May Polkadot Eco Monthly Report | Multiple Eco-Projects Ready to Bid on Kusama Parallel Chain

Check out the progress of the May eco-project!



  1. Technical/Product Advances.

Updated to the latest Substrate / Polkadot / Cumulus version

Started new security audit

Parallel chain implemented Aura out of block consensus algorithm

Implemented collector election module

Fixed EVM integration with Prophecy Machine module

Completed configuration of Karura Advance Network

Completed all preparations for Karura go-live

  1. Collaboration progress.

On April 29, Nodle integrated Acala’s XTokens module in the parallel chain slot bidding codebase to support free asset movement between NodleCash and other chains.

May Polkadot Eco Monthly Report | Multiple Eco-Projects Ready to Bid on Kusama Parallel Chain

On May 6, the Acala team delivered the Web3 Foundation’s 5th Grant for the cross-chain asset standard “xTokens”, which will provide a unified cross-chain messaging solution for all Polkadot and Kusama parallel chains. The standard will provide a unified cross-chain messaging solution for all Polkadot and Kusama parallel chains. Prior to the Acala xTokens grant, the Acala team was awarded grants for the aUSD stablecoin, Acala EVM, LaminarChain and ORML reusable library.

On May 11, Acala joined the Patract Open Platform (POP), an open technical consortium for the Polka Wasm contract that was formed in conjunction with dozens of Polka eco-projects.

On May 11, Kilt sent test assets locally from the KILT test network to the Acala test network to use cross-chain messaging (XCMP) functionality, becoming a practical technical use case for cross-chain composability in the Polka ecosystem.

On May 14, the Acala Pioneer Network Karura entered into a partnership with RMRK to distribute a limited number of NFT Hatching Eggs to participants of the Karura Parallel Chain Auction. The hatching eggs will become exclusive Kanaria birds with special upgrade properties, and users who own Kanaria birds will have access to additional revenue opportunities such as exclusive Karura platform incentive play.

On May 19, Current announced a strategic partnership with Acala, a Boca DeFi platform. This is the first time ever to establish a diversified financial paradigm – HyFi (Hybrid Finance), which allows traditional banks to deeply integrate with decentralized finance and accelerate the wave of digital transformation of financial services.

May Polkadot Eco Monthly Report | Multiple Eco-Projects Ready to Bid on Kusama Parallel Chain
  1. Community Event.

On May 8, Dan, Acala’s Chief Growth Operations Officer, will explain the bidding mechanism of Polka Parallel Chain and release “8 minutes to take you through Polka Parallel Chain bidding”.

On May 10, Dan released a video tutorial on Karura’s asset management. 3 minutes to learn about Karura’s asset management and how it differs from Acala’s asset management.

On May 11, Acala co-founder Bette was interviewed by Brave new coin, the world’s leading crypto market data agency.

May Polkadot Eco Monthly Report | Multiple Eco-Projects Ready to Bid on Kusama Parallel Chain

On May 12, Acala made an announcement to the community to help the community confirm the Karura bid referral reward address.

On May 12, Acala board member Bryan Chen visited the True Satoshi community to share the latest progress of Polka and Acala, as well as the key points related to the upcoming Polkadot/Kusama slot auction.

On May 13, Acala pioneer network Karura released the reward parameters related to parallel chain auctions and Karura launch and governance roadmap.

On May 14, Acala’s Karura auction pre-registration ( was launched, and the number of active participants has reached 16573 so far.

On May 14, Acala COO Dan and Global Ambassador Sakthi opened the community AMA to answer community questions and explain the Karura Parallel Chain Slot Auction.

On May 19, Acala co-founder Bette attended the Polkadot Decoded conference to demonstrate why Acala is a Web3 New Economy financial infrastructure and invited Trevor Marshall, CTO of Current, a US mobile bank, to talk about why he chose Acala was invited by Trevor Marshall, CTO of Current, to talk about why Acala was chosen and the partnership solution to help more users enjoy multiple benefits quickly and securely and accelerate the integration of traditional finance with DeFi.

On May 20, Acala released a video series of founder interviews with Ruitao Su to learn how he views Acala’s products and culture.

On May 25, Dan, Acala’s Chief Growth Operations Officer, released a Karura product explainer video, explaining kUSD, LKSM, and the Karura DEX and DSWF funds.

On May 28th, Acala held an offline Meetup in Shanghai to give you a comprehensive understanding of Acala and Karura and Karura’s auction details, as well as a demonstration of the Acala & Karura platform operation process.


1、Technology/product progress

1)DEX Protocol

Zenlink DEX Protocol v0.4 has been successfully implemented in three different versions: Module, WASM and EVM, thus providing Zenlink with the ability to access any PoC parallel chain and truly cross-chain and cross-technology stack applicability.

The following are brief descriptions of the three versions.

The Zenlink DEX Module version is meant to be inserted into the parallel chain code via a Pallet (tray) for fast integration into the parallel chain. zenlink’s Module version adapts the latest Polkadot v0.9.3 code, optimizes the internal routing and asset representation scheme, and exposes the external The interface is more uniform.

Zenlink DEX WASM version is the native contract implementation of Polkadot and the main contract deployment method of Polkadot network in the future.

Zenlink DEX EVM version is the contract deployment method to achieve compatibility with Ethernet virtual machine operation, and is also the transitional solution adopted in the initial stage of the PoC network. platform applicability.

The Zenlink DEX Protocol v0.4 technical documentation has been published externally. The document mainly introduces the technical details of the protocol layer, including the unified asset identifier representation and parallel link entry process.

2) DEX DApp

DEX DApp v0.5 is developed! The main features are: smart routing and price trend icons.

