May 1st Special Issue: Hackers “model worker performance” aggregated losses are far more than “shocking”


On May 1st Labor Day, hackers and liars are also diligent “model workers”. Less than half a year has passed since 2022, and it has already been a busy and “good harvest” half year for hackers and project fraudsters. in:

The total loss of flash loan attacks in April was as high as approximately $301,496,742 . (equivalent to nearly RMB 2 billion )

Total project fraud losses in April were approximately $ 6,319,850 . (equivalent to about 40 million RMB )

The CertiK security team recorded 31 major loss incidents this month. Combining these 31 major attacks and major scams, the loss due to breaches, hacks and scams in April was approximately $ 376,736,790 . (equivalent to nearly 2.5 billion RMB ).

From January to the end of April this year, CertiK tracked and recorded attacks and fraud projects, the total amount of losses has reached as high as 1,673,902,809 US dollars . (equivalent to nearly RMB 11 billion )


At this rate, a quarter of hackers and scammers could steal an aircraft carrier.

Top 10 hacking incidents

In April 2022, the top ten hacking events in the crypto world (ranked by the amount of loss) are as follows:


The loss of Aku Dreams and Elephant Money alone is as high as $ 55 million . (equivalent to nearly RMB 360 million )

If you earn 3,000 yuan per month, you have to do 100,000 months for 300 million, or 8333.33 years

If you earn 30,000 yuan per month, 300 million will have to be done for 10,000 months, or 833.33 years

If you win the highest prize of 5 million, it will be 4 million after tax payment, and the 300 million must win the special prize 75 times

What makes people sleepless than horror stories is that Fei Protocal and Saddle Finance, who just made the list yesterday, lost nearly 90 million US dollars (equivalent to nearly 590 million yuan ).

Top 10 flash loan attacks

In April 2022, the top ten flash loan attacks in the encrypted world (ranked by the amount of loss) are as follows:


Among them, Beanstalk occupied the “No. 1 ranking” with a loss of $182,284,430.

Top 10 Fraud Projects

In April 2022, the top ten fraudulent projects in the crypto world (ranked by the amount of losses) are as follows:


In April alone, the community lost about 5.5 million US dollars due to the top ten fraud (running) projects! (equivalent to nearly 36 million yuan )

You must know that many people have spent their entire lives investing their money in these projects.

Therefore, I would like to remind everyone again: auditing, KYC project background investigation, and doing your own homework to investigate are indispensable links! Think independently, don’t follow suit! What if those who take the lead and the highest voices are actually hired by the project party?



The total loss of flash loan attacks in April 2022 is as high as $301,496,742, creating a “new high” in the monthly ranking of flash loan attacks.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the frequency and number of such incidents should gradually decrease, but this is not the case. Neglecting safety is very likely to cause far more than “shocking” losses.

Just as we develop cars, it shouldn’t take for granted that there are more cars on the road leading to more accidents. Anyone with a driver’s license knows that we must learn traffic rules before getting into the car for practical operation, and the first lesson of traffic rules is to show everyone safety accidents and their consequences, so that everyone pays enough attention to safety. Expanding to all walks of life and even the blockchain, security is also the cornerstone of everything. Through the study of “accidents” such as hacker attacks and the analysis of the consequences, CertiK hopes that everyone can pay enough attention to safety before the project is launched, instead of making trivial and irreparable rescues afterwards.

I used to think that “go to work happily and come home safely” is an old and useless sentence. And now in the digital currency world where the epidemic is raging and is not peaceful, safety and security are the most basic and ultimate aspirations of people.

CertiK is committed to improving the level of security and transparency in cryptocurrencies and DeFi. To date, CertiK has been recognized by 3,200 enterprise clients, protecting over $311 billion in digital assets from loss.

I wish you all a safe and happy May Day holiday!

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