Men who want to be beautiful

Men who want to be beautiful

In ancient China, men’s love for beauty is nothing new. Men in the Wei and Jin dynasties pursued fair skin and powdered their faces; men in the Tang dynasty would use transparent lipstick, which is our current lip balm; men in the Song dynasty would arrange flowers on their buns.

In the past two years, that ancient trend has recovered. The male “face value economy” has developed, and more and more men have joined the consumer ranks related to face value, becoming more beautiful and no longer exclusive to women.

Two weeks ago, we did a solicitation related to male appearance anxiety. In dozens of submissions, we found that “beauty-loving” boys began to love beauty for various reasons. Many of them It is the ordinary people around us.

We interviewed a few ordinary men who devoted themselves to makeup, medical beauty and fitness, and talked about their beauty journey.

Astronaut, 25 years old 

My name is Astronaut, I am from Shandong, I am 25 years old this year, and I am a social worker now.

When I was in junior high school, my classmates’ hairstyles and shoes on their feet seemed to have changed quietly, and they were no longer simple. I really realize that “appearance” is very important because of a small thing: I was about to take the small high school entrance examination, and I did something wrong. The head teacher directly reprimanded me in public at the class meeting, “Astronaut, you can’t speak, you are not popular. , You don’t look good, you don’t study well, and your sports are not good. You will be a waste in the future.”

After that time, the issue of “appearance” began to create pressure in my heart. The good-looking people in the class only play with good-looking people. I think that because I am not good enough, I may not be worthy of having some beautiful things.

The astronaut has been a fat boy since he was a child. He has been unpopular in school because of his lack of outstanding appearance.

However, the conditions in the astronaut’s home are pretty good, so in middle school, astronauts can exchange better scores for some popular clothes and shoes. In 2009, the romantic comedy “Love Apartment” was all the rage, and the fashionable dress of the protagonists in the TV series became the target of imitation by the teenagers at that time. Astronauts also began to search the Internet for Guan Gu’s magical jacket. Although only pirated clothes could be purchased, this dress satisfies the astronaut’s little vanity at the time.

Men who want to be beautiful

■ Picture / Stills of “Love Apartment”

At that time I bought a clover coat with a leopard-like pattern on it, two sleeves with claws, and a long tail at the back of the dress. Actually, it’s quite strange, but I want to get recognition from others in this way.

After the results, I asked my dad to buy me a clover shell head. At that time, I bought a shell head, which is very worth showing off. The next day, when I walked into the classroom wearing the pair of shell heads and the leopard-print clover, they were all shocked, “Astronaut is today…”, there was no adjective for a long time. very cool. Someone asked, “Would you like to go to the toilet together? Seeing that you didn’t go to the toilet today, are you afraid of dirty water splashing on your shoes? I love cleanliness so much.”

Some people even handed me a note because of my suit. It was the first time I received a love letter. I enjoyed it very much and made the first wave of friends since I went to school.

In just one semester, my whole person has expanded from scratch.

This time because of making friends because of his clothes, the astronauts began to realize that his appearance can win the love of others, and his grades are not bad, the astronauts became more and more confident.

During the college entrance examination, the astronaut was admitted to a school. As soon as he was in his freshman year, he and his classmates opened a snack bar in front of the university. The lives of astronauts have also changed a lot.

We not only sell milk tea, fried chicken, octopus balls, but also provide a 24-hour takeaway service, and we can send fried noodles to students who have been in Internet cafes all night.

After a month, when I earn more, I can get 100,000 yuan.

At a young age, money comes too quickly and easily, and the whole person’s mind is immature, and gradually falls into the whirlpool of vanity. When there were always deposits in my bank account, and there was never less than 5 digits, I didn’t even care about the specific numbers in it, or even set up SMS reminders, and bought all kinds of brand-name sneakers, brand-name sneakers, AJ, Air Force. No. 1, including what you saw on the Internet, piled up the bought AJ into a Christmas tree. I have also bought so many pairs.