Among them, “Smart Routing” allows users to get the best price and optimal exchange solution, and then complete the asset exchange between each parallel chain. The team has tested it in various usage scenarios to test the optimized price exchange path algorithm with actual situations.

The “price trend chart” is also one of the feature points that users care about on a daily basis. We analyzed user habits and compared them with CEX’s chart types, so that Zenlink’s price trend charts and historical analysis icons would be more in line with DEX users’ behavior and help users better allocate their assets.

In order to launch Zenlink’s second round of public beta testing, the Zenlink team implemented a series of operations and maintenance operations, completed the new underlying service architecture, and completed the monitoring of the underlying and on-chain status to improve service availability and stability.

Since the three major implementations of Zenlink DEX protocol layer (Module, WASM and EVM) have been completed, the team will investigate how to integrate these three different protocol implementations at the DEX DApp level to allow users to complete one-stop transactions.

3) SlotVault DApp

The SlotVault DApp product details are officially disclosed to the public! The goal of Zenlink SlotVault is to create a cooperation platform between parallel chain project parties and non-parallel chain project parties to attract users to participate in slot auctions, provide them with maximum revenue, and help slot auctions advance.

We talked to the first batch of project owners who are enrolled in SlotVault. We have sorted out the different card slot auction solutions of each project, and will adjust and polish the interaction details.

2、Eco/cooperation progress

On May 8, Zenlink entered into a strategic cooperation with Bondly and SakeSwap for the launch of Zenlink NFT on BSC (Coin Security Smart Chain).

On May 28, Zenlink SlotVault, a “PLO-as-mining” type of machine gun pool product created by Zenlink, announced that it will be deeply integrated with SALP, a Bifrost slot auction derivative solution, to provide the first liquid derivative mining product for slot auctions. mining product for slot auctions.

3、Community/Event Progress

1) Community News

On May 11, the official website of Patract Open Platform Alliance was officially launched and a summary of the progress of the Wasm contract for Alliance members was shared, after Zenlink reached a strategic cooperation with Patract and joined as a founding member.

On May 14, Zenlink officially announced the launch of ZenlinkDAO’s bootstrapped governance. The Zenlink Foundation will select the initial governance members and will seek diverse representation, including key community members, strategic partners, and investors committed to building Zenlink. Going forward, the committee will determine the path and gradual transition of ZenlinkDAO to becoming a fully decentralized organization. Related project programs, crypto communities, KOLs, media, and institutions can nominate themselves to join ZenlinkDAO and work together to build a better Web 3.0 world.

On May 21, Zenlink published an official article titled “Technical Tips | Learn about the new features of Zenlink Protocol v0.4.1”, disclosing the new features and design details of Zenlink Protocol v0.4.1.

On May 24, Zenlink completed the first Discovery Edition NFT Genesis release on SakeSwap.

On May 25, Zenlink officially published the article “”PLO is mining”: Zenlink SlotVault will be online soon, participate in parallel chain crowd lending voting to enjoy multiple benefits”, announcing the upcoming launch of “PLO is mining “Zenlink SlotVault is a machine gun pool product to help parallel chain bidding slots.

2) Brand Activities

On May 16, Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, attended the offline event of 2021 Boca Ecology China Tour in Chengdu hosted by Bluemountain Labs as a roundtable guest, and expressed his views on how to play DeFi and NFT on Boca.

On May 17, Zenlink held an AMA with the overseas community SPECTRE GRP, in which Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, disclosed the latest progress of Zenlink’s project and future plans.

On May 27th, Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, was a guest on the seventh installment of PolkaWorld’s Polka Parallel Chain Live series, giving his views on Statamint and introducing Zenlink’s basic situation and future vision.

On May 31, Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, attended the Beep Roundtable hosted by Beep News to give his views on the progress of the Polka ecosystem and to introduce Zenlink’s near future plans. The projects that attended the online roundtable included Bifrost, ChainX, and Acala.


  1. Technology/product progress.

1) Kusama Slot Auction

Bifrost launched the Kusama Slot Auction reservation page vsKSM Mint Drop on May 14, which also integrates the SALP slot liquidity protocol, allowing users to reserve and mint derivatives vsKSM+vsBond via 0.01 KSM, which can be subsequently used for liquidity release and Crwodloan mining play. As of May 31, over 40,000 Kusama addresses have been successfully reserved.

Bifrost SALP has entered into a deep product partnership with Zenlink SlotValue, where SlotValue will provide an additional liquidity pledge option for Bifrost bids at the start of the parallel chain crowdsale, where crowdsale funds participating through a jump to vsKSM Mint Drop will be recorded, along with access to SlotValue-backed multi-currency rewards.

The vsKSM Mint Drop page has been optimized for Graphql query service, significantly improving query efficiency as well as page load speed. In addition, a fee estimation prompt has been added to the minting portal to facilitate users to successfully complete the reservation.

2) Asgard CC4 & Dapp

Dapp SALP section has completed the development of vsToken & vsBond airdrop batch issuance, SALP Bancor module and SALP Deposit/Market/KSM Slot core functions and API front-end interface, and is continuing the development of SALP fund contribute and vsBond-auction.

Updated xcm data structure definition and upgraded test net to 0.9.1 for testing xcm. marked up test code around crowdloan related xcmp usage scenarios and debugged the process for the latest version of xcm transact.

3) Bifrost Parachain

Bifrost successfully registered kusama Parallel Chain ID 2001 and completed the latest Genesis block definition. Upgraded Kusama test version to 0.9.1 and completed runtime upgrade testing and optimized SALP SQL queries. Bifrost is well prepared for Kusama slot bidding.

  1. Ecology/Collaboration Progress.

Bifrost brand new upgrade, from concept to performance, from impression to application, all aspects of Bifrost’s brand system to maturity, and look forward to building a clearer and stronger brand consensus with users.

