ago, will become popular in 2021. It is generally believed that 2021 is the “first year” of the Metaverse. 

In this year, many Internet giants such as Tencent, NetEase, and Baidu have entered the Metaverse one after another. Other companies such as Tianxiaxiu, soul, and the three major telecom operators have also followed this technology concept in 2021 at an alarming rate. It covers many different fields such as social networking, games, education, real estate and so on. 

Metaverse 2022 Preview: New Year, Old Track, Poised or Running?

However, everything has its own life cycle. For the Metaverse, a technological concept that has not yet been fully implemented, how long will its “golden development period” last as the time line goes on to 2022? And among the existing types of Metaverse players, which ones are more likely, and what do they need to pay attention to? 

The heat does not decrease

In fact, the public is mostly skeptical about whether the Metaverse will remain popular in 2022. This is not because the market and investors do not trust the Metaverse enough, but because there have been too many incidents in the past month or so. Negative news about the Metaverse.

For example, some virtual real estates whose prices were even higher than real house prices plummeted at the beginning of the year, and some even shrunk from hundreds of thousands to tens of yuan. Another example is in the secondary market, Meta (formerly Facebook), which is betting on the Metaverse and even changing its name, once fell below $600 billion in market value in early February this year, hitting a record low in half a year; on February 9, the A-share market 98 Among the “Metaverse” concept stocks, only 19 have positive ranges, but 24 have their stock prices plummeting by more than 20%. 

All of the above will inevitably lead the market to doubt the development potential of the Metaverse. However, according to “Deep Eye Finance”, in 2022, the Metaverse will still be the “main theme” of the industry.

On the one hand, in the eyes of investors, Metaverse is still a rare “sweet pastry”.

On December 14, Horizons Ventures, a subsidiary of Li Ka-shing, led a $9 million Series A round of financing in Wonder Dynamics, which was regarded as the first investment in the Metaverse by the richest man before the age of 93. 

At the same time, just this week, British mobile game maker Tripledot Studios completed a $116 million financing led by 20VC, with participation from Access Industries, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Eldridge; Metaverse platform Portals also completed an investment led by Greylock. $5 million financing from investors including Multicoin Capital, Solana Ventures, Foundation Capital, Alameda Research, Sino Global Capital and others. 

Maybe it’s the product’s development speed, quality, or the vision of the founder behind the product, but this round of financing, without exception, shows that the Metaverse, which is full of entrepreneurial styles, still has enough “capital” to impress investment. People, it shows that the investment in the “Metaverse”, whether it is the major giants or capital, is not just for fun, but really wants to do big things.

On the other hand, starting from 2022, the actions of giants in various industries in the Metaverse field have not stopped.

Meta has been granted dozens of patents, and Zuckerberg plans to launch a mobile version of the virtual reality experience Horizon World; Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an earnings call that Apple is A company in the innovative business, with more than 14,000 AR apps in the AppStore, said it was making “appropriate investments.” 

Metaverse 2022 Preview: New Year, Old Track, Poised or Running?

The same is true in China. ByteDance Metaverse Social App Party Island has been approved, and Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei also publicly stated that Foxconn will enter the Metaverse this year. 

Not only that, but various local governments in China have also begun to join in, and have begun to look at the Metaverse from a macroeconomic perspective and explore the possibility of its further advancement. 

At the end of 2021, Shanghai took the lead in taking action at the annual economic work conference, and then included the Metaverse in the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. Subsequently, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Beijing also began to run and enter, especially at the two sessions in Beijing. Sun Taoran, member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Lakala Payment Co., Ltd., brought two proposals related to the “Metaverse”. ” and “Suggestions on Building Shougang Park into a Pilot Industrial Park for the Development of “Metaverse” in Beijing, affirming the role of Metaverse in upgrading the local economic structure to a certain extent. 

Judging from the attitudes of investors, tech giants, and local governments, the Metaverse is by no means a short-lived technology concept. At least for the next long time, it will still be in a “golden development period”. 

