May Milestone Completion Progress for 8 Substrate Builders Program Projects

The Substrate Builders Program is a program launched by Parity to support builders in the Substrate ecosystem.

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May Milestone Completion Progress for 8 Substrate Builders Program Projects

This article was originally published on the official Parity blog by Phil Lucsok, Parity’s Product Communications Manager

The Substrate Builders Program is a program launched by Parity to support builders in the Substrate ecosystem. The program allows teams building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or ecosystem components to benefit from Parity’s extensive experience and resources to set themselves up for success.

The Substrate Builders Program has accepted over 50 projects, including DeFi, gaming, identity, prophecy machines and many other areas. These teams will receive support for technical challenges, strategy, and ecological building.

Projects in the Builders Program are assigned to one of three tracks: an infrastructure track, a chain track, or an application track. Teams receiving the Substrate Builders Program are supported by Parity on both their technical and community roadmaps, well beyond the major milestones of achieving their goals and launching their projects. Projects building applications, chains, and infrastructure formations have received ongoing support and incentives throughout the build process.

This month we are pleased to announce that several teams have achieved their first milestones in recent weeks. Below are the teams and the work that was completed to achieve that milestone.

Chain Track

DeeperNetwork aims to build the new Web with decentralized private networks, DNS, gateways, and DApp storage.

Implementing a micropayment system as a Substrate FRAME pallet

Initial build of DeeperNetwork based on Substrate’s light nodes for fast, decentralized user access

Proof of Credit

HydraDX is a cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Substrate.

Bulletproof implementation to complete order matching

Connect to Rococo and launch your own Cumulus test network

Completed order matching implementation with intent creation and intent matching

Completed complete mathematical modeling of the invented CFMM design

Implemented Benchmarkig pallet and benchmarking to improve performance

MathChain is a Polkadot smart wallet chain based on Substrate.

Launched Substrate-based Galois test network

Implemented the Recovery pallet and implemented certain features in its web-based wallet interface

Released browser extension and browser wallet

Released Galois Test Network block browser with account lookup

Implemented the Decentralized Identity pallet in MathChain runtime

Deployed available taps on the Galois test network

OriginTrail is a neutral protocol that enables trusted data sharing between companies, organizations, and blockchains.

Substrate-based starfleet node v1.0a using EVM and Frontier pallet

Integrating and Launching the OriginTrail Canary Network

Unique Network is a Substrate-based blockchain serving non-homogenized tokens (NFTs).

Weight benchmarking to improve current and future performance

Added support for ink! 3.0

Native support for transactions and smart contract sponsorship

Storage optimization and Substrate boundaries

Unique network token vesting

Off-chain and on-chain metadata architecture

Batch minting

Homogenized token support (ERC-20)

Enabling NPoS and configuring master chains

Configure governance model

Configure cloud infrastructure

Infrastructure Tracks

OnFinality is a blockchain infrastructure service focused on serving parallel chains in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Completed their API service for the Substrate based network. Milestone 1 includes support for Polkadot and Kusama. The free to use API service supports both HTTPS and WSS and comes with user usage statistics

Patract is building an open Wasm smart contract platform for Polkadot.

Launched the Jupiter test network, a Wasm smart contract network powered by the Substrate FRAME Contracts pallet

Delivered Ask!, a smart contract language designed on AssemblyScript and running on Substrate FRAME Contracts

Proposal completed for Himalia SDK, which will provide FRAME Contracts SDK support in a multilingual environment to support WASM DApp development

Completion of Europa v0.1 sandbox environment running FRAME Contracts pallet and sandbox framework to implement Substrate Runtimes

Initial release of PatraStore, a Polkadot.js-based DApp interface for applications built on Patract

App Circuit

dTrade is a decentralized trading platform for options and perpetual contracts.

Token Contracts and Insurance Mining

AMM-based futures exchange

Order book based futures trading

Ether<> Edgeware Bridge

Want to build on Substrate, or build for Substrate? The Substrate Builders Program can provide start-up support for your project and will continue to provide long-term support as your project needs dictate. Learn more and apply today.

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