On May 9, Bifrost Product Manager Tyrone participated in the overseas community DeFi Raccoons AMA, sharing an introduction to the content of the Bifrost SALP protocol and a pre-bid sharing about the KSM slot. DeFiDiscussion/status/1390909791510441986

On May 16, Bifrost Kusama slot reservation application became public landing imToken, TokenPocket and MathWallet wallets, users can participate in Kusama slot reservation directly through the above wallets.

BML&Boca 2021 Boca Ecology China Tour in Chengdu was successfully held on May 16. Lurpis, co-founder of Bifrost, was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion: How to play DeFi and NFT on Boca, details: shareuid=146855199&vprid=0&sharetstamp=1621143216841

Beijing time May 21, 00:45, Tyrone with Bifrost SALP debut Polkadot Decoded Conference, from the interpretation of Crowdloan to the ecological propulsion role, the release of Crowdloan mobility thinking, SALP how to promote ecological development from multiple angles, UI interface debut to another possibility of Crowdloan derivatives market for DOT/KSM usability. Also share how Bifrost uses SALP to provide KSM/DOT liquidity for Kusama/Polkadot Parachain slot auctions under parallel chain auction lock-in KSM/DOT. Details:

On May 21, Boxmining invited Bifrost to participate in the Weekly Show, where Tyrone gave his views on the topic Will crypto ever recover, and also shared the Bifrost SALP protocol and the application of SALP to Kusama Slot Liquidity:

As of 11am on May 29th, the Bifrost Kusama Slot Auction Reservation Campaign vsKSM Mint Drop has reached 40,680 backers, and data analysis shows that over the past week, 50,000 new users have visited and 157,000 PageViews have been made, of which The majority of backers are from China, with the remainder coming from the US, Spain, Canada and Europe. You can participate in the Bifrost Kusama slot reservation via PolkaWorld, Chain News, Daily Planet, and BML public pages by replying to Bifrost or BNC, and you can participate in the official vsKSM phase minting 24 hours earlier with an additional 5% bonus on the invitee’s total reward. https:/ /



1、Technical/Product Progress


ChainX add ChainX btc system light node and cross-chain bridge multi-instance support, Chainbridge basic function completed

ksm-slot page development completed, interface development completed, swap, sherpax, chainbridge, ksm-slot deployment completed.

Upgrade ChainX and SherpaX to polkadot-v0.9.1 branch, switch to Aura Consensus.

btc-relay add support for dogecoin

2) SherpaX

Swap and Sherpax projects are basically developed

SherpaX developed AssetsHandler module to complete EVM system’s multi-signature cross-chain logic

SherpaX integrates BTC and DOGE light nodes and cross-chain bridge pallet

Implement EVM system witness, complete cross-chain circulation of BNB, ETH, HT, USDT assets to SherpaX network

  1. Community/Activity Progress

On May 6, 2021, ChainX development team announced that in preparation for the first half of ChainX and Kusama slot auction, they will launch a 2+1 testing network at the end of the month, deploying btc-based cross-chain bridge, eth-based cross-chain bridge, and AMM-mode dex to SherpaX for intermodulation, and open the recruitment of SherpaX ambassadors for the community. SherpaX Ambassadors will be recruited.

On May 14, 2021, the first installment of ChainX Direct Mind Series AMA was officially launched, and Goo, the head of ChainX product group, said: “SherpaX is ready for the Kusama slot auction. SherpaX, as a ChainX leader, will be able to access Kusama as a parallel chain by participating in the auction of kusama slots. SherpaX will share the security of the entire Kusama network and can interconnect with other parallel chains through XCMP protocol, truly realizing multi-chain cross-chain, breaking the barriers of ethereum, bitcoin and boca ecology, and realizing interoperability of all chains.

On May 17, 2021, Coming, ChainX’s first ecological application, was officially launched overseas. It is defined as the next generation of Wechat, a software that integrates encrypted communication and encrypted payment, and is a portal for users to enter the Web3.0 world, which will truly solve the trust and security problems.

On May 25, 2021, Coming V0.0.2 will openly recruit 100 beta testers for the local and overseas communities. Coming can now support 1,000 people chatting and has broken the limit of WeChat group chat, and also supports X-BTC red packet peer-to-peer transfer, which can be experienced in seconds. As an early contributor to Coming, you will have a chance to get a 6-digit number to choose first.


1、Technical progress

DVM related

Crab network is connected to DVM solution.

Pangolin network has been able to dynamically adjust evm gas_price.

Fix the problem of inaccurate estimated contract cost during application development.

Optimize DVM worker log output.

ERC20 Token registration protocol – completed.

Wormhole – Transfer bridge functionality: 1. ERC20 token registration 2. mutual transfer of erc20 tokens between darwinia and ethereum

Smart App – subql based transfer history search

Apps – Account list with total balance statistics

Substrate to Substrate bridge implementation, deployed to Pangolin

Substrate relay redesign and implementation

BSC (Coin On Chain) – Substrate cross-chain bridge implementation

2、Community progress

1)Darwinia Crab released Kusama Card Slot Auction Plan!

The Kusama Card Slot Auction Program! Basic Prize (available regardless of successful bidding)

For every 1 KSM supported, you can get 25 CRING per day during the crowdfunding period

? Achievement Award (unlock achievement award when you win a slot in a successful auction)

Share 240,000,000 CRING + 6,000,000 RING prize pool according to the proportion of KSM contributed

For every 1 KSM supported, you will receive a prize ticket for an Evolution Planet NFT pack (land/apostle/treasure chest)

BTC Lotto Prize BTC Lotto Jackpot

A BTC Super Jackpot is hidden in the NFT plot of Planet Evolution, participate in the Planet Evolution NFT Pack drawing for a chance to win the BTC prize!

