MetaCreation: A new paradigm of the creator economy of the Metaverse

With the addition of all the Web2 giants, the meta-universe concept has brought the traditional Internet and the blockchain-based Web3 context closer for a while.

In the context of the giants, Metaverse is more like the state of blurring the boundary between virtual and reality described by Liu Cixin, that is: under the empowerment of technology, wearable devices have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives, just like the current intelligence The same as a cell phone. In the end, it creates a kind of reality in which the five senses and six senses are infinitely close to reality in the virtual world.

In the context of Web3, which is based on the vigorous development of blockchain and other technologies, the metaverse removes the blurring of the boundary between virtual and reality, and puts decentralization in a higher dimension. In this context, Identity identification is the unification of rights and behavioral responsibilities, rights management assets, behavioral responsibilities affect the value and reputation of the identification.

Comparing the meta-universes in the two contexts, the two are not opposed, but have their own characteristics beyond the intersection. We focus on the characteristics of the latter, and I think we pay more attention to the creator’s ability to leverage economics. In a simple summary, the former is “whatever people need, Facebook will create what”, while the latter is “whatever creators create, people own what”. The “ownership” here is explained in the context of blockchain. It contains three elements: governance, use, and re-creation . The economic model connects these three elements together.

Governance : The participants in the meta-universe govern together to determine the value of a creation, the benefits to the creators, and the consumption and cost of people’s creation.

Use : Based on governance, people use and reuse the creation. Very interesting point is that the creation of the universe in the dollar it is the world’s indifference to the protocol layer undifferentiated, Flow creative game scene on the chain can move to Ethernet Square of DCL which use will be the possibility.

Re-creation : The creation of the meta-universe is not static. It will continue to be re-created in accordance with people’s needs, governance requirements, and technological iterations and updates. To make it easy to understand, use the well-known DeFi as an inappropriate example: Bancor is the first ancestor of AMM, Uniswap has carried forward it, and Curve, Balancer and Perp DODO have extended his application extensions. Uniswap V3 has become a stronger sense of integration. People also prefer AMM.

Therefore, in the meta-universe wave, the creator economy is also empowered by the platform in the Web2 world, and creators are based on the paradigm of platform enjoyment of growth dividends, gradually transitioning to the Web3 paradigm. For example, in the Web2 paradigm, the creators of Tiktok grew up on the platform, and similarly, nearly half of the revenue will be taken away by the platform. In the Web3 paradigm, the platform rights and benefits will be greatly transferred to the creators. With the creators themselves, after we combined this transfer with the meta-universe, a new economic definition of creation-MetaCreation was produced.

MetaCreation can be explained by three key words: identity system, borderless creation , and creation component , which eventually becomes a creation paradigm of by metaverse, for metaverse, and of metaverse.

Identity system

I believe that the indigenous people who have been immersed in the world of Crypto and blockchain for many years are no strangers, because on the chain, the identity sign means a collection of behaviors to a certain extent. In the past few years, there have been many projects on DID. We hope to help people use the identity and data on the chain more conveniently, including the earliest public chain in the direction of DID, ARCx of DeFi Passport, Project Galaxy of Onchain Credential, and ENS and DAS that hope to use the domain name system to empower ID. Wait.

These directions are good inspirations for the identity identification system in MetaCreation, because with the popularity of the meta-universe, the value of the behavior on the chain attached to the identity is far greater than itself, and the creation in the meta-universe can also be based on the identity Different logos label users, and then carry out different operation behaviors. For example, an identity that has participated in multiple meta-universes can gain earlier access rights in a new meta-universe, and an identity that has been in a state of evil in the governance of multiple projects should allow creators to set certain thresholds for their entry, etc. Wait. At the same time, data indexing tools such as The Graph/Dune Analystic also help creators more easily discover the identity and data they need, so as to create the right medicine.

If this is still difficult to understand, we can simply understand it as the big data in the current mobile Internet world. The difference is that the identity and its behavior data are not recorded on a centralized server, nor do they exist because of a certain algorithm. It only exists. Because it exists on the chain.

Creative borderless

In this part, I want to clearly explain what creation is in the meta-universe.

Creation is not about an architect constructing a building in DCL, nor is it about a curator to arrange a JPEG NFT collectively exhibited by the Gallery. It is a collection of the above, and it also includes the internal economic cycle system of a collaborative organization involving only three people. It can also be the administrative management, social division of labor, and economic model of a city with 1 million people in the future. In other words, creators have evolved from concrete creations to more abstract collections of theoretical research, model design, concept implementation and execution, and even behavioral participation. In such a borderless creation, the identity boundary between the creator and the general participant will also become blurred, and creation is no longer a matter of one person, it has become a truly extensive form of autonomy.

For example, any creative group can obtain the required data from the existing identity, combine the data, select the target group of the creative result, and then design an economic model, formulate emission, consumption, inflation and other rules to create a Economy, infuse them into a community with 10,000 people participating in education, medical care, catering, and commerce. This community can not only be used in a specific meta-universe, but also partly or completely relocated or reused in other meta-universes. This is the borderlessness of creation.

Authoring component

In addition to the data index layer mentioned above, the authoring component will also include some more specific Low coding or No coding design tools, so that the inhabitants of the meta-universe without a programming foundation can become creative executors. In addition, the design of the overall economic model needs to rely on an organization similar to the “Athens Citizens’ Assembly” and teamwork. Some existing DAO-related governance tools will also become part of the creation component of MetaCreation.

As a new creative paradigm, MetaCreation will not only become the creative paradigm of the meta-universe, but will also promote the new meta-universe organization paradigm in the long term, because in this paradigm, the definition of participants will no longer be unitary. . In traditional finance, stockholders can become shareholders when they reach a certain degree of shareholding, and shareholders can enter the board of directors based on certain conditions. In DeFi, this process has become flat, even the smallest unit holders can participate in project governance. After the project develops to a mature stage, it will become a DAO and become a project of national governance and national decision-making. In the meta-universe under the new creative paradigm, the identities of participants will replace traditional DeFi roles such as currency holders and governance participants as well as VC and other roles to become more diverse.

In short, when this new creative paradigm of Yuanchuang is universal, the presentation of the metaverse will be more diverse, more composable, and more metaverse residents will be accepted, and even the original metaverse residents will be iterated. .

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