MetaMask Flask: the testing ground that web3 developers need

MetaMask is currently the wallet with the most users in the cryptocurrency field and the most concentrated entrance in the web3 world, but if MetaMask only has the function of a wallet, it is far from meeting the needs of various networks in the web3 world.

So MetaMask needed to find a way to develop extensions, and MetaMask Flask appeared.

For MetaMask, MetaMask Flask is a new testing ground, bringing together the latest and greatest features of Wallet. The exact adjective is MetaMask Flask is a precursor to MetaMask, Flask can provide space for developers and experimental features to light up the future of Web3.

Any application involving actual value management and transfer needs to ensure the security of user assets, which is inseparable from a secure UX and stable functions. MetaMask chooses to release new functions in Flask first, remove some conventional restrictions, and allow the functions to be quickly iterated before being available to the majority of users.

MetaMask Flask is free to use. However, it is currently only available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

It is important to note that Flask does not offer the same API or UX stability guarantees as MetaMask applications, Flask’s target audience is developers. The risk of participation is borne by the user, and the official does not provide supervision and guidance.

MetaMask’s spirit of openness and customization will enter a new phase with MetaMask Flask, an experimental playground for developers to roll out and test new or proposed features before deploying them to the wider public.

Snaps were the first feature to go live via Flask.

With Snaps, developers can extend the functionality of MetaMask on the fly, without the involvement of the MetaMask team. That is, developers can independently roll out self-designed features to their users.

MetaMask is the first Wallet to provide extensibility to users. The role of Snaps will not be limited to Ethereum, but is aimed at improving the overall innovation speed of the Web3 ecosystem. Although the earlier version of Snaps only allowed some adjustments to the MetaMask UI, the most important function has been implemented, which can be managed with snaps. The user key of the protocol.

If the protocol has a SLIP-44 ID, a JavaScript signature library and a publicly available node, developers can add support for the protocol in MetaMask.

The developer resources of Snaps are limited only by the Snaps API. In the early days, the MetaMask team iterated the API to meet the needs of developers.

But thanks to the community, Protocol Labs partnered with Chainsafe to develop a Filecoin snap for MetaMask Flask. The main purpose is to make it more convenient for Filecoin ecological developers. After installation, snap will integrate Filecoin into Wallet and attach a front end. Users can browse Fil accounts, view balances, send transactions, and create cryptographically signed messages using the Fil key. For users, it becomes more convenient to interact with the Fil protocol, which can be directly implemented by the MetaMask browser integration.

Therefore, MetaMask is no longer developing Snaps.

Essentially, MetaMask Snaps consist of two parts:

1. A method for MetaMask to safely execute third-party MetaMask Snaps code.

2. The website and MetaMask’s API for communicating with individual Snaps.

Communication is via JSON-RPC requests and responses. In this way, Snaps can extend the JSON-RPC API to alter the behavior of MetaMask applications at runtime. In the future, MetaMask can take advantage of this to enable support for different blockchains, other decentralized protocols, new types of encryption, new types of encrypted assets, and countless new features.

In the Flask environment, MetaMask strives to achieve stable, easy-to-maintain, and secure functions and APIs for all users. All developers can create Snaps, Snaps allow developers to build their own API and plug it into MetaMask. Let Web3 developers fully explore the potential of MetaMask products and create new dapps.

In the future, users can also freely choose the Snaps they want to join the Wallet. You no longer need to rely on MetaMask to roll out features and updates.

Official tips, if you are not a developer, it is recommended to only use MetaMask applications, do not use MetaMask Flask. If you are a web3 dapp developer and are adventurous, then MetaMask Flask is for you.

Due to its experimental nature, MetaMask Flask’s API is unstable, and what works in one version may be permanently broken in the next.

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