Pre-launch event is underway with 100,000 CRING!

2) Chain News published an interview article with Darwinia: A Panoramic View of Darwinia: How Cross-Chain Bridge + NFT Empowers Web3.0

3) Darwinia’s sixth successful parallel chain ID registration 2006

4) Darwinia Overseas Ambassadors Meeting held in Gather for the first time, explaining Crab bidding strategy and exploring NFT Metaverse

5) Darwinia CMO Bree participated in a series of sharing events, including

Polkadot Decoded 2021 Polkadot Community Online Conference, the largest Polkadot event of the year, and a keynote presentation on Darwinia Bridge on May 21 at 00:30 (UTC+8). After several rounds of community voting and official selection, Darwin was the only (non-Poca) Bridges keynote to be selected.

NFT Tuesday Metaverse Adventure Phase 1

BML Boka China Tour Chengdu offline roundtable sharing

X-forece Summit Shenzhen

3、Evolutionary Planet

1) Technical Progress

Farm (FARM) function development was completed and entered the testing stage.

BSC continental map has been prepared and deployed in the test environment

Pocahontas will join the Metaverse family soon

The Chinese version of the newbie guide video for Planet Evolution has been recorded

Gold Rush feature will enter the final testing phase after the Dawning continent launch

Preliminary development of PLO-related NFT lottery logic with Crab network is completed

The basic configuration of the project is completed by refactoring

2) Cooperation progress

Planet Evolution participated in Dorahack’s demo showcase on bilibili and Youtube

Certik completed the contract audit of Planet Evolution Heco continent

Huobi Global has supported RING to Heco’s replenishment feature

Planet Evolution is in preliminary contact with Epik for follow up cooperation

3) Community Progress

Voting for the length of time to unlock Kryptonite is now open for the Modified Evolution Planet governance feature.

Smart Contracts


Shiden Network’s new website is live!

Kraken Exchange Announces Support for Kusama Parallel Chain Auctions!

Bondly Finance has joined our ecosystem to develop a multi-chain NFT decentralized exchange.

Supporting the ethereum development environment for professionals on Dusty Network Hardhat

Maarten and Sota will be speaking at Polkadot Decoded, the largest Polkadot community event!

Rococo was relaunched and Plasm became Parathread along with 10 other projects.

Plasm partners with Microsoft to build a more robust network!

The PoS phase of the Plasm network is almost ready!

The Shiden acceleration project is soon to be launched!

Protofire has received a grant from Plasm to integrate Chainlink on the Plasm network, which will not only bring Chainlink pricing information to DeFi projects starting on the Plasm and Shiden networks, but will also open the door to a wider range of use cases in NFT, gaming, insurance and many other industries. This will not only bring Chainlink pricing information to DeFi projects launched on the Plasm and Shiden networks, but will also open the door to broader use cases in NFT, gaming, insurance and many other industries.

Patract Labs

  1. Technical/product advances.


The main functions of v0.4 have been completed. This week, we will mainly fix the details and improve the documentation, and prepare the v0.4 report.

We expect to submit the v0.4 report next week and release the new version to the public.


The main functions of v0.2 have been completed.

We expect to continue to improve the v0.2 report and testing process next week, and prepare the v0.3 proposal.


Start the development of Europa UI interface, complete the block browsing and account management functions.

Merged the latest changes of Substrate.

Europa-UI: complete contract and CodeHash related functions, including contract and ABI uploading, browsing, displaying and calling contract methods, etc.

4) zkMega

Updated arkworks dependencies to v0.2 (

Update jupiter’s zkMega dependency (

5) Elara

Script monitoring memory optimization.

Elara memory leak fix.

Multi-chain black box alarm support.

Fix no data issue for re-chaining after broken chain.

6) Elara rewrite part

redis branch design and table naming specification.

Chain and rpc-api configuration.

Public library Option, Result, and ApiResponse encapsulation.

Implementing the Cacheable part of the subscription logic.

Basic chain service design.

Memory leak and monitoring updates.

7) Jupiter

Update Substrate dependency to polkadot-v0.9.1 (

8) PatraScan


PatraScan v0.2 page design document finalized.

Accounts page design documentation 50% progress.

PatraScan v0.1 design documents, public component documents are revised.

b. PatraScan v0.2 design document Account finalized.

AtraScan v0.3 First draft of product design document, complete Treasury-related data layer design.


Merge Patrascan-API and Decoder, and unpack the PG and Kafka parts of Decoder separately for reuse and maintenance.

Refactoring of the decoder service.

Unified use of Entity / Migration (ORM) instead of RAW, SQL to manage the data interface between the business library and the API Server.

The business library does the basic blocks/transactions/events.

Add corresponding raw fields to the stored kv in the decoder table.

Update the documentation of metadata/block/extrinsic/event API.

9) Patract-Archive

Version 1.v0.1 (version based on Rocksdb storage).

Fix the problem that when blocks are synced to the latest, they cannot get the latest Rocksdb storage in sync.

Update Polkadot Runtime to v0.9.3.

Extract the main_storages from the block table into a separate table

  1. v0.2 version (based on Substrate source code)

v0.2 refactoring, design document [3], basic idea: block height -> executor: execute block, get storage -> archive.

The synchronization process of a single block with a specified block height is run at startup, and the current specified block height is compared with Backend’s Best block number, if it is less than Best, then synchronization continues.

Supports MockRuntimeApi and RuntimeApi configurations.

Support LocalBackend, ReadonlyBackend and None backend implementations.

  1. Ecological/Collaborative Progress.

NFTMart announced to join the Patract open platform and will use Wasm toolkit to integrate contract features.

Crust entered into a strategic partnership with Patract to provide a free storage solution for the Wasm Technology Alliance.

Cycan joined the Patract open platform and will use Redspot to significantly advance the project’s development progress.