I am very surprised by the gaze of others, like achieving some kind of achievement. Wearing expensive shoes and wearing good-looking shoes means that you have good taste, you can become very talkative, and you can even get some other opportunities and development.

In 2015, there was a Korean drama called “You from the Star”. At that time, I kept watching Professor Du’s close-up clips, learning from him, learning his clothes, learning his temperament, and also the furnishings at home and the usual attitude towards others. Attitude is hard imitation.

Men who want to be beautiful

■ Picture / Stills of “You Who Came From the Stars”

Because he was so hot, and at that time, I really thought he was handsome, so I wanted to try to get closer to him. On the one hand, it is easier to get the attention of girls. On the other hand, being liked by more people can also be regarded as a symbol of good popularity.

But I myself belong to the type with broad shoulders, a height of 1.78 meters, and strong limbs. My figure is wearing the same clothes as the professor. Others may not know what I am doing.

The most exaggerated one was that I went to find those rich second-generation classmates and borrowed their Hermès account to make a suit. I wanted to say that since I wanted to buy a suit, I would do it in one step, although I didn’t know what luxury goods were at that time.

One of the good buddies, the family is really rich. When their family moved to a new house, they copied the Hermès house 1:1 to their home, including the decoration. I asked him, gave him my size, asked him to book a Hermes suit for me, and then invited him to dinner.

Back and forth, including asking for someone, having dinner, and custom-made suits, cost hundreds of thousands.

Astronauts of this period were crazy about dressing because of vanity, but after 2016, astronauts fell into a strange circle.

In the second half of 2016, I entered the stage of crazy shaping. I persisted for a year and a half and ran 5 kilometers three times a week. After getting lines in my figure, I started to make friends in small circles.

Only after entering this circle did you know that you have to know eighteen martial arts. You have to know the latest beauty bloggers, understand the latest skin care products, and know how to use them. Even, you have to talk to them about your figure, your lines, whether your gluteal muscles are full enough, whether your chest is big enough, whether your arm circumference reaches 45, whether your leg circumference exceeds 70 or 73. Is your hip circumference 120…

At that time, I looked at myself, how ugly and wrong. Even now I feel that my head shape doesn’t seem to be very good-looking. This is the conclusion I just made to myself this morning.

For a period of time, as long as 7 months, I only ate boiled chicken breast and cabbage, and fried shrimp with tofu every day, just to reduce my BMI index to 20. Because I am a foodie myself, but in this endless loop, I can’t eat what I like.

I held back my desire until the thread broke down, and finally I really couldn’t bear it. The way to break out is to overeating. I am a native of Shandong and I went to the south to eat seafood. I squatted in that place for a week. I opened a room. When I woke up, I went out to eat and went back to sleep after eating.

In the end, it caused gout. That was the first time I had gout. Wow, it turns out that gout feels like that. I felt that I was killing myself when I went up the stairs. When I was lying on the hospital bed for infusion, I was thinking, why should I force myself so much? What did I do wrong?

What I always think about is, “When I wear AJ, will my shoes hit the ground?”

“If I wear extremely dry clothes, will it be too life-like? Should I wear a small shirt?”

“Tonight I ate hot pot and barbecue. I didn’t eat salad. My weight might jump from 180 jin to 183 jin?”

And when I found out that after I worked extremely hard, my arm circumference, leg circumference, and hip circumference were still in place. The anxiety was really unspeakable. I seem to be always anxious, always forcing myself.

The astronaut summed up his experience of becoming beautiful. In the past, the crazy and radical methods were not the correct way to transform himself. Now the astronauts, while exercising and enjoying food, the astronauts have begun to learn to accept the less skinny selves. .

Compared with astronauts, the acquired environment has caused changes. The second narrator has been a person who has pursued appearances since he was young.

Xiao Ke, 26 years old 


My name is Xiao Ke. I am 26 years old and I am from Guangzhou. I currently work for an Internet company.

I started to fall in love when I was in the second grade. I secretly saved a sum of money before the summer vacation, and before I went to the street with the girl, I secretly bought a set of clothes.

