MDEX released its latest roadmap in 2021: it will expand its ecological landscape horizontally to create more value paths

For us: today is still DAY 1.

MDEX released its latest roadmap in 2021: it will expand its ecological landscape horizontally to create more value paths

Dear MDEX users.

MDEX started with love and became an innovation. Since its launch on January 19, 2021, we have been seeking better protocol solutions to achieve the lowest cost, most efficient, fastest, and best experience trading ecosystem. In the fierce and rapidly iterating competitive environment, we have always insisted on returning to the essence of finance and rational thinking, constantly examining the giving in the context of the times and participating in it. After 138 days of safe and smooth operation, MDEX is about to see its first half, and will also announce our next phase of planning and layout. Before that, let’s review what MDEX has achieved in the past 5 months.

MDEX has become unique and irreplaceable.

  • MDEX daily trading volume of over $2.7 billion, nearly double that of Uniswap, ranking first in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko’s global DEX rankings and reigning at the top of the list.
  • MDEX dual-chain deployment (Heco & BSC) with the highest TVL exceeding US$5.7 billion and cumulative trading volume exceeding US$340 billion.
  • The first IMO (Initial Mdex Offering) has over 8,874 participants and the total participation exceeds $387 million.

We have created over $1.3 billion in wealth for our users and continue to repurchase and destroy MDX.

  • MDEX has cumulatively created $1.06 billion in wealth for users (430 million MDX) through trading subsidies and liquidity mining rewards.
  • Boradroom repurchased and destroyed a total of 47.62 million MDX, with a total repurchase amount of over $135 million, while Boardroom rewarded users a total of nearly $220 million.
  • In order to give MDX more ecological application scenarios, the first phase of “Burning Black Hole” destroyed over 464,000 MDX, and the final actual destruction was over 417,600 MDX.

We always stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners and give each other the greatest support.

  • MDEX deployed HECO and BSC ecology and successfully landed on Huobi Global, Binance,, M XC and other 23 exchanges.
  • MDEX ecological fund invested in O3, Coinwind, Westater, Filda, Booster, Converter, Syn, Open Leverage and many other quality projects.

We are working day and night to drive the tide forward with developers and partners around the world, with the adventure of a pirate and the pragmatism of a farmer. We can’t wait to show you the future of MDEX: 1.

  1. The ultimate trading experience.

Combinability and innovation are the key factors driving DeFi’s development, and the direction we continue to explore. MDEX will deepen the trading link and continue to provide users with a more efficient, convenient and free trading experience. Next, MDEX will.

(1) go live with liquidity optimization protocols to significantly improve the efficiency of capital utilization.

(2) MDEX will optimize the existing AMM automatic market making protocol to achieve liquidity aggregation, range orders, limit orders and other functions.

(2) go live with cross-chain trading functions to enable value transfer across multi-chain networks.

MDEX will build a cross-chain infrastructure connecting multiple heterogeneous blockchain networks to realize cross-blockchain asset exchange functions. It will provide a more convenient and lower cost asset circulation solution for ETH, HECO, BSC, Polygon and other blockchain network assets and users.

(3) Launching an innovative trading interface and order book to upgrade the user trading experience.

MDEX will provide user-friendly quotation display page and order book trading function, as well as more convenient and richer pending order strategies to create an operating experience comparable to that of centralized exchanges.

  1. Boundless and wide ecological map.

Trading is the core of DeFi’s value, but it is not the end of DeFi’s world. MDEX will expand its ecological map horizontally and build more innovative products as an important path to create more value. Next, MDEX will.

(1) Implement the M-USD program to release unlimited liquidity.

MDEX will successively support the minting of stable coin MUSD in various ways such as overcollateralization, liquidity certificate LP collateralization and board MDX collateralization, and provide rich application scenarios and liquidity rewards for MUSD, allowing users to obtain lucrative income while significantly improving the efficiency of capital utilization.

(2) Implementation of M-MEX plan to create a one-stop solution for derivatives.

MDEX will take the original products as the basis and bring into play the combinable type of DeFi LEGO to gradually launch a series of innovative derivatives such as leveraged trading, option trading and prediction market, providing users with richer, more convenient and safer products, and also creating more income for MDX holders.

(3) Implement M- LEAGUE plan to create a new Defi ecology.

We hope to prosper the ecology together with more partners and developers. Therefore, a series of support programs such as IMO, MDEX Foundation and M-Accelerator will be given higher priority. We will review each application and give feedback within 24H.

  1. Infinite Possibilities of Income Rebate.

Whenever MDX owners are the most loyal builders of MDEX, MDX will be the only core pass of MDEX ecology and the only beneficiary of all MDEX growth dividends. In the next version, MDEX will.

(1) land the DAO program and return all power to the community.

MDEX will open the board member election plan and elect 21 super directors through MDX voting. Board members can enjoy the power to initiate proposals and get high income dividends, while users can participate in governance and get corresponding rewards through MDX voting.

(2) Opening a long-term lock-in plan to allow core supporters to reap lucrative returns.

In order to encourage MDX holders who are optimistic about the development of MDEX in the long term, we will open a long-term lock-in plan and invest more funds and equity for rewards.

(3) More product income empowerment to share MDEX growth dividends.

Transaction fees will only be part of MDEX platform revenue in the future, but any product revenue we will use to give back to MDX holders through rewards/repurchase destruction, etc.

Thanks to the support of every community user, we believe that although the pace and degree of change varies in every industry, the change-makers’ pursuit of innovation, belief in technology, desire for adventure, and confidence in the future are all connected, and these are the enablers that create a new era.

For us: today is still DAY 1.


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