  1. Community/event progress.

The official website of Patract Open Platform Alliance, spearheaded by Patract Labs, was officially launched, and over 10 polka projects were jointly established.

On May 14, Patract Labs participated in the offline opening event sponsored by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, New Chain Space, Parity and Web3 Foundation as one of the members of Web 3.0 Boot Camp Phase 2.

On May 16, Patract Labs was invited to participate in the offline roundtable event “Wanxiang Blockchain Interconnection, Chain to Enjoy the Future” 2021 Boca Ecology China Tour hosted by BML.

On May 18, Aten, CTO of Patract Labs, was invited to be a guest of Substrate Seminar, an official community event organized by Parity, and explained in detail how to use Patract’s full-stack tool to develop the Poca Wasm contract.

On May 22nd, Patract Labs participated in “Polkadot and Friends”, a series of offline meetup events hosted by PolkaWorld, Web3 Foundation and Parity, Xi’an.

  1. Parliamentary work.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Parliamentary Proposal #50 on Treasury Expenditures [1], regarding Polka Ecology Institute’s operating costs for April.

Voted in favor of Kusama Parliamentary Proposal #292 on Kusama Runtime upgrade to v9010 [2].


  1. Technical progress

Launched Substrate-based Galois test network

Implemented the Recovery pallet and implemented some features in its web-based wallet interface

Released browser extension and browser wallet

Released Galois Test Network block browser with account lookup functionality

Implemented the Decentralized Identity pallet in MathChain runtime

Deployed available taps on the Galois test network

  1. Ecological Progress

Joined the Web3.0 Bootcamp co-organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Parity Officials with Patract Labs, Bifrost and 11 other teams to promote the diversification of the Web3.0 ecosystem

MathChain Announces Joining Patract Open Platform to Advance Wasm Contract Ecology

MathWallet now supports MathChain Galois network, you can combine Math plugin wallet to transfer money, create MathChain L2 Address, backup and restore and other related operations

MathChain has completed the Substrate Builders Program milestone completion process


  1. Technical Progress

1) Network

Clover main network evm and frontier upgraded to the latest version

Develop branch updated to the latest evm

Integrate the latest parallel chain code (preliminary completion)

Completed Sakura auction website design optimization, added auction details, process testing

Completed parallel chain related code integration testing

Complete test chain evm upgrade preparation

2)Cross-chain function

Complete cross-chain monitoring background

Investigate the common cross-chain solution and complete the deployment of cross-chain service


Plug-in wallet

Develop new functions of plug-in wallet: support asset whitelist; support asset hiding; dock to xDai, Matic, OKT and other public chains

Completed research on plug-in wallet dapp request to add network/switch network function/multi-chain simultaneous signature scheme

Released Plugin Wallet v.1.3.0(beta), compatible with Kusama slot auction upgrade

Plugin wallet implement add Dapp custom RPC node function

Completed new Dapp interaction protocol and multi-signature demo for Plugin Wallet

Mobile wallet

Completed mobile wallet internal beta development and official environment deployment

Released Mobile Wallet v.1.0.0 (beta)

Completed mobile wallet v1.1.0 (beta) development: cross-chain support; upgrade mechanism

2、Ecological Progress

Strategic partnership with ChainSwap to explore cross-chain interaction between EVM-compatible chains and Polkadot.

Strategic cooperation with Bounce Finance, Bounce will support users to use Clover Wallet to participate in parallel chain auction

Joined the Web3.0 Bootcamp organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and Parity along with Patract, MathChain and 12 other teams

Entered into a strategic partnership with Apron Network and Clover to provide developers with a one-stop compatible EVM framework and decentralized node service for Substrate based application creation, lowering the development threshold and cost for developers.

Clover Joins Patract Open Platform to Support Wasm Smart Contract Development

Strategic partnership with KIRA Network to bring liquidity to on-chain collateral

Strategic partnership with Automata to bring privacy to DeFi

Clover Finance Completes Fourth Round of Community Public Offering on Coinlist

Strategic partnership with PARSIQ to work together to lower the barrier to entry for users on the blockchain

Clover has entered into a strategic partnership with xDAI. xDAI stablecoin will be supported by Clover to bring a better payment experience to the Web3 DeFi ecosystem.



1、Development/product progress

1) Parallel Chain

Litentry released its positioning strategy for the parallel chain slot auction in the forum, some highlights.

Litentry will participate in the Kusama and Polkadot auctions.

Litentry pursues a feature-first strategy. We plan to migrate ERC-20 LIT tokens to the Substrate-based network as soon as possible for better application operation, and aim to complete development of some key functional modules and parallel chains before the auction.

The community is critical in the slot auction. The more people who support Litentry by locking in KSM/DOT for the auction, the better Litentry’s chances of winning. We plan to work with exchanges to bring more dividends to those who lock in tokens to support Litentry.

A successful parallel chain auction will mean that Litentry can deploy a network on a relay chain, benefit from an ecosystem of multi-chain interactions, and effectively connect Web 3.0 identities across the network.