It was around 2008, and the clothes in those shops were still hanging on the wire fence on the wall.

I looked for a weekend afternoon to go shopping. At that time, I was relatively courageous and didn’t dare to communicate directly with the store. I walked around the street two or three times. Every time I passed by a store, I would secretly turn my head and glance to see if there are clothes I like on the wall.

When I passed by for the third time, I saw that set of clothes. Now it looks like ordinary short sleeves and shorts. The color is fancy. The clothes have patterns that I thought were better at the time. At that time, I would think of this set of clothes. It’s trendy.

I went directly in and said to the boss, “I want this set of clothes and pants. Look at my figure, just take one of my size.”

After buying it, he gave me a red plastic bag, and I hurried home and hid the set of clothes.

After putting on the new clothes, my first reaction was “I am a person who is about to go to the street to fall in love. I want to wear new clothes and meet some nice girls.” At that time, I obviously felt that I was more confident.

In the third year of junior high, the school uniforms and trousers at that time were all kind of wide-leg flared trousers. Some students around me specially made the trouser legs smaller, and let the trouser legs fall on the shoes, which would make them look better.

My parents are high school teachers, and they don’t support me in doing this. But then I secretly saved some money to buy two more school pants, and secretly changed it myself, only a little bit, it didn’t seem so obvious, so I just wore it to school.


During the summer vacation of the sophomore year, Xiao Ke applied to Russia to be an international volunteer. Maybe it was because of unacceptable water and soil. In dry Russia, Xiao Ke’s skin began to have problems. Until later, the problem of acne on the skin became the biggest challenge for Xiao Ke’s appearance management.

Before my sophomore year, I basically had no other skin problems. When I was young, whether I was in junior high or high school, my appearance among boys was above average, so I occasionally attracted attention from girls. It is also because I continue to receive attention from others, so I will increasingly care about what others think of me.

On the first day of my internship, I chose a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of black canvas shoes.

After arriving at the company, I found that most of the employees in the company were female colleagues. They all put on makeup and dresses, and it was obvious that they could smell different perfumes. I discovered that everyone is so exquisite and so radiant. If I have acne on my face, it will look out of place. Since everyone is well dressed, I also need to try something.

I went to Weibo to see how those beauty bloggers usually take care of themselves and how to do daily skin care. Brush and brush, Weibo algorithm will push me some new beauty bloggers. Later, I discovered that a male beauty blogger was talking about something related to male makeup. I wrote down the steps required for male makeup and which brands of skin care products to buy.

Before that, Xiao Ke had tried various acne treatment methods. Whether it was Chinese or Western medicine, he failed to eliminate acne. Looking at the beauty bloggers in the video who have the same troubles as him, Xiao Ke found that makeup might be possible. Can really help him.

There are also some beauty makeup videos in my favorites, which are some very basic makeup steps for boys: after taking a shower or washing their face, after doing skin care for the face, first isolate them, then use concealer and foundation, and finally Just some loose powder and makeup setting spray.

The first time I put on makeup was because the company was moving to a new office, and I was going to help move some things. That day, I got up early in the morning, opened the video, and followed the blogger’s steps to put on makeup step by step. On the way to take the subway, I was very nervous. I was worried that my colleagues would find out that I put on makeup and would find out why this guy suddenly started to clean up himself.

But when I arrived at the company, I found out that no one seemed to pay attention to whether I had makeup or not, and no one came to me. I was not lost, but relieved in my heart.

I am still obsessed with putting on makeup at work. Once when the company was building, everyone would go to the hotel for breakfast the next day. Maybe because they just woke up, everyone basically didn’t have any makeup, and they were all in a very simple and natural state. But I will set the alarm clock at 6:30 to get up and put on makeup, and then I will go to see other colleagues after I get dressed.

After I went downstairs, a colleague just woke up, and he asked me, “Why do you woke up so early in the morning and put on makeup? All of us rushed to put things away when we woke up naturally.” I also smiled at the time. , Didn’t say anything, I just said, “I woke up earlier, so I painted a makeup by the way.”

