MDEX May project progress: trading volume soars, opens ‘burning repurchase mechanism

Among decentralized trading platforms, MDEX ranks first among CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko DEX.

MDEX May project progress: trading volume soars, opens 'burning repurchase mechanism

MDEX is committed to building a DeFi platform that integrates DEX, IMO and DAO on the Firecoin eco-chain HECO and CoinGecko smart chain BSC, providing users with more secure and credible decentralized token exchange services with more diversified asset choices and allocations and higher expected return on investment.

MDEX has been operating peacefully for 138 days, and this article will show you the progress of MDEX project in May.

I. MDEX DEX Business Highlights

1、Transaction volume

HECO: $50.27 billion

BSC: $44.79 billion

The combined daily average trading volume of the two chains in May: $3.066 billion

Review MDEX project vision: MDEX will build a new business ecology with full-scene coverage, full ecological deployment and full chain connectivity, continuously expand application scenarios, lower the threshold of use, provide global users with more convenient, high-performance, low-cost and non-discriminatory financial services, and realize fair pricing of assets, instant settlement of transactions and free flow of value.

In terms of DEX turnover, MDEX has taken a big step forward according to its initial plan.

Among decentralized trading platforms, MDEX ranks first in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko DEX rankings.

  1. Number of unique visitors to the whole site

The number of unique visitors to the full stack exceeded 7604962, equivalent to a total of 7.6 million partners visited MDEX platform in May.

  1. Number of MDX repurchased and destroyed

Since the development of MDEX project, a total of 47 million MDX have been repurchased, and the average price of MDX is 2.8$, the repurchase amount is $131.6 million.

  1. mining related data

In the past 5 months, the total value of MDX rewards obtained by users through transaction mining is $220.6 million.

The total value of Mdx rewards obtained through liquidity mining is $113.4 million.

The total number of MDX holdings rose to 250,000 by incentivizing users to participate in transaction mining activities and liquidity mining.

II. IMO Project Development Highlights

IMO full name is: Initial Mdex Offering, can be understood as the first platform for some coins, with trading properties of the project, are considered for IMO, IMO can play a relatively large role in the publicity and promotion of the token.

2021.5.15 MDEX officially announced the opening of the IMO section, and in the first phase opened the Coinwind platform coin COW IMO, the first IMO in the COW total number of participants 8874 people, the total amount of participation is 380 million dollars, the excess exchange ratio: 25726%.

The first phase of the Coinwind platform token COW hitting new winning activity, allowing users holding MDX to enjoy an average of 5 times the hitting new revenue, a good start to the IMO activities, MDEX project side at the IMO level to select high-quality projects as their responsibility, and more high-quality project parties to cooperate, and jointly build the ecology of Mdex.

Third, the burning black hole project development highlights

2021.5.25 MDEX officially opened the innovative buyback program, that is, the “burning buyback mechanism”.

The first “Burning Black Hole” campaign, in which the number of MDX participated exceeded 464,000, and the actual destruction of more than 417,600 MDX, provided a very good example of accelerated destruction of MDX, and increased the speed of destruction on top of the original one.

IV. Progress of operation work

  1. MDEX ecological fund building

MDEX Eco Fund emphasizes mutual benefit and win-win situation, and chooses to cooperate with high-quality project parties to create a sustainable and healthy development ecological environment for MDEX project parties. In the past May, MDEX has cooperated with the following project parties and built the MDEX Eco Fund together.

CMC: Launch MDX

CMC: Statistics of Mdx trading indicators

CoinWind: Issued the first issue of IMO

Westarter: Cross-chain tokens for WAR exchange on mdex

Regardless of the progress of the partner project parties, or the effect after the event, the project parties that Mdex chose to cooperate with have brought positive evaluation and revenue to the Mdex Eco Fund.

  1. MDEX Community Operation Activity

As of 2021.6.3 MDEX official Twitter followers are 190,000, only in terms of Twitter followers, the increase in May is 600%, I believe you reading this article may also be MDEX Twitter followers, if not, welcome to follow.

Telegram Chinese:

Telegram English:


In MDEX halving stall, MDEX just also released the next phase of development plan, the project will be from DEX trading experience, DeFi business depth, innovative derivatives, DAO to further open the footsteps of MDEX as a decentralized project.

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