2) Test network

Research on statemint parallel chains

Research on xtoken and Polkadot cross-chain related materials

Internal discussions on token migration

Completed the detailed design of xrecovery

Build local cross-chain environment

Started development of Xrecovery module

Preliminary design of off chain worker in conjunction with Deco

Updated parallel chains to the latest deps

Started NFT module development

Internal discussion of token migration options

Explore XCMP cross-chain messaging

Upgrade Pallet’s crypto package

Ocw module discussion and finalization of current work

NFT module discussions and research on Merkle airdrop

Upgrading Pallet dependencies to Polkadot v0.9.1

First draft of the detailed design of the NFT module

Update parallel chains and pallet module dependencies to 0.9.3

Integration of Chainbridge module into pallet

Research Chainbridge and Substrate address incompatibility issues

3) O&M development

Fixed twitter-linker bugs in the backend, and supported frontend integration

Upgraded kusama and polkadot validation nodes

Collect nft related information and analyze it

Research on off-chain prophecy machine and TLS related topics

Update the readme file of Litentry registrar

Started refactoring Litentry registrar with TS

Fix CI bug

Set up social-linker frontend

Upgrade Polkadot and Kusama authentication nodes

Develop an NFT source code generator to simplify NFT import

Migrate Registrar test script to TS

Migrate Registrar chain script to TS

Start building the front-end repo for the explorer project, ready to go

Research on using chainbridge for token migration

Reviewed Registrar’s code

Kusama&Polkadot verify node upgrade

Complete Registrar’s TS migration

Litentry forum maintenance

Deploying Chainbridge to test network

Refactor twitter-linker registration process

Upgrade Polkadot and Kusama Authenticator nodes

  1. Ecology/Collaboration Progress

Litentry was selected to participate in the opening ceremony of the Web 3.0 Bootcamp hosted by Parity, Web3 Foundation, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, and New Chainbase, and collaborated with 11 other project teams building on Substrate and Polkadot to build Web 3.0.

Launched by Patract Labs, Litentry and more than 10 projects have built the Patract Open Platform, an open consortium of Wasm contract technologies. The main goal of the platform is to promote Wasm contract technology in the Poca ecosystem, using Wasm to explore contract models, contract standards and runtime interface customization.

Litentry has partnered with Tidal Finance, which can provide Litentry with a data security solution to prevent financial loss due to hacking of user data. In addition, Litentry’s DID aggregation API and computational model will help Tidal understand the on-chain behavior of insurance purchasers and thus their risk profile. This risk model will be used to set premiums for different users based on sophisticated algorithms, prevent false submission attacks, and improve the account authentication process.

Litentry has partnered with iMe, an innovative telegram-based communications tool with built-in artificial intelligence and a crypto wallet. iMe is integrating Litentry into its communications application to facilitate blockchain identity management in social networks.

Litentry has partnered with DeCredit, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that connects credit authentication nodes and credit prophecy machines to loan products. Through this partnership, DeCredit plans to connect and integrate Litentry’s decentralized credit computing network to enhance the performance of its credit authentication system.

  1. Community/Event Progress

Litentry and Bondly Finance collaborated on an AMA at Clubhouse to talk about the future of combining NFT with DID and how DID can help IDO platforms like NFT Launchpad.

The Litentry & Friends AMA series starts on May 10th! In the first installment, we are joined by the Konomi Network to discuss and share insights on DID and Defi. This AMA series will provide Litentry and invited projects with a better channel for community outreach and education, as well as exchange on topics such as identity, Defi, privacy, on-chain governance, NFT, social, and more.

Kayla Wang, CMO of Litentry, was a guest at the X-Forces Summit in Shenzhen to talk about the Polkadot Parallel Chain Slot Auction, “The success of the parallel chain slot auction doesn’t mean anything, the real success of the project side is to land on real business scenarios and bring real use value to the industry. “

The first installment of the “Ten Questions with Litentry” video is out, in which Litentry CEO Hanwen Cheng answers the most frequently asked questions from the community – whether to participate in the parallel chain auction, auction strategy, development progress, and so on. The community then launched the second installment of the “10 Questions” campaign, where the 10 most liked questions were collected and answered in the Litentry forum! Link:


Crust Network

  1. Technical/product progress.

Preview network Maxwell has been running stably for 4 months (the current block height reaches 1.7 million), with 2963 nodes in the whole network and a total capacity of 658PB

Web3 Eco added Sushiswap, IPFS Docs and many NFT platforms (including Realy, BCA, GamyFi, etc.) using or integrated with Crust network

The Web2 ecosystem includes Socbay (, a dTube platform, Sinso, a medical data storage and sharing platform, and Decoo Cloud, a decentralized pin service that uses the Crust network to build applications

Crust Grants have been awarded to 5 projects in May, covering user-facing applications, blockchain-based applications and developer tools, see: is%3Aclosed

Crust Shadow successfully registered Kusama parallel chain codename 2012, successfully adapted Rococo-local and Kusama-local and started accessing Westend, the official test network of Poca, parallel chain token CSM, and launched XCM standard protocol module XStorage, and successfully cross-chain sending storage orders.

Completed PoC19-24 iterations of the on-chain protocol, including: added CSM assets and designed pledge and claim for them; conducted stress test on the db of substrate to determine the order limit of the storage market; developed the main online plan and mapped CRU18 assets on the preview network in advance; supported free space in the storage market

Optimization and testing of the substrate protocol sWorker for real-time Seal/Unseal versions, with a 100% increase in space utilization, mainly including: new recovery function for lost files in multi-disk solutions; access stress testing of multi-disk solutions and optimization for problems; optimization of Encrypted-IPFS in multi-threaded read/write/select disk issues

Major optimization of MPoW protocol (multi-sWorker Code), Crust Node/API adaptation and refactoring

Crust Apps released new version 0.85.2, including: adapted the latest interface of Substrate 3.0; added the display of CSM assets; added the token claim of CSM and mainnet CRU18, etc.

Design and partial implementation of the free space claim and storage as reward activities

Formally reached cooperation with Microsoft Azure, Azure will launch four public cloud services for Crust network: node service, Blob-based cost-effective storage service, IPFS Public Gateway program and Crust Cloud Storage Node.