Because I want to maintain my personality well, and I can’t break this personality because I don’t wear makeup one day.

Men who want to be beautiful

■ Xiao Ke’s skin care products


During the epidemic, the company stipulated that you must wear a mask to work. Xiao Ke also felt that with a mask, you can be lazy and no longer wear makeup every day. However, there are always emergencies that make him uneasy.

In the first half of 2020, everyone was wearing masks. Later, the company informed that it was not necessary to wear masks at the work station, and everyone would choose to take off the masks, but I was the more special person, and I would choose from morning to night. Always wear a mask because I still have some acne marks on my face.

I wear a mask very tightly. When I drink water, I will pull the mask to my mouth, and put the mask back quickly after drinking the water; I don’t know how to eat lunch with other colleagues, basically I eat it by myself. .

Sometimes the leader suddenly said that the whole group went out for a meal at noon. At that time, I was very panicked because I went to work without makeup at all. I found an excuse to tell my colleagues that I had an appointment that day, so I couldn’t follow Everyone go to dinner.

Since that time, in addition to putting a set of cosmetics at home, I also bought an extra set of cosmetics in my bag and took it to work every day to cope with such emergencies.

Later, I will go to the toilet 15-20 minutes in advance to put on makeup, and then take off the mask. Everyone seems to assume that you have put on makeup when you wear a mask.

Obviously, wearing masks and makeup is not a long-term solution.

In mid-2019, Xiao Ke met his current girlfriend, who told him that photorejuvenation technology can help him improve his skin texture. So, Xiao Ke, accompanied by his girlfriend, found a professional dermatology hospital. Under the doctor’s advice, Xiao Ke had a photorejuvenation once a month. It lasted for half a year and invested more than 10,000 yuan. The acne gradually faded away.

I don’t want to admit that I am anxious about appearance, because at the time, I felt that I was the most real after putting on makeup. The acne on my face may only be temporary. Waiting for me to do a few more years of treatment and thoroughly treat my skin. The condition got better, and the appearance I showed was actually the appearance after putting on makeup.

Over time, I have gradually let go of this matter. I think it is understandable for men to pay attention to their appearance. Everyone wants to be better-looking.

Men who want to be beautiful

■ Clothes and shoes that Xiao Ke bought for herself

From a statistical point of view, men’s money invested in beauty and medical beauty has risen sharply since 2018.

Boys like Astronaut and Xiao Ke will only grow more and more due to the economic stimulus of appearance. Boys make up for medical beauty, which is no longer a new thing. Spending a small amount of money to add more beauty to your looks is the best of both worlds. But plastic surgery is different, after all, it is a knife on the face, there is no room for turning back.

The third narrator, Liu Pippi, is a fan of micro plastic surgery. In the past few years, he has invested nearly 100,000 yuan in plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

Liu Pipi, 30 years old 

My name is Liu Pipi, I am 30 years old and I am from Xi’an, Shaanxi. I am an ordinary employee of an electric power company.

When I was in junior high school, every time I took group photos, I felt that I was not photogenic, so I started to feel a little inferior.

Because there are some classmates in the class who are very good-looking, taking group photos is also very energetic. They study well and are popular, but I have single eyelids and small eyes.

In my ideals, there is not a certain way I want to be. When I watch some movies or Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas, I find that some celebrities look very good. I feel that if I look like them, it will be very good. At the time, I felt that as long as I looked good, everyone would like me.

When graduating from high school, some toiletries endorsed by Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities appeared on the market. They would promote the effects of whitening, face-lifting, and weight-loss. I bought the face-lifting facial cleanser that was very popular at the time. Usually, a bottle of facial cleanser is more than 20 yuan, and the bottle of facial cleanser is more than 50 yuan. I bought three or four bottles, hoping that the bottle of facial cleanser will change my appearance.

After working, Liu Pippi learned some knowledge about beauty through the Internet, and he began to explore more ways to make himself beautiful on his own.

I ran several medical aesthetic centers in the early stage, and also did many small projects.

