Mayor of Coo Valley, Missouri, United States: I want to give everyone $1,000 worth of bitcoins to citizens

Mayor Jayson Stewart hopes to give every resident $1,000 worth of Bitcoin . Jayson Stewart is the mayor of Coo Valley, Missouri, with a population of only 1,500. The mayor is raising funds to provide each of the 1,500 residents of the city with $1,000 worth of bitcoin. But the problem is that the bitcoins that residents get from the mayor cannot be sold, and they must hold the assets they receive.

Jayson Stewart believes that these coins can improve the lives of every resident in Cool Valley, as long as the coins can be kept for several years.

This distribution method looks a bit like a trust fund. Coins will be distributed to every resident, but they will be locked so that they will not be able to sell and receive the corresponding cash in the next five years. After this, residents will be able to sell and get the full value of these bitcoins.

“We are working on a list of attributions to Bitcoin. You may not have touched it for five years before you actually have full access to it. We are studying this idea because this is my biggest concern about this matter. Today someone bought a car with their Bitcoin. Many years later, when Bitcoin has remained at the $500,000 level, they will regret it.”

Mayor Jayson Stewart doesn’t want to see his citizens miss the opportunity that Bitcoin brings. He called this type of Crypto digital gold. He hopes that every resident will get some bitcoins, no matter the amount.

“This is digital gold. I want to see every family in my city get some bitcoin.” Stewart pointed out “whether it’s $500 or $1,000.”

The rapid growth of Bitcoin is one of the main reasons investors strongly demand to own this digital asset.

Since its first launch in 2009, the asset has grown by 450,000%. And the growth trajectory has not slowed down in a real sense.

According to current forecasts, Stewart’s Bitcoin to CoolValley residents may rise to tens of thousands of pounds within a few years.

This is why Stewart proposed that these Bitcoins cannot be sold within five years. He believes that this asset will grow substantially in the next few years. If this is the case, then the situation in the entire town will be better, so it is worth the $1.5 million investment in the community.

The residents’ reaction was favorable to Stewart’s proposal. Stewart said the funds will come from several unnamed Bitcoin investors.

Some residents expressed a positive attitude towards the idea of ​​owning Bitcoin. Getting some bitcoins is fun for them, such as CoolValley resident Cornelius Webb saying “put money in my pocket. It sounds great to me,”

Obviously, Stewart has received support from donors who have pledged to use the funds raised to support this project.

Stewart said: “I have some donors who are very supportive of me and they agreed to give out the millions of dollars they raised.”

In addition to private funds, Stewart also plans to obtain funds from the government, and Stewart hopes that he can get some funds from the COVID relief. At the same time, the city fund can be used to fund certain parts of the plan.

Mayor Stewart’s plan has many advantages today. According to the mayor’s five-year plan, the $1,000 invested in bitcoin five years ago may be worth $150,000. The extent to which the value of bitcoin will rise is still unknown.


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