Formally joined the Linux Foundation CCC Association to participate in the discussion and organization of technical standards in the field of trusted computing and related technology promotion

  1. Ecological/cooperation progress.

Crust ecological partner Decoo Tech and “Spike Technology” reached a strategic cooperation, 40 million users may use Crust for data storage! Decoo and Crust Network are both incubated projects of DCF (Decentralized Cloud Fund), Crust Network is a distributed cloud storage protocol, while Decoo is a protocol-based application and technology solution. Decoo is an application and technology solution based on the protocol layer.

Crust website is online [Crust Distributed Cloud Application Handbook], click the menu bar on the top row of the website >> Information >> Crust Distributed Cloud Application Handbook, you can view the details. The distributed cloud application manual mainly introduces Crust-based business application solutions, introduces Crust three specific application scenarios and specific realization paths for all Crust ecological builders, and promotes the multi-faceted Crust application implementation.

Crust main network CRU18 pass is now open for subscription, all community partners can refer to this tutorial for CRU18 subscription! It is worth noting that CRU18 is only for private investment institutions and early participants of the Ark program! CRU18 cannot be transferred or traded.

Crust Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Automata Network. The partnership will provide storage solutions for Automata and bring Witness to the network, while Crust Network focuses on building a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership.

SkyeKiwi Protocol joins the Crust Grants program as the first project to apply through Grants, and Crust will work with SkyeKiwi Protocol to expand the Web 3.0 decentralized storage ecosystem.

Crust Network and DeCredit Announce Partnership to Simplify User Access and Protect Data Privacy for Decentralized Data Storage Crust Network and DeCredit work together to make decentralized data storage simple and secure on the chain.

On May 15, Crust Network Parallel Network Crust Shadow successfully completed the registration of Kusuma Parallel Chain with ID 2012. Previously, Crust has completed the preparation of Kusuma Parallel Chain slot bidding and is waiting for the bidding event to start.

Crust Network and ColdStack entered into a partnership to simplify Web3 developers’ implementation and access to decentralized data storage operations.

Crust Network and Patract Labs formally entered into a strategic partnership to merge Wasm development tools and decentralized storage networks to support Web3 developers to easily deploy their own DApps and websites.

Crust Network and Coinversation Protocol, a synthetic asset protocol based on Polka AMM and DEX, announced a strategic partnership that will deploy and run web pages on Crust and also store user data based on Crust’s distributed storage.

Crust upgraded its bidding reward program by upgrading the reward cap to 75,000 CRUs for the original program’s leasing period, plus a reward cap of 15,000 CRUs for the crowdfunding period, upgrading the total reward to 90,000 CRUs and increasing the CSM (Crust Shadow native pass-through) reward to a reward cap of 18 million CSMs.

Crust provides decentralized PIN service for IPFS, which is now included in IPFS Docs.

OEE OKEx is online with the auction function and Crust Shadow is included in the board, which is not yet open for voting.

3、Community/activity progress.

On April 24, Crust held its first offline seminar with Parity and Shenzhen University, with the theme of “Introduction to Distributed Storage: Web3 Ecology and IPFS”, and shared relevant science for students of Shenzhen University.

In order to encourage more developers to join Crust and deploy on the web, Crust has made two major updates: one is the launch of Rocky Network, and the other is the launch of detailed API documentation. Developers are welcome to visit the website for detailed information.

In the afternoon of April 28th, Crust was invited to attend the plenary session of IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee & IEEE P3200 Series Standards Working Group Meeting in Suzhou, China, and gave a live presentation.

On May 8th, the X-Forces Summit hosted by WEBX Labs, Grey Rhino Academy and Win Capital, and co-hosted by SuperChain Capital, and ULink was successfully concluded at the Greater China Hilton in Shenzhen, China, where Crust was invited to participate in the summit with the theme of Crust was invited to participate in the summit with the theme of “Polkadot Slot Auction Before, During and After: Professional institutions and head projects look at the Polkadot track opportunities under the slot auction”.

On May 12 at 3pm, Crust will be a guest of Daini Talk Live to discuss with Oasis how the data storage market is weaving a new blueprint of “data portability” and give away 5 gifts.

On May 12 at 7pm, Crust will be on OKex for an AMA to discuss the Kusama slot auction, the topic is “Slot Auction is coming, will Crust become the Filecoin of the Polka World?

On May 15, Crust co-organized Web3 Blockchain Hackathon officially kicked off in Austin, Texas, USA, supporting projects covering ethereum ecology, poka ecology, IPFS ecology, etc., supporting many popular blockchain technology fields including EVM, substrate, cross-chain, decentralized storage, etc.! Crust attended this event.

On May 20th, Crust was invited to give a distributed storage keynote at the 2021 Blockchain Digital Economy Industry Conference in Shanghai. The event was opened by the Deputy Director of Shanghai Jiading District Investment Promotion Service Center and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanxiang Town People’s Government of Shanghai Jiading District, and several heavyweight guests from the industry were invited to talk about the new future of distributed storage.

On May 22nd at 2pm, Crust was invited to the Polkadot & Friends Chat Bureau Roundtable in Xi’an to discuss with other Polka star projects how to build their own ecology in parallel chain.


Phala Network

1、Progress of R&D

Completed Kusama parallel chain ID registration, ID is 2004; Khala Crowdloan Dapp is ready to be launched, then users who participate in supporting parallel chain can directly help Khala through Khala Crowdloan Dapp and win extra rewards.

The Phala Prep main site Khala page is officially live on the website, users can browse the page to learn about Khala and the auction strategy.

pDiem Milestone 3 passed all W3F audits.

A new panel “Khala Network Landing Plan” was added on Github, which divides the Phala Network into four development phases, making it easy for users to check the latest progress of the project. Details of the panel:

Merged the code for the ChainBridge-based bi-directional bridge for PHA tokens and completed testing.

