Master Lu enters the Metaverse, who can open up new ideas for Metaverse social interaction?

Putting on the scene deck, the Metaverse “Theseus” is better to sail?

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“This is the oasis world,where the only limit is your own imagination.People come to the oasis because they can do all kinds of things,but they sink down in this way for a different life.”

This is a line from the movie “Number One Player”, but it is also the most suitable idea for the meta-universe today.

Master Lu enters the Metaverse, who can open up new ideas for Metaverse social interaction?

Since Roblox wrote Meta Universe into its prospectus on March 10 this year, within 9 months, Meta Universe has gradually developed an unstoppable development trend. Domestic and foreign giants such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Bytedance, Tencent, Baidu, etc. are racing to enter the game, intending to get a share of the meta-universe feast where “the only thing that limits you is your own imagination”.

However, the first thing that needs to be recognized is that even if a batch of “metauniverse concept stocks” has risen sharply and the major supporting technologies of the metauniverse have developed rapidly and matured, the metauniverse has not yet landed in the true sense. So what stage is the market’s exploration of the meta universe at this stage? Which new players are starting to participate? In the future, what areas will be able to keep up with the industry dividends brought by Metaverse?

Containing four-dimensional space, the meta-universe solves three-dimensional problems with a “God perspective”

Let us imagine two scenarios:

You have a lot of friends. You used to gather in bars, coffee shops, milk tea shops or script kill shops from time to time, but because of the sudden public health crisis, you and your friends have been isolated at home. After 14 days of quarantine in the hotel, the only channels for the two parties to exchange feelings were phone calls, WeChat, and some mobile games. Because of the asymmetry of information, the two parties often staggered their free time.

Master Lu enters the Metaverse, who can open up new ideas for Metaverse social interaction?

The feelings between friends are getting weaker and weaker. It is also quite inconvenient to be forced to work online from home due to the health crisis. On the one hand, without the suppression of the company system, many “workers” let themselves go, stay up at night and can’t afford it in the morning; On the one hand, voice communication is different from face-to-face communication. Interruptions and bad signals occur from time to time, and work efficiency is greatly reduced.

In the post-epidemic era, considering the current situation of repeated global epidemics, the above-mentioned scenarios may become the norm in the world in the future.

The emergence of the meta universe has given a glimmer of hope to the industry that has fallen into a strange circle. Based on this background, the current meta universe has mainly derived two industrial directions, one is pure virtual construction, and the other is reality mapping.

The former is a “game school” represented by Roblox, which builds a meta-universe civilization in the game by constructing virtual identity, VR immersion, scene diversification, and economic system ; the latter is an “office school” like Meta , Through the research and development of office scene customization, calendar reminders, meeting records and other functions to improve work efficiency and interaction frequency, and pursue remote collaboration that allows “workers” to be more immersive .

However, with the passage of time, the original “game school” and “office school” gradually began to lean towards reality mapping . For example, Roblox’s main game in 2004 relied on the anchoring field of games, and then slowly extended More identities including social networks and media companies; rapper Travis Scott also successfully held a virtual concert in the “Fortnite” game, attracting 12 million players from all over the world to watch online at the same time.

Tool company Master Lu also recently announced some of its layout in the meta-universe field. The meta-universe that Master Lu is building is closely related to the real world, especially at the social level. It can be seen that it should also be a second industry. Fans of the route .

As we all know, the current world is a three-dimensional space, and points, lines, surfaces, and bodies are representatives of zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional spaces, respectively . For players who follow the second industrial route, the meta universe is a seed that can give birth to a four-dimensional space . Compared with the four-dimensional space, the three-dimensional space is like a glass bead in the hands of children. When people can get a first glimpse of the mystery of the four-dimensional space, many problems in the real world can be easily solved.

Players each show their magical powers to subdivide the scenes, and want to be the “water and air” of the meta-universe era

This year, the “meta-universe concept stocks” continue to rise, the six supporting technology becomes more mature, but have to admit that the universe yuan from a real floor still has a lot of distance , and the “top players”, “out of control players “Is currently recognized as a film whose world view is closer to the meta universe.

Those who have watched these two movies can find that in the world they draw, there are many mappings from real-world scenes , such as the “Casino Planet” that appeared when the “Oasis” was first introduced in “Top Player”, The dance party where the main emotions are sublimated, the bank where the hero of “Out of Control Player” works, and the coffee shop where you want cappuccino.

Master Lu enters the Metaverse, who can open up new ideas for Metaverse social interaction?

Whether in the real world or in the above-mentioned two “meta-universe” movies, cities are composed of these small subdivisions. In the meta-universe, these elements are like “water and air”, although they are colorless and tasteless. But indispensable. Among the players occupying the “meta universe highland”, some companies have begun to start from their main business and begin to lay out these subdivided scenes.

