Metaverse: not a “backup” of the blockchain

Under the premise that the heatwave of the meta-universe is constantly surging, almost all industries want to bless and try to use the meta-universe to bring new vitality and hope. Social, e-commerce, games, and entertainment, without exception. If we must find an outstanding person among the team that supports the metaverse, then the blockchain is undoubtedly the most prominent one.

Just as many players only regard Metaverse as a concept that wins the attention of the capital market, one of the most important reasons why those blockchain players will bless Metaverse is that Metaverse can win the attention of the capital market. The universe can fill the gap that the capital market pays attention to them. Take Facebook as an example. When Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was renamed “Meta”, its stock began to rise all the way. This is true for well-known technology companies, and even more so for those companies that still need a capital transfusion for development. Blockchain players, not to mention.

Once, the blockchain was an area that attracted much attention from the capital market. Therefore, people who are familiar with the capital operation routines began to borrow the name of the blockchain, wanting to continue their tried and tested routines and methods in the Internet age. However, the rapid success of capital has caused players to encounter Waterloo on the blockchain.

To cater to capital, more and more players have begun to associate blockchain with currency issuance or ICO, and chaos of desire and interest has begun to appear. When chaos in this market frequently appears, especially when the supervision of this market continues to be strengthened, the capital’s practice of creating a scale advantage in the short term encounters difficulties, so they begin to ebb. Those blockchain players who only rely on capital blood transfusion to continue their development have begun to encounter more and more difficulties.

The days will continue. Later, to survive, more and more blockchain players began to focus their attention on the level of technology research and development and application. However, this kind of “far away from money” naturally cannot continue to cause blocks. The interest of chain players. Finding a concept and gimmick that can be enthusiastic about by the capital market, so that the blockchain can regain its past glory, naturally becomes a problem that every player has to face.

The advent of the meta-universe era provides such a possibility. As a result, the blockchain and meta-universe began to be deeply bound together.

It is undeniable that the deep binding of Metaverse and blockchain has indeed given a new atmosphere to the lifeless industry. However, just equating the metaverse with the blockchain can certainly bring some growth, but this simple and crude deep binding is still harmful to the long-term and healthy development of the metaverse and the blockchain.

A rational and objective view of the relationship between Metaverse and blockchain is the key to ensuring their sustainable and healthy development.

For a long time, people’s views on blockchain have been quite superficial. From the original equivalent of digital currency to the current equivalent of meta-universe, people have always regarded the blockchain as a relatively superficial existence. Blockchain is only a low-level technology, not a superficial industry form. Simply arbitrarily binding the underlying technology of the blockchain to the surface industry will only bring the development of the two to a dead end.

According to the classic definition of blockchain, it has many characteristics such as “point-to-point data transmission”, “trust system”, “consensus mechanism”, and “distributed storage”. Carefully analyze these characteristics of the blockchain, and we will find that they are all very basic and low-level.

The meta-universe is a concrete existence. Whether it is the social scene where virtual and reality are deeply integrated or the game experience that seamlessly connects virtual and reality it creates, it shows us a concrete existence.

One bottom layer, one surface layer; one virtual, one concrete. The meta-universe and the blockchain are indistinguishable from each other in any case.

If you only see the popularity of Metaverse in the capital market and regard it as the source of capital for the blockchain, then the so-called Metaverse will be completely reduced to a concept.

Regard the blockchain as a lower-level existence than the meta-universe, and it is more important to establish the status and role of the blockchain in the meta-universe era than just viewing the meta-universe as a marketing tool.

The author believes that the most important role of blockchain technology is that it builds the technical foundation of the meta-universe era and truly connects the related technologies that constitute the meta-universe. Whether it is big data technology, cloud computing technology, or Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence technology, or even virtual reality technology, in the final analysis, they are a kind of underlying data processing technology. The blockchain is just such a brand-new data processing technology.

It is precise with the blockchain that the many new technologies that make up the metaverse can truly give full play to the functions and effects of the application.

Those views that merely equate the blockchain with the meta-universe, not only do not understand what the meta-universe is but also have not understood the true meaning of the blockchain. Their current enthusiasm for Metaverse is the same as their enthusiasm for blockchain in the past. They only see the preferences of the capital market and are just a kind of catering to the capital market.

On the surface, Metaverse can indeed inject new vitality and vitality into the development of blockchain. However, when the pursuit of capital is no longer, the players’ interest in the meta-universe will also cool down. Therefore, when we look at the issue of the relationship between the meta-universe and the blockchain, we should jump out of the ties of capital and look at it from a perspective outside of the capital.

The author believes that it is better to treat the blockchain as the “infrastructure” of Unicom’s meta-universe era and to truly find a way and method for blockchain technology to activate other basic technologies, than just investing in the firm, and better than just investing in the firm. Metaverse is more important as the “life-saving straw” of blockchain.

When we truly clarify the relationship between the meta-universe and the blockchain and find the correct way and method to exert the functions and functions of the blockchain, the meta-universe at this moment will not be just a concept, but A new generation that is visible and tangible supported by blockchain technology.

At this moment, Metaverse is no longer the “backup” of the blockchain but has become the “twin” of the blockchain.

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