Mdex locks up $3.9 billion, mining has been cut in half, will it mess up?

Mdex targets to build the largest platform of DeFi ecology integrating DEX, IMO, and DAO with the token MDX.

BTC ETH is slowly rebounding, although there are some policies for the cryptocurrency circle that have not yet landed, but the market is a bit anxious and quietly raising its head. The time of the policy landing will be the moment of the big rally.

519 A large number of cleansed DeFi inside the leverage, the future of DeFi will how to go? ETH rose to $4,000 when the total amount of borrowing inside aave was over $20 billion, and now the market has not recovered, but the total amount of borrowing in aave is back above $20 billion.

DeFi is still fragile, but the life force is getting more and more vigorous.

Here’s a look, MDEX the DEX data situation.

I. Introduction to Mdex

Mdex aims to build the largest platform of DEX, IMO, and DAO in DeFi ecology, and its token is MDX.

Mdex first grew up in the Heco ecology of DEX, and later opened the plan of multi-chain deployment and went online with the BSC chain. There are also plans to support chains such as ETH (Layer 2), OKExChain and DOT to achieve asset interoperability and create a full ecological DEX.

In terms of functionality, Mdex plans to do order book model to provide more convenient and richer pending order strategies, and users can enjoy trading experience such as CEX.

In terms of service for projects, Mdex has opened up IMO model for project financing.

Mdex in the trading experience, because of the high TPS of Heco and BSC, it is more silky smooth to use, the lock volume of large trading slippage is also relatively low, and there is trading mining. If you go to MDX trading, it is equivalent to return a lot of fees.

Second, the Mdex lock volume and mining situation

1, Heco on the data situation

Mdex is the early project on Heco, and also the head project, currently steadily occupying the top position and trading volume of Heco. According to defibox data, MDEX’s locked position is $2.2 billion, with a 24-hour turnover of $4.75 billion.

On the DEX track on Heco, it is also far behind the second place BXH. in terms of lock volume and trading volume, it is one order of magnitude worse. It can be said that Mdex has no rival on the DEX track on Heco.

For the platform coin MDX repurchase destruction, Heco chain has repurchased a total amount of $125 million, total destruction of 41.63 million MDX, pending reward amount of $160 million.

  1. Data situation on BSC

Mdex is also deployed on BSC. According to the data from debank statistics, MDEX has a locked position of $1.7 billion on BSC. It ranks third in the BSC ecology in terms of lock volume and second in the DEX track.

From the viewpoint of lock volume, MDEX is also the head on BSC ecology, ranked number one, is also a capable player, after all, the top two are the pro son of Coinan, lock volume data is also a steady development, the following chart.

For the platform coin MDX buyback destruction on the BSC chain has bought back a total amount of $ 0.15 billion, a total of 5.59 million MDX destroyed, to be rewarded amount of $ 123 million.

MDEX on both Heco and BSC ecology, the total amount of on-chain repurchases reached $140 million, and the amount of pending rewards reached $283 million, which are quite large for MDEX less than 6 months after its launch. This is in the DEX track, MDEX platform coin buyback and reward strength, is ranked number one, after all, many DEX tokens do not have the function of buyback.

3, MDEX lock data ranking situation

According to debank’s data, among the five chains of ETH, BSC, xDai, Polygon, Fantom, MDEX can rank 12th in terms of lockup volume on BSC, as shown below.

MDEX’s total lock-in volume: $2.2 billion (Heco) + $1.7 billion (BSC) = $3.9 billion. If you simply put this total lock-up volume into the above ranking, then it can be ranked 7th.

The overall figures for MDEX are better in terms of lock-in volume.

4、MDEX mining situation

The liquidity mining yield situation on MDEX can be viewed on its official website.

For some coins, this liquidity mining reward on MDEX is very good, and if this figure can be maintained, then it is very objective. However, maintaining this yield depends on how strong the MDX token is, the stronger it is then the longer the yield will be maintained.

For MDX tokens, the MDEX team adjusted the board weighting ratio so that the yield of MDX tokens in a single press is 400%.

This situation, in fact, is a bit of left foot on the right foot, upward lifting flavor.

The high yield of MDX single coin pledge can lock a large number of MDX tokens, and if it pushes the MDX price up, then the MDX single coin pledger has more substantial earnings, pushing the MDX coin price more firm, and this raises the liquidity mining yield, then it can attract more funds to come, more funds to provide the liquidity to bring the trading volume and increase the MDX repurchase funds, which forms a small closed loop.

Of course, if you can’t maintain, it will work in reverse. This depends on the subsequent operation of MDEX.

Three, MDEX token mining release situation

1、MDX tokens

Total amount: 1 billion pieces

Time: 80 MDX/block, 3 seconds out of a block

Halve: 6 months production halved

2、MDX Allocation

.9 billion, mining has been cut in half, will it mess up?"/>Mdex locks up .9 billion, mining has been cut in half, will it mess up?"/>

10%: for team operations, project development, unlocked in 24 months

7%: for early stage investors, to be unlocked within 12 months

3%: for marketing and branding, to be unlocked within 12 months

80%: Liquidity mining and trading mining, 50% each.

3、MDX token circulation combing

According to the token allocation of MDX, the token release of MDX is organized by combining the data on MDEX official website and the data on the chain.

Mined mined: 307 million Heco, 124.5 million BSC
Team Unlocked: 0.125 billion
Early investors unlocked: 0.029 billion
Market Operation Unlock: 0.125 billion
Repurchase and destroy: Heco 0.416 billion, BSC 0.056 billion
That is, total release: 459.4 million, destruction: 47.2 million, circulation: 412.2 million. The repurchase destroyed more than 10% of the circulating volume, which is really a bit scary if this destruction rate is maintained.

According to the mining rules, 2.304 million MDX are mined every day, and the mining output will be halved on June 5, that is, 1.152 million MDX will be mined every day, and the mining output will be halved every 3 months after that. After the halving, for MDX tokens, the market pressure of daily mining output will be reduced from 5.29 million USD to 2.6496 million USD, which is conducive to the price increase of MDX tokens.

IV. MDEX Data Comparison

Statistics of lockups, trading volume and market capitalization of Uniswap, sushiswap, pancake, and Mdex.

In terms of lock volume, Mdex is within double of UNI and Pancake, although there is a difference.

In terms of 24H trading volume, Mdex has the largest trading volume, which is partly due to the trading mining of Mdex, so there is a certain amount of brush, but this volume is still considerable.

In terms of market cap, Mdex and sushi market cap are close, with nearly double the gap with pancake and a huge gap relative to uniswap’s market cap.

From the comparison of lock volume, trading volume and circulation market value data, MDX tokens still have space, whether it will rise, this depends on both the product business data, but also rely on the team market making situation. The data is available, it depends on the team.

MDEX data is good, MDX mining production has been cut in half, I do not know whether the team will take advantage of the time to cut in half, to do something about it.

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