As a pioneer of artificial intelligence technology, Nvidia’s Omniverse Avatar is helpful for the construction of meta-universe virtual identity, using natural language processing, character animation and real-time ray tracing technology to supplement the digital world’s character modeling capabilities, which is mainly due to its Accumulation in technology such as machine learning, graphics processing, speech and natural language processing.

At the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces, which allows users to visit virtual reality stores and scenes, such as wards and factories. Of course, this is inextricably linked to Microsoft’s advantages in core technologies such as Azure cloud, Dynamic365, and Windows Holographic.

Tencent’s ability to become an earlier domestic application to achieve Avatar (virtual avatar) is inseparable from its being China’s largest social platform . According to MessengerPeople data, WeChat ranks among the top five in global communication apps , relying on huge social traffic. , Tencent has achieved a lot of good results in domestic social, gaming, corporate services and other fields.

Master Lu, who has a great say in the field of evaluation, is also starting from segmentation of scenes, such as creating a bar or cafe for people to meet and socialize; or in the office field to create a scene where people can communicate face-to-face. Everyone has a virtual The image and the corresponding gestures, actions, and the size of the sound will also be distinguished by the distance, and the communication will be more efficient.

From the perspective of “Mantis Observation”, from the user perspective, Master Lu has a large and young user base. If it is said that a “geek” who has a fanatical interest in computer and network technology and invests a lot of time in researching it may become the number one in the meta universe. By criticizing the “indigenous people,” then companies with more young people will master the excellent soil for the production and evolution of Metaverse content.

From a technical point of view, Master Lu has not only accumulated technology in the field of software and hardware, but also has long-term cooperative relationships with the infrastructure companies at the bottom of Metaverse, such as NVIDIA, Intel and various hardware manufacturers.

In the content field, Master Lu is also “a company that understands games in tool software”. As of 2020, more than 250 games have been launched on the company’s platform. The revenue of the game business has increased by 47% year-on-year, accounting for 31% of the total revenue. In the first half of this year, the proportion of revenue from the game business has further increased to 38%, which has kept Metaverse’s position. “Game Entry”.

At the Facebook Connect conference, Meta (formerly Facebook) is expected to release the VR headset Project Cambria next year, which will allow the virtual avatar to maintain natural eye contact with other users in the meta universe, accurately reflect the wearer’s facial expressions, and have a full-color mix Realistic ability. This is due to Meta’s acquisition of VR equipment manufacturer Oculus VR in the past few years, and continues to develop high-end VR/AR products.

Even so, there are still some unharmonious voices about the meta universe.

Putting on the scene deck, the Metaverse “Theseus” is better to sail?

Whenever a new thing or a new concept appears, some people will support it and some will oppose it, and the same is true for the meta-universe.

Among the opposing opinions, one of the opinions held by most people is to substitute the “brain in the tank” and “the eternal life of thinking”, so as to amplify the addictive nature of the metaverse , just like a famous science fiction writer, “China’s first “Metacosmic architect” Liu Cixin said: “The future of mankind is either to move towards interstellar civilization or to indulge in the virtual world of VR all the year round. If mankind achieves a highly realistic VR world before moving to space civilization, it will be A disaster.”

Whether the meta-universe is really equivalent to the highly tempting and highly hallucinogenic “spiritual opium”, “Mantis Observation” believes that this view may be somewhat one-sided.

Let the “objectors” think that the “metauniverse” that will make people immerse themselves in the virtual world is only one of the directions derived from the metaverse, and more only stays at the level of pure virtual construction.

What’s more, there are many addictive things, such as games, fishing, etc., when the meta universe hasn’t really landed yet, but everything has two sides. It is inevitable to deny the full potential of the meta universe from the above point of view. Some “caught because of choking.”

Just like players who focus on reality mapping, those who focus on social interaction can build online scenes that are different from traditional ones. Friends and family members who are separated from each other due to the epidemic, graduation, and work can exchange feelings face-to-face; those who focus on office can communicate through polished interaction. , Artificial intelligence, network and computing technologies, change the original “interruption”, “bad signal” and other situations, and make work more efficient.

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Greek philosopher Plutarch put forward a famous paradox: If the wood on the Theseus is gradually replaced, when all the wood is replaced, will the ship still be the original Theseus? ?

Putting aside pure virtual construction and focusing on reality mapping, in the process of the “Meta Universe” ship, blockchain technology, interactive technology, artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things technology, network and computing technology, electronic game technology, etc. The iteration of big technology is like changing the plank of this ship.

When all the wood boards were replaced with stronger and more beautiful patterns, a new meta-universe version of “Theseus” was born. Companies such as Master Lu, Tencent, Microsoft, and Google are just like “ship builders.” , They set sail with reality mapping as the starting point, leading the users on board to a more convenient and efficient new world.

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