May history of the largest decline in the month, June oversold rebound is the main tone

Expected tonight to tomorrow or rally upward, the big pie pressure level 38000 and 40000.

May history of the largest decline in the month, June oversold rebound is the main tone

Many people are worried about our policy tomorrow, the maniacs do not think there is no need to worry, at present, it is only to some thermal power generation areas of the mining industry to make some regulation, which is based on environmental factors. There are also some poor areas where electricity is relatively scarce, and if large-scale mining is carried out in such places, it is also a waste of resources and will have some impact on the stability of people’s livelihood, but other restrictions should not be very serious. On the contrary, there are concerns about some institutions, because they take the money of small and medium-sized investors and speculate recklessly, which can easily lead to collective mines.

This is mainly for some listed companies, or asset management companies, their money, can not flow into the cryptocurrency circle, otherwise the money earned into their own pockets, the loss of money or the people bear the risk. Many people worry about whether they will restrict Chinese people from speculating in coins. Who dares to predict the future of the crypto industry must only have risk and no gain, in case Bitcoin rises to 100,000 to 200,000 after the restriction, who dares to carry this pot of people’s wealth loss?

The U.S. side took an extra day off because of the Memorial Day for fallen soldiers, and only started working tonight, so the market was relatively calm for the past two days, but some other countries, there are some new voices, such as Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission said that it will regulate Defi. This regulatory body, say such words probability simply do not know what Defi is, Defi is the most difficult thing to regulate in this world, to the United States side also does not have any regulatory measures, Thailand’s top estimates look at this thing xi money for foreign exchange is too convenient, want to rush to regulate up, but the regulation of Defi, and how easy.

The Indian central bank has changed its mind again, saying it has not banned cryptocurrencies. This San back and forth is also really quite tangled, this kind of hate and take cryptocurrency can not do anything, think about it is very happy. By the way, yesterday the maniacs said that if the big population countries are accepting bitcoin, the end of the bull market is not far away, many people do not quite understand the logic behind this, in fact, in simple terms, is that after the global population are buying bitcoin, the subsequent receiver and who is it, there is no clear takeover funds, the bull market will naturally end, and at present, from this moment is obviously still relatively distant.

Data from the Yonhap news agency shows that South Korea spent more than 64 trillion won, or about $57.7 billion, in bank withdrawals for cryptocurrencies in the first quarter, a volume that could be 10 times that of the fourth quarter of last year. It is hard to imagine the craziness of South Koreans, behind the huge volume growth is the crazy influx and changing hands of the Korean people, and we can also see the future potential of cryptocurrencies in more populous countries.

The Argentine government gave electricity subsidy policy and many Argentine residents started to turn to bitcoin mining. So the mining thing is not afraid of being regulated by anyone, in front of the interest, more clean energy mines will definitely appear on the planet, and there is no way to completely ban this kind of decentralized mining, the only way is to disconnect and disconnect electricity globally.

On-chain transaction fees for bitcoin and ethereum have slipped to nearly six-month lows, with bitcoin down 88% in six weeks and ethereum down 93% in two weeks. Lower on-chain transaction fees mean that market activity is rapidly cooling, and those who once shouted 100,000 80,000 no longer exist and have turned into panicked cutthroats at low levels, which is a very good sign that the market has the potential to return to a healthy bull market when unanimity turns to disagreement again.

Tether net printing of money in May about 11 billion USDT, the bottoming army is still very fierce, the maniac estimated that the data in June will not be too bad, with the deep change of hands, the cost of the holders of positions continue to improve, the market upward pressure will only be reduced.

Yesterday Tether 3 billion of printed money was later confirmed to be a change of chain, the overall total did not appear to change, empty.

Panic index of 20, some relief, with the market stable, the data will gradually move towards neutral.

Market Analysis

A heavy May closed the line, bitcoin fell 35% in the month, the largest monthly drop in history, other small coins can be described as miserable, but this is cryptocurrency, profit and loss homologation, he can bring you 10 times 100 times the happy gain, you can bring you the endless pain of huge losses, most old leeks have been very used to this rhythm, but for new leeks, this may be the nightmare The beginning of the nightmare. As the old saying goes, “There are bold pilots and there are old pilots, but there are no bold old pilots.” The only way you can qualify to make money consistently in this market is to make sure you don’t lose money or lose less money. Many newcomers like to laugh at the maniac’s conservative attitude, but eventually eliminated in waves under the long river of time, while the maniac is still here steadily writing analysis, earning money within their own perception, investment is a marathon, most people can win a moment, but it is difficult to win a life, I hope that this release of risk can bring you these reflections, only continuous reflection and learning, is truly endless The only real endless wealth is constant reflection and learning.

About the coin price, there is nothing to analyze in the short term, still in the shock range, only the probability of shock going higher is rising, the market is expected to challenge the 40,000 mark again recently, and those who hold positions are patient and hold their positions mainly.


The overall is still within the oscillation range, today’s retreat without volume, is expected to regain the uptrend.


Overall this wave of rebound is not strong, oscillation range oscillation is the main.


Wallet unlocked 2 billion, but from this Escrow wallet unlocked, generally will be re-locked back at a later time, observe it, today’s high retreat, the overall not too much impact, still look at the rally.


Recent sustained release in this position, after the market linkage is dominated.


Relatively strong, should become the first mainstream coin inside a new high.


Overall still no strong signal, weak linkage rally.


The volume is gone, the upper hedge is not good to unwind, shock dominated.


Recently continuous horizontal for a long time, should soon choose the direction, there is a certain fill up expected.


The high fell back, but out of the downtrend, is a weak to strong signal.


Still strong, hold mainly.


Hit pressure level, need to grind for a few days.


Pressure level blocked, shaking for a few days to go up.

Most of the coins are currently the daily volume of the inverted hammer, this pattern is difficult to have sustained downward momentum, so it is expected that tonight to tomorrow or rebound upward, the big pie pressure level 38000 and 40000.

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