“New Year” and “Old Three”

It is against this backdrop of continued fiery that the “new entrants” of the Metaverse in 2022 will only increase.

First, many car companies such as BYD, SAIC, Great Wall, Ideal, Xiaopeng, NIO, and Nezha applied for the registration of Metaverse’s related trademarks; then Wanglaoji, McDonald’s and other catering companies that seem to be unrelated to Metaverse, In the new year, I also began to invest in the “arms” of the Metaverse, and 2022 began to become the “first year” of a new Metaverse. 

Under such enthusiasm, the players in the Metaverse are increasing exponentially, but in the view of “Deep Eye Finance”, the best players and the number one players are still inseparable from the “old three”.

One is games. Games have always been regarded as the most likely scenarios and important entrances to the Metaverse. Huatai Securities also believes that boutique game developers are expected to provide the cornerstone for the construction of the Metaverse . Under this trend, a series of excellent game companies have become Metaverse “potential stocks”.

Metaverse 2022 Preview: New Year, Old Track, Poised or Running?

Roblox, which came out with the “first share of the Metaverse”, as a platform for providing online games and game creation, with its unique Metaverse “temperament”, its market value has doubled in less than a year after its listing; Jie Beat invested 100 million yuan in the game company Code Qiankun last year; at the beginning of this year, Microsoft also acquired Activision Blizzard at a price of up to 68.7 billion US dollars, intending to cut into the Metaverse from the game. 

The second is social. In various industries affected by the Metaverse, social networking is undoubtedly one of the most attractive scenarios. With the virtual image and online space within the Metaverse, many companies have won a lot of financing.

Among them, “Soul”, which claims to be the social Metaverse, not only has more than 100 million registered users, but also has more than 30 million monthly active users; in addition, a 3D virtual life community developed by Tianxiaxiu Digital Technology Group, a well-known domestic celebrity new economy enterprise Product – Honnverse has quickly become a pioneer product of the domestic Metaverse after its launch. After two weeks of launch, more than 130,000 people have pre-registered for testing. Through “Hong Universe”, Tianxia Show has also successfully harvested within 5 trading days. With 4 daily limits, the marketing of the “Lafite” event in Rainbow Universe has become a phenomenal event. 

The third is hardware related to AR, VR, XR, and MR. In the words of Apple CEO Cook, the essence of the Metaverse is augmented reality, so the hardware represented by VR and AR is also a prerequisite for entering the Metaverse.

Based on this, many companies are also overweight this field, and even use it as a branch, with multiple lines in parallel.For example, Meta’s Oculus is the world’s largest supplier of AR glasses, with sales expected to exceed 10 million units in 2021. This year, Oculus will release the Project Cambria high-end VR headset, and the first AR glasses, Project Nazare, are also in development. 

Metaverse 2022 Preview: New Year, Old Track, Poised or Running?

In China, Baidu has been deploying VR since 2016, and is currently working on AI, cloud computing and VR; ByteDance also acquired Pico, a domestic VR equipment company, at a high price of 9 billion yuan last year; NetEase has successively invested in Several companies related to VR technology. 

It is foreseeable that, compared with the budding stage of slow exploration in 2021, as the technology becomes more and more mature, the Metaverse will usher in an era of rapid development in 2022, and in the “new first year” of the Metaverse, The fields of gaming, social networking and hardware devices are still the same “protagonists”. 

Dangerous “crossroads”

In fact, it is not difficult to see that the Metaverse is still making valuable quantitative changes in 2022, but it should be noted that at the crossroads between quantitative changes and qualitative changes, Metaverse players still have some hurdles to overcome.

The first is technical difficulties, which is one of the main reasons why the Metaverse is still difficult to truly land.The realization of the Metaverse requires vast and complex underlying technologies. Just from the point of division, it can be divided into network communication, data processing, image rendering, virtual-real interaction, asset encryption transaction, but at present these technologies cannot meet the requirements of the Metaverse.