The first project I did was facial cleansing, which was a basic skin care-small bubbles. Although it was basic skin care, I seemed to have a different feeling at the time.

I also had some psychological barriers at first, and I would also think “Is it right for me?” So every time I do a project, I ask the doctor, “Will boys do it?”

They told me patiently every time, “A lot, really a lot, and there are all walks of life.”

Later, I felt that maybe I didn’t see it. Later, when I went to work on projects, I also observed that there are actually many boys who do it, and they are getting younger.

Indeed, there are surveys that show that in recent years, the post-90s and post-00s are the main players in the male medical aesthetics market.

In addition to basic skin care, Liu Pipi also did some medical beauty projects to change the skin quality in the later period, such as the more mature technology of water-light injection, hyaluronic acid and face-lifting needle.

In 2018, Liu Pipi selected a relatively senior plastic surgery hospital in the local area. In the following two years, he saved money while searching for related plastic surgery cases to do his homework for the plastic surgery. 

However, the biggest obstacle Liu Pippi encountered was not money, but his parents.

Even if I think so, I will take into account the feelings of my parents. What do my parents think when I do this?

My parents are very traditional. Once, I said, “Mom, I want to cut my double eyelids. What do you think?”

My mother said seriously, “You are not a girl. If you are a girl, we can still accept it, but you are a boy. Do you want to pursue an acting career? You are just an ordinary person at work.”

Faced with the incomprehension of his parents, Liu Pippi did not refute.

In the past few years, Liu Pippi’s life has undergone some changes: strong parents firmly disagree that he is with his girlfriend at the time, coupled with the bottleneck at work, Liu Pipi reluctantly broke up with his girlfriend and checked in the hospital. There was severe depression and moderate anxiety. Under multiple pressures, the facelift plan was advanced.

I just want to choose a way of life of my own, and I am not afraid of failure-when your life is at the bottom and you lose hope, another voice will tell you “Nothing matters anymore” .

I felt that my parents didn’t care, and then I went to the doctor.

What I do is eye synthesis, and chin pads. Eye synthesis includes full double eyelid removal, eye bag removal, eyelid lifting muscles, and eye opening. I was looking for the dean of the Medical Academy of Fine Arts to do it, and it took about three hours.

After I finish it, I will be completely wrapped in gauze, and I will feel a sense of transformation. I feel that the original me is the original me, and the current me is the current me. Many things will be different from then on.

It doesn’t seem to be too good-looking, I just said that this is what I expected. I have achieved it now, and it must be more energetic than before.

In the past, some friends would often ridicule me, saying, “Did you not wake up, are you in a bad spirit?”, and some people would say “You look bad”. After I changed, they thought I was quite energetic. , Which is what I expected.

I told my parents that I went to work elsewhere, and they didn’t see me either. Two months later, I recovered a little bit. When they saw me, they asked, “What’s wrong with your eyes?” I said, “Nothing, I didn’t sleep well.”

My mother said, “You come over and show me, have you made eyes?”

I said, “That’s it. I went for myopia surgery. The doctor said that my eyes were too small to be done. So I got a double eyelid first.”

They think, well, this does not seem to be unacceptable.

I said, “Yes, it’s cheap, and I don’t hurt. This is temporary, and it will recover after a long time.”

They just said, “You are back to the way you were before, how ugly.”

Although Liu Pippi’s appearance has changed, his life has not changed as he expected. He still stays in the state-owned enterprise and works day after day, and still has not made new friends.

For Liu Pippi, changing his appearance may be the first step in changing his life. What Liu Pippi needs most now is to find his inner support.

I used to have low self-esteem both internally and externally, but now I don’t feel inferior because of appearance, only my heart is left.

There are many reasons for low self-esteem, including the environment in which I grew up and the working environment when I grow up. I feel that I am really inferior to most people, and I can’t even reach the average level. Many people of the same age have already given birth to second children, even divorced, but I am not married yet. From this point of view, I really feel quite inferior.

Although my appearance has changed, I think it takes longer to change some things in my heart.


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Unidentified source image provided by the narrator


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