Messi accepts PSG as part of the salary of Paris Saint-Germain fan tokens

According to the official information of the Paris Saint-Germain Club, the financial plan of the football star Lionel Messi after his transfer to the Paris Saint-Germain Club in France will include payment in the cryptocurrency fan token PSG. This move further established Paris Saint-Germain as one of the most innovative and avant-garde clubs in the world.


Messi left the Spanish team Barcelona on August 10 and signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) with an annual salary of 35 million euros, with the option of the third year.

The Paris Saint-Germain Club stated that in the days before the transfer, the transaction volume of PSG tokens exceeded US$1.2 billion. In addition, after rumors that Messi will move to Paris Saint-Germain, $PSG rose by nearly 50%.


Previously, Paris Saint-Germain Club cooperated with Chiliz’s social mobile application in 2018, and launched $PSG as a fan token in 2020, using fan tokens to connect clubs and fans. PSG holders can vote on various binding “fan decisions” issued by Paris Saint-Germain and participate in activities on Socios to get rewards. In the future, PSG can be mortgaged to obtain NFT rewards.

The application of fan tokens also shows that the club is constantly seeking to increase and diversify its sources of income in order to develop into a global brand.

In the official press release, Paris Saint-Germain Chief Partnership Officer Marc Armstrong stated: “It has been proven that the full use of and PSG fan tokens has brought great success to the club. We have been able to attract new global audiences, Created an objective source of revenue for the digital economy.”

As of press time, the fan token PSG is quoted at US$40.73, with a total market value of US$118 million.

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