To give a few simple examples, such as computing power, the Metaverse will be a giant simulation or a large number of simulation settings, such as the “Oasis” in the movie “Ready Player One” containing potentially hundreds of millions of buildings and billions of people. Real-time interaction, these are not achievable with current computing power; another example is the Internet, even the “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite”, which are currently on fire, cannot avoid delays, not to mention the stricter requirements for immersion and authenticity. In the harsh Metaverse world, it is not possible to solve the problem of network delay with a large number of details to show.

In addition, in terms of software and hardware development, with the gradual improvement of the Metaverse outline, existing Internet products and electronic equipment are bound to develop towards mobility and personalization; in the field of popularity, in the face of the current price of wearable devices such as VR Given the high status quo, how to commercialize Metaverse products will be the main problem that will plague Metaverse players in the future.

Second, high returns are often accompanied by high risks. After a new thing is born, there will never be a shortage of hype concepts, even people who make illegal profits.

According to news reports, since the Metaverse fire, many blockchain games under the banner of the Metaverse have appeared on the market. They advertise that they can invest to make money, and collect money while playing games. It can be increased by 18 times, but it is these outrageous lies that make many users’ wallets “bleed a lot”.

Therefore , on the one hand, before the Metaverse has actually landed, both users and investors need to keep their eyes open to choose targets. On the other hand, Metaverse players also need to use stricter standards to measure their products, and they cannot make them Become a breeding ground for liars.

In this regard, the government supervision level is also taking active actions. For example, on February 18, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Risk Warning on Preventing Illegal Fund Raising in the Name of “Metaverse”, cracking down on “Metaverse Investment Projects” and “Metaverse Chain”. “You” and other projects to absorb funds, suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities.

Third, the Metaverse will collect more digital information and private data from users, so the issues of data information security and privacy data protection also need to be solved urgently.

Speaking of the recently popular app, the Metaverse social product featuring 3D avatars—Jelly must be on the list. With its unique face-pinching and social gameplay, in less than a month, Jelly has surpassed WeChat, Douyin, and QQ. No. 1 on the iOS free list.

However, the good times did not last long. In February, some netizens said that the Jelly App used private information such as users’ WeChat IDs and QQ numbers. The Jelly APP team stated on February 13 that the app had recently encountered continuous and organized attacks, and was attacked on major platforms. Malicious rumors and bad reviews by the Navy in the app store, so I took the initiative to remove it from the app store and suspend new users from entering.Although there is currently no evidence to prove that Jelly is suspected of stealing user information, it can be seen that users resist and reject such incidents. If the data information security and privacy data protection issues are not resolved, it will inevitably affect the Metaverse. development of.

The fourth is the issue of supervision, which is actually an option derived from the hidden dangers mentioned above.

“Deep Eye Finance” has learned that at this stage, the United Kingdom has indicated that the Metaverse will be strictly regulated, Russian regulators are studying the possibility of implementing new restrictions on virtual reality technology, and US regulators have also begun to focus on Metaverse regulation. Special attention is paid to data security and privacy protection issues.

Domestically, due to the hype of Metaverse concept stocks, leading stocks Zhongqingbao rose more than 3 times in two months, Dafu Technology, United Optoelectronics, etc. rose by more than 50% within a month, out of responsibility for the market to shareholders, crack down on hot spots Since November, 12 companies involved in the concept of the Metaverse have been issued with letters of concern or supervision.

It can be seen that although some local governments and a large number of technology giants are very optimistic about the prospect of the Metaverse, as the popularity increases, the supervision will become more stringent, which may lead to repeated adjustments of the entire Metaverse sector in the short term. But from a long-term perspective, this is still conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry.


All in all, there are more and more participants, the boundaries of the industry continue to expand, and the vitality of the Metaverse is still vigorous. 2022 may be a new starting point, but at the same time, there are still too many unknowns before it actually landed. 

In the words of People’s Daily’s previous comments on Metaverse, Metaverse is a mirror image or a touchable future, a capital hype or a new track, an old wine in a new bottle or a new technological breakthrough. Before jumping to conclusions, you might as well “let the bullets fly for a while” . 

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