Published a new version of Phala technical details document:

  1. Community/ecology progress

Phala Network released mining pool protocol component, details:

Phala released the “Trust Hierarchy” interpretation document:

In order to raise awareness of Phala’s project globally, educate and inspire the community more widely, and achieve Phala’s global growth goals, Phala Network officially launched the “Global Ambassador Program”, currently recruiting mainly for small language regions. Details:

Coin BSC chain officially opens support for BEP20 PHA charging and withdrawing function.

Firecoin HECO opened up the coin charging and withdrawing business of 6 HECO network anchored Token including PHA, and launched Heco-Peg PHA Token.

Launched BitWell exchange, opened PHA/USDT trading pairs, and provided $1,000 PHA prize pool to reward trading contest users.

Named to DotMarketCap’s “Top 10 Substrate Projects to Know” list and LUNARCRUSH Galaxy Score Top 15 Cryptocurrency list, ranking 2nd and 4th respectively.

Total number of Phala global community members 120,830 as of May 31.

Received 8 translations from small language translators in May.

  1. Marketing/Collaboration Progress

Phala Co-Founder & Chief Developer Yin Hang spoke at PolkadotDecoded 2021 on May 20, recap:

Phala Chief Developer & Co-Founder Yin Hang delivered a technical talk as a pre-race mentor for the “Rebase ETH Hackathon”.

Phala Network expands 4 strategic partners in May, they are Patract Labs, MathChain, Kanaria, Manta Network.

Phala Network participated in the following 6 AMA and Podcast recordings in May.

  • BML Episode 81 LIVE “Blockchain’s Privacy Needs – Phala’s Road to Polka
  • First Okex ✖️ Polkadot Roundtable taping
  • PCIC Premiere Show and 3rd AMA
  • BitWell Polka Zone Roundtable AMA
  • show recording
  • Rely Chain podcast recording


  1. Technical Progress

As the beta site went live, we completed the definition and benchmarking of the privacy DEX MantaSwap product prototype, which showed excellent performance.

At the same time, MantaPay, our first product to be launched on the beta site, has been officially integrated with the Polkadot.js web application. The back-end development is complete and the team is now working hard on the final front-end development, which we hope will bring a better user experience to the community.

The initial prototype is complete and we are still adding more features, so we believe we can release the alpha version soon!

The ss58 address format for Manta and Calamari (Manta’s first network in Kusama) has been merged with Substrate. We also recently had our first community code contributor, which may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to our goal of moving towards a community project.

  1. Mandalorian Ambassador Program

On May 28th, Albiona Hoti, founder of Coder Gals, a women’s programming education NGO, joined Manta Network as a full-stack engineer and community manager.

Albiona will be responsible for developing community tools, maintaining developer relationships, and leading the Mandalorian Ambassadors Program on a global scale.

  1. Strategic Partnership

On May 11, Manta was a founding member of the Patract Open Platform, an open technology consortium for the Poca Wasm contract, with dozens of Poca eco-projects including Patract Labs and Acala.

On May 26, Manta entered into a partnership with Phala, a project that provides privacy cloud computing services to the Poca ecosystem through TEE based on the Substrate framework. The partnership will create a more comprehensive Poca privacy ecosystem.

On May 26th, Manta announced that it will join the Poca SubDAO Alliance to build an open, transparent and efficient decentralized community organization with many Poca ecosystem projects, hoping that Manta can leverage the power of SubDAO to better collaborate with other ecosystem members and provide privacy support to the Poca ecosystem through Manta’s privacy DeFi infrastructure. We hope that Manta can use the power of SubDAO to better collaborate with other ecosystem members and provide privacy support to the boca ecosystem through Manta’s privacy DeFi infrastructure.

On May 28, Manta Network announced a partnership with Crust Network, in which Manta will build the privacy layer for Crust’s decentralized storage network.

4、Community Events

On May 15, 2021, Victor, CSO of Manta Network, was invited to participate in the first AMA event of PCIC Privacy Computing Technology Consortium. This event was shared around the theme of “PCIC Premiere Public Show: Demystifying Privacy Computing for You”.

In mid-May, Kenny Li, COO of Manta, participated in the DoraHacks Hackathon in Austin as a judge, and judged over 20 projects with guests from Coinbase, Hypersphere, Fundamental Labs and other organizations.

On May 26th, Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation (DRF), Yin Cao, visited Manta Network Chinese Community and shared his understanding of the recent hot topic – Privacy Finance (PriFi) with Victor, CSO of Manta.

On May 28th, Victor Ji, CSO of Manta, was invited to join the video broadcast of Mars Finance to discuss the development direction of the polka ecology with guests from Bit Country and other projects.

May and June Outlook

The following month will see some new milestones for Manta.

The Mandalorian Ambassador program will be in full swing in the community.

The Mandalorian Ambassador Program in China will also go live and will operate independently.

the upcoming launch of the Manta Industry Conversations series.

The announcement of the Kusama slot bidding strategy.

the public beta network and beta rewards campaign going live soon.

We will also be releasing more information about Manta tokens next month as we approach the main web launch.



Release v2.0.6-beta.

Acala TC6 new UI/UX upgrade

ChainX & Edgeware web plugin version upgrade

Karura network parallel chain crowdlending support ready

Fix known bugs

Under Development.

Polkawallet SDK webView upgrade

Kusama/Polkadot multi-version runtime compatibility handling

Support for walletconnect protocol


Technical progress

New PLO related data and open API

Optimized PLO Dashboard visualization scheme, highly visualized data

EVM V1 officially released, support search and view of EVM transactions, support view contract transaction details information

Support the identity display of Sub Account

Optimize the calculation of transaction fees to improve product performance

Research and design of account system

Design and development of milestone2 multi-signature tool

Cooperation progress

Subscan was selected for Web3 bootcamp to improve the communication and cooperation between projects.

Cooperate with existing network for network upgrade and function adjustment

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