Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

The main problem is the poor VR experience.

At the end of 2021, Meta held three Metaverse concerts on its VR platform Horizon Venues, which Oculus headset users can experience for free. 

The lineup is star-studded, including rapper Young Thug, DJ David Guetta and the group The Chainsmokers. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Picture from: Meta 

But the effect is not satisfactory. Oculus official website information shows that only 18,000 people followed the most. The main problem is the poor VR experience. 

Judging from the closed beta version in August 2020, Horizon Venues provides the right seat for comedy performances.The player who turned into a “legged monster” seemed to plunge into the three-dimensional, and then swayed and left silently. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Closed beta experience. GIF produced by: YouTube@Graphics Monkey 

After more than a year, Horizon Venues has hardly optimized the VR experience. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Young Thug. Picture from: Facebook 

What Young Thug and The Chainsmokers showed was only a concert with a 180° virtual background; David Guetta directly provided his 2D live video of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Picture from: Meta 

Of course, players can watch while dancing their virtual avatars, or communicate with other fans in the lobby. But on New Year’s Eve, this is not enough to attract people to enjoy concerts at home wearing VR headsets alone. 

Turning the perspective to the domestic market, the Baidu Create conference in December 2021 unveiled the “Greetings” Metaverse. 

Baidu said that Metaverse’s demand for computing power is almost infinite. Based on technologies such as AI native cloud and spatial sound field reconstruction, “Xiyang” is the first in China to achieve 100,000 people interacting on the same screen and “10,000 people concert-level” reality. The sound effect is restored. 

However, in addition to face-to-face voice interaction, remote voice communication, body language communication, and clocking in and taking photos, there are not many functions currently open. The concert has no characters. The whole can only be regarded as the prototype of the Metaverse, and the virtual avatar style is also slightly weird. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Baidu Vice President Ma Jie pointed out that the problems of vision, hearing, and interaction are the three major technical problems that hinder the development of Metaverse. This will be a gradual and gradual process of improvement. 

Take the VR headset as an example. Whether it is the running capability of VR or the huge computing power required to produce 360-degree simulation effects, it is far less than the PC system that 3A games rely on. A series of core technologies supporting VR headsets are still to be matured, and there is a long way to go to create a sense of immersion like “Top Player”. 

In contrast, the Fortnite Travis Scott concert in April 2020 is still repeatedly mentioned. The duration of less than 10 minutes does not prevent it from becoming the pinnacle of a virtual concert. 

In front of millions of players and live-streaming viewers, an asteroid crashed into the ground and the players were shaken by the airflow. The huge Travis Scott emerged from the explosion and began to perform his single “Sicko Mode”. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

GIF produced by: YouTube@Travis Scott 

Accompanied by music, the entire game scene changes with rich stage effects, staged visual spectacles, fire rain, stars, ocean floor, space… Players can freely move and adjust their perspective, and follow the rhythm of electronic music in a weightless state. . 

This virtual concert is attributed to the technical support of Fortnite’s developer Epic. It has strong server-side load pressure, Unreal Engine, real-time rendering capabilities, as well as sophisticated motion capture technology, 3D portrait polishing and holographic character projection. 

The Fortnite concert is hailed as “a glimpse of the Metaverse from the game”, and players are only presented with computers, XBox devices and 2D screens, which also means that the future of virtual concerts must be found in the Metaverse. 

Meta held three concerts in Metaverse, no one cared

Picture from: xrtoday 

When everyone is the number one player, with VR headsets, somatosensory clothing, cyber prosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces, low latency and high immersion are just the basic requirements. A virtual concert may be trembling, provided that the technology is capable reach there. 

While no one was interested in the concert, Meta’s Metaverse became the big winner of Christmas 2021. The Oculus VR app surpassed TikTok to top the list of free downloads in the United States on the App Store. The Quest 2 headset was the most popular for Christmas. Technology gift. 

Reality is always skinny. The current Metaverse platform is a bit “rough”. It is hard to imagine Zuckerberg’s “working, studying, and living in the VR world all day”, and the real Metaverse concert is still there. Prepare its prelude. 

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