Metadata Blockchain NA (Nirvana) Chain helps people find an ideal indexing method in a messy data structure




The blockchain is constantly developing, and the frequent rotation of hot spots also brings opportunities for sustained growth for decentralized finance. Now, whether it is Metaverse, NFT or DeFi, they are slowly moving towards integration, enriching the original single experience of users, and almost all fields are in a state of catching up. The number of smart contracts and DApps is increasing, and the industry is ushering in a key tipping point. . NA enthusiasts are delighted to discover that NA (Nirvana) Chain has played a vital role in the rapid development of major ecosystems, creating a critical data environment for it, allowing more developers to easily and safely develop more It is a complex financial product.

Everyone, NFT sales have increased a hundredfold

The diversified NFT trading market is in full swing, especially in the art collections sector, which has broken the margins. The NBA Top Shot has an obvious fan effect. Since the famous Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James digital collection card was sold for $71,400, the 3D game #2424 of Meebits was sold for 325 ETH , and three different NFT works were auctioned at high prices. At a time, the sales of almost all items in this field skyrocketed to more than a hundred times within 30 days, and the NBA Top Shot even reached 413%, ranking first on the list.

Under the wave of NFT, the meta universe can also explode. According to Nonfungible data, Decentraland and The Sandbox are trending strongly on the meta-universe circuit. Compared with the beginning of the year, they have risen by 646% and 439%, respectively. Their high trend has already overshadowed the NFT, which directly reflects the extraordinary influence of the market on the concept of the meta-universe. It is reported that the market value of “Meta Universe” has exceeded 800 billion U.S. dollars. More and more Internet technology giants are paying attention and injecting funds. This field is still full of potential and imagination.

Data issues provoke controversy

All kinds of fresh and popular projects are mostly put into the market using the more mature DeFi gameplay, and there are hundreds of thousands of NFT works on only one platform of NFT, which include artists’ pictures, musicians’ audios, and dancers’ videos. Wait. Let’s look at Metaverse again. Although most of them are currently only exploring in games and social interactions, with such a huge transaction volume, it is difficult to conceal the numerous digital products that already exist and become numerous. They will all become fragmented data structure passing areas. The transformation of the block chain connects the market data under the chain, including derivatives, currency markets and loans.

The fact is that the blockchain itself is a chain data structure that actively combines data blocks in a sequential manner over time, but in the face of increasingly updated, more and more complex models , The wide application of blockchain technology still faces a series of problems that need to be solved. NA enthusiasts are pleased to announce today that NA (Nirvana) Chain , which focuses on infrastructure construction, has integrated this information into a large distributed open database, which can effectively help people find an ideal indexing method in a messy data structure.


NA (Nirvana) Chain solves scattered metadata

NA (Nirvana) Chain is a perfect public chain solution based on the blockchain network. It is designed for applications and aims to establish an optimizable and customizable underlying facility platform to help the large-scale application of blockchain Landing. Its unique technical concept and excellent architecture design are considered to be the subversive creation of human society in the 21st century. It has well practiced the purpose of the blockchain and has become an example of a new application model full of advanced meaning, especially for its metadata. The classification processing method has greatly improved the release speed of new DApps above this and the security level of existing smart contracts.

What is metadata?

In fact, it is easy to understand that the data we use is just a data structure before it is on the chain. It has no rules. This is what we call metadata. At present, there are three main types of fixed metadata on the blockchain. The first is the hash value of the previous block used to index the previous block, and the second is the difficulty of mining and the random value (used for proof of work calculations). ) And timestamp. The third type is the root data of the tree that can summarize and quickly summarize all transaction data in the verification block: Merkel tree.

NA (Nirvana) Chain utilizes multi-dimensional computer technologies such as distributed data storage, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, peer-to-peer transmission, and encryption algorithms. Together with the powerful Internet experience of successful chain reform, an external storage device is established under the chain. The embedded memory, network interface, and storage interface send the information to all parts of the chain after being reviewed and verified by the general gateway and processor. The whole process is tamper-proof and decentralized by the cryptography improved by NA to ensure the operation of the system , And filter false and useless information in time to provide developers and users with credible data sources.


How to deliver reliable information to the chain

NA (Nirvana) Chain uses a heterogeneous composite chain as the underlying foundation, and uses the consensus mechanism of DAG+DPoS+Pow/F to well divert data, so that the developer’s development process has commercial-level security. In order to achieve this key goal, NA (Nirvana) Chain has successfully launched the test network card Russia, which has really solved difficult problems for many companies. NA enthusiasts believe that the system can safely connect DeFi smart contracts to all different The off-chain data ensures that smart contracts will not compromise on security while increasing in value.

In fact, the huge blueprint of this process is the large distributed open database mentioned above. It consists of multiple service instances so that everyone can share storage, and high-speed network connections are implemented between each service. Shared lock and shared memory architecture, and can rely on cross-chain to obtain storage space on more than one blockchain. It is generally used for high-availability development and transactions, and today, every ordinary user can also feel the great experience from NA (Nirvana) Chain with lower cost and more content!


NA Distributed Open Database

Different data structures use a heterogeneous composite model to synchronize the ledger in the check of block generation and playback mechanisms, and then use the distributed repository to make all kinds of reliable data run through all platforms. This persistence strategy has also become NA ( Nirvana) Chain is another pioneering move. In this way, any NFT works and Metaverse products on the platform can be obtained by everyone, and will not be limited to a closed blockchain, which greatly improves liquidity, and since then, unpopular NFTs can be large. Shine.


NA heterogeneous mechanism checks the synchronization process

Maintain efficient operation

High-speed processing of metadata and feedback to the chain, all users can aggregate any data on the chain through NA (Nirvana) Chain high-quality off-chain data aggregation, and the smart contract set up by the system to receive, process, and use data sets are also realized. Their key conditions. NA (Nirvana) Chain’s flexible nodes allow developers to access weather, dates and even forecasting ball games at any time. Developers can use this unique node design to easily obtain the relevant data needed to deploy applications.


In addition, the NA DFS decentralized storage protocol can realize massive file storage services. Users can choose different storage methods and access channels according to their own needs. It is worth mentioning that this is basically free. As a blockchain underlying system with a collection of superb technologies, the close work of each link allows data to flow, and finally uses cross-chain technology to form an all-in-one platform that can integrate any blockchain, query and market measurement tools. Rewriting the way of accessing the blockchain is a much-needed progress in the industry and has far-reaching historical significance.

NA enthusiasts’ conclusion

NA (Nirvana) Chain is a project fully promoted by the community. Various CEX, DEX, insurance, games and many other projects can be created on it. Then they must be data. NA (Nirvana) Chain acts as a window to promote the real world, the encrypted world and even the virtual space, processing complex and messy metadata, and the existing off-chain data, high-quality node network, on-chain data set and blockchain data aggregation Together, they enhance the overall value and provide developers with